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It was my intention to do a Bible article next, and I still intend to do that within the next few days. However, I am overwhelmed with volumes of material that must be communicated urgently, mostly concerning the weather. The first one, that left me feeling, gosh I don't even know what I felt, but it was not good.
Climate Models Are Running Red Hot, and Scientists Don’t Know Why: The simulators used to forecast warming have suddenly started giving us less time.
OK, so most of you reading this and all of Dane's community already KNOW we don't have much time, and the scientists that are thinking about 2100 are living in lala land. I am thinking more like a year. We are already DEEP in climate crisis, which means food crisis and a complete breakdown of the biosphere and society. But what made me gasp in this article is that these scientists TRULY seem surprised. And this gave me a sudden jolt, forcing me to adjust my perceptions. WE ALL KNOW that these people must know about climate engineering, even though they are forbidden to mention it. And so many of us, including Dane are stunned that people are not speaking out. His belief is that the Controllers are waiting until the last minute to let people know the truth—after THEY have what they believe to be a safe future all set up for them. But what if they truly believe we have until 2100? What if they are continuing their mass destruction because they HAVE NO IDEA of the immediate and urgent damage they are doing? What if they think they indeed, DO have another fifty years? When you stop to realize that these people are operating at a level of hubris that regular people cannot even comprehend; these people that believe they truly are in control of the planet; these people who are so entirely self-absorbed and self-contained that they are absolutely incapable of even imagining the level of damage they are doing to everything on the face of this planet, and do not even recognize anything natural as having value. THAT is what gave me a jolt. Fucking idiots!! OF COURSE the climate models are right. There is NOT a glitch. WE ARE THAT HOT. And what is even scarier is that when THEY wake up to the consequences of their behavior, WHAT ARE THEY GONNA DO?? Here is a quote from the end of the article. Aerosol settings???

Klaus Wyser’s group "switched off" some of the new cloud and aerosol settings in their model, he said, and that sent climate sensitivity back down to previous levels. A new research paper co-authored by Zelinka from the Lawrence Livermore National Lab likewise pointed to the role of virtual clouds in determining the results.

This past week, everything concerning the weather has been a red flag, and I have not even listened to Dane's broadcast yet. Here in Northeast Ohio, it has rained and/or snowed nearly every single day since my last article. As I said, they, or rather, Raytheon has determined that we must receive at least one inch of rain per week, and they intend for us to get it by any means they must use. It seems the clouds have been drying out more than usual these past few weeks, and so they have had to try a different route, that being producing snow that is dry flakes coming down, but turns into millions of gallons of water as it melts. And even the light rain is having the same effect. On Thursday evening we got a tenth-of-an-inch of rain, and the next morning, I got up and my basement was flooded!!! With that tiny amount of rain. Of course, the ground at this point is so saturated that it cannot take any more wet, but there also seems to be an explosion of water when it hits the surface, and I shudder to think what ghastly ingredients it contains to make it behave that way. Mixing snow and rain has become a popular activity lately, too, again accounting for the unbelievable amount of wet in which we are suffering. Hint: It is NOT going to get better unless WE stop it. Incidentally, one inch of liquid precipitation per week translates into roughly FIVE FEET of snow per month. That would cover me to the top of my head!!

And it is not just Ohio, of course, it is most of the east. The Great Lakes are literally overflowing.
Great Lakes erosion destroying beachfront homes

We missed the deadly part of the last weekly storm (yep, another one is on its way). But the South and Southeast got hit not only with terrible flooding but tornadoes and deaths. AND IT'S ONLY FEBRUARY. Again, I shudder to think about April and May, which in all my years growing up were the months to which I looked forward. This next article nearly made me cry. I sent a great deal of gratitude and loving energy to the beautiful person who rescued the dog.
Winds, Possible Tornadoes Cause Damage From Florida to New York
Deadly storms bring tornadoes and flooding to South
Severe storms target Northeast after tornadoes slam the South
And here is another from the liars at The Weather Channel who always have a neat and convenient "explanation" for all of the totally anomalous weather disasters that are now happening every day not only somewhere on the planet, but somewhere in the U.S. It seems no one was quite ready for this one, and the whole massive barometric pressure drops and rises are becoming more erractic.
Why the Mid-Atlantic, Northeast Squall Line Was Unexpected and Unusual
This next one will be a bit easier on the East Coast, but once again, the northern parts of the Gulf States are going to be flooded. Are you all studying the QPF pages? Remember, if you follow them religiously, you will begin to understand the thought process of the weather ghouls. No matter what they say about "systems," the truth is, they just keep recycling these billions of gallons of water being dumped on us. Up it comes from the Gulf, heads north, then off the coast, then down to the Gulf again. Here is today's 7-Day QPF, effective from 7 a.m. today, Sunday, Febrary 9, to 7 a.m., Sunday February 16. Just LOOK at all that water, then compare it to the western half of the country. You will find this nearly any time you look at these maps, with occasional exceptions, such as the severe flooding they had in the Northwest, which according to these maps was upwards of 20 inches.

7-Day QPF from Sunday, Febrary 9 to Sunday February 16

And here is the Excessive Rainfall Forecast for 7 a.m. Monday, February 10 to 7 a.m. Tuesday, February 11.

Excessive Rainfall Forecast for 7 a.m. Monday, February 10 to 7 a.m. Tuesday, February 11

This is one that perplexes me, however. How can these Gulf States be suffering drought?? Especially Texas and the New Orleans area!! And Jackson, Mississippi has gotten over fifteen inches of rain this year. HOW CAN THAT BE DROUGHT?
Recent Winter Weather Pattern Is Concerning in Parts of the Lower 48
And now look at this one. The Great Lakes area has had the hottest winter on record—well, the whole contiguous 48 states, but the Great Lakes is one of the worst. So that would "explain" why they are dumping so much water on us. But the thing is, it is NOT cooling us down, it is only drowning us, ruining the land, ruining the structures and causing basic devastation.
Winter 2019-20 Has So Far Been the Warmest on Record in the Contiguous U.S.

But here is probably the other news item which jolted me most severely, though actually not a surprise. But, YIKES! Antarctic hotter than the U.K.? OMG!
Record-Breaking Temperature of Nearly 65ºF Logged in Antarctica as Scientists Sound Alarm Over Rapid Ice Melt

And once again, Puerto Rico, which is OBVIOUSLY being targeted by EMFs from the numerous sources that produce them, and god-knows-what all those 5G satellites are capable of doing. But why Puerto Rico? OUR American citizens.
Weeks after a deadly earthquake, Puerto Rico is rattled again

And here is one last one, concerning the jet stream. In one of the articles I posted in the past several months, and I do not remember which one, the author pointed out that meteorologists like to blame the jet stream for all kinds of nasty weather, but in fact, it is the climate engineers that manipulate the jet stream and turn it into a weapon of destruction.
North Atlantic Jet Stream Topping 200 MPH Steers Damaging Storm Toward Ireland, United Kingdom This Weekend

My next Bible article should follow shortly, and it is just as disturbing, but of a different nature. I hope everyone is keeping in touch with Dane's messages and those of his community. That is the only place I can go to feel even remotely sane.

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