Purposefully Blinded

If you are one of those people preparing to "celebrate" Thanksgiving, please keep in mind that it commemorates a bunch of greedy and aggressive White Men invading a land that wasn't theirs, then stealing it from its rightful owners, and slaughtering the bulk of them. But, hell, they were just "savages"— barely human. Unless they could get them to turn into "Christians"—at least that put them a step above "savages." Also keep in mind that these "savages" lived in peace, harmony, and respect for our precious Earth, our Mother, and that they borrowed from her what they needed, then returned it with interest paid.

This country would have been much better off if left to the Indigenous People. Probably most of the world, too. But the arrogant White Men, so full of themselves, then and now, did it all in the name of "progress" and "civilization." Yeah, right. And now look where we are. Paul Levy based much of his book, Dispelling Wetiko on Jack Forbes' Columbus and Other Cannibals: The Wetiko Disease of Exploitation, Imperialism, and Terrorism. I haven't read it yet but it's on my list. If there is time. There may not be, with the latest events that have occurred. In any case, the myth of "progress and civilization" is a delusion. History is merely propaganda disseminated by the writer to brainwash readers into believing that their perception of reality is true. The world is being destroyed by stupid white men.

Here, by the way, is a growing list of disgusting (mostly) white men. Since Weinstein, here’s a growing list of men accused of sexual misconduct. Ah, if women had only "come out" sooner. But maybe, in these end times, we will all see the folly of our blindness. And if any of us escape, we can begin a brand new "civilization" that is actually "civilized."

Incidentally, in case you don't know the "joke" George H.W. Bush told his young victims before he grabbed their buttocks, he asks them if they know who his favorite magician is. It is "Cop-a-feel." Disgusting grody old man. One can only hope it is just senility. You know, the ONLY thing I remember about his presidency is that he barfed on the Japanese Prime Minister at some diplomatic dinner in Japan.

Anyways, back to the business at hand. I am overwhelmed with material to share with you, and there is urgency here, so please check back often on both my Home Page and Articles Index, and please be sure you have read my last article, Ranting and Raving. The navigation bar is at the top of EVERY PAGE on this site, so you can't get lost. And please take action where action is desperately needed. The main reason I continue to visit Geoengineering Watch is to read the community posts. There are many VERY intelligent and well-informed readers there, and I get a great deal of my links from what they have shared. One really floored me this morning. It is by a reader called "Dog", and posted on November 21, 2107. Here it is in full:

Congratulations, Eva! This is very well written, concise and full of useful information. I'm surprised that you say that writing is not your forte (or that you don't write more often!).
In this context, I think this is a good space to post some email responses that I have received from one of the witnesses who testified at the November 8th, 2017, hearing of the US House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, when I emailed him afterwards and asked him to explain their assertions that geoengineering programs are potential (i.e., not currently deployed) methods of mitigating climate change.
Here are some of the responses I received (bold texts are mine, to add emphases):
There is zero association between stuff (Geoengineeringwatch.org) writes and what people like I do research on.  So you can fantasize however much you want that contrails are something more than ice clouds, I don't really care, but it would only take you about 10 seconds of research to realize that the stuff that people like me work on has nothing whatsoever to do with that.  The stuff I do research on has ZERO patents, and ZERO existing programs, and has nothing to do with any existing aircraft.  If you could be bothered to know anything about what I do, you could learn that.
…What I can easily say with 100% confidence is that there is not now, never has been, any program to deliberately put large quantities of aerosols into the stratosphere to reflect sunlight and cool the Earth.  That’s what the word "geoengineering" refers to in the testimony, in academia, and basically outside of what used to be called "chemtrails".

