Breaking the Spell

Part One

I have spent weeks forming this article in my head, and have taken my time writing it. I ask that you read it in the same manner. I have meticulously searched out articles that fill in the blanks and connect the dots. This is a long article with lots of links. I have divided it into sections for your convenience. Please keep it handy over a period and continue to refer to it. It may be my most important article of the year, and it may be my last article, or perhaps my last one in the old paradigm. I am tired of writing about the collapse. The collapse is well under way, and, at least in my opinion, it will continue to accelerate. That is extremely good news, because the world we have confused for reality is nothing but an illusion, a simulation, created by Reptilian sorcery and black magic. Even The Book of Enoch speaks of it—the invasion of our planet by "giants" who taught "charms" and mated with the Earth's inhabitants.

In Bringers of the Dawn, the Pleiadians also said that the Reptilians were able to make things appear as they were not. If we think about the difference between the way the physical world/reality is perceived by a human, an insect, bird, fish, or dog, then we must realize that the physical world is nothing but perception. I have often said that our five senses are not to be trusted, but this is more about the way our brains are wired, and even more about the way they have been hacked, which is certainly sorcery. When Sleeping Beauty awakened, all the tangled brambles disappeared, and so we must break the spell cast upon this planet eons ago. It is not about changing the physical world, it is and always has been about changing our consciousness. And so, forgive me for repeating myself, in this article and others past, but there are points which simply must be driven home.

We are experiencing several "realities" right now, and our diligence must be in seeing the falseness of the one presented by the media and most institutions. This is the one embraced by the vast majority of the populations, that everything is just fine, lets go spend more money and have lots of babies, believe the lies and lies and lies we are being fed, go get drunk and sit in front of the TV watching sports with our cellphones in our hands so we can check Facebook every few minutes. More and more people, through their own increasing personal disasters are beginning to see the folly of this viewpoint because it no longer coincides with their experience. As more and more people find themselves broke, sick, and homeless, a new level of awakening occurs. Remember, the mass consciousness is an extremely strong factor in how we all exist in thie world. No matter how much we are conscious of this falseness, we are still imprisoned in this dimension. That is why disclosure is SO VERY important. At the next level, we see the disillusionment that follows the previous level, and in 2018, we saw a huge leap of awakening and consiousness that all is not so good. The veil is being pulled down, the crud wiped off the window of perception. We are beginning to realize that those who claim to be on our side are anything but, that we are indeed in a catastrophic climate situation, that church leaders sexually abuse people, that it is NOT OK for anyone to sexually abuse ANYONE. We are realizing that all those safety nets that we thought were here as a means for our security are nothing but illusions. And that includes, especially, money.

The difficult part is to fully be aware of the illusion, while we KNOW it is just that. If we live in a rose-colored world where all is love and happiness, that is merely another form of the illusion. Transformation is the key, and disclosure is the needed action. Hold the illusions up to the world and shine a light on them so all may see their falseness. And that includes the illusion that we can make ANY changes at the physical level that will lead to change. Electing new officials and ending the use of fossil fuels is simply another aspect of the illusion. New governments will soon operate just like the old ones, and the money grabbers and controllers will corrupt whatever form of energy we adopt, because we are in a paradigm of death and destruction. When we all face that, then we can move on to the new paradigm, where the entire operating system is changed. We must throw out both the baby and the bath water because they are both too dirty to ever become clean.

I had mentioned a while back about a dazzling shamanic journey I had experienced, and there, I saw a new light entering the planet, right to its core, awakening a long-dormant Gaia. I have found myself frequently dropping to the center of the earth to float in this sea of light, in addition to the powerful new high frequencies that are being beamed at us from metaphysical sun or possibly other-dimensional—one that, at least cannot be blocked by the thick shit that is being sprayed on us 24/7. We must all gravitate like moths to these two new light-frequencies. Not only will we strengthen ourselves, but, as spoken of in Bringers of the Dawn, we are anchoring them on the planet.

