Deep Shit

In Dane's Global Alert News for December 1, his opening paragraph reads: "Each passing day on our planet is increasingly best described as groundhog day in a global asylum." Indeed. But remember, as the light increases, so does the darkness, and it seem all the ugliness of eons has worked its way to the surface so all may see it in plain view. Unfortunately, way too much of the population "doesn't watch the news." That won't make it go away, nor will adopting a purely "spiritual" stance on the issues. Knowledge is power, and we must integrate the physical and non-physical realities we are experiencing in order to connect all the dots, and certainly, to be able to see the "unreality," the surreal world in which we live, in order to break the illusion. The apathy of the majority of the population is leading to our collapse. Those people will suffer the worst, I assure you, when there is no longer a choice but to see clearly what is occuring before their very eyes. Naïvite is just as bad—people that STILL believe ANY of these presidents cared about our welfare, and that includes the Clintons, Obama, and ESPECIALLY the criminal Bush family. The thing about Trump is that he doesn't even TRY to make people believe his lies. The ones before him were seasoned politicians who knew how to fake it. And that wife of his is no better. What kind of woman would put up with a beast like him? She and her hideous Christmas trees, the red ones which were described by one media source as rows of used tampons. Our tax dollars at work. Ouch!

I really don't know how much longer I will be doing these articles as so few seem to care, but for this one I have collected volumes of important stories of which EVERYONE should be at least familiar. I am not recommending reading them all at once. I certainly would not, nor have I read all of them all the way through, but I am familiar with their contents, which is vital to connecting the dots and seeing the entire picture. Incidentally, I was horrified yesterday as military planes flew over my house the whole fucking day. OK, so we have the Vienna Air Force Base near Youngstown, and the old Ravenna Arsenal, and I am used to seeing these very low-flying planes, but maybe once a week or less. And these DARK, BLACK SKIES. OMG! How can people stand it? It is the cover-up of pure evil. Evil lurks in darkness! In November, we ended up with 18 days of precipitation, 9 days dark and miserable, and saw the sun only three times. So far, we have had precipitation four out of the five days of December, except for Sunday, which was hot and sunny (66 degrees). This chemically-nucleated ice is SO cold, yet people do not even wonder, even though global temperatures are out-of-control hot. How many ways can I say MIND CONTROL. George Orwell must be rolling over in his grave. His dystopian world seems like Disneyland compared to the reality of our current global scene. Anyways, it is my intention to do one more article on the paradigm shift before the year is out, and one last In the Wild article. After that? I may not even be on this planet. I dunno, I take one day at a time. But there is one other point I want to make, and it is a scary one. Dane has been saying for quite a while that when the power structure finally becomes cornered to face the magnitude of criminal activity of which they are guilty, in order to create a final distraction, they will start a nuclear war. That is why the planes freaked me out yesterday. These people would rather destroy the entire planet than face their guilt. Plus the fact that they are certainly alien agents, mind-controlled to do the bidding of their masters.

I had a truly breathtaking Shamanic experience recently, of which I will not share at this time. I never take them for granted, or for truth. I always wait to see the outcome, and I have about twenty years worth of journeys that have proven to provide valuable information. And if this current one proves so, it may well mean a major turning point, and the news I have collected may point to final disclosure in so many areas. I almost feel that this whole disclosure thing is like a stopped-up sewage drain, and once the blockage is cleared, the shit comes blasting through. Robert Mueller has become a hero of mine. I have not been able to find dirt on him, and he seems like one of the rare persons in Washington who is actually operating with the highest standards of morals, ethics, and respect for the law. If you are not following his investigation, SHAME ON YOU!. He may just be the plumber to unclog all the Washington shit. I, personally look forward to the possibility that Trump may be trading in his red tie for a red and white striped jump suit. But really, jail is too good for these people, the whole lot of them, Republicans and Democrats, there is no difference. There are not enough jails on the planet to hold everyone that belongs there. Perhaps they can convert all the banks to prisons, that way the bankers can stay in the building in which they are familiar.

Anyways, I have all these articles I have collected from many sources, and have arranged them in categories. Please keep this page handy and browse through a couple a day, especially the ones in which you are not familiar. Arm yourself with information, because it will prove to be our greatest weapon. I am focusing here on the Mueller investigation, and Trump's finances. If you don't read any other article, please read the one about Deutsche Bank. It seems Trump may be a bit short on cash. Perhaps his campaign slogan should have been "Make American Fill My Wallet Again." Anyways, I think Mr. Pres. may be in some seriously deep shit, not only from Mueller, but the lawsuit filed against his company. There are lots of other horrors committed by Trump in the meantime, such as ordering migrant children to be sprayed with tear gas and pepper spray. Only a man with a very small dick could do something like that. And that goes for the ones that carried out the orders.

