The Crossing-Over Point

These past couple weeks have been extremely difficult for me, not that the past twenty years have been easy. I have always said that knowing something mentally is not the same as perceiving it. As my regular readers know, I have long spoken of the belief that we are in a simulated reality. That is very broad, and can be interpreted many ways. We KNOW we are being mind-controlled by all the sordid programs being carried out by our governments, military, wealthy bastards, corporate bastards, and yes, an off-planet race behind it all. That I have long intergrated into my reality, without a doubt. But it has been just recently that I have been able to perceive that I am also simulated. In other words, NONE of this is fucking real. There have been some revealing moments that have shifted me in this direction, and while it seems to be a miniscule shift, seeing that the idea of simulation has been with me for so long, (and, by the way, you might be surprised how many "legitimate" scientists are now accepting this belief), it has NOT been miniscule. In fact, it has turned my world upside down, and forced me to let go of any beliefs I still had lurking that there is anything that can be done to save this planet. There IS NO PLANET.

And so, does that mean we are a collection of pixels and nothing more? I think the race that is controlling us is SO advanced that pixels to them would be like us creating a world of Play-Doh. So what ARE we, really? The vision I have spoken of in my recent articles, in a different dimension keeps returning to me. I see myself there. Is it an alternate me, or a me in the future? Maybe it is just ME, now, and somehow something horrible happened that part of me got hacked or hijacked and made into an avatar. I have even toyed with the idea, as I constantly see myself in a community building where people are working on computers together, that perhaps WE were using ourselves as avatars in a research program that went wrong. Or maybe WE there are not even aware of WE here.

One of the final clinchers was a video put out by David Icke. I am not a fan of his only because he is so into himself and his success and his money. His website is a disaster. HOWEVER, his videos are usually incredible. This particular one is a segment from one of his Wembley presentations, I believe, and the entire presentation is also available to watch. Even though I do not like him, I must say the man is extremely enlightened and I usually agree with most of what he says. Here is the video. I took notes as I watched, and here are some main points. I am just going to copy and paste them as I typed them onto the Notepad page where I save my notes for these articles. I hope they will stimulate your interest to watch this video because it is well worth it.

Nothing is negative—problems provide the answer. (Paul Levy in Dispelling Wetiko also states that.)
The truth doesn't change because you don't want to hear it. (Bernhard Guenther says that all the time.)
Archons—no creativity, but can manipulate our creation—mind parasites DECEIVERS. (I have been saying that for years.)
"Evil"—inversion of "live"—obsessed with death—natural order is about life.
No empathy, no remorse, no shame, parasites (banking!) are psychopaths.
Programming our perception. (I have said this for years.)
Archons made a bad copy of our original reality. (This was the main turning point for me.)
Like computer virus intercepting information, we decode a reality and think it is real!! (I have said this often, too.)

I want to elaborate on a few of these important points, and the first is the line above in all CAPS. There have been too many times, WAAAY too many times that I have looked at something and seen it one way, only to look again and see something totally different. And there have been too many occurences in my life that just cannot possibly be "real." And not just in my life, but globally. Why can some people see what is going on in the skies and others be totally unaware, even to the point that they are unable to look up and see it?

But, as stated above, and something I had never thought about, was that THEY had made a bad copy of the original "reality." A segment of our being is stuck in a COPY of where we actually reside. OK, now that REALLY made sense. So how the fuck did we get here? Clueless. How do we get out? Got some ideas there.

Icke's points on this being an "inverted" reality struck home even stronger. He quoted Michael Ellner:

Just look at us. Everything is backwards; everything is upside down.
Doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge,
governments destroy freedom, the major media destroy information and religions destroy spirituality.

Icke, unfortunately, gives a textbook solution to the problem. We have to love he says. Well, if "all we need is love," (my apologies to my beloved Beatles), then most of us would have escaped already. And, by the way, just how many of us are there? Probably not that many. I have an idea that the bulk of the 8 billion population may be part of the illusion. Granted, Ike's point is, and Bernhard Guenther speaks of this all the time, that they are feeding off our emotions and they need us to feel hatred and pain and and anguish, desperation, fear—that's how they get their jollies. So, we should starve them by not feeling those nutritious emotions. Well! You and me and a few others can make a point to feel only love and compassion, etc. and WE might not provide such a good meal, but there are lots more and more and more who will NEVER get it, Meanwhile, our planet, whether or not it is a computer simulation is irrelevant because it is on the edge of collapse, especially from an environmental point, and it worsens by the minute. Keep in mind that in the movie, The Matrix, even though Neo knew he was in a simulated reality, his death in the Matrix would also kill him in his body outside the Matrix. What we do here DOES make a difference in our lives where we actually reside. And so, by the time enough people wake up to love and starve our predators, this planet will be LOOOOONG gone. In other words, not a good plan. The problem with these "spiritual" people is that most of them DO NOT have a clue about living in harmony with the planet. Their perception is only theoretical because most of them live in the city and have no idea how to farm or take care of animals and are unaware of their death crisis in our midst.

