Don't Panic!

In the text to this week's Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, Dane says, " As of yesterday, the Costco in Redding, California, was completely out of toilet paper, paper towels, and bottled water was being rationed." That is called panic, and it will get much, much worse as those who have spent their lives arranging deck chairs on the Titanic finally look down and realize they are knee-deep in water. Of the entire planet, the U.S. is perhaps the least prepared to handle even a minor crisis, and this one is catastrophic. As I have said for years and years, the people in this country are WAY too comfortable. Even the ones on welfare are still able to get their booze and cigarettes, iPhones and cable TV. I see it all the time in grocery store, when I have my little armload of supplies, and they have basket-loads sorted into two piles, one that the taxpayers cover, and one that they must pay for. Even the "struggling" middle class has their credit cards because they have not learned how to do without and live prudently. This has all developed an unprecedented air of self-absorption, greed, arrogance and apathy that is about to come to an end.

Many people, such as Dane's community truly believe that this is all a plan of the controllers, including a culling of the population and purposely crashing the stock market to make money, but I absolutely disagree. I do not believe they want to cull the population because there are so many messages—both subliminal and downright blatant—to urge people to have sex and reproduce. Remember the movie, They Live? They live off our energy, so they do NOT want us all dead. And as far as the stock market, both Dane and I believe that there will be nothing left when it is all said and done. And that is good.

I will say this again and again. I have a forty-year track record to back up my hunches. All the information I am receiving says that it is WE, the "Bringers of the Dawn," both on and off planet, who have orchestrated this collapse. We have tried for millions of years to gain back what was stolen from us, and, from our "modern times," that is since Jesus, there has been an urgency to wake people up. The final push began in the 1960s, with the hippies, the Beatles and the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, plus the New Age Movement that was SUPPOSED to trigger this mass awakening. But it has ALL been sabotaged. Now we must resort to pulling out all the stops in order to rid the planet of Reptilian vermin, both here and off-planet, so that we can move ahead with our much delayed evolution. And so, YES, I believe WE are causing the collapse. I personally am part of it, because there is NO OTHER WAY to dispel this powerful force that has absolutely paralyzed every single attempt we have made to move forward.

That is why I am saying that we must not panic, but TRUST that this is the means to rid the planet of all that is against the force of nature, and the force of nature is to EVOLVE. If we have been practicing what I have preached, we must now put it to use in full earnest, and use our minds to create. That takes a great deal of discernment, because our personal creations must not interfere with others, and our creations for the planet must be limited to peace, harmony, freedom, and the like. There will be no government, and people will probably form their own communities, or like myself, just go off and live alone. If we are to create true freedom, the only rule must be to harm no one, (including animals), and to allow others to express their lives as they are called to do. It is NOT about money and elections and technology and competition. It is about developing our full powers of creativity along with nurturing the highest level of spiritual integrity.

But we all know that it has been next to impossible to create ANYTHING. For the last twenty-five years or so, everything I have created has been promptly destroyed. I feel like I am living in a war zone. Therefore, those like me are fighting like hell to SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN. Once it is all shut down, this horrible force, this ball and chain that has weighed upon us, will cease. It will be like a boulder being lifted off our shoulders. I cannot stress this enough. Shutting everything down will give us a gap in this force of energy that has been keeping us in a state of hyper-activity, stress, and always having to deal with some issue. Distraction after distraction after distraction. We need to shut down and STOP. You cannot load a new operating system onto your computer while it is running the old one. When everything collapses, those who have felt they are in control will find they are not, and there will be a pause in the flow of that toxic energy. It may be for a short time, or an extended one, but it will allow many of us to mentally shift. This is so difficult to put into words, even though I have been working on it for decades. I know exactly what my game plan is, but it is all worked out at the non-physical level. As we roll along here in this free-fall, perhaps I will be better able to verbalize it. All I know is that I have been carefully guided, step by step, towards a goal, most of the time totally in the dark, but faithfully following where I have been led. And I feel like all my work is reaching fruition. Therefore, I trust that this shaky path will get us where we need to go, that is, those of us assigned to overturn this paradigm of lies and greed, into what should have been Earth's original plan. If you are reading this, you are part of the plan. Again, I refer you to Bringers of the Dawn, because what the Pleaidians spoke of then IS HAPPENING NOW. They never said it would be pretty.

