Arranging Deck Chairs on the Titanic

As much as I would like to take credit for that witticism, the honor goes all to Dane. He has been saying that for years, but this week, well, I don't know how much more blatant it can get. I have spent the week observing and listening, and the level of stupidity and cluelessness is beyond comprehension. I know of two women who are pregnant—OMG, I cannot IMAGINE why anyone with one functioning brain cell would bring a child into the world at this point. I know people who are planning weddings, a new job, buying a house. Arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. I keep my mouth shut any more. If they have not awakened at this point, it will take the proverbial 2x4 over the head. And that is coming. In this article, I am going to just share odds and ends, and suggestions to prepare. Preparations should be first priority.

There are so many articles now on the coronavirus that I have quit saving them because they are outdated so fast. Here is the lastest global stats from CNN.
Coronavirus death toll tops 3,000
And then there's Trump, who cares only about people thinking he's doing such a great job. That may not be working, even amongst the stupidest. There's a silver lining in every cloud. What a lying little maggot. But at least maggots have a purpose.
Analysis: Trump's war on truth takes a dangerous turn as he attacks the media's coronavirus coverage
And then we have the stock market. Investors are of course being lied to because the whole financial thing is a fantasy built on air which will HAVE to collapse sooner or later, and probably sooner when EVERYTHING shuts down, and it will. Meanwhile, let's arrange those deck chairs.
What global central banks are saying about coronavirus

Of course, there are those who believe the elite have all these underground cities in which to retreat when the "end" is near, and many of Dane's community mention them. I just sent a note to him saying that we here in the East do not see any evidence of this really being true, at least I do not, so I am skeptical. He wrote back: " Yes, agreed, not underground "cities", just bases of a sort that will only suffice for a time (till someone on top plugs their air intake)." HAHAHA!! I never thought about that!! OH PLEASE, let me be a plugger!!!

And here's another great one. And I hope, Jamie, that you personally make your dream come true, as you are my second least favorite person, topped only by Elon Musk, in the entire universe. You must be reading our minds.
Jamie Dimon had a dream that coronavirus killed Davos attendees
And speaking of Musk . . .
Tesla Driver Was Playing Game Before Deadly Crash. But Tesla Software Failed, Too
And here is a little more crud. Lock him up!!
Trump wealth order probe urged over Scottish golf resorts

By the way, I just updated my Recommended Links page. It is also at the bottom of the Book Reviews section and on the LEFT column of my Home Page, right above "What's for Sale." I put a "Pet Health" section in this year with articles I have used and found healpful.

And here are more useful pages. Make sure if you pick wild plants to eat that, obviously you are certain they are safe, and, if you pick them from someplace other than your own yard, be sure they have not been sprayed. Of course, everything is being sprayed, but I'm talking about ChemLawn and shit like that. I have other books on the subject, and will make a point to put them in my read next" box.
Edible and Useful Wild Plants of the United States and Canada
I hope everyone is eating their oranges and apples and giving them to your cats and dogs. Marc's had 2-pound bags of lemons on sale this week for $2.50. I have a dear friend who is a breast cancer survivor. She is also a nurse, but doesn't really trust medicine. She says she takes a whole lemon, peel and all, except for the ends, which is where the toxins collect, and purees them and eats them. I did that yesterday. I have a huge cappuccino mug. I put a couple big globs of the puree in the mug and poured boiling water over it. After I drank it all, I ate the remaining puree, which was a little gross but I love lemons and we all have to be proactive about protecting ourselves from toxins to keep our bodies able to fight whatever comes. Anyways, I am keeping an airtight container of that in the fridge to drink once a day along with my oranges and apples. Lemons are NOT good for dogs and cats.

And here is a place you should know about. They are located here in Ohio near Amish Country, and they cater to the Amish. The owners are Mennonites, who are less strict. When I wrote for The Vindicator I wanted to do a story on them in my Holistic section but they wouldn't let me because they could not find a way to tie it to Youngstown. I think that was the only time they ever turned me down. Anyways, I spent a whole day there. The daughter, at the time was running the store, and she SURE didn't look Mennonite! WOW! High heel, a dress and nylon stockings, lipstick and jewelry, and no little round thing they put on top of their heads. What a wonderful person, too. Anyways, prepare for no power, or just get off the grid and put the electric companies out of business for contributing to the climate emergency.
Lehman's Hardware

Here are some notes from the Stupidity Department. A couple weeks ago when I was coming home from Alliance, I saw the signboard outside the South Side Church of God on Sawburg Rd. that said, "You Don't Need to Understand to Obey." I tried to find an email address so I could tell them they should be ashamed of themselves for posting such a lie. Blind Sheep. Follow the Flock. Yep, that's the attitude of many (but by no means all) Christian Churches. That's why we are in the situation we are in now, because people will not stand up for what is right. COMPLACENCY IS COMPLICITY. SILENCE IS CONSENT. The darkest places in hell are reserved for those who maintain neutrality in times of moral crisis. All will be judged guilty who did not speak up when speaking up was mandatory.

And now the weather. Once again, they have attempted to deluge us. At this time last week, we we "scheduled" to get 2-3 inches of rain. But again, they can't seem to move it north into Northeast Ohio quite as easily. which is fine with me because I am so underwater that I could send all my precipitation for the next 2-3 months to the west caost where they need it, and not miss it at all. I have had 38 days of precipitation so far this year. 38!!!! And how about this. On both The Weather Channel and NWS, we keep getting "scheduled" for "rain or snow showers" . . . at 50 degrees!!! Anyways, it looks like we will get between one and two-tenths of an inch. I have one-tenth so far and it is just about done. Of course this deluge that was supposed to hit us keeps dropping farther south, where they surely don't need it either. But, as the cornonavirus gradually shuts everything down, and it will, the spraying will have to stop. I have read that China's smog is already beginning to clear.

And to this next story, all I can say is HOLY FUCKING SHIT!
Homes along Lake Erie are covered in ice following two days of gale-force winds

And here is the "what's with pink" category. Obviously some toxic substance has caused a mutation. At least that is my guess.
Rare Pink Grasshopper Found by Texas Toddler
The only one of its kind??
Pink Manta Ray is the Only One of Its Kind
Freak Phenomenon Causes Bright Pink Snow in Antarctica

We haven't talked about aliens for a while but they're still here. For now. and there is evidence that more and more people know. Even on Dane's site there are subtle hints in that direction.
Aliens definitely exist and they could be living among us on Earth, says Britain's first astronaut
Mysterious radio signal from space is repeating every 16 days

And so, in closing, once again I urge everyone to be ready in all possible ways. The first domino has gone down and the whole board is going with it. These people that think we might have a recession, andt that the stock market will recover just fine are, um, arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. This is SO BIG at this point, coming from SO MANY angles. Yes, if it was just the virus, perhaps things would get better. But the entire biosphere is in complete collapse, and the virus is just one of the symptoms. NOTHING is workable with what we have now, and it must all be wiped away. Remember, thoughtforms are energies that effect everything in our physical world. It is not about "thinking positive," it is about having a clear picture of what we want and what must go, then projecting that into the future. Energy works in strange ways, and those with the most powerful minds AND spiritual development will prevail. Create in yourself the highest levels of consciousness and integrity, then shine your light into the new world.

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