…Contrails are an unrelated subject.  Every atmospheric scientist on the planet sees no mystery whatsoever to them.  They've been around as long as airplanes fly high enough to create them (plenty of photographic evidence for that), the increase is related to the increase in air traffic, the conditions under which they form is reasonably well understood.  Grid patterns are a result of flight patterns, particularly over cities (airplanes actually don't fly point to point, they fly past way-points, so if you live somewhere near a big airport, you might see both north-south and east-west air traffic going overhead—hence the grid).  Intermittency is because the atmosphere isn't homogenous (ultimately same reason that clouds aren't just a uniform smear throughout the entire sky). Personally, I don't notice any difference in the sky (and I'm an aerospace engineer, so I've been looking at the sky any time there’s an airplane since the early 1980s), and I don't think photographs suggest there's anything different either, beyond increased air travel.  There's lots of webpages devoted to debunking the chemtrails idea, and explaining what the various nozzles and things are.  But granted, it isn't really my field.  (And one thing that is almost entertainingly false is his statement about high bypass ratio engines not producing contrails; putting that sort of stuff on a website doesn't engender confidence in any of it since it quite clearly demonstrates that he doesn't know how contrails form.) 
Our dialogue was cordial, and I'd certainly like to take the word of the research scientist, but, in any case, a statement such as, "Personally, I don't notice any difference in the sky (and I'm an aerospace engineer, so I've been looking at the sky any time there's an airplane since the early 1980s), and I don't think photographs suggest there's anything different either, beyond increased air travel." is beyond ludicrous. We all know that.

We all know there are "paid liars" out there who are following orders to keep their jobs, or perhaps to keep from being arrested, or worse, by promoting a script they have been given. What is even worse is that lying has become an art to the point now where those that do it are not even aware they are committing evil. But there is another category, and I believe this guy falls into it, that are now under complete mind control so that they do not even have a grasp of reality. (Or he could be just an arrogant bastard.) In fact, our grasp of reality is fading, due to the invasion of technology that is now exerting complete control over any who are not looking over their shoulder at what is creeping upon them. Consciousness is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL at this stage of the game.

And the more pressing question is, what really is "reality. In Paul Levy's book, Dispelling Wetiko, he constantly uses the term "nonlocal," in other words, he wants us to be aware of what is happening at all levels, not just this extremely limited physical reality. We are multi-dimensional beings, and we exist in infinite forms. One of the positive points I utilized from this book was intense exploration of "the whole me."

As I spoke of in earlier articles this year, I just had to get away. I found a nice place out in space to take me far away from Planet Earth, and was able to put things in better perspective. I have once again been traveling, and I now do it in several steps. First, I go our beyond our solar system, and view the tiny earth as it circles the sun. Then I shoot out, way beyond the milky way, so I can look back and see it very far in the distance. From there, I enter a black hole and arrive at a little pristine earth-like planet, where I am not disturbed by the technological warfare being waged in our dimension. And I do think there is an "invisible war" going on throughout our Universe, and we are perceiving it through the present earth atrocities.

Anyways, there I have been summoning, invoking the entirety of "me." Levy makes a point, speaking about how much information is out there if we just become conscious, and yes, he wholeheartedly believes we do create our reality. But I also believe it is "clean-up time," and we must all become aware of those last bits of deadly karma which are making all this possible.

When Levy went on and on about shadows and guilt and projections, ad nauseum throughout the whole book, I kept thinking, what could I have possibly have done that would leave me vulnerable to what is now going on, on the planet? I can't imagine why I would feel guilty. And with that, I saw the trail leading back to where it has, numerous times on past Shamanic journeys—to the Reptilian Invasion. WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED. And that information is being blocked. And so we are replaying the horror, over and over and over. That's how they got us snagged. Shortly after I began this, I had a dream. Most dreams are really "them" programming our minds, and I delete those when I awaken, but very occasionally, I have a dream that originates from within me, or one of the "me"s. There is one dream that is always a house that I love very much, and I watch everything being destroyed, kinda like the narrator in du Maurier's Rebecca returning to Manderly. And while I think it would be important to know what happened back then, it finally struck me that we who were the original "victims" have been replaying this story for millions of years, to the point of our total destruction. So, the first matter at hand for all of us is to get into a meditative state, and allow ourselves to let go of the horror that happened back then. Could we have stopped the invasion? I believe so, and that's perhaps where the guilt comes in that will not allow us to let go of this story. Are we ultimately responsible for this horror because we did not stop it when we could? Self-forgiveness is compulsory. So, if we could have stopped the invasion, why didn't we. Again, Levy offers information which may supply an answer. Because we did not know evil. And so, in order to not be a victim of evil, we must recognize it within ourselves first.

