Comforting the Afflicted and Afflicting the Comfortable

In all my years on this planet, I've gone through roughly four distinct and drastic spiritual shifts. The first came in early 1980, nearly 37 years ago, which thrust me onto the path as a true spiritual seeker. It happened as I was growing angrier and more frustrated in my position of music ministry in the Catholic Church, dealing with a drunken, senile, and cruel old fart of a pastor who had run off most of the parish (St. Monica Church in Clifton Heights, Cincinnati). It happened that I had also become friends with the resident nun at St. Xavier, (Jesuit, downtown Cincinnati where I was associate organist), who recommended I read the book by Rabbi Harold Kuschner, When Bad Things Happen to Good People. I did read it, and I hated him because it was such rubbish that he wrote. But as it sunk in, I suddenly realized I loved him, because he spoke a truth I didn't want to hear. In all honesty, I don't even remember what was in the book, and at this point in my life, I have moved so far away from where I was then, I would no doubt find little there to interest me. But at the time, it was what I needed to break the mold. And that is all spiritual evolution is about—breaking the mold and moving on to a new one, like a hermit crab who must seek larger abandoned shells to accomodate its growth.

Since that point, moving forward has not been as traumatic, in fact, the trauma is in not being able to move fast enough. However, the shifts, as in our perception of time, have accelerated. The next one came about 17 years later, in approximately 1997. I had been voraciously reading every spiritual book I could lay my hands on—lots of Shakti Gawain and Deepak Chopra, who were particularly popular at the time. Looking back, I realize I must have had a Kundalini experience, because, while the spiritual growth was welcomed, physically, it knocked me out. I really thought I was going to die, and it took me years to recover my health. And it also drastically changed my personality.

The next shift came came, again 17 years after that, and I even have an exact date: July 1, 2014. I literally woke up one day and discovered that I could no longer behave in the usual patterns (which was good, because I, again, was struggling to break the mold). I found that I absolutely could not react emotionally to anything, and in fact, found it quite easy, for the most part, not to. My perceptions of the world did a split-second change—like stepping out of Antarctica into the Sahara Desert. This shift was truly Short and Sweet—And Very Urgent, and I wrote about it, and what I perceived to be going on in the world, in the article by that name. It was written on November 17 because it took me that long to integrate everything into my reality to the point where I could verbalize it. I also discovered that my ability to see through the veils had been extremely heightened. And it was at this point, too, that my anxiety to reach completion had become beyond painful.

Looking back, now, I see the overlaying of a new energy field on the earth which I spoke about in that article, has proven to be accurate (other than it took longer than I had anticipated). But nonetheless, EVERYTHING is breaking apart now, at all levels.

The last shift I experienced is what I've been writing about since July 31, 2016: The Power of Silence and the Illusion of the Ego. This was another overnight shift—short, but definitely not sweet. In fact, I went around for about a month feeling like I had my finger in an electrical socket. But it has brought a sense of completion and closure to me on many levels. And that's where I am now, and I suspect many others are, since a large group of us are in this together. So I need to reiterate what our next plan of action must be to bring an end to the whole sordid Matrix cycle.

Imagine ourselves as babies being formed in the womb. We have been growing, developing in the dark—out of physical sight. For anyone who is a practitioner of holistic healing methods, you will know that everything begins in the outer, non-physical layers of life, and moves inward toward the denser physical layers. Disease, as well as healing begins as an etheric issue. By the time it reaches the physical levels, it is totally integrated into the entire being at all levels. And so, those of us who have reached this level are done with their work at the non-physical levels (at least in his phase). We are traveling down the birth canal now because the womb can no longer contain us. All the work we have done at the non-physical level should have prepared an environment into which we could emerge that matched our massive shift in frequency. That, however, hasn't been the case, as we all know. There has been a force on this planet desperately attempting to keep us in a frequency lock-down, and becoming more and more desperate as they see their empire crumbling away at their feet.

And so, where does that leave us now? Our victory is not carved in stone, and the end of this all is still up for grabs. And so we, as painful as this last step is, must descend fully back into the Matrix to complete out final task. And though we can and must use our non-physical powers to assist us, what we have to do now is strictly in the physical world. I've been going on about this for the past few articles and will continue to do so until everyone "gets it."

My articles have been making their rounds across the world lately, and I am glad for that. As a result, I've been getting emails telling me that I am on the "same page as them." Let me be rather blunt here. Unless you are out actively campaigning to stop geoengineering, the spraying of chemtrails, you are NOT on the same page as me. You are not even in the same book. This odious crime IS our main physical obstacle to being birthed into an environment that will support our new vibration. It is REAL (at least as real as anything can be in the physical world), and must be dealt with at the physical level. For those who think some force from outer space is going to swoop down and make it all better for us, you are full of shit. WE must wash our own dirty laundry. The problem is in so many cases that people who are immersed in spiritual work are living in La-La land, clinging to ridiculous articles and theories that are pure bullshit. Many have forgotten that our goal is to merge the spiritual, non-physical world with the physical one.

And here is where we come to the title of this article. The problem here in the U.S. is that WAAAAAAAY to many people are WAAAAAAAAY too comfortable. Therefore it is easy to sit in one's armchair under the delusion that will be taken care of. But I promise you, the comfortable will be afflicted, and that stage of the game has well begun.

