Disconnecting From the Collective Mind

This may be our toughest task yet, but may also prove to be the most beneficial. Obviously, what we have been doing up to this point is not effective, and since we are plummeting to hell in a handbasket, we do not have the luxury of pondering about what we must do, and the long-term effects of our actions. We can look around and see long-term effects all over the place, and it is not good, so we must be ready to make changes in an instant in our attempt to find the right direction.

Lately, I have been approaching my entire reality with the questions, "Is this true?" and "Is this real?" Of which my answer is always, "No." We can loook around and see that truth and reality now change by the minute, which results in a sort of nullifying effectg of the whole shebang. Nothing is real or true. So, now what?

Dan Brown's novel, Inferno has catapulted me in a whole different direction, and that is that everything that we experience in this reality is a manifestation of the collective consciousness, which at this point, is WAY too much. There are WAY too many people here, too much information, too much technology, all moving WAY too fast for us to comprehend. We have not developed our spiritual consciousness enough to utilize all this data for beneficial purposes, and so it is turning in upon us, leading us down a deadly path.

If you have not read my last few articles, beginning with Journeys, please do so. Also, I want to mention, that it is important when you logon to my site, to enter at the Home Page, rather than the Articles Index, or you will miss important info, especially the Bible articles, which are pertinent to these discussions. Especially, read my last article, Lot's Wife. And that also includes my book reviews, the new ones of which are always listed on the right-hand column of my Home Page. There is rarely a book I read that does not supply me with a new persective. I find historical novels especially helpful because they allow us to see that what we are facing now has gone on for eons. The difference here is, we, or some of us, are much more conscious now, and also hold the belief that we are at the juncture where it is finally possible to change the nature of our reality.

I want to add an aside here: Years ago, there was a woman writing in the Ascension Community. I emailed her and suggested she read historical novels to her benefit. She answered me that she had no need to read about the past, that she knew what was going on now and it had nothing to do with the past. What ignorant morons we have bred. Unfortunately, everything she preached was pure nonsense and bullshit. Fortunately, she has been out of business for quite a while. In all honesty, I cannot even remember her name.

So, is what I am suggesting here the same as disconnecting from the Matrix? Well, not really. It is a totally different perspective. Our efforts to break away from the Matrix suggest that there is a power, an evil power that is holding us in its grasp, and we must escape it. But, as I said above, I am training myself to understand that NONE of that is true. NOTHING. Everything we are experiencing is the result of the Collective Mind. (Do not confuse this with the Higher Mind, or the ALL, as spoken of in The Kybalion.) What I am referring to the the massive output of thoughtforms generated by a planet with an overbulging population, the vast majority who do not realize that what they send out does manifest, and our hell-hole is the result of unconscious and careless thought. I formerly believed that only by raising my consciousness would I be able to manifest my physical reality, that it was a gift that came as a result of raising one's vibration. The Kybalion corrected me on that point, and as it sinks in, I truly understnd my error. The fact is, all humans are capable of manifesting their thoughts into reality, and that is the horror of my discovery, and the emergency of the catastrophe we now face.

I have heard it said that a tiny light can pierce the darkness, but that is only true in a limited sense. If the power goes out and you light a candle in the kitchen, you will be able to see in that room. Perhaps, depending on the setup of your house, you may also see the light in your dining room or living room. But if you are at one end of the Smithsonian Institution, and you light a candle, you will not see it at the far end. If you shine a flashlight outside on a dark night, the people a mile down the road won't see it. There are billions of stars that we cannot see, even with the most powerful telescopes. Light can only pierce the darkness, depending on how vast the darkness is.

Right now, it appears pretty dark outside. But is that true? Right now, it seems that the relatively few of us that are consciously working to create a new reality are paddling a canoe up Niagara Falls. Chihuahuas against the Pit Bulls (and I love Pit Bulls, having owned one myself who was the sweetest guy ever), but as far as physical force, it is that of which we are now contending. And yet, a cunning Chihuahua can conquer the strongest Pit Bull, and we see that in myths and tales throughout history. David and Goliath. Jack the Giant Killer. Again, all these stories contain an element of truth, penned by someone in the past who had a greater consciousness than the general population, and wrote it in the form of a story so that all could read it and few would understand. And that goes for the contents of the Bible, and other Holy Books. Even from a more scientific perspective, a tiny micrscopic bacteria can kill a person. I have heard it said that a teaspoon of Botulism could kill every living person on the planet. In this case, size doesn't matter.

I remember when I was in school, fifth grade, I believe, the teacher had us play the game of "Gossip." She whispered something in the ear of the first child, and each child in turn whispered it to their neighbor. By the time the last child heard it, the message had greatly changed. We have spent our entire civilized history playing the game of "Gossip." People have made up stories as to why the sun sets, why the seasons change, and as we have grown into a more industrialized barbarianism, the subject matter for the gossip has evolved. Now it is the Matrix, the New World Order, Chemtrails. HAARP, Transhumanism. But does it bring us any closer to the truth? I think not. Ancient civilizations actually believed the stories and myths of their time, and we can't understand how they could have been so ignorant. The sun god rides across the sky and sinks below the ocean at night, only to rise again on the other side the next morning. The ancient Egyptians were probably one of the most intelligent civilizations to have ever lived on the planet. Did the scholars among them really believe this nonsense? Most likely not. They knew astronomy, yet in order to offer an explanation to the uneducated masses, stories were created which they could understand at their level. One of my favorite novels, The Cat of Bubastes: A Tale of Ancient Egypt, speaks of this. The Bible is nothing but stories, allegories to be read at different levels of consciousness. Please read my Bible article, The Pagan Jesus, if you have not already. But does this mean any of it is true? And if not, then what the hell IS true? Nothing perhaps. Maybe all that exists is consciousness, which we decide collectively how it will manifest. And then we reach the point where we are now, and the system is overloaded, and our powers of creation have reached the point of a stopped up drain where nothing can move. I suspect that with each new eon of life, the goal has been to evolve to a level of spiritual consciousness where we can bypass the drama and horror, and move upwards to a collective evolution toward, or rather back to our original divinity. The story of the fall from Paradise tells us that we know we once lived in Eden. What expelled us? Perhaps nothing. Perhaps our divine state has always been WITHOUT a body, and our goal is to create it IN one. Whatever. All I suspect is that our time is up on this eon, and it is about to amount to the next mass extinction. Unless there are some of us who can break away from the collective thoughtforms and reach our goal.

