Brain Atrophy

As you all know, I practice what I preach, and with very little effort, especially through refusing to acknowledge any "news" swirling around the web, including and especially "alternative news" and the National Weather Service (paid liars for the government), I have found that all my connections to the "regular" world and the "awakening" world have been rapidly disappearing from my mindset. I have disconnected from the collective mind, and the world out here looks mighty different. Believe me, this is not a comfortable place to be, because I don't know where I am, I believe nothing, and I have pretty much shut down my thought processes and thus, my process of creating my reality. It feels terrible, but it is where we need to go, and fast. Let me elaborate.

I have lately gotten a strong urge to go through my old books and give many of them away, plus the fact that I was determined to find my copy of The War of the Worlds, which I did and strongly recommend reading my review because Wells was very accurate in many of his prophesies, and maybe more than we even realize at this point. I generally do not get rid of my books, as I have quite a large library, but it was the "New Age" and "Self-Help" ones I was most interested in finding a new home for, because I no longer wanted their energy in my house. They are all in a box now, where my friends have been picking through, and from there will go to the local Goodwill store.

This whole "New Age" and "Awakening" thing has been going on roughly since the 60s, much of it an outcome of the protests of the "War" in Vietnam, (which was never actually declared a war), and the Beatles' visit to the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and the ensuing drug culture, particularly LSD. The people back then really did want to find themselves and know their souls and grow and break out. I lived through it. Believe me.

But looking back, we really have not met our goals, and in fact have veered off the course terribly.

When the early writers began teaching about using the mind to create our reality, and stressing spiritual awakening, I believe they also were sincere. Back then, I liked especially Deepak Chopra and Shakti Gawain. Chopra also studied with the Maharishi (which is how, I believe, he met George Harrison), and the Maharishi was teaching creation through our minds and through meditation.

But somehow, everything went awry. Chopra became a slave to money, and somehow prosperity became linked to spiritual development, and it still is. Most people even now are under the misconception that if we raise our vibration, it will somehow make us "godlike" and we will be able to manifest our reality, including "prosperity," whatever we perceive that to be, and we will somehow become super beings rather than human beings. We want to be like Jesus and do miracles. But maybe it wasn't his "spiritual" aspect that gave him his power.

What I have discovered in my breaking away from both sides of the fence is that little of any of it is true. Spiritual development gives us the power to discern what is ethical, and is there to guide us as to what we should create in order to bring harmony and peace to all the world, while still creating a reality that is our dream. I have said for a long time that it is the MIND that creates, not the spirit, but in my recent experience, a really quite horrible revelation has come upon me.

One of the books I discovered as I was picking through my collections was Brain Fitness, of which I recommend reading my review. This was the eye opener for me.

The text part of the book is quite short, with the greater part of the book taken up with the exercises: four weeks of exercises with three sessions per week, and several exercises per session. Now, I have always considered myself to be way above average in intelligence. And all of you, my readers, know what I do to keep my mind alert, such as reading and studying, code writing, etc.. So imagine my shock when I scored ZERO on one of these exercises. I am staring at the page thinking, "Seriously, LC, are you like FUCKING STUPID, or what?" OMG!

And these are not easy, either, in fact they are outrageously difficult. Poncin did her research mostly on aging and revitalizing aging or stressed-out brains, but honestly, I don't know very many people even young ones, that would be able to score high point on most of these exercises. For instance, unscamble these seven words in three mintues, without using pencil and paper. The shortest word has seven letters. Or, study this floor plan for a building for 15 seconds, then close the book and draw it, rotated 90 degrees. I have since done some research and this book has gotten very low ratings—two-and-a-half stars average. I don't feel quite as stupid now.

But I got to thinking maybe back in 1987, when the book was written, these exercises didn't seem quite as difficult. OK, so here's my revelations.

First, the exercises are all timed and do not require "thinking" at least as we know it today. They are "brain reaction" exercises—perceptions, memory, awareness of the whole picture, patterns and rapid organizational skills. This is the exact opposite of the way we are using our brains now. There is a vast difference between the brain and the mind. The mind is the software, and the brain is the hardware.

In our burgeoning age of technology, we have forgotten the way our brain is supposed to function. We don't have to make it think, we have to let it do what comes naturally to it. We have become so specialized that we have developed tunnel vision. We let computers do what the brain used to do, while we think everything to death. We analyze and verbalize, philosophize and scrutinize, every little detail of our little world, while the big picture, which is what the brain is expert in perceiving, has deteriorated. Our brains are in a state of atrophy.

And to make matters worse, it is the MIND that creates, and our minds have so distorted the world because our brains are disfunctional. Therefore, we see reality of conspiacy theories, evil and greedy govenments, toxic environments, and constant war. I'm not aying that isn't what the world is now, I'm saying we created it through the inability to integrate body (brain), mind, and spirit. The spirit gives us discernment, the mind creates it, and the brain is the hardware that takes care of the logistics. We are preventing our brains from doing the work they were intended to do.

If we install a software program on our computers and it is corrupt, we simply uninstall it and reinstall a functioning one. But if we do not have the hardware that will support it, there isn't much we can do. If our hard drive or motherboard goes to hell, in most cases, so does the computer. And so with our minds and brain. We can work and work to develop our mind, but if the brain isn't functioning properly, it will all be in vain, and that's exactly what is happening. Our world has become so disorted because our brains are in a state of deterioration. And add to that the fact that we have not developed our spiritual aspect enough to handle the level of technology in which we now find ourselves.