Perhaps Trump is the man we needed in the White House after all. It is he who has so greatly magnified the absurdities of the illusion, that, rather than strengthening Reptilian ground-control, he is pulling the veil off the lies we have believed for eons. As above, so below. It is happening at all levels. It's not that other leaders haven't lied as much. Of course they have. But Trump, in his inexperience with politics, basically shouts to the public, "Hey, look! I'm lying again." Lately I have been beaming this new light-frequency to him quite a bit, not because I love him so much and want him to heal. Yech! It is more on the order of flashing a crucifix at a vampire, or throwing a bucket of water on the Wicked Witch of the West. We can sit here and watch him writhe as he melts away. And he is taking the rest of the swamp with him, and that will be more far-reaching than anyone can imagine.

I want to stress that now is NOT the time to let down our guards. On the contrary, we must push harder. It ain't over till it's over, and a lot can happen that will not be pretty. That's why it is so important to be aware of these new frequency sources and make use of them every day! I have been working on this for nearly forty years in this lifetime, and how many eons before that? Who knows? Perhaps this vast amount of time is part of the illusion, and we will find that the invasion is happening now, but we are suddenly conscious of it. There is so much to ponder, but I do believe beyond a doubt that we will find that most of what we thought was real, is not. Nothing is as it seems. I keep urging my "friends" to pay attention, but my "friends" are terminally stupid, gladly volunteering for the mind-control program that prevents them from seeing the truth. When it all collapses, they will find themselves with a gaping chasm in their reality, not a comfortable place to be. I would much rather see the rift clearly and jump to the other side, instead of being marooned on the wrong side of it.

That's why it is so extremely important to pay close attention to what is happening politically, environmentally, globally, etc.. Be very aware of all that is going on around you and everywhere, because our physical world is a mirror to the energetic world. It is the only way that we, who are presently imprisoned in this three-dimensional hell can REALLY understand what is happening, for real. That's why I take so much time collecting these articles. Connecting the dots gives us a widening view of what is going on behind the veils. The veils are being shredded and our physical worlds are being ripped in two. This is the time, NOW, to make a point to practice your skills of manifestation, outside the monetary system. That of all things, must go!! We must not cling to ANY of the systems and institutions on the planet now, because they have ALL been set up by the Reptilian base, and serve NO ONE but them.

There is a lot now being said that the current stock market disaster will lead us to another recession, and most believe, that, as in the past, the rich will benefit, while the poor suffer more and the middle class is totally wiped out. We cannot look to the past to see how all this will play out, because we are working with an entirely new frequency. You must understand that as these frequencies become established, they will no longer support the status quo. Do you not see that things are not going as planned? Trump thought he could get into office and fleece the American people and the whole world, to serve his own needs and fill his pockets. But it ain't quite turning out that way. More and more people who thought they were too powerful to fail are ending up in jail and in the public eye. But again, do not take anything for granted, especially now. Could they start a nuclear war and wipe out the whole planet. HELL, YES!! We are not, by any means, clear of their wrath. That's why it is imperative to use this new light in many ways. Not only can we anchor it to the planet and fill ourselves up with it, but we can shine it on all the evil forces that are agents to the controlling aliens. Light terrifies them, and exposure, disclosure paralyzes them. Use every tool you've got—NOW IS THE TIME!!