Dane Wigington has woken up a good portion of the people in Northern California (and certainly around the world, too). That state is suffering through one of the worst droughts in the history of this country. People are losing their homes and farms because of it, and they are openly on board his campaign to stop these deranged entities who are dousing us with toxic chemicals in an unprecedented volume. Not only is it creating an out-of-control climate/weather scenario, but it is killing every living thing on the planet, and destroying the planet's own life-support systems, along with God knows what else, but probably a mind-control program. If you still don't believe the extent of this heinous practice, take a look at these photos from Nasa: NASA Satellite Imagery Reveals Shocking Proof Of Climate Engineering.

People are STILL not getting this. Our government now has the capabilities to use the weather as a weapon, and they CAN and ARE doing it. Granted, there have always been weather-related disasters on this planet, but not with the frequency and severity they are now. And keep in mind, this "weather modification program" has been in place for 70 years now, so there is a relatively small percentage of the population who were even alive when the planet created her own natural weather.

Take Hurricane Matthew, for instance. Please see my last article, The Crumbling of Reality and The End of the Illusion, which also contains a link to Dane's site about this horror. I wonder if the people in this country would have even given this disaster second notice if it had not come to the States. It had to hit us before we took notice. Afflicting the Comfortable. Believe me, my heart goes out to everyone who suffered loss from this disaster, ESPECIALLY the people of Haiti, who have barely enough to begin with, and now . . . OMG.

But the point is, this is being deliberately orchestrated, and IT IS STOPPABLE. I have given you numerous means to participate in the shutting down of this practice, which I am doing and getting results. Read Dane's readers' comments and you will get more ideas on what you can do. But I assure you, if WE DO NOT STOP THIS CRIMINAL CONDUCT, we will not win this war. And if you are one of the "comfortable" ones, and you think this can't happen to you, think again. WHAT IS IT GONNA TAKE? And the flip side is, when this assault against the planet is finally SHUT DOWN, everything will change.

I have been hesitiant to say too much about this because I wanted to make sure that what I was experiencing wasn't just coincindence, but I am fairly sure now that it is not. I have observed with fascination that every time someone, who is obviously in some way connected with the Matrix agenda, goes down, is disabled, put out of commision, whether someone in the public eye, or someone in my life peronally, every time that happens, something opens up, breaks through for me. My life gets a bit easier as each of those who are acting, consciously or not, as an agent of the Matrix, goes down. And by the way, if you are not acting in oppostion of the forces of the Matrix, then you are contributing to it. This is particularly true with the so-called popular "gurus" of today with big websites that often publish big lies. BEWARE. The whole Don Ferguson/Zen Gardner fiasco certainly comes to mind. But my point is, if you are comfortable in any way at this point, then you aren't in the game at all. And that is especially true with material wealth. Jesus said, "It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God, (Mark 10:25). If you, like myself, don't believe in God, substitute "for a rich man to exit the Matrix."

And money is the other point we need to discuss here, because shutting down the global financial system goes hand-in-hand with shutting down geoengineering. These two elements being destroyed, will open wide the gates for our escape. Ya gotta trust me on this one—I've been immersed in this game almost four decades, and what I write is strictly from my own observation and experience. Back during my transition of 1997, mentioned above, along with the physical health issues I experienced, the other most drastic and terrifying aspect was that money literally began to flee from me. No matter what I did I had become repellant to it. For years, I thought that this was a force working against me, but only in the past six or seven years have I realized that my higher vibrations are keeping any sort of financial/material support from me because they no longer match my frequency, so I have given up even trying to participate in the money system, other than scraping together what I can just to survive in the physical world. But that has certainly kept me, for nearly 20 years, in a situation of living day to day on the edge of being starving and homeless. I am definitely NOT one of the comfotable ones. But the thing is, if all was working as it should, there would be a support available for us to use to thrive without money, and that of course is a re-enabling of our gift of manifesting into the physical world by using energy, like Jesus did. And it should be clear to everyone that the money system is about the most illusional institution on the face of the planet. We are operating on credit now, which is nothing but valueless plastic and paper. And worse yet, governments like the U.S. simply print more money to prop up the stock market. Anyone with courage would withdraw from the whole mess to bring it down. But unfortunately, most cling to their money like a life raft. Afflicting the Comfortable. It is coming. I wish people could see beyond their own fears and insecurities and see how good this. A total collapse of the money system would shut everything down, and that is what needs to happen. It would certainly ground those planes that are spraying us with poison, day in and day out, and who knows what else they are doing up there, but none of it is good, and a lot of it is connected with mind-control. You cannot change operating systems on your computer while the old one is still running. Certainly there are those moments of suspension, where nothing is in operation while the new system loads, but we can live through that. However, if we continue in a state of fear and inaction, while the physical situation on this planet becomes more dire every moment, then there is little chance that we will be able to emerge alive from that birth canal where we have been trapped for so long.

So what'll it be? Facing discomfort with courage to quickly usher in the new planet we have been creating, or clinging to our fears and comforts, drawing out this unbearable situation until there is nothing left to save. Keep in mind what I said above, about my own life, and how something opens up to me every time a Matrix agent is put down. Imagine that on a Grand Scale. New energies would rush in to fill the void. WHY ARE WE SO AFRAID? WE, especially those of us who claim to be on a path toward enlightenment have the whole world in our hands now. WE can change the course of things and put an end to the insanity, very quickly now, if we have the courage. Escape from the money system. Learn to do without. Then spend all your time assisting Dane in shutting down the atrocity taking place in the skies. THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE. Let go of the bullshit and get to work!

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