But that perhaps is not even the scariest part. I have to return to the chemtrail issue. We know for a fact that everyone's brains, blood, food, water, soil, air —everything is now poisoned with aluminum from this insanity. I have a friend that I graduated with 43 year ago that I see rather frequently. Her family was in the business of care of the elderly (as was my mother), and she now works with developmentally challenged people to help integrate them into a more independent lifestyle, such as helping to place them in jobs. She is well aware of the crime in the skies, and we discuss it whenever we see each other. She comments on the rise of Alzheimer's Disease, which we are seeing everywhere, in younger and younger people, and we know it is directly related to aluminum in the brain.

I know that one of the current "conspiracy theories" out there is that the wealthy and the military and government are purposely poisoning the planet to kill off the population, at which point they will go live underground until the earth is clean again. PLEASE, I hope no one reading this is asshole enough to believe such blatant bullshit. OMG. First of all, if that were the case, those people would all be wearing gas masks, and I don't recall ever seeing any of the people we like to call the "1%" wearing a gas mask. The fact is, the people who are spraying the chemtrails day in and day out, non-stop any more, are the ones who would be most contaminated. Think about it. Now THAT is insanity. We have become a nation of Mad Hatters, poisoned by our own activities. The soldiers in Vietnam who were ordered to spray Agent Orange (a products of our friends from Monsanto . . .) also suffered from it. I know at least one local person who died from it. It stands to reason that those who are doing the polluting are closest to it. NO ONE is escaping it. So why are we doing it. Because we have lost the functions of our brains to see the bigger picture and are focused only on our tunnel vision agendas. And I find that terrifying.

We have lost the ability to solve any of the planet's problems, at this point. Our brains, when functioning correctly, would be able to sift through tons of data, even more so than the world's most enormous computer, so I have heard, and would be able to come up with solutions for all global issues. When working in harmony with our spiritual aspect, and a healthy mind, the solutions would go way beyond our physical reality. THAT'S THE WAY IT WAS MEANT TO BE! But instead, with us operating in a state of brain deterioration, and thus a distorted mind, we come up with solutions such as "cover the skies with thick poison and we will cool down;" (there would not be global warming if we hadn't fucked with Mother Nature in the first place). "Create wars to kill off people to deal with over-population," because people are too stupid to control their own reproductive organs. And so on. From what I am seeing now, nearly every "solution" to global issues only makes more (and even worse) issues.

Individuals have their own "solutions" too: have lots of babies and you will feel loved and everything will be fine; pretend that none of this is happening and you will be fine; spend your life with your nose stuck in a cellphone; drink and do drugs, and take Prozac when you feel uncomfortable; sit in front of the TV with a six-pack and everything is cool. Yep, makes sense, huh? This is advanced civilization.

As I have been saying for quite a while, we need to shut down the thought process. Practice the Power of Silence. Stop the process of creation until we get control of what we are creating. WE NEED TO STOP WHAT WE ARE DOING NOW. I have done that and the world looks mighty different.

I am working with my brain exercises every day. And I go back and do the ones I wasn't able to get the first time. One of the things that makes these exercises so difficult is that they are timed. I try to do them within the time frame, but if after several attempts, I just cannot, then I allow myself more time. One was a math problem (and I always hated math, though I did well in it). It was a multiplication problem with digits missing, and you had to find the missing digits. It took me maybe ten minutes, but I did figure out that the numbers were 256 x 443, and I was pretty proud of myself. As I continue to do each exercise, I'm finding there is something else taking over on its own, and that is my brain doing what it is supposed to do. The noises going on in my head have greatly diminished and there is a peace and quiet overtaking me. I think, just as any software program that is malfunctioning and begins turning out weird stuff, so our brains, in our state of malfunction, are creating a serious distortion in our minds, which results in a distorted belief system and ultimately what we create as our reality. Our bodies, minds, and spirits all need to be functioning in a healthy and harmonized way in order for us to create the reality in which we should be dwelling.

And one last point. I have always heard that we as humans, including even Einstein, are only using a very tiny percentage of our brain power. I Googled that, and every page I came up with said that was false. The reason being that if we, for instance, have a stroke or injure the brain in some way, other parts will compensate to bring us back to normal function, or near normal. That has to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. If someone goes blind, they often develop and "inner sense of seeing," but that doesn't mean their eyes are fucntioning correctly. I hold to the old belief. I don't think we have even begun to tap the power of the brain, and that is the direction I am going now. Quiet the mind, develop the brain is my goal. I've just bought a new book of brain teasers from Dover. A healthy brain equals a strong and powerful mind. Body-Mind-Spirit—they all must work together.

We are only experiencing a very tiny piece of reality, and it has been limited by our untapped brain power. I really do not think we have a clue as to what "reality" is. We are living as one piece of a jigsaw puzzle, not realizing there are infinite other pieces that make up the vast picture. Raising our vibrations are NOT bringing us closer to seeing the ALL. Many of us have put TOO much emphasis on the spiritual aspect of our lives, while ignoring our brains. The majority of the population has not put emphasis on either. At this time in our history, we should be breeding beings superior in all aspects; instead we have become a race of idiots, headed for imminent self-destruction. I know that is not the direction I am going, as long as I have breath. Maybe the true "Awakening" we have been seeking for so long is not for our spirits, but for our brain-power.

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