'The One Financial Institution That Stuck with Trump': Deutsche Bank Headquarters Raided in Germany
Subpoenas Coming Soon In Trump Emoluments Lawsuit
Mueller may be poised to lift the lid of his investigation
Mueller is about to have his say—in a big way
Donald Trump has surrounded himself with liars
Trump's Enablers—An Appalling Parallel

Here are some other interesting tidbits. It seems to me a lot more military officers should be committing suicide. How can they live with themselves, going over seas and killing, killing, killing people that have DONE NOTHING whatsoever to harm us? It's the bullies with the small dicks again, protecting nothing but oil and corporate interest. And by the way, why would anyone mourn the death of a Bush? They are one of the worst criminal families on the planet. Really, the only thing I remember about H.W.'s presidency is that he barfed on the Japanese Prime Minister. Here are some other things to remember.

U.S. Navy admiral Scott Stearney found dead in apparent suicide
25 Years Ago Today, George H.W. Bush Vomited on the Prime Minister of Japan
Rot In Hell, George: If You Murdered A Bunch Of People, Mass Murder Is Your Single Defining Legacy
'May His Many Victims Across the Globe Rest in Peace': George H.W. Bush Dead at 94
George H. W. Bush: “October Surprise” Denials, Iran Contra"
The Bin Ladens and the Bushes: On 9/11 George Herbert W. Bush Meets Osama’s Brother Shafiq bin Laden
From 1945 Until Today – 20 to 30 Million People Killed by the USA

And here are more "climate change" articles, which may be labelled "too little too late." If, when geoengineering is stopped, and only then, there will be an immediate change. Ohio will get hot and sunny, and rain will come to the West Coast—normal rain. Of course, global temps will seriously rise, but the planet will at least begin to heal and we will not be subjected to 24/7 doses of poisons and mind-control agents. But if the people that think all will be okay if we pass carbon and fossil fuel laws by 2030 or 2050—well, I read one of those articles and burst out laughing. Yeah, it's not funny but the idea is ludicrous to anyone who understands the situation. The amount of time life on earth has to survive should be counted in months instead of years, and getting more desperate with each passing day. Even those who say time's up in 2021, in my opinion, as one who has lived off the land forever, is way too generous an estimate. So, anyways, I really can't take any of these seriously, and I see them as just a delay in an emergency situation. There are two major problems here. One is that the American people are WAY TOO COMFORTABLE. And the other is that most people these days have absolutely NO COMMUNICATIONS with the natural world. That will all change in the most catastrophic way.

Trump again rejects climate change report, lashes out at Federal Reserve
Climate Crisis Made Worse by “Presidential Mis-Leadership”: Protecting Big Oil, From Bush-Cheney, Obama to Trump
WATCH: As Corporate Media Ignores Climate Crisis, Sanders Town Hall to Deliver Discussion of Bold Green Solutions Straight to the People
U.N. Chief Issues Dramatic Climate Appeal to World Leaders

And here are some other environment-related articles, including more on Monsanto. And I had to include the article on glyphosate because two people I know who also know each other have ended up in the hospital, one nearly dying, from a burst intestine, only a few months apart. How common is that? Not very. In all my years, it is the first time I have ever heard of it, and there is evidence that glyphosate, which has contaminated our entire food supply, may be to blame. And Rachel Carson must be rolling over in her grave at the immoral and illegal depths to which the EPA has plunged, a department which she was instrumental in founding. And the last article may answer the question as to why the weather terrorists have created the massive drought on the West Coast.

This town is like thousands that are vulnerable to contaminated water, with no fix in sight
The Complete History of Monsanto, “The World’s Most Evil Corporation”
Tanzania Orders Destruction of Monsanto / Gates’ GM Trials Due to Illegal Use for Pro-GM Propaganda
Gut-Wrenching: New Studies Reveal the Insidious Effects of Glyphosate
Congress, reverse the EPA's assault on our environment and health
The New “Water Barons”: Wall Street Mega-Banks are Buying up the World’s Water

And here are a couple more articles illustrating that coruption has become the accepted norm at all levels of government (and banks, corporations, educational institutions and the pharmaceutical/medical industries).

Emergency Protests Planned to Stop Scott Walker and Wisconsin GOP's "Shocking and Naked Power Grab"
Unusual pattern of signatures emerges as North Carolina probes allegations in House race
Man at center of North Carolina election fraud probe turned in hundreds of absentee ballot requests

But, hey, other than this all is just fine in the world. Go spend lots of money for the holidays. Don't worry, be happy . . . .

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