De Plane! De Plane!

Yep, you guessed it. This article is about planes, and the most important and urgent single task we must accomplish immediately is to ground any and all human-made objects from flying. Period. That alone would, I guarantee, CHANGE EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET in a flash. Would it solve all the impending horrors now engulfing us at the speed of light? No, but it would accomplish what needs to happen before we can actually stop the physical catastrophe. Thirty years ago when I began doing public speaking around the county on environmental issues, my one-liner always was, "We can either stop what we're doing voluntarily or we WILL be stopped involuntarily. Which is it gonna be now?

The likelihood of stopping planes through physical means is zero at this point, but they WILL be stopped. No matter WHAT I am doing, my mantra drones on and on in my head: Ground All Air Traffic. Stopping the planes should be the constant thought in everyone's mind. Remember, thoughts are a powerful form of energy that travel instantly throughout time and space, which is why they are working so hard to distract us. I know I sound like a broken record, but repetition strengthens the thought. That is the whole idea behind chanting and mantras, and the more who contribute to the thoughtform, the stronger it becomes, and THAT will make the immediate difference. Even those who have been the biggest deniers or willfully blind or just plain ignorant will experience a flash awakening. They may not have noticed what was going on in the skies, but when it stops, there will be such a drastic change! I know for a fact that the skies will finally clear here in NE Ohio, because the minute they stop spraying now, the skies begin to clear, sometimes even as they are spraying, and they have to spray more and more to cover the sun. I will talk more about the weather later. No one, including Dane, knows what will happen when the spraying stops or how long it will take the planet to begin to heal, or if it ever will heal. That becomes a moot point if you look at this at the non-physical, spiritual, or evolution of consciousness standpoint. It is not a question of IF any living thing on the planet survives, it is a question of how we make the transition to the next world.

I know that my personal goal is to transcend the birth and death cycle and the karmic cycle. I want to be set free to practice my creative gifts, to create new worlds of beauty, peace and love where—especially all the poor precious creatures that are enduring torture and death at the hands of the most unspeakably evil beings that even I cannot wrap my mind around—will have a place to go where they may live in the most safe and joyful environment for the rest of eternity. So, no matter what, I do NOT believe THIS planet will exist any more. There are billions of people here that do not have a clue as to what the awakening of consciousness is. How many of those are actually "people"? WAY too many have lost their souls—become human/droid hybrids. They, along with the perpetrators of all this evil, the root of that being the alien invaders both on and off planet, must be totally removed and dismantled. THAT is why we MUST prevent total destruction of Earth until that is accomplished, because if it is NOT accomplished, we will return to the recycling bin yet again, and the next time around will be even worse than this one. Feeling pressure?? I certainly am. I do not want to EVER have to do this again. EVER, EVER!!

Has everyone heard of the Venus syndrome? Dane speaks of it frequently. I have read just recently, probably from somewhere on his site that scientists now believe that Venus once had an atmosphere similar to ours that could have supported life. I have to seriously wonder, was it US? For some reason, Venus's temperatures shot up all of a sudden. I believe I read somewhere, to about 700 degrees. C or F, it doesn't make a difference, it killed everything. I should look all this up, but it really doesn't matter. The point is, something happened to make Venus immediately uninhabitable, and I have to wonder if this earth scenario wasn't played out somewhere else before we came here. Because there is a vaguely familiar terror about all this—something way back in my memory that is making me crazy to accomplish our mission. Well, here on earth we have this looming methane threat which is ignored by most so-called "climate activists," at least its immediate threat, but the threat is there and we are living with the possibility that it could all snap any time. And if THAT happens, the off-planet alien race that has been in control here for millions and millions of years would just move on to the next planet and set up business as usual. That is why we MUST call out the perpetrators of all this evil, get all these criminals in jail, which will weaken the Reptilian work force, and get people to awaken enough to understand the reality in which we live.