Part Two

Here I want to discuss my visions of the New Paradigm. Feel free, in fact I urge you, to create your own ideal world. Since we will no longer be working within a closed system, such as monetary, etc., at least in MY world, we are all free to develop our reality as we please. But one word of caution—we are not allowed to control other people's reality, or impinge on their rights, therefore, be extremely careful of what you are manifesting. We must focus on peace, harmony, beauty, love, and create with the highest standard of morals and ethics, or we most likely will see it backfire into our own lives. That is what is happening now to the vast majority of people, from the wealthy and powerful to the little guys, who serve themselves and no other, and THAT has certainly reached epidemic proportions. I find my mouth gaping when I observe the behavior of people I have known for many years. Their true colors are being displayed for all to see. Remember, this disclosure thing is not just for the controllers—it is a peeling away of the lies at all levels, so make sure you are operating with the utmost integrity, or your wickedness will find itself in plain view for all to see. I am appalled at the closed-mindedness and bigotry that is exploding before my very eyes. Trump has given a green light to that behavior, and all who are operating in or near his frequencies will parrot his behavior without even being aware, though they would gasp if you pointed it out. I am finding that most people do not want me to point out anything to them. Ignorance is not bliss, but it will lead to a level of indescribable suffering. Wake up, be aware, and seek the truth no matter how painful. Knowledge is power!

We must be firmly anchored in creating a world free of violence. War and violence are playthings of the Reptilian race, and we cannot clean the slate with more violence. There is no such thing as a war to end all wars, and there never was. All one needs to do is look back in history. LIGHT and HIGHER FREQUENCIES are the only means of "killing" the evil. We have waited and waited for this light, and it has been blocked by the chemical sprays in the sky and on food, by the EMFs, vaccines, flouride, TV, religion, and all the other mind control systems that have been in place for so many years. Religion used to be enough to keep the population in their place, but religion's power has weakened so greatly that technology has had to take over. But even that is weakning, We must pounce on all their weak spots and flood them with light. Our minds are the most powerful tool we have, and that's why they have sought to control them. Be meticulously aware of all the ways they mind control us. I cannot tell you how many times I have given information to people and written down my website, when they seemed so excited to get information on things they just "knew" were true and wanted proof. The next time I see them, it is like the conversation never took place—a total flip-flop. I have realized over the years that it is simply someone fucking with their minds. Those who are just beginning to awaken are having a rough time of it. Those of us who are well-seasoned certainly don't have it easy, but we have built up an immunity and just keep going no matter how they torture us. Obstacles and excuses for not doing what we know we should be doing are always signs of interference, for all of us. BEWARE!

I also want to point out that in a paradigm where we indeed create our reality, in the most literal sense, living life passively will not be an option. So all those lazy-ass people out there, the majority of the population, who think they can just spend their lives indulging in whatever makes them feel good, trusting that, in the end, Jesus will swoop down and rescue them . . . uh, well. I won't even go there. They will most likely wake up to the fact that the god they have been worshipping is nothing but a Reptilian monster, the cruel god of the Old Testament filled with wrath and jealousy. And as for Jesus, I think we should embody his teachings, especially the fact that he came here to show us that WE could manifest in the material world just like he did, and he told us point blank that we could do everything he did and more. I have always thought that was the main message of his time on earth, but THAT part has been minimized by those who control Christian beliefs in this reality. The church has focused on "redemption from sin," and the helplessness and inborn wickedness of the human race, in which the only hope is to bow down, shut up, and do as you're told, and especially not to question or rock the boat. More and more people are fleeing from this mindset, which is why religion and its power over the people has weakened. And that is certainly a good thing, but the bad thing is that most people are too weak themselves to develop moral and mental strength. When the bottom falls out, these people will be dangling off a cliff. We all need to spend these last moments before the collapse, strengthening and refining our inner will and the reality we wish to create.

Refusing to cooperate is the next best way to render these evil forces impotent. They feed off our violent emotions, so if you must feel anger, and anger can be a very empowering force, work to transform it into something positive. Use it as a propeller to disperse light. There are so many ways we can use our minds and emotions in positive and useful ways. Be creative and be aware of what you are doing. If you feel anger, use it consciously. Consciousness of what we are doing and the motives behind our actions is the most important thing to understand and makes all the difference. Trod the path slowly and deliberately with a goal in every actions. That level of anger and emotion is off limits to those who steal our energy. They will face starvation and be wiped away like the dinosaurs. But be aware that most of the world's population faces this fate also. Be constantly aware of the splitting worlds and keep yourself on the right side. We must make ourselves and our reality invulnerable to everything they attempt to do to us, and that is no small task.

