Calling Out the Perpetrators of Evil, Part Two

This is Part Two of Calling Out the Perpetrators of Evil, Part One, so if you have not read that first, please do so before continuing or this one will not make as much sense.

Shortly after I posted Part One, Lisa Renee posted her blog, which as has been the case lately, is very pertinent to what I am saying. She, like me and a few others, is not afraid to speak the truth. I look back over the past fifteen years in which I have been online, and I am so disappointed that all but a very few "spiritual" writers are spewing nothing but nonsense—writing to make their clients "feel good," with their fingers in their wallets and living in la la land. I do not have clients, and this is the time for truth, not feeling good or making money. There is not a whole lot to feel good about these days, and so we must work in a state of discomfort in order to fulfill our mission, but fulfill our mission we absolutely must. Here is a quote from the article:

Self-ownership (or sovereignty of the individual, individual sovereignty or individual autonomy) is the concept of property in one's own person, expressed as the moral or natural right of a person to have bodily integrity, and to be the exclusive controller of her or his own life, as well as the body, mind, and spirit. The possibility of self-ownership has been destroyed for most people on the earth through the continual deception, Mind Control, Manipulation of Consent and NAA Archontic Deception Strategies that are broadcast to the masses in order to shape the anti-human culture. Most of us reading this by now, realize that the people that are in control of the resources of this earth, are either not human, or are depraved humans that have sold out their soul, and taken the role as the personal pet to serve the Alien overlords for a pittance. We are being lied to in every way imaginable, and what we see in the mass media is what they want us to see. Stay neutral.
Self Ownership and Boundaries

She also lists ways in which we can works towards "self-ownership," and we should all be working on ourselves. But I want to stress again, that working on ourselves is NOT going to bring about the "Great Awakening," as so many "spiritual experts" have preached over so many decades. We NEED to work on ourselves in order to be able to step back from the evil being perpetrated on the planet, or we will be caught up in the spiritual and moral descent, and be subject to attacks and possession. But ultimately, it will not be the "Ascension" movement that will bring about the Great Awakening, but the Truth Movement. When the truth comes out about everything, all the lies that have been perptrated for centuries—reaching the levels of total insanity that we are experiencing now, EVERYONE will be forced to face it, including and especially the fact that we are being controlled by an alien race. And people's reactions will mostly be that of pain and shock, and Lisa Renee has written about that, too. All the reasons for denial, apathy and ignorance that have been a comfort to so many will be washed away. All the Christians that sit back and believe their "god" is going to wipe out all the bad guys, while Jesus swoops down from heaven to save them will be hardest hit.

And while, yes, I believe that karma—global karma—has played an immense role in our predicament, we are at the point where it is irrelevant. I don't care how much clearing of karma and shadows and ego stuff you have done, when planes fly over and drop poison on you, or when all those 5G satellites get turned on, or when a bomb is dropped on you, you will be affected, perhaps not as badly as those who are deeply into the illusion, but we are stuck at the moment in a prison reality. I am not in any way minimizing the importance of self-healing, because it is through that process that we will be guided to make morally and ethically correct choices and not succumb to the massive effort to turn us all into 'bots and 'droids. But we also must let go of the mind-set that everything that happens to us is a result of our karma. That will keep us on the hamster-wheel of "always healing but never healed," and THAT is another means they are using to keep us from moving forward.

Lisa Renee made the point that "The game has changed on earth and we must change with it. Every weakness you have will be attacked and exploited, so take action to correct them. The answer to everything is higher consciousness and self-awareness." That really nails it, and yes, indeed the game has changed. All this rampant technology that has exploded over the past decade has been an added obstacle we must overcome. In my childhood, the concept of human-machine hybrids was the stuff of a great science-fiction thriller. But as I have always said, science-fiction is the science of the future and most often more accurate than what most people trust as mainstream science.

