Is COVID-19 a Brain Disease?

In answer to the above question, I would have to say, "Yes," based on the information I have gathered just in the past couple days. Or at least it exacerbates those with an already severely compromised mental/psychological faculty. So, let us begin with Trump. But first let me say that this is a strictly spur-of-the-moment article. I did not plan to write an article today, and the next article planned was a continuation of my past two, Remembering: Messages Amidst the Ruins and In Transition, so if you have not yet read them, please do. My next post was to be a book review on probably one of the most depressing books I have ever read, a story about the apocalypse that takes place in the 21st century due to a plague, and I am not struggling through it, because it is a good book, but it is very long, and would not be so depressing except for the fact that I see too many familiar scenarios portrayed, though it was written in 1826. So, this article will be short and sweet, and mostly commentary on recent news articles.

Apparently Trump's mouth and brain have broken off to become a separate entity, disconnected from the rest of his body and certainly the rest of the world and maybe even the entire universe. Generally I just let his idiocy slide by, or attempt to, but this morning's headlines made me gasp. Good Lord Almighty!!! Is there anyone out there who actually takes this man seriously?
Trump, ever the salesman, is peddling dangerous cures for coronavirus
Lysol maker: Please don't drink our cleaning products
Should anyone have to be told to not drink Lysol? Could someone please assure me that I am still asleep and having the most unimaginably bizarre nightmare.
Trump speculates about injecting disinfectants to treat COVID-19
Sun Rays, Disinfectants And False Hopes: Misinformation Litters The Road To Reopening

I read somewhere this morning that 80 percent of the people agree with social distancing. I am certainly one of them, although social distancing is the way I conduct my life every day, so really, not much has changed here for me. But I am seeing people who should know better ranting and raving about it, that we are being lied to and the virus deaths are faked and all this other shit, such as the government not wearing masks. Here is an article just published and indeed, they are all wearing masks. Could it be a pose for the cameras? Of course it could. Or not.
Congress Passes Latest Economic Relief Package to Confront Coronavirus
We are being lied to left and right about everything and our entire physical world is now nothing but a phantom, formed by our deepest memories and projected into space so that it all appears "real." Remember my last two articles. And I also want to point out that the present hatred and mistrust of the mainstream media is turning many to trust the alternative media, which in most cases is JUST AS BAD. I cannot stand to even get on Dane's site these days because his community has flipped out. Please take heed, and do the spiritual work on past-life memories that I have been suggesting. You do not need to "know how" to do a past-life regression. Just sit back, relax your mind, and pick things that seem bizarre to you, which should be just about everything now. Observe and question. Ask your soul or higher self, future self or past self or any inner guide that you trust, but be careful on that one, to help you see where all this insanity originated. I am having some pretty amazing visions that surprise me, and when I get pictures I am not expecting, I somehow trust their credibility even more. Where did they come from? Well, somewhere within me that is working its way to the Light.

Anyways, I am getting really exasperated with people who claim that we must be around others in community in order to survive as humans, and so "social distancing" is a plot to dehumanize us. OK, so that is TOTAL BULLSHIT. The gift within this whole mess is that it SHOULD be leading us away from the need to be around noise and chatter and connection to others. As Lisa Renee always says, we are sovereign beings. We are whole within ourselves and a complete and spiritually balanced person should NEVER feel the need to be around others in order to be human. Solitude builds inner strength. The basis of most of this is the money issue, and as I have been saying, we can kiss money goodbye, because even if it APPEARS the stock market is holding its own, and especially all those people that are pointing out that there is a "plot" here to bring the world to its knees so the ELITE can take over everything on the planet, I say, "perhaps so, but this too shall pass." Trump is desperate to get the economy moving again, so apparently he is not in on the plot to bankrupt the world, although Mitch McConnell is, and he rates right up there with Bill Gates and Elon Musk and Jamie Dimon as one of the most despicable human-like creatures on the planet that need to be sent off in a spaceship to a distant dimension to have their DNA dismantled so they can never materialize again.
McConnell thinks bankruptcy, not more federal money, might be best for state and local governments
And speaking of Musk, this virus crisis has not slowed down his quest to kill off the entire planet. "I'll Do It My Way" is apparently his song.
SpaceX launches another 60 Starlink satellites, pushing total above 400
And his way, of course is much more effective, killing WAY more life on the planet than the virus. Add to the the toxic brew being sprayed on us, and THAT is what can, will, and IS bringing us to extinction. Every time we get a dose of that geoengineered cool-down brew, we all get sick here. My cats get upset stomachs, my dog coughs, and my nose runs and my skin breaks out in a rash. The painfully sobering fact here is that the VIRUS has taken our minds off the REAL problems, such as climate engineering, 5G, and the rest of the covert lethal weapons being used on us. How can people NOT NOTICE that, with all these planes grounded, the "trails" in the sky have INCREASED? At least here in the US they have. Brain disease. Total annihilation of our ability to think and reason. I figure all those billions from the "relief" packages that are going to the airlines are probably funding the poisons they're spraying on us.
United says demand for travel is 'essentially zero' and signals layoffs
And I want to point out that, while I totally agree with Arthur Firstenberg's alarm on the 5G issue, and he is CORRECT about its dangers, he is also one of the people who should know better, and I am finding his newsletters annoying. No we should NOT join hands (at least physically) and yes we SHOULD wash them twenty times a day. I am a chronic hand-washer—always have been, and if I wasn't being doused with poison every day, I would never have a health problem (and I really for the most part do not). Anyways, let us continue with the insanity.