And as an aside—what about all those people who are just regular people who do not have a clue, and yet are not what one would call evil, but incredibly ignorant and totally asleep. I believe if we accomplish our goal, everyone will end up where they need to be. The people who are not awake will simply continue their process of learning. We ALL will continue learning, but at different levels. OK, so maybe these people are not ready to be free and independent beings who travel across the universe and dimensions to create and teach others. They may need to remain in the Matrix longer in order to see the illusions. But that does NOT mean they will be living in such abject horror and imprisonment. All students progress much faster in a loving and healthy environment. We are here enduring THIS because we are in a desperate situation, with little time left, that NEEDS to be brought to conclusion. When the original creators of this planet, the benign ones, set their plan into action, it did not include any of this misery, although some spiritual "experts" would disagree. The process of learning and growing should include challenges, but what we are suffering through now is not a challenge, IT IS A WAR ZONE. And its purpose is not to learn but to kill and control.

So now, back to the planes. I've said all this before but I will say it again and again because thoughtforms are strengthened by repetition: stopping all air traffic will make the most drastic impact on the planet in numerous ways. Yet how many fighting these atrocities would not give up their right to fly? People want the "bad guys" stopped, but ANYONE who is participating in ANY of these destructive activities IS ALSO A BAD GUY, and that includes me, but there aren't too many things I do that would qualify me. I do without whatever I can do without unless it is essential. I heat with kerosene, but THAT does not also waste electricity like furnaces do. AND if the planes all get grounded, NOBODY, at least here in the states will need to heat much at all because it will not be cold. And so, the FIRST STEP in authentic activism is to practice what you preach. If people wouldn't fly, there would be no need for passenger planes. OK, so that is not gonna happen, yet, and the bigger problem is the military. But it is my whole-hearted belief that SOMETHING so horrible in going to happen one of these days that there will be no choice. NOTHING human-made will leave the ground.

And so I collect plane stories looking for clues, because, thoughtforms are energy, and there are LOTS of us living for the day when the only things in the sky will be the sun, moon, stars, clouds, and animals that fly. Here is my collection. I am not saying you should read every one, but at least read the headlines and skim the articles. First we begin with Boeing's little problems and pray they never are solved.
Boeing has uncovered another potential design flaw with the 737 Max
Boeing 737 Max May Stay Grounded Into Summer
Spirit AeroSystems, A Major Supplier Of Boeing's 737 Max Jets, Lays Off 2,800 Staff
Boeing won't wait for FAA approval to start building 737 Max again
Well, we'll see how that goes. It's is all about money and who gives a crap about safety any more.

Here are more little mishaps . . .
Canadian passenger plane slides off the runway
A wheel fell off an Air Canada plane during takeoff
Helicopter crashes in Pennsylvania backyard, killing at least 2
And that also brings up the possibility of planes crashing into buildings. I almost had a hot air balloon crash into my house last summer. We have the Ravenna Balloon-a-Fair every year, which I have never attended, and lots of hot air balloons flying in this area, and I wish they would stop and I would have them banned, too. THEY are strictly for entertainment unless you are trying to get back to Kansas.
Two Deaths Blamed on Winter Storm that Canceled Flights, Shut Down Interstates From Midwest to Northeast
Three Americans killed in crash of C-130 air tanker battling Australian wildfires
Now, I realize these people were trying to do good, but the thing is, if the climate engineers didn't have the planet's hydrological cycles so fucked up, we wouldn't be having these massive fires. And Dane is the first one to say that all these fires, soon coming to California again, are the result of climate engineering. Not that there were never fires. Or tornadoes or floods, droughts and snowstorms, really cold or really hot years, but NEVER of the magnitude we are suffering now. I have kept weather records on the farm since 1994. A typical April or May might have four or five rainy days, not twenty-one. This January we have had some type of precipitation roughly five days a week, and a scheduled deluge every weekend, which I will discuss more.

