The Crumbling of Reality and The End of the Illusion

Every day now I awaken to find the world has doubled its insanity. The Matrix is pulling apart from the emerging New World, and Matrix agents are desperately scrambling to stick their fingers in the dam. But there are way, WAY too many holes now, far exceeding the number of fingers. I have been putting out a lot of articles lately because every day brings more WTFs, so please go to my Articles Index to be sure you haven't missed any. They all contain important information. Please do whatever you can to spread it around. Truth and knowledge are the two most powerful weapons we have right now and they're easy to use. It requires simple action. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, and you will not fare well with what is coming. I'm not saying it will be easy for anyone, but the more mentally and spiritually prepared you are, the stronger you will be. If you think you have personal problems to deal with that are more important, you are in error. These are your personal problems.

Let's start with what's going on in the skies. Even I don't know all of what's going on up there; I'll bet even Dane doesn't know all of it either, but it's really bad and it is the root of the evil on this planet right now.

Let's start with this monster storm hitting the poor people of Haiti. Good Lord have mercy on us. Do you think this is "nature?" Think again, and if you think they can't do this to you, wherever you are, you need to be corrected on that point, too. OK, so you won't have a hurricane in Montana, but you can have something just as bad. Here is an article Dane just published: Hurricane Matthew, The Latest Example Of Global Weather Warfare Desperation. We in the east had our own disaster last week. Did you think that was normal? Here are two images I copied from the Interactive Weather Map at WFMJ, Youngstown. It is a nice big map of the entire country. Just drag the little white star to where you live and you can zoom in anywhere. I was surprised that I could copy it at all, but I was only able to get a segment at a time, because it is a grid, but that was enough. The first one is from October 1. It is a radar image above the Great Lakes, into southern Canada. Excuse me, but rain does NOT move in squares, but in fact, this rain did; a square within a square actually, with only the bottom line missing. WTF!!! The second, from October 2. isn't quite as good an example, but still obviously rain moving in nearly right angles.

Weather Radar Over Great Lakes, Saturday, October 2, AM

Weather Radar Over Great Lakes, Friday, October 1, AM

Yesterday was supposed to be "mostly sunny." Right. In the afternoon, it got SO dark, I said to myself, "WTF, are we having an eclipse?" There was no rain on radar, but then finally a brief sprinkle came down. The sky looked more like tornado. WHY is it so important that they keep our skies SO DARK here? What are they doing up there that they don't want us to see? Questions like that make me shudder. I long for the days of my childhood when fall days were crisp and sunny. When you got up in the morning, the air smelled so good, like newly fallen leaves and rich earth. Now, yuk, everything is just moldy and rotten. This morning, the fog was so thick it was actually "raining" fog under mostly clear skies. We are SO wet here. Walking through my yard is like walking on a sponge. And yet the LIARS at the National Weather Service would have us believe Northeast Ohio is in a drought. U.S. Drought Monitor REALLY??? Sixteen-and-a half inches of rain in a little over two months IS NOT A DROUGHT.

But there are so many other things I notice every day that lead me to believe two things. One is that MY physical reality is separating, pulling away from the Matrix. For a long time, I was doing so in the non-physical world, but there are things here that are just not the same as others are experiencing and the physical gap is getting wider. And that is good. For instance, the bee thing. I just read where bees are now officially on the endangered species list. NOT HERE! OMG. I have an abundance of bees, WAAAY more bees than I feel comfortable with. Yes, honey bees. My dogs keep pulling me into clusters of wildflowers when we go for walks and they are literally swarming with bees. I have lots of bumblebees, too, both the regular size and the smaller species. Bees are not particularly agressive, though. However, wasps, hornets and yellowjackets are, and I have way too many of them, too.

But there is also another reason that my reality is becoming so different than the Matrix, and that is because the Matrix is an illusion anyways, and Matrix agents brainwash us with lies, which become physical reality. That's the way creation works. The more you have pulled away from the Matrix, both spiritually and mentally, the less you tap into the false information we are being fed, and thus do not create it. As you work on that, your physical world begins to reflect it. And be aware: the gap between thoughts and physical creation is becoming much narrower. Take extreme caution where your thoughts go. Focus on TRUTH at all times; that's a sure winner. Not only will that enable you to escape, but it will shut down the Matrix, too.

Perhaps the most blatant example of insanity (outside of what is going on in the skies,) is this presidential election. OMG! Since when is paying no taxes considered "brilliant" business, and how could one of the wealthiest men in the country have the audacity to brag about it? But what is worse, why do people not even seem to care? My only hope is that Hillary and Trump both dig up enough dirt on each other so that they both end up in jail before the election. That way people will not have to go through the charade of going to the polls and voting for the less obnoxious criminal of the two. It is a tough choice this year. What a national disgrace. Why would anyone vote for either of them?

Perhaps we won't have to. From where I stand, I can finally see that light at the end of the tunnel. I cannot believe how much I've changed, just in the last couple months, and every day brings me closer to breaking away all together. I am filled with an energy I can't even describe; a chick picking its way out of a shell; a butterfly emerging from a cocoon; a feeling like I can no longer be contained in this false reality, and one way or another, I am breaking free. Even with all the gloom and doom scenarios that people are tapping into (remember, that's not a good idea), it is inconceivable to me that we (a large group of us), who have purposely come to this planet at this particular time to shut down the Matrix . . . it is inconceivable to me that we would fail. We will not. Brace yourself and prepare. It gets closer every day.

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