Restaurant owner and Trump appointee says social distancing not practical for restaurants
And check this out . . .
Phunware, a data firm for Trump campaign, got millions in coronavirus small business help
And what about this?
What It Might Look Like To Safely Reopen Schools
And this. OMG, just look at the fat cow wearing the USA shirt. Money, money, money, that is ALL they care about.
The dangerous morality behind the 'Open it Up' movement
Well the Georgia governor is gonna do it anyways, even though the death toll in that state keeps rising, along with the floods and tornadoes, I might add.
Georgia reopens hair salons, gyms and bowling alleys despite rise in coronavirus deaths statewide
And yet even more Trump stupidity. FUCKING LYING IDIOT
Trump claim that coronavirus "may not come back at all" at odds with advisers
I won't even go there . . .
Trump's name will be added to stimulus checks
And how about this?
Small Business Rescue Earned Banks $10 Billion In Fees
Company With Ties To Trump Receives Millions From Small Business Loan Program
Sun? I don't remember what that is. 75 days of precipitation this year here in Northeast Ohio, nearly two-thirds of 2020 so far.
Coronavirus FAQs: Can Sunlight Kill The Virus? How Risky Is An Elevator Ride?
Hey, check this one out.
Europe's Economy Was Hit Hard Too, But Jobs Didn't Disappear Like In The U.S.
And what about THIS? Are YOU having COVID-19 dreams?????
The meaning behind your strange coronavirus dreams
So what is REALLY their motive? Or do they really know? Or is it programmed? Really, who is benefitting?? Anyone??
Free Fall: Oil Prices Go Negative

But THIS is what we should be focusing upon. OMG!! It will NOT stop until everything on this planet is destroyed, like a cancer or parasite that kills its host. I am putting a great deal of energetic/spiritual work into this issue to find the root of it. In one of Chautauqua's blogs that I posted recently, he had commented that they are terraforming the planet to make it inhabitable for them. NOW? Or WAY in the past, and we are remembering the horror. That certainly makes more sense to me. If they are not human or organic, chemicals, metals, and toxic electromagnetic frequencies would be the idea living conditions. For a 'bot, or 'droid. Or transhuman. We need to all work on this from all angles, because I promise you, the hell with COVID-19, THIS is the killer. And in addition, PLEASE pay attention when there are warnings near your area, DO NOT go out driving or go to sleep!! And something else VERY strange. I am noticing that whatever is making these pasty white skies that engulf us here in the east nearly every day, has some extremely conductive qualities, which should scare the shit out of us all. Like trains for instance. The nearest train tracks to me are a good seven miles away, but when those "clouds" hang so low, I feel trains in my front yard they are SO loud. THAT is not normal.
Piles of ice crash into homes as it melts on Minnesota's lakes
Deadly tornadoes and storms sweep through deep South
Supercell Spawns Tornadoes While Tracking Nearly 300 Miles in 3 States on Wednesday
Widespread Damage, Injuries, Flooding Reported as Storms Batter South for Second Day
Heavy Rain Floods Charleston as Severe Storms Move Through South Carolina
Tornadoes Strike Texas and Oklahoma, Killing At Least 5
From the LIARS at The Weather Channel—NO WEATHER SYSTEM is harmless any more!!
It’s Harmless, But a Vivid Cloud Vortex Swirled Over the Gulf Of Mexico on Monday
And it is all coming to Ohio next.

And on that, I will end. I cannot stress enough that we must disconnect with this present reality, and work towards creating a new one. Let all of this horror be brought into the Light and dissolved, but do not become part of it. Behave prudently and practice living with the highest spiritual, moral and ethical integrity. Question absolutely everything and assume it is a message from the past that needs to be recognized, healed and released. Please take care, all of you my faithful readers. WE shall be the voice of the NEW WORLD.

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