But this was the event that interested me the most, because, with the picture published with the article, hopefully more people will realize that the shit pouring out of those wing nozzles is NOT harmless and benign. Four teachers have filed a lawsuit, but what we need is CRIMINAL CHARGES to be filed. If someone driving a vehicle on the road did something that injured so many people, you can be sure THEY would face charges. These perpetrators are being protected, and THAT needs to stop. I emailed Dane and asked what he thought REALLY happened, and I told him I live for the day when all these planes are grounded and they cannot lie their way out. He did not share an opinion of the incident, but said he lives for that day, too. Later, someone asked the same question on his comments section, and he still did not voice an opinion, and I listened to his weekly broadcast, also. He mentioned it, and wondered what else they were spraying, because as I understand it, the "trails" coming out of the wings, WAS the fuel dump. I would be willing to bet he does have an opinion. MY opinion is that this incident may have awakened more people, as it seems it was quickly hushed up. I have not seen follow-up stories, except for the lawsuit. In his broadcast, Dane also mentioned the fact that officials said when planes need to dump fuel, they do it in a "safe" place, like over the ocean, and he wanted to know how dumping fuel into the ocean was "safe." And so do I. The hell with the fish and seabirds and marine mammals, right? I took notes on Dane's broadcast and will share more of that in a bit.
Delta jet dumps fuel over Southern California, sickening dozens of schoolkids and adults
Four teachers sue Delta Air Lines over California fuel dump
Pilot: The mystery of Delta flight's fuel dump
Yeah, and the "mystery" still hasn't been "solved."

And here is military stuff, and of ALL the air traffic that should be PERMANENTLY GROUNDED, it is that of the military. No planes, no wars, and that should be inspiration for ALL "regular" people to get on the NO-FLY bandwagon.
FBI investigating drone swarms startling residents in three states
There are many stories that just disappear without a follow-up and that was one, which usually means something covert was involved.
Air Force stages "elephant walk" at Utah base, launches 52 fighter jets in a row
B-2 Spirit: The $2 billion flying wing
This stuff scares the living shit out of me. How about you? ALL THIS MONEY BEING WASTED on killing each other when we have MILLIONS and MILLIONS of people who are homeless and starving. It is beyond comprehension. Groundhog day at the assylum, as Dane would say. Yes, indeed.

To anyone who can unashamedly refer to themselves as a "climate or environmental activist" this reason alone should unite them to the mantra, "ground all air traffic."
CO2 from jet fuel is soaring 4 times faster: what can save the day?
Dane did speak of this in his
Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 18, 2020
except he said that it is not from commercial jets, but from military aircraft, which makes sense to me seeing how $3 TRILLION a year is being spent globally on weapons. He said the U.S. military is the largest polluter, with jet fuel tank sizes of 28,000 gallons!! OMG. Now, just think, for instance here in Northeast Ohio, we see military planes just flying around doing nothing except buzzing our houses, flying WAY too low. But that isn't the problem and we all know it, because the ones that are way high above us, now, almost literally 24/7, spraying and spraying and spraying, and the hotter ther planet gets the more they spray. I am to the point where I literally feel my stomach churn whenever I go outside. They are ALWAYS THERE. Now, of course MY readers know we are being sprayed with toxic metals and poisons, but GOOD GOD!!! WHERE IS ALL THAT MONEY COMING FROM TO FILL THOSE 28,000 GALLON TANKS??? As I type this I look out my window and see total whiteout. Sun?? What sun? STOP THE PLANES AND EVERYONE WILL NOTICE!! The sun will return, with a vengeance.

But just THINK of how much money those invested in the fossil fuel industry must be making. And how many of them run our governments and banks and numerous other institutions. Dane again stated in this broadcast that we are "hurtling towards Venus syndrome." He also said that "droughts are happening worldwide on a scale we have never seen, EVER." Of course, he had to make the exception concerning the eastern half of the U.S. where it NEVER stops raining. He said for five years now it has been the most highly geoengineered cooldown area ON THE PLANET." And that hot "blob" of ocean is what killied over a million sea birds. And the widely published number of animals in Australia that have died such a horrible death is much smaller than really have died, which Dane said is at least over 1.25 BILLION. I can barely deal with that, emotionally. And the smoke from the fires has circled the entire globe and returned to Australia, which Dane has always said, also concerning the fires on the West Coast, that THAT is the purpose, because the smoke is another means to dim the sun.