Cutting off of the flow of money will be the alarm clock. People will come to a screeching halt and be FORCED to deal with their lives, and for most, THAT will DEFINITELY not be pretty. Suddenly it will not be about Trump or Bernie or Biden, because people will see the whole lot of them as enemies, which the ARE. When they can no longer bribe the media, then the media JUST MAY begin to speak the truth. And when that happens, well, this coronavirus will be just a tiny drop in the bucket. The pitchforks and torches will come out, which is why I say WE must not panic.

The thing is, the vast majority of people have no idea just how much alien interference has been going on for eons. Remember the movie, They Live? People were totally oblivious of the blatant mind control program. I have been observing my life for four decades and I am completely aware of just how much they have fucked things up. The problem is, most people just accept all the terrible things that happen to them, like they are random and just "part of life." I let go of THAT theory ages ago when I realized there was a deliberate force working directly against everything I did. I hope some day I can share all this with you but for now I cannot. For most people, the reaction to what I have endured would range from "shit happens" to "it is God's will," both equally ridiculous because what was happening to me was so very bizarre. I KNEW something was very wrong. I began to meticulously trace my activites and the counter-force set up against everything I did, yes, even from my childhood. Gradually I realized it was all anything but "shit happens." And as in the movie, once people put on the sunglasses, they finally understood how they were being mind-controlled, hoodwinked and bamboozled. THAT is what is coming. When the money is gone, those in power will have no power any more because it is and always has been money that gave people power on this planet. That will be the sunglasses moment. And as I just mentioned, the media will no longer have a reason to lie for these creeps and criminals. All these horrible events, wars, 9/11, assassinations, shitloads of lies we have been told will suddenly be made public. Dane has been saying that for years.

There was a time when our military people perhaps joined up with the best intentions of serving the country. It was ALWAYS a lie, of course. But now, most of those who join are little more than mercenaries, who see the military as a job and career. When the money stops flowing and they realize just how much they have been screwed, do you think they will still be up there flying those planes that spray poison on us? And going overseas to kill innocent people just because the U.S. has an oil interest in the Middle East? Oil crashed today, by the way.
US stocks halted after falling 7%. Global stocks plunge as oil crashes and coronavirus fear spreads
Furthermore, veterans are FINALLY waking up to the fact that all these horrible diseases from which they now suffer were caused by the military, and the military KNEW at the time they were killing their own. I have an elderly friend how is now filled with cancer, of which the Army admits was their fault. And my dear friend I spoke of in one of my last articles—the breast cancer survivor—just lost her little brother last year to a strange, sudden and undiagnosed illness. He was in the military. And how about this one?
What's killing Staff Sergeant Wesley Black? The VA doesn't want to talk about it

Furthermore, these people in power think the military will back them if the population gets out of hand, but that also may not be the case. More and more veterans now realize how they were used, abused, and lied to. And when the rest of the population realizes that all these disasters that have happened are not just "climate change," all these floods and fires, tornadoes, hurricanes—so many lives lost and so much personal property—all these disasters orchestrated by those villians both on and off planet, well, all hell will break loose. And when people in the military realize they were killing innocent people— their own people, do you think they will be willing to do more evil bidding?

And so, again, I say, don't panic. Prepare as best you can. If you cannot afford to buy what you will need for the next several months, buy a little extra every time you go shopping. Buy in big packages which are usually cheaper per unit, and less wasteful packaging. Plan ahead, be wise and prudent, and practice every day creating the reality in which you want to live. Be ready for a shift in the energy, and do not be surprised to find you can manifest everything you need. And avoid being around the public as much as possible. I went for groceries yesterday, and felt very strange and contaminated just being that close to people. Expect lockdowns and quarantines, wherever you live.

Here are some news article of interest. The stock market plunged again, as you probably know.
US stocks plummet on coronavirus fears: March 9, 2020
Live updates: Coronavirus outbreak spreads across the world
The one above was from this morning, when I began this article. The Dow actually lost over 2,000 points and closed at 23,851.02. As I type this, futures just gained 601 points. But don't espect that to last. We are just getting started. And the coronavirus has hit Washington D.C. And remember that article I posted, where Jamie Dimon said he had a dream that all the Davos attendees got the virus. Well, I guess this will do . . . .
JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon Recovering From Heart Surgery
JP Morgan Chase is not doing too well these days. Awww, my heart breaks. NOT. That has GOT to be one of the most criminal institutions in the world, and when the banks start collapsing, I hope they're the first to hit bottom. And on that cheerful note, I will sign off.

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