Learn how to not participate in the system. Boycott. That works very well!. Refuse to vote of participate in anything having to do with the political systems. Where we are going, there will be no government or need for it. Or military, money, medical industries, educational institutions, and corporations. When we are able to manifest everything we want and need, what use will any of these be? We will have resources and support. that will be enough. It is so important that we understand that this new paradigm is just that—unlike anything we have ever experienced, and a freedom beyond our wildest dreams. We cannot even fathom it yet, while we are stuck in this cramped and narrow dimension. The more we let go of this system, the greater will be our vision of the next. And it will be uncomfortable, and we have to learn to do without, and for most people, they rather live in the illusion that things will be just fine, up to the minute where their entire life collapses, rather than hold a vision of something infinitely better, something like trying to imagine a physical object in five dimensions. Our minds cannot wrap around it, so we must move toward it with deliberation. As we break away from the old chains, that new world emerges more clearly. The more you can discern the man behind the curtain, the farther away you will move from the matrix. It is silliness to think that getting a new president or political party into power will make even the slightest difference.

Anyone that still believes our government, military, most scientists and people in the medical profession, bankers, insurers and all of corporate America has our best interest in mind must have been born in a cabbage patch, and yet most people still do. So do I think Trump should be impeached? Not only impeached but imprisoned. Not because it will change anything in the government, but it will shine a light on all the criminal activity that goes on before our very eyes, and always has. If you or I committed the crimes all of these politicians have committed, we'd be in prison for life, yet with most of them, it is a mere slap on the wrist and some embarrassment. And more lies. That is changing. Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. See the man behind the curtain? He has no power, just smoke and mirrors. There is no accountability any more. These people in power are under the delusion that they can kill us, steal from us, poison our skies and own the planet for their benefit, and because the masses are SO ignorant and SO gullible, they have succeeded for a very long time. THAT is changing, too. For so many years, we have taken two steps forward and one step back, but the steps forward are increasing immensely. PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT IS HAPPENING AT ALL LEVELS!

It is my opinion that all scenarios will be played out, but it is the choice of each individual as to which one we choose to participate in. Yes the earth will fry, there will be terrible wars and all life will be wiped out, all the life that is still in the old paradigm. Our quest must be to step to the other side of the chasm. I cannot stress that enough. Find the light and embrace it. It is HERE NOW. Observe the lies closely so that we can see how ludicrous they are. The more absurd things become, the easier it is to see that it is all a dream, a horrible nightmare. Stare at the absurdities until they melt away, leaving us with the world that lies beyond reach of the Reptilian controllers. If we do not do that now, we may lose our chance forever.

Part Three

In this last section, I have organinzed the links I've saved for this article. Each one connects more and more dots and helps to clarify the movement of energy and what is occuring in the non-physical realms. Please check them out and at least read parts of them. Keep them handy to read little by little when you have a moment. Though the articles in themselve may be focused on all the horrible things going on, remember, as it is all made public, its power weakens, and with that, a new force is filling the void, and that is the new light, seeping its way into the crumbling structure. I am noticing that even Dane and many of his community are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel, and Dane tends to be extremely doom-oriented. Not that he is wrong in that. If the agenda of the evil is allowed to continue, then there is absolute certainty that we face total extinction. We must all focus on the signs that another force is overpowering that agenda.

I want to add that in my own personal life, even though the physical reality still seems dark and evil, most of my experience takes place in the non-physical world, and there, I am increasingly sensing that my extremely long and arduous journey is coming to an end, preparing me to embark on another, filled instead with enjoyable and joyful adventures. We're all ready for that, huh? My mind keeps returning to an article I wrote in 2014, Short and Sweet—And Very Urgent, so named because this information basically came to me right in my face and there was no other option and no need to doubt. After all these years, I look back and it appears I was quite right. Many speak of the bifurcation, and even unlikely people are noticing that we are splitting into two worlds, as I have mentioned before. Remember, our physical world is a mirror of what is happening in the energetic world, our true reality, but it takes a while for it to become manifest because our physical world is so dense and slow. That is changing, however, and as we emerge into the new paradigm, our physical experience will also speed up. Again, take heed about what you manifest and worry only about creating for yourself. If you MUST take action against a foe, send them light. (Remember the witch and a bucket of water.) That way, when what you have sent returns to you, it will be benevolent and beneficial.