While I am trying to stay away from technological analogy, sometimes it is the most explanatory. So if we imagine ourselves on a computer with an out-of-date operating system, like my XP, and couple that with RAM issues, like me, too. you will undertstand that when you overload your Random Access Memory, your computer crashes, or does a memory dump unless you take care to clear away with what you are not using. Right now, we have so many useless programs in our system, so much junk, nonsense, outdated stories, that we are crashing. No wonder our efforts, those of us who know we should be able to manifest our thoughts into the physical world—no wonder we are being buried alive, and unable to manifest much of anything. The vastness of the darkness has way overpowered our tiny lights.

As I mentioned in one of my last articles, I have begun journeying into outer space, outer dimensions, and there I have accessed the Great Void, the area of vast nothingness, and it is there I find I can give myself respite. In the field of nothingness, no one else's thoughts can seep into mine. I have been doing what amounts to an energy dump, or perhaps at best a disk-cleanup. and it has left me feeling very strange indeed. I come back to this dimesion and, first of all, I am drained and fatigued beyond comprehension. But I also realize that I am unhooking. I spend almost no time online anymore—especially the news and even more espeically the alternative news, which is even worse, plus anything having to do with chemtrails, the government, or any new age baloney. I limit myself to my own site, my email, the weather, and research I do for book reviews and coloring books. As the collective consciousness begins to clear from my own consciousness, I will gradually begins to rebuild my own database. A human being begins with one cell that divides unto itself and becomes an individual person.

We know for a fact that the collective consciousness can be used for beneficial purposes, and not only for people. If you do not know the story of the Hundredth Monkey experiement, which I'm sure most of you are familiar with, but if not, please Google it. Likewise, the Institute of Noetic Sciences, who are doing experiments with positive results on very speicific and guided goals.

The Tibetan Buddhists, especially those on the Short Path, meaning those who felt called to make this lifetime their last upon earth, often went through grueling practices in order to reach the level which they sought. That often included complete isolation, sometimes for a year in the complete darkness where it was impossible for them to pick up the foul thoughtforms being sent out by the masses. In fact, even Christian mystics were known to move to isolated caves and spend their lives in meditation. One of the very best books I have ever read is called Magic and Mystery in Tibet, which was written by a French woman who travelled in the "Forbidden Land" and lived with Tibetans Lamas. She witnessed feats of magic, and in the end, could do some herself. But I wonder even now, with as isolated as that region still is, if even those people are not affected by the global thoughtforms. That's why taking my mind completely off the planet seems to be helpful for me. And when I am in this Great Void, this earthly energy stops in its tracks.

I had a terrible experience a few days ago that let me know just how much damage collective thoughtforms are doing, especially now since I am at a vulnerable point. I found myself in close proximity to people I don't really know, but know of and I know enough about them to realize how foul, agressive, bullying, and wicked they are. I suddenly became terrified. I began to shake, heart pounding, and go into a state of terror, which is WAY out of the ordinary for me. I was shocked! I got myself into a place of safety, but damage was done, and I had a series of terrible things happen shortly after. This was perhaps what I needed to confirm the probability that what I am proposing is sensible. The agressive people are the ones sending out the foulest energy, and we are all picking it up, like radios, and replaying it according to our own filters. Wow!

And so this is my plan of action. I am continuing with the memory dumps, clearing it all away, then making sure it doesn't get reinforced again in the physical dimension. Remember, we are not clearing out our hardware, just the junk in our database, to be carefully replaced with our own truths. For example, I have always believed that money is worthless and that we have the power to manifest everything we need without it. 99% of the people, of course, disagree. Trump got elected because people thought he would create jobs, irregardless of the fact that he would make it legal to devastate the envorinment. You can see where people's priorities lie. THAT is the number one issue on the planet: greed and the obsession for money. If they only understood the contents of this article!

Unfortunately, the goal of so many people in the Ascension Community had been to get the masses to "Awaken," often from an egotistical perspective. Anyone who is not living in denial can see that this method has not only been a complete failure, but has damaged those of us in earnest, giving rise to so many "experts" who have nothing more in mind than to fill their own wallets, and are not afraid to broadcast whatever will get them followers. A total break-away is all we have at this point.

And so I strongly suggest to all of you to take this up with me. You will know when the clearing begins because, believe me, you will feel strange and disoriented—even more so than we have been lately. But you will also feel a sense of falling away, and when you do hear some of the "old news," it will start to sound very odd indeed. Then perhaps those of us who, in all selflessness and sincerity, are reprogramming ourselves with beneficial beliefs, (remember, NONE of it is "true."—it only becomes "our truth" as we manifest it), then maybe ours will become the prevailing new reality. Not here in this dimension, but in the new one we create. But until that is ready, I suggest we all keep ourselves wrapped in the Great Void, and keep our thoughts to ourselves until we see them begin to manifest. I hope all of you join me in this endeavor. As the self-destruction of the old continues, a new reality can arise.

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