And not only is the game changing, but we are seeing more truth about the way the game is and always has been played. That's another reason why those who stick with old clichés, especially the ones made popular in the New Age movement, will find themselves looking mighty foolish. We must do a reality check every single day to keep up with the new information we are being flooded with if we just pay attention. I know many will not agree, but I still insists that we REALLY do not know the true nature of our reality. We do not remember what happened during the Reptilian Invasion. We do not know how much they fucked with our minds, or how much they reprogrammed us. We could be existing in a lab, and what we think is the world around us is nothing but a projection. David Icke has been saying for decades that we are living in a hologram. I am not particularly a fan of his because he is truly about money and ego, but I also have agreed with most of what he says, although I really have not heard much of him lately. But as I said, I really don't follow the spiritual writers any more. Anyways, getting back to what I am saying, just think about the movie, The Matrix. None of what people thought was Planet Earth was real, including time. We could awaken to find that the over-population of this bulging planet is nothing but avatars, robots, there to give us a perception of reality. We may find that the "real" people are few—the original ones—and that time has barely moved at all. We may find that so many of these horrible deaths that get plastered across the news screen are not even real people, but projections that are expendable when their usefulness is done. Full disclosure means just that, and we ALL must be ready for a shock, because I can guarantee that nothing is as it seems. Be ready to integrate new information that rings true to you and keep an open mind. Avoid any dogma, and spend much time simply observing.

And so, the path towards full disclosure begins with exposure to the lies that have been told in the present, moving backwards in time until we get to the nitty-gritty, that is, the Invasion itself. There is now an ever-increasing acceleration of lies being brought to light, such as what really happened on 9/11, the truth about our involvment in the Middle East, climate engineering, vaccines, 5G, GMOs, electromagnetic frequencies, the theft being committed by our government, military and banks against the people, and so on. And how do we know that any of that is real? We don't, but it is all acting as a means to break-down wilfull blindness and the hold on us by those running the mind-control program. Prepare and be ready for anything.

And be ready for anger, violence and serious reaction, another reason why we must follow Lisa Renee's steps to remain tranquil and distance ourselves from the hatred. Hatred NEVER does any good, but anger can as long as it is directed in a non-violent way to bring about positive change. When people finally learn JUST HOW MUCH they have been duped, it will be pitchforks and torches. No longer will they be able to use their excuses for denial, and when people realize they have been sold, not only a pack of lies, but a path to their own distruction—ON PURPOSE—well, to say the least, it ain't gonna be pretty. When people realize that YES, we indeed are being sprayed 24/7 with toxic substances that are not only killing us and every single life form on the planet, and that all this weather terrorism we are suffering through is not "Mother Nature," even the most brain-dead among us will awaken. When people realize that 5G is about warfare rather than the internet, and vaccines kill us rather than prevent sickness and GMOs are decimating our ability to grow food on this planet, and 9/11 was actually caused by a bomb and was an inside job—yes, we know this for certain—then people will HAVE to wake up about the U.S. and its greed and rampant killing and control of peoples all over the world just because rich corporations want to get richer. And it is true, this is certainly NOT going to be a "Spiritual Awakening," but it will finally clear the lies. WE CANNOT MOVE FORWARD WHILE WE ARE SUFFOCATING UNDER A MOUNTAIN OF LIES. Period.

The goal here is full disclosure about alien interference, and we must get to that through disclosure about all the things and more mentioned above. We want to move on to the next dimension, but we cannot until we clean up our mess in this one. We cannot take this with us, or it will only be more of the same. Wiping the slate clean and finally taking responsibility for our reality is the lesson we MUST master, and that is why we have become so stagnant. As the truth appears, more and more, faster and faster, the energy will once again begin to flow. So that when we move on to our new reality, none of this evil will ever be allowed because we will have moved to a new place spiritually. The perpetrators of all this evil will not be able to survive us, in fact, they should all be shipped to some distant dimension to be dismantled so that they can never materialize again. There are many who believe that "god" is comprised of "good and evil," so evil will always be around, but I think that is more mythological bullshit. Remember, we look back at ancient myths and think it is almost funny that people could be so ignorant to have believed that stuff, and so we will look back at our own beliefs. People always form god in their own image. It seems to me that the Pleiadians in Bringers of the Dawn DID believe that we could banish the Reptilians and their oppression. Is any of that real? I dunno, but all myths, legends and fairy tales are based on SOMETHING true.