BUT, another thought did occur to me, having to do with the inversion thing. If we have been partially hijacked from another reality, then we must have a latent memory of our other existence. What if it is our heart, (or at least our heart chakra) that does the thinking? Our third-eye sees, our throat chakra hears? What if our conventional sensing organs were attached on to us to read the "fake information"? I have said numerous times that we cannot trust our senses. And so, I did an experiment. I began focusing my thought process in my heart area, focusing sight energy into my third eye, etc.. Well, guess what happened! I got sick, sicker than I have been for years. No, not with the "flu," or "flew" as the people at GeoengineeringWatch call it because we know viruses are being sprayed on us. I got this horrendous congestion. I went through nine boxes of tissue in five days. I got a terrible sore throat—very rare for me. My chest burned like it was on fire. When I feel congestion coming on, my usual habit is to rub my chest and throat with Vicks, (or the generic equivalent). I love Vicks, and have been using it since I was an infant. Well, the next day I got up, covered in huge welts on my chest and neck! Finally, after four days of suffering, I rubbed the bottoms of my feet with it. I woke up in the middle of the night coughing up big globs of grossness. It continued when I got up this morning, but now I am feeling MUCH better. The nose has stopped running and the lungs are clear. But I must say, HMMM. . . . I plan to continue thinking with my heart. Maybe something has broken free.

And so, here are a few more thoughts on what could be happening, especially as the Matrix collapses, which I still believe it is, but more than ever, we need an escape route. I have always said that it is not the nature of the universe to be static. Nature evolves, and no matter how hard our captors try to keep us in their closed system, nothing lasts forever. And that would also explain the current situation, which, unless you are living in a hole, you must realize has become, well, gosh there's not even a word for it. Insane, evil—those don't even cover it. What is happening on this planet is an unknown phenomenon.

For eons, (which, in reality may only be days or weeks or a few years), we have been easily fooled, participating in the program without question. Religion, and the whole pile of bullshit that taught people to accept "god's" will kept the population in their place. But religion is having less and less influence. So, something else was needed to keep us in our stupor. Enter geoengineering, technology, HAARP, 5G, fluoride, vaccines, GMOs. Well, yes, that has all stupified people, but there are many, MANY more who have been able to bypass all that, and still become conscious. And so, the world just gets weirder, and more obviously fake. The way I see it, they still need us for food, but in order to keep us as food, we must wake up. So they are stupifying us in the hopes that their food source will not disappear. But they are killing us, too. And what is worse, like a drug addict, we need stronger and stronger doses to stay asleep. And so people are dying off, but many are STILL awakening. THEY have a dilemma, and I don't think they know how to solve it.

But escape we must, alive, I might add. Love ain't gonna do it, but if we can become the virus that shuts down the program, just enough for us to remember, then we stand a chance. Meanwhile, we must keep fighting the one activity that is doing the most damage and keeping us from awakening, and that of course is what they are doing in the skies.

Just look at how far we have come in shutting down the program. #MeToo has been, well just awesome. Not that firing these creeps and taking away their prestige will make a difference, but one must realize they are only dupes acting in involutary and unconscious complicity as agents for those running the program. I give these kids in Florida great credit. They have more balls than 99.99% of the lazy-ass adults I know. People are hitting where it hurts, and that would be in the pocketbook. The companies that dropped their ties with the NRA are to be commended.

But, did all that really happen in Florida? There are those saying it was all fake. I dunno. If this is a simulated reality, then NOTHING is real. And everything is to keep us in a state of hatred, war, anger, anguish, chaos and division. Once we step back and realize it is just a program, we can truly attend to shutting it down without the emotional involvement.

Even Trump looks like he may go down. Let us pray. This Russia thing might just get him, but I wonder why we even have allowed him to play president for a year. His solution to the school massacres? To arm teachers. ARE. YOU. FUCKING. SHITTING. ME??? I know lots of teachers, and I'll bet they would leave before bringing a gun to school. You can see how all these creeps like Trump must be making a fortune from NRA contributions. Trump, as we know, can say anything but the truth. The truth here is, why should any citizen, much less a kid, be able to purchase an assault weapon?? When someone buys an assault weapon, that means they plan to kill someone. That's a no-brainer. NO ONE but trained officers should have guns like that. And I wonder about them most of the time, too. And why did that officer stand outside the school as the shooter was shooting. Does any of this sound real? And then Trump has the audacity to claim he would have run in and saved those kids, even unarmed. REALLY????

Would Trump put himself at personal risk to save the lives of students?

What a fucking asshole.

There is one more article I want to share and I am not sure how it fits in, but it REALLY gets one thinking about reality, and it is quite creepy.

'The story of a weird world I was warned never to tell'

For myself, I am going to continue exploring using my chakras to access information rather than my sense organs, while I work to become the virus that shuts down their program. We are truly fighting for our lives, but the less emotional we can fight, the better. Arm yourselves with knowledge, be open to new truths, expect the unexpected, then step away from the crash. We have GOT to be VERY close at this point for a major revelation. Pay attention and prepare.

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