We may be at the end of life here on earth, but if we are able to clear the past, return to our "default" settings so to speak, we may find ourselves back in our original Paradise. But we cannot have a complete "re-set," because we must remember what evil is, so we can know to not allow it to invade us again. And that may be what this is all about—the final cleanup of all our collected karma. That's why I am invoking all parts of my multidimensional self. I want to make sure that all parts of the slate have been wiped clean. And it also opens us up to the bigger picture of our total experience.

But for now, we are stuck in a physical reality, and in order to fully access the reality, or the fullness of ourselves, we must unblock what is blocking us. And there we return to chemtrails and the electromagnetic frequencies that are controlling us. I believe, and have believed for a long time that there would be a release of the past. Nothing continues forever, especially such suffering as we have endured. But "they" knew that, too, which is why this explosion of blocking technology is being forced upon us. Depending upon our consciousness levels, it affects us in different ways. The man who answered "Dog's" letter obviously is not very conscious, as he cannot see the truth staring at him in the face. Or else he's just another fucking liar.

Or maybe, his truth is different than ours. Along with meeting up on my safe little planet with all my "selves," where we are collectively working to clear our karma throughout all the timelines (which aren't really lines because time doesn't exist and nothing is linear), there is one "me" that makes me shudder, and I have seen it more than once. It is a "me" who is hooked up to wires, strapped to a table, being fed what I think I am living now. And it is that "me" that needs to be freed. And so, if I unite with all my collective parts, there is a vast amount of strength suddenly available. You can fight someone off much better by using your hands and arms and knees and feet better than by using just your little finger. But, the whole thing still leads back to chemtrails and technology. When we can shut that down, the part of us that is hooked up to those wires on a table will be free, too. If Levy is right, and I believe he is on this one, our present reality is merely a projection of something else going on of which we are not aware.

Lisa Renee, in her current newsletter for November, Implanted Thoughts, has this to say:

Since the Majestic 12 and Zeta Grey Alien Trade Agreements were made about 85 years ago, earth inhabitants have been aggressively experimented upon with hidden technologies used to Implant Thoughts as one of the many prongs of social engineering programs.  During World War II, there was a major revolution in the militarization and approach to warfare as a result of the major world government's making contact with negative aliens, who introduced them to an array of advanced technologies in exchange for access to human genetics, breeding programs and earth resources. During this phase of setting up covert military programs to experiment with these alien based advanced technologies, it became common knowledge in the secret intelligence factions that human brain waves and behavior could be influenced or controlled through exposures to light and sound or electromagnetic frequencies. These exposures were covertly tested out on human beings for many purposes, through the development of various electromagnetic frequency Implants.
Certain electromagnetic exposures are invisible and can change the way the brain processes information while influencing specific conditions in the mind and body, many times without the person's awareness. The methods used to approach warfare against enemies changed rapidly, toward total control over humanities biological processes through combinations of exposures to a spectrum of electromagnetic fields. Through targeting the human brain and bio-neurology, the mind, body and soul can be manipulated to control thoughts and emotions, transmit suggestions, interfere with long and short term memory, insert images, run audio and sensory experiences, and take control over autonomic and voluntary functions of the body. The goal is to confuse or destroy the organic signals that normally keep the mind and body in a state of homeostatic balance and equilibrium, while shutting down the genetic switches that are responsible for DNA signaling in the human body.

It is interesting that all this accelerated around the time of WWII, which, of course, was also the time of development of nuclear weapons. Our military began spraying us (and urging farmers to do so), with extremely toxic pesticides, and so began our era of "chemical farming," which has toxified our food and drained the soil of its natural nutrients. At the same time is when the military also began developing weather as a weapon. I do NOT believe that "controlling the weather," or stopping global warming was EVER the goal at this point. I think it was all about war and weapons. But it has had a devastating and decimating effect on the climate and all life on earth, so NOW, these lying creeps like Dr. David Keith are trying to make it look as if we are considering geoengineering to "help" the climate, when it is really a desperate cover-up for the irreversible damage they have done.