GROUND ALL AIR TRAFFIC!! And there is also the theory that volcanoes will be induced to erupt, another means of cooling the planet.
Could Taal Eruption Cool Our Warming Planet?
And what about this?? OMG, do YOU think this was "natural"?
Destructive Hail And A Massive Dust Storm Descend On Fire-Ravaged Australia
Of course, it is not just the planes but all the ionosphere heaters and microwave towers that are just as responsible, but, it is my understanding that they work along with the chemical cloud seeding, and that is how they affect the weather. If the planes stopped would the towers be ineffective? I don't know. I think they could still be used to induce volcanic eruptions. That is just my opinion, but it seems that grounding the planes would certainly diminish the potency of the towers. And grounding all air traffic means also that NO MORE satellites (or rockets) will be launched. And speaking of satellites, I just got another email from Arthur Firstenberg this morning, from the Cell Phone Task Force, which is launching global protests against 5G. Here are some that are taking place this weekend, if anyone lives near and can attend. I would HOPE that NO CELL PHONES would be allowed at the protest area. Practice what we preach!!
Global Protest Day Against 5G

I want to talk about one more thing, and that is the "scheduled" storms we are are getting here in the east. This has been going on for weeks, and you can watch it materialize on the QPF maps at NWS. They pull up all this moisture from the Gulf, swing it up to the Great Lakes after they have dumped tons of ice nucleation chemicals and metals into it, push it to the Northeast and off the coast, where it circles through the Atlantic Ocean southward, crosses Florida, or just below, then makes its way into the Gulf again, where it repeats. Again and again and again. It really is simple to understand once you know how to utilize all the maps. You can even watch the winds—OMG, the horrendous winds and gusts we are getting here!! They start from the south, then shift southwest, then west, then northwest until they make the complete circle, and voila!! There's another storm. We get at least an INCH of rain a week, and I do not even want to imagine what we will get when the "rainy season" starts, but I know that the Great Lakes region is "scheduled" to have "above normal" rainfall ALL YEAR along with the Mississippi Valley and Northeast. NOBODY NEEDS THIS. I am drowning, literally. OMG! PLEASE HELP ME MAKE THIS STOP!!!! It's like we are being punished because Lake Erie didn't freeze this year, and by god, they are gonna cool us down no matter what. I am dreading Spring, which used to be my most beloved season.

This last one, "Winter Storm Jacob"—I have never seen such wet snow in all my life, I realize it was mixed with rain, but the ungodly amounts of water that fell . . . If you don't believe me, and you live in the Great Lakes, Ohio Valley or Northeast, please buy a rain gauge and see just how much water they are dumping on us. And toxic water, too. After that storm, I don't think I have ever been so cold in my life. The ice nucleation is getting thicker and thicker and it burns your skin it is so cold, even when the temperatures don't seem that low. And add that wind to it, it is just miserable. And yet, on the morning when we were not thick with spray, I took Molly out when I got up and the thermometer read 11.3 degrees. Yet it felt almost balmy. The next morning it was 19 degrees, and was so cold my feet got numb in a matter of minutes. And so I am warning everyone, it will ONLY GET WORSE unless we stop it. If you are not affected yet, you will be soon.

And finally, as an added bit of cheer, the Doomsday Clock just moved to 100 seconds till midnight. We all must face the fact that the world as we know it is ending, but if we complete our mission, we will begin a new existence with the freedom that always should have been ours. Call out the perpetrators of evil and bring about full disclosure—the truth about what has been done to this planet and the human race. We cannot move forward under this mountain of lies, nor can we take the illusion with us. We must wipe the slate clean, then we will be free.

The End May Be Nearer: Doomsday Clock Moves Within 100 Seconds Of Midnight

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