These first links focus on LIES. One of the best is the article by Lisa Renee,
Banishing the Lies
It is my opinion that in the first paragraph, the person she is referring to is George Bush. I could be mistaken, but he sure fits the bill, and that goes for the whole Bush family. Just wait until the facts about 9/11 go public.

You know, I remember, about 30-40 years ago, whenever a particularly foul person died, there seemed to be a clearing of the energy, a new light shining through, either a public figure or a personal one. It has been decades since that liberating energy has blasted onto the planet, for two reasons, the first being that the majority of people embody apathy, ignorance, and service to self, all embodiments of evil, though to all appearances, they are "good people." The other reason is that there are just TOO FUCKING MANY PEOPLE on the planet. Can one hear a whisper in a crowd? People like to say that the NWO agenda is population control, but I disagree. I think it is to their advantage to fill the planet up with as many energy slaves as possible, people they can control to do their bidding. I truly believe that we are inundated with shape-shifting Reptilians, living here in the form of humans AND animals. As the light shines upon them, they will melt away, like the Wicked Witch of the West and a bucket of water. What a spectacle we shall see!

Here are more articles on lies and bringing the truth to light.
9/11: The Evidence
Banishing Truth
I found that book on Amazon and have the page saved. Perhaps things will happen quick enough that I won't need to read it.
Charged With 'Shocking Pattern of Illegality,' Trump Foundation Agrees to Dissolve
The Pentagon Failed Its Audit Amid a $21 Trillion Scandal (Yes, Trillion)
I have actually known about that for a while. I published another article about it probably back in 2017 or earlier. But now, it is OFFICIAL. Hmmm . . . Wonder where all that money went. Could it be floating in the sky above us. Somebody is paying for all that poisonous shit they are spraying on us. Yep, it's probably us, the taxpayers.
Terrorism is “Made in the USA”. The “Global War on Terrorism” is a Fabrication, A Big Lie
Sigh . . . I hope none of my readers actually believe the people in the Middle East are out to get us, and are the source of terror. Remember, it is the U.S. that funds ISIS. Please refer to the link above on 9/11. And here is an older article, a book review, concerning 9/11.
The Fakest Fake News: The U.S. Government’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Here are more links concerning mostly the environment, and exposing those who are destroying it. Dane has had quite a bit to say about Ryan Zinke, and none of it is good.
Facing 17 Ethics Investigations and a Subpoena From House Dems, Ryan Zinke Set to Resign by End of the Year
PG&E: State will consider breaking up or taking over utility giant, citing poor safety record
And they should have to reimburse all the people whose homes were destroyed in the Camp Fire in Northern California.
Significant First Blow to Plastic Pollution Monster' as EU Reaches Landmark Deal on Single-Use Products
I have stressed over and over that we do not need to create waste on this planet. BE AWARE of packaging when you purchase. I have a mile high collection of Greek yogurt containers that will go into the greenhouse in the spring for starting seeds. When they get brittle and crumble, THEN I will recycle them. Dover used to pack their books with wide sheets of brown paper, perfect for putting under the row of litter pans, but they now use another packing material that I can only burn. However, I just bought a printer/scanner from, and it arrived in a box with probably 60 feet of the brown sheets, keeping me in supply of litter liners for half of next year!! Recycle, reuse, and REFUSE to buy wasteful packaging. And PLEEEEEASE, never use plastic straws. If you MUST eat at restaurants (which I NEVER do), always reject plastic straws, and eat at "green" and vegetarian/vegan restaurants only, not only for the good of the environment, but because restaurant food, especially chains, will always be supplied from agribusiness, as in GMO. If you eat at locally owned restaurants, inquire about their food source, and stress the need to buy local organic produce.
Quoting Dr. Seuss, Court Throws Out Pipeline Permit and Implores Forest Service to 'Speak for the Trees' Instead of Corporate Polluters
That's great news!!!
An Economy Built Around a Stock Market Is Certain to End Up Looking Like the Mess We Call America
Remember, our goal is to not have a monetary system as all. Like Jesus, WE CAN manifest our world through our minds. Whether it is walking on water, raising up from the dead (because death isn't real), or pulling food out of an empty basket, WE CAN DO IT, so why need money? Let go of the old paradigm to embrace the new.
The GMO Issue Reaches Boiling Point in India. The Devastating Impacts of Genetically Modified (GM) Crops
Yay to India. There are signs the whole world is waking up to Monsanto's evil. My favorite grocery store, ALDI, (from Germany) has more and more non-GMO certified products on their shelves every day, and for no higher cost than other items. The brown sugar I buy there (I hardly use white sugar) is 99 cents, often on sale for 79 cents, a two-pound bag, is now labelled non-GMO. This is an incredibly good sign!! Here in the U.S. Trump is making a shambles out of the environment, but he, too, shall pass, along with the entire governing system at ALL levels. Yep, we're draining the swamp.
'A Disaster': Critics Pounce on Trump USDA's New GMO Labeling Rule
And Bolsonaro is just as bad, or even worse.
Brazil's New President Could Threaten Human Life on Earth
And here's proof it's all about to go belly-up . . .
Reign of Idiots
Here's another. Great picture of Trump, by the way. Notice how small his dick is.
The Rule of the Uber-Rich Means Tyranny or Revolution