Though the root of the problem is in the non-physical world, at the moment we are blocked from solving it from that point of being, as we are prisoners here in the physical world. And so, I say again, we must stop the atrocity in the skies. If all planes were grounded, for, even three or four weeks, everything on the planet would change. I am pretty sure I'm correct.

And so, what I have been doing, actually for quite some time, is a sort of mantra, which I say when I'm driving, walking the dogs, etc. and I am also asking the entirety of my multidimensional selves to join in. It's the "Hundredth Monkey" effect to which I am aiming. And so I ask you to join me, c'mon, everybody now, let's chant: "GROUND ALL AIR TRAFFIC, GROUND ALL AIR TRAFFIC, GROUND ALL AIR TRAFFIC." The thing is, if you are paying attention, you will see that lots of air traffic HAS been grounded, and there have been numerous crashes, particularly involving military aircraft. Here are a few I have collected recently. And it seems to me, with all that nasty shit up there, that sooner or later, nothing will be able to fly.

Air Force pilot killed, another hurt in crash on Texas-Mexico border
3 killed in medical helicopter crash in eastern Arkansas
Dashcam Captures Small Plane Crash in Florida
Airlander 10, world's largest aircraft, crashes in Bedfordshire
U.S. Navy aircraft crashes into ocean off Okinawa with 11 on board
Dozens of F-35 fighter jets grounded in US due to oxygen deprivation

Do you remember what happened after 9/11 and air traffic was grounded? Suddenly the temperature spiked, though many probably didn't notice, but those collecting data did. Of course, the climate situation then was NO WHERE NEAR what it is now. Here in Northeast Ohio, they keep dumping tons of shit on us, and we cool down for a day or so, but the temps creep right back up. We are to the point where the planet is just too fucking hot to cool. I guarantee, if air traffic was grounded for a month, even the stupidest among us would notice the suddenly clear skies and hot temps, even in Ohio in winter. OK, so that would wake up lots of people. But the other more important thing that would happen is that it would also give us a break from the onslaught of toxic and mind-controlling shit with which we are being deluged. People might actually NOTICE their minds are a bit clearer. Seriously, for those of us who are already working toward consciousness, it would be a huge open window of opportunity. C'mon, everybody, all together now, "GROUND ALL AIR TRAFFIC, GROUND ALL AIR TRAFFIC, GROUND ALL AIR TRAFFIC."

I just have a few more things I want to mention in this article. One is the reply I got from Dr. David Keith after I emailed him my article An Open Letter to Dr. David Keith.

Laughing Crow

Spreading nonsense based on internet conspiracy theory is why we have Trump in office. I don't think this serves our country or democracy well.


Ah, yes, David, I totally agree! You, the readers, will notice however, that he makes NO REFERENCE to my letter, but has replied with a general statement.

And the other point I must make goes back to the Navy's "Penis in the Sky", which I spoke of in my last article, Ranting and Raving.

Penis in the Sky

You can clearly see that the "artist" turned on the sprayers, then turned them off when he finished his masterpiece. If they are merely "condensation trails," as the moron in Dog's letter states, he would not be able to turn them on and off, thus marring his sky painting. But we all know that. However, it will certainly be a point in our favor, as we demonstrate, clearly, the contrail lie.

And on that, I will end this article, but I have more to share coming up. It is all happening so fast. If we can stop the spraying for a month, perhaps, we may be able to make the leap for which so many of us have been yearning. My goal is to remember everything, which includes how to manifest and heal, ourselves and the planet, or else, to escape this one. I don't think there is much chance any more that we can clean up the mess we've made here using physical means. WE MUST REMEMBER OUR LATENT ABILITES.

Paul Levy, in his book, Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil, says:

Wetiko can potentially cripple our sacred imagination and turn it against ourselves in a way which serves its agenda. Disabling our divinely inspired creative imagination, the wetiko bug can support magical thinking and mere fantasy, which further serves our escaping and dealing with the reality of life, ourselves, and the wetiko bug itself. In wounding the imagination, which is our inborn visionary power, wetiko is preventing our species from evolving its narrative and myth-making faculties. Wetiko can even make us think we can't affect reality with our thoughts, imagination, and visionary capacities.


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