I have by no means exhausted this subject, but I personally am exhausted from writing about it. Still, I am not done because this will be ongoing and intensifying as we move through the year, if in fact we remain alive on this planet. I firmly believe that all this horror IS for a positive reason, and that is what this article has been about. I am collecting links to articles about truth coming to light. Please familiarize yourself with world events, because THAT is the trigger we need. I am not saying the alternative news is always telling the truth, and many of them are non-profit organizations which must cater to the government to keep their non-profit status. But there are many of us who are NOT organizations, and we speak the truth about what needs to be spoken. That certainly includes Dane and his people, the source of much of my information. I will end this article with some of my latest links.

One of the areas I believe will come to light are the numerous assassinations that have taken place in which anyone who is not brain-dead KNOWS were inside jobs, as in the CIA, etc. We are talking both John and Bobby Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., John Lennon, Lincoln, and what about this one. C'mon. Does anybody REALLY believe he committed suicide"

60 Minutes investigates the death of Jeffrey Epstein

Then we have the lies from the White House, which are so preposterous that I don't even give them attention any more. HOWEVER, killing a world leader for no reason is a WAR CRIME. Yeah, the Iranians are a bit smarter than Trump, so he didn't get his way, and he has been just itching for a war. Here are some articles you may have missed. Make your own decision as to what is true.

Iraqi PM reveals Soleimani was on peace mission when assassinated, exploding Trump’s lie of ‘imminent attacks’
'Disturbing': Reporters Hit White House for Not Disclosing Meeting With Saudi Defense Minister

Dane's community is bringing more to light about our relationship with Israel and people need to understand what is going on, and that is is not good for the world, and not good for us, but good for the elite. And it is deadly. And OUR tax dollars are supporting it.

New Bill Would See US Taxpayers Subsidize Experimental Israeli Laser Weapons

And what about this one? OMG!!! We are not hearing the whole truth, and I am wondering where all that jet fuel came from. The fuel tanks? Or those nozzles? I even wrote Dane about this one. I said that one of these days something SO horrendous is going to happen up there that all these planes will be gounded and they won't be able to lie their way out of it. And that I live for that day. He agreed, and said he lives for that day, too. And this was pretty horrendous. The thing is, people are now in denial, or do not even NOTICE what is happening above us, but I guarantee when it STOPS everyone will know!! People do not have a clue, but when they realize how much misery is being caused by these men in their flying machines, it will surely be pitchforks and torches. Like these hurricane-force winds we have been getting here in Ohio. OMG. The fires, floods and many believe even the earthquakes and volcanos. There have been swarms of earthquakes in the Caribbean lately. Those poor Puerto Ricans, OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS, who have barely recovered from Hurricane Maria. Although I realize Trump thinks Puerto Rico is a third-world country, you know, one of "shit-hole" nations that he doesn't want to immigrate to the U.S. . . . . I have a whole collection of "plane" articles, but be assured that there are MANY OF US that would like to see the end of machines in the skies. If we all unite our thoughts and energies there, it WILL happen.

Delta jet dumps fuel over Southern California, sickening dozens of schoolkids and adults
Persistent earthquakes put Puerto Rico on edge
Scores Of People In Puerto Rico Remain Without Shelter, Power Days After 6.4 Quake
Fears of another big eruption as thousands flee Taal volcano in the Philippines

And last, I want to bring to your attention one of the best very short films on spraying Dane has ever posted on his site. I cannot believe that even the most comatose viewer would still fail to grasp the reality of this situation after seeing it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist!! Just look up and pay attention.

Climate Engineering, New Film Footage Confirmation

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