And here are a few more choice articles about Trump. Gosh, I'm looking at my "Next" page where I save all my articles, and I've about wiped them all out. End of the year clean-up, and I hope I don't have to write about any of this stuff any more!
The Cult of Trump
I want to point out that in Bringers of the Dawn, the Pleiadians pointed out that some would flock around false gods that they believed could save the world. Yuk. But seriously, HOW MANY PEOPLE BOUGHT INTO HIS LIES?? And actually VOTED for the lying piece of shit? I doubt if Chris Hedges did, though and he has more to say about our great leader . . . Incidentally, I am not a huge fan of Melville, but I am a regular reader of his books, most of which I have liked. The one mentioned is supposed to be his most difficult, and I didn't think anything could be more difficult to read than Moby Dick. This article has inspired me!
Trump, the Quintessential American
Truly, though, I am very pleased that a new species has been named after Trump. This one is worth checking out. For a laugh.
Blind, Burrowing, Thin-Skinned: Meet the Dermophis Donaldtrumpi

Here are some reasons why I hate people.
The birds were moving slowly and passing out. Now they're recovering from a prescription pill overdose
Add that to all the trash in the ocean and everywhere else that is killing every living creature on the planet, and I am even more inspired to move on. To someplace where the color of one's skin or their gender, sexual preference or ethnic background is not even noticed. For goodness sake, the Civil War has long passed. WHY are we still dealing with racial shit. Well, Trump has certainly re-energized it, that's for sure.
Living while black
Hell, if you are a black person standing in your yard talking on your cell phone, you will get shot by a policeman because he thought your cell phone was a gun. WHAT A DISGRACE.

