Ok, so we had a full moon on Friday the thirteenth, and there's probably something astrological going on, but I think that is all bullshit and superstition. As I repeatedly say, I am a skeptic, and what perhaps makes my writing different than most of the others who write about all this is that my stuff is all based on what I am experiencing first hand, both in the phyical world and beyond through my shamanic journeying. I have a handful of very loyal readers, and hopefully that is the reason you are all so loyal.

I don't know about the rest of you, but the past several weeks have been beyond strange, and not only for me but for my local friends and acquaintances. Before I talk about what has been going on, I want to mention that another thing that makes my writing unique is that I am such an avid reader, or maybe rabid would be a better word, but in any case, I believe that having a very broad world-view, and historical knowledge is absolutely essential to be able to comprehend the totality of our present situation. I am pleased to see more and more people exploring my book reviews, as I put such a tremendous amount of effort into their creation. I am, it seems hitting the jackpot on works that provide missing pieces of the puzzle, either accidentally or on purpose. Here are a few that everyone who is reading these articles should read, then read the whole book as well.

The Confidence-Man: His Masquerade, could be about P.T. Barmun or a prophesy of Trump. Either way you look at it, Melville wrote a work of genius that nobody understood in his time, and we still scratch our heads over it today. But a look at what is in the White House, the King of Con-Men, brings a lot to light. In both the story and in real life, we have a character who produced his own reality through a well-orchestrated "Masquerade" of lies. And got lots of suckers to believe him. This review features many links of modern pundits who have also connected Melville's character with the two men named here.

Then we have The Storm, about the worst hurricane to ever hit England, in 1703, witnessed by Daniel Defoe. It's a free eBook, and is absolutely fascinating, especially in view of what is going on now with the weather. Granted, there were no climate engineering planes flying overhead then, but it is still a terrifying example of what Mother Nature can do when provoked, and it is very possible that even then, the already out-of-control population did have an influence on weather.

My latest post, The Bermuda Triangle, is really important reading for all of you, and I am not done with that subject. I have one more book on it, plus I've been checking out more modern writings. I most definitely believe there is much going on there that cannot be explained by science, and yes, I also believe that a portal into other dimensions may exist in that and other triangles all over the globe. So please stay tuned, and be aware of my book review posts. I have a number of other goodies on their way.

And now, before I go on with the current events here, I want to state what I believe is happening. First, the planet is moving into another dimension and higher frequency. Period, whether our alien controllers like it or not. And they do NOT like it and they are attacking like mad. Though their attracks seem to go in cycles, I think it may just appear as if they do. When we are being attacked here in Ohio, or the U.S. for that matter, other parts of the world may be experiencing a slight reprieve because it is very possible their ability to control us has lost so much power that they can only deal with segments of the population at a time. Dane says this about the climate engineers when he writes about the freeze/fry situation we are forever experiencing in this country alone. And that goes for wet/dry, too. Here is a map from the NWS Climate Outlook, posted yesterday, September 23, for the September 29 through October 3, 2019. Yikes! We are finally having summer here in the east, and in the west, well, gosh, it is snowing in the mountains. It's all fake, you know, but the climate is now SO HOT, globally, that it is becoming extremely difficult for them to keep the illusion going.

September 29 through October 3, 2019

Here are what I believe to be the nature of the attacks. They are creating "hallucinations," first of all. Bringers of the Dawn speaks of this, group hallucinations that everyone experiences, and so it all seems real. But, really, what is real on this planet? I also believe that the illusion we have accepted as our physical reality is REALLY breaking down very fast now, and as it all collapses, it is further giving us this bizarre and surreal landscape. Of course, when we react to it, we are serving the controllers, because they LOVE emotional reactions, especially fearful ones, panic, chaos, and confusion. The hallucinations are geared toward that so it is best to try and calmly observe what is happening, and even if you must react, clearly be aware that YOU KNOW it is all a game, and state that clearly. Once we become aware, their power diminishes.

So, we are really caught in this horrible mind-control war, and both positive and negative aspects are becoming more difficult. As the fabric of our "reality" comes apart at the seams, we have less and less to grasp of our old "stable" world, if it ever was that. But in addition we have them desperately trying to keep us distracted, and ultimately, distraction is the main goal. Have you noticed how time seems to move so fast now that you can barely accomplish anything in a day. When I think of all the things I used to do that I enjoyed so much and had time for it all. I have always loved to cook and bake, (and I still do because I will NOT eat at a restaurant), sew and do needlecrafts, along with my farm work, reading, coloring, and many, many other activities and desperately needed leisure that never comes any more. Why? The illusion of time moving so fast, and keep in mind that time itself is an illusion, is part of the control mechanism that prevents us from doing that which is our own choice. Instead we are caught up in one thing after another that needs to be dealt with, and these past weeks have dealt me more than my share. Here's a "for instance." This morning when I went to feed my cats, I noticed two maggots in one of the dishes. WTF? I wash my pet food bowls every night, and they were clean when I put them away. The thing is, it was only one particular bowl. I searched for probably fifteen minutes or more, effectively distracted and wasting precious time that I should have used to work on this article. And, no, none of the other food bowls were affected. DOES THAT SEEM REAL to you? An hallucination? Probably, but do you see how all this stupid shit takes us away from what WE want to be doing. And that is the key. THEY want to be assured that our every move is what THEY want us to do, even if it serves nothing or no one. The key is CONTROL.

And by the way, I dearly love my cats, but all I have done in the past few weeks is clean up their messes. Tyler suddenly decided he's rather poop on the floor, even though I have three litter pans for four cats, and scoop them several times a day. He's back to using the pans now, though. Last week I changed the paper liner under them. The next morning someone had pooped on the paper, peed on the paper, puked on the paper, and scattered litter all over the floor. I am fairly certain they all took part in that, and pretty much know who did what. Of course, I had to change the paper again. This is an example of what the past several weeks have been like.

I have a whole shitload of REALLY bizarre animal stuff, which I will partially share here, and the rest will follow in the next Between Two Worlds issue, that I will try to get to within the week. I want to add that those who wish to control us seek to defile us and trigger negative emotions connected with that defilement. I am such a clean person, both about my body, and certainly about my spirit. They are able to read our every thought, so they know what we love most deeply, with me that would be my farm and my animals, and it is those that they have, for the past twenty years, defiled the most. After I fed my cats, this morning, as I write this, I went back into the kitchen/dining room, and the floor was literally covered with cat puke! Of course, I wasted another fifteen minutes cleaning it all up. My animals, both domestic and wild have been driving me crazy these past couple weeks, but I ABSOLUTELY believe they, