I have volumes of information to share, so I will do the best I can to make it all comprehensible. I am including much of it, that pertaining to survival at the physical level, in my In the Wild series, of which I just published two in a row last week. Those can be accessed from my Home Page, both right and left columns, and on the Farm Page.

I know many of you know this, but I want to clarify it anyways. What I write about here, at least the metaphysical aspect, is all from my own experience. Much of it is quite different than you will find on the pages of the so-called "experts," in other words, those who make a living telling people how to be "spiritual" or how to "evolve" and basically have a real popular blog or YouTube channel which gets thousands of hits a day. But mostly they are promoting bullshit to keep the money flowing in. That would not be me. I make zilch from this website and have only a handful of readers. If you out there share my website with your friends that last part could change, but really, I don't give a shit. I say what I need to say then go on to other things. I will say, however, that compared to so many of these "experts," I have been doing this for nearly forty years so I have a well established track record that has nothing to do with popularity. Unlike most of these others who go on and on with the same old same old, I re-assess my reality daily because reality changes daily, especially if you are truly moving forward and out of this simulated system that has the majority believing it is real. I will speak more about my discoveries of the past few weeks, but first, as I mentioned in the last article, I want to share some thoughts on the interview with Dane and USAF Major General Richard H. Roellig. If you have not listened to that, please do.

Geoengineering: An Interview With A US Air Force General

First of all, I give this man credit because he contacted Dane because he wanted to find out the truth about what is going on in the skies. And that is a plus for his character. HOWEVER, I must also say this: How can someone who has reached his rank, in the AIR FORCE, which is one of the main entities responsible for this criminal activities in the sky, who now works for RAYTHEON, ditto on what I just said about the Air Force, how can someone of his stature be SO in the dark to the illegal behavior of the military branch he served? The answer was, I believe, included in the interview, and that is compartmentalization. I thought long and hard over that word and its meaning and its power, and the further comprehension I gained concerning the whole mess we are in, both at the physical and non-physical levels has been priceless. That's part of what I want to share.

But I have to say this first, and most of you know how I feel about the military. There was a time when people joined because they truly wanted to serve their country. I think those types are much fewer now. Many join because they think it is security and a way to get what they want with the government paying for it, like college or a further career. And some just have nothing better to do with their lives and use it as an escape, or are into the whole ego-power trip and think the military can supply their needs. There are many reasons why people join up, and most of them are not good. The War in Vietnam, I think, having lived through that, pulled the blinders off many people and brought the whole delusion into the public eye. I personally cannot imagine being a person who follows orders or gives orders, blindly, because that is the way the system functions. OMG! I just cannot IMAGINE living my life that way. I question everything and don't follow orders if the orders are unethical, immoral, or illegal, or cause damage to people, animals, or the planet. More and more of us who are waking up to the simulated nightmare are fighting what we are programmed to do, and that will be the subject of the other part of this article.

And the other thing about the military is that now more than ever, they, and the government, are owned by the corporations; it is the interests of the corporations, banks, the extremely wealthy and other such groups that the government and military serves; it is they who give the orders, and none of these organizations have ANYTHING to do with the welfare of the people. It has always been like that, I suspect, but now it is so in-your-face that anyone with one brain molecule should see it.

And now, on to compartmentalization. What I gathered from the interview is that the way the military is set up, is that each level or department is only privy to the information of any project that concerns their particular task or role. In other words, everyone gets a piece of the puzzle but cannot see what the picture looks like when all the pieces are put together. So, it is not just possible, but very likely, that the millions of people involved in the weather warfare/geoengineering atrocity have no idea of what they are really doing. They each have an order; they follow that order and do that task and even if they do question it, they are not permitted to investigate any further, and certainly not permitted to discuss it. How can people run their lives like that? It is incomprehensible to me.

But someone sees the entire picture, some person or more likely group of very privileged people that have the government and military to do their bidding, unquestioned and secret. WHO are these people, that have been able to gain SO MUCH POWER that they control the world, and no one knows who they are and what they are really doing? Who is at the top? Are they Earthly or off-planet?

Compartmentaliztion is truly a Reptilian invention to mind-control people into thinking they are serving the greater good when they only serve a few. Really meditiate upon that word, and a whole new picture comes into view on your mental screen. Think of all the ramifications. Compartmentalization is not only for the military, but the government, the corporate world, and any other entity that has gained so much power, while the rest of us sit here with our fingers up our nose saying, "How the fuck do they get away with this?" Remember my article, When the Right Hand Doesn't Know What the Left Hand is Doing? Ah, there's the answer. That's why the NWS and NOAA have turned into such a bunch of totally inept morons who do not have a clue as to what the weather will be doing, not a week in advance, not even an hour in advance. They forecast what Raytheon tells them to forecast. But who rules Raytheon. WHO IS AT THE TOP? Certainly not our idiot president. He doesn't know shit and I doubt that ANYONE would share real classified information with him, classified being the ongoing agenda that serves the very few. I find this whole thing SCARY AS HELL, and the more I ponder it, the scarier it gets. Because I think it is likely that the one at the very top is not even on this planet and perhaps not even a being, but a computer program. It is the ultimate "divide and conquer," the epitome of the Matrix, its purpose for being: to keep us in the dark; to keep us from the truth.

And so now on the the second part of this article, which is my ongoing attempt to understand this program under which we have been operating and which has created the illusion of what most perceive as "reality." Understanding the concept of compartmentalization has provided a treasure trove of insights. And I want to point out again that someone ot something created this program with the intent that the victims would have no escape, but, as I have mentioned before, I think it is likely that they have either abandoned us or have been destroyed, because there are too many glitches now. Also, the fact that many of us are a far cry from the original victims on whom these programs were implanted.

Through what I am discovering, I can make these summaries. It seems there is a "Global Matrix"—that which has been programmed as a "collective reality" and runs the world at large. Plus, we each have our own program, created to work with our own personal DNA and memory bank to find our weak spots and pit those against us. The most important priority of the program is to keep us from remembering who we are and that we were once able to create our reality with our minds. We still do, of course, but it is the program's reality, so we do not recognize it as our own. Recognizing that it is WE who have created all this misery gives us a glimpse of our immense creative power. Our job is to break with the program and create on our own. It is one step away.

At both the global and personal levels, the Matrix was programmed to keep us in a state of insecurity and helplessnes. In addition, it keeps us in a state of anxiety and distractions, with only the illusion of solutions. We have a problem, we find a solution, and immediately on its heels is another set of problems with more difficult and elusive solutions. Solving one problem opens the program to release the next set of problems. I see this at all levels, and the problems are becoming more intense and dangerous and the solutions less and less effective. As I mentioned before, I try to opt to not solve anything at the physical level, whenever possible, because that triggers the next step of the program. Deliberately go in the other direction and use your mind to keep moving away from, not the problems but the roots cause of them, which is this false reality in which we are trapped. And I am seeing crashes all over the place. Our weather is becoming more and more violent. How can people not notice? The Midwest U.S. is under water, and now hurricanes threaten the Gulf and the Midwest. California, once one of the most fertile regions in the country is a dry and burning mess. Even here in Northeast Ohio it has been an inferno lately. How much longer can we survive this? How can people NOT notice? And not just here, but all over the world. So, have we reached the "End of Game?" Is our impending awakening what will trigger the "destroy" program? There are no solutions to global catastrophes, and many personal ones, too, and the way I see it at this point, escape from the program is the only way out. So, should we still try to stop geoengineering? I say YES to that, because it may be the crucial mind-control link in all this that, once broken, will send a ripple of empowerment to all who have prepared.

The Matrix has also been programmed to create boundaries for all of us. Hitting a wall and not being able to break out of those boundaries has been so frustrating for me. Just as I think I have gained in one area, I lose in another, leaving me in a constant state of arriving, but never arrived, and the closer I come to the critical point, the more distractions and shit I have to deal with. Not only do I see the planet itself crashing, but I see people all around me crashing, too. I know one who I believe is really losing her mind, and numerous others that are overwhelmed to the crashing point. I am also in a state of intense overwhelm, but I try to stay conscious of the un-reality of it. But too many are just freaking out, and we see that in the public arena, too. Elon Musk, for instance, seems to be going off the edge.

Here is another way of perceiving it: The Matrix wants to keep us in a state of believing that the physical world we experience is real, not an illusion, and it is programmed to create more and more intense physical stimulation to keep us stuck in that physical illusion. The more conscious we are that it is all just an illusion, the less power the program will have over us. But that has been a real challenge just these past few weeks. Every time I think I am in a mindset that I know and can feel it is not real, something else will happen that slams me back. It seems I have a day where everything is lucid—crystal clear, followed by a backlash, where reality again becomes jumbled. My sleep patterns are really screwed up, too, although this blazing heat doesn't help. I will wake up at 4:30 am, and be completely alert and ready to get up. My dogs have been seriously goofy, too. Like someone stuck their tails in an electrical socket. I mean, I realize they are part terrier, but even the worst terriers aren't that hyper.

So how can we speed out of this mess? And I think urgency is of utmost importance, because from where I sit, it is all coming down SO FAST. And have you noticed how time is speeding up? Lately, things I could do in an hour take all day, and I work fast. I mean, time has been moving faster and faster for a couple decades now, but this is ridiculous. It seems I just get up, and I get up early, then I look at the clock and it is mid-afternoon. Where did that time go? GEEZ! And not only time, but days and dates. I am losing track of what day, even month, it is. I may be coming down with dementia, but probably not, at least not yet. I hope. Here's one example: I got a notice last week that my HostGator web host payment was due. I was horrified. I wasn't late, the email came on the date it was due, but I always pay that early. Lately, many things related to time have been so bizarre. I will try to remember something I did just recently, and it seems like it was ages ago, that eons have passed since I did it.

In many ways, I actually look upon all this as a good thing, because time does not exist anyways, and this may be the way we are to escape it. I have also noticed very strange things about experiencing two totally different perceptions of the same event at once, and believe me that is unnerving, but gives me more fuel to believe I have one foot in the doorway out. It's like I now have two realities I am faced with, and must decide which I want to follow. Those moments come sometimes in droves, and other times they seem lost forever. Always notice everything you experience, and make a conscious choice to go with the ones YOU choose to follow. It is tiny steps like this that will lead us out.

I don't think ANY physical reality is "real," but I would dearly love to be in one where I choose what I experience. All I want is to be able to get up every morning and do the things that are important to me. I want to live in peace without someone spraying poison on me or flooding me or frying me or interfering with my life. I want to live without anyone telling me I HAVE to do this or I'm NOT ALLOWED to do that. I want to live in a world where I can enjoy my plants and animals, my books and coloring books, and do all the things I have put on hold for so long—art and needlework and all the creative activities I used to do. Eventually, I would move on to other things—exploring other dimensions, for instance. But for now, I just need rest so desperately. I think I am not alone in that. We are all sick of the constant barrage of useless bullshit we have to deal with. In MY world, no form of money exists. Why would we need it when we can create anything and everything we want or need? I want to live where nothing ever suffers, especially the poor innocent plants and animals. Sound too good to be true? To me it sounds like what I remember always was and was always meant to be. Anyone care to join me?

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