Before things totally shift, they WILL get very bad. I think we are really teetering on the edge, so it is still best to prepare. DO NOT rely on electronic record-keeping. I have everything concerning my website on file cards, a card for each page, plus several copies on flash drives, which of course require a device to read but are separate from a computer. Think things out and plan for what YOU will need. We all have different needs. For instance, except for my computer and water heater, which I only run twice a day, I could do without electricity. My last bill was negative $97, in other words they had way over charged me for an estimated usage, $113. So, I am BARELY using any electricity at all. EVERYONE has ways to cut out what is not essential. Learn to survive on almost nothing for the period of transition.
FCC Investigates Widespread CenturyLink Outage That Disrupted 911 Service
And avoid flying. I have never flown, nor have I any intentions of. These drones are a bit scary, but may ultimately create a catastrophic situation in which all air traffic will be grounded. I have been wishing for that for years. THAT would immediately make the geoengineering issue so blatantly obvious, when, suddenly, everyone's skies turn bright and sunny and the temperatures shoot up to 80 degrees. In Ohio. In the winter. Dane has mentioned that he thinks there will be a need for grounding air traffic at some point. If it were to be permanent, it would certainly put an end to the possibility of war. Let us pray.
Gatwick airport drones: 2 arrested for suspected "criminal use of drones"
Two arrested in Gatwick Airport drone scare that delayed flights
There has been quite a bit of scary stuff going on concerning planes and safety. It is only a matter of time.

And of course, I could not end an article without something concerning geoengineering and climate issues. It is also only a matter of time before the public finally becomes aware that all this weather misery has been created purposely. Several weeks ago, Dane made a comment in the introductory paragraph to his weekly broadcast. It read: "The National Weather Service last week admitted they had no idea of what they were seeing on their radar screen, is this really the truth? Or are there some in the National Weather Service that are trying to covertly sound the alarm?" Since then, I have noticed subtle hints showing up on the Weather Channel website, which is mostly lies and propaganda, but, you know, at some point, normal regular people are going to realize that they are keeping their mouths shut about something that will kill them too, and soon, if it is not stopped. Or perhaps they or their loved ones are suffering from geoengineering-related diseases. Like pilots are getting sick. Well, if you spend your life in the air exposed to that shit, I mean, go figure. And even better, former military personnel are speaking out. I just bookmarked a page on Amazon for a book I want to read and share. When THESE people and weather people step forward and speak out, all at once, hopefully, then it's game over, like the #MeToo movement. Here are some Weather Channel articles. They don't come out and speak the truth, but provide food for thought for anyone who can connect the dots, especially since Dane's site is being plastered all over the world now. Really, anyone who takes the time to think about all this and pay attention cannot help but realize there is someting drastically wrong with this picture. This first link is downright scary.
15 Weather Images That Amazed Us in 2018
Rings in Florida Panhandle, Gulf Coast Sky Actually Air Force Contrails
Yeah, right. And to all of us in the Eastern U.S., we have had a miserable year. May it all VERY soon come to an end.
2018 Is Wettest Year on Record in Washington D.C., Baltimore, Over a Dozen Other Cities in East and Midwest
And let me remind you of one of the reasons this is all happening. Because disgustingly rich people are getting disgustingly richer. Remember, Raytheon, the subcontractor for the U.S. military, who produces missiles, ballistics and other warfare products, is also the company that creates the weather maps for the National Weather Service and also creates the forecasts which meteorologists must follow. Have you noticed how much more inaccurate they have become? Connect the dots!
Senator purchased stock in defense contractor after pushing for more military spending

And so, my last article ends. I realize that going from 2018 to 2019 is no different than going from one day to the next, following a fake calendar and Reptilian time system which doesn't really exist. But, psychologically, many people use this time to re-think their goals and reality, and certainly much happened this year to give one pause. It is my sincere desire that I shall never have to write another article as I have been writing. I want to fill up these pages with wonderful adventures into the New Paradigm, and brave new ideas on how to not only be creative, but CREATORS. I want to display images of lush flowers and healthy thriving crops. Happy animals at peace with the world and a place where no living being ever suffers or is struck by evil forces.

I thank all of my handful of very faithful readers. I don't know who you are but I am so grateful to see my regular IPs showing up on my stats. I hope we all and all of the people who have worked so hard to expose what is terrible and transform it to wonderful—all the faithfull activists on Dane's site who truly love the Earth and her plants and animals, and the many people all over the world who want nothing more than peace and harmony—may we all soon meet in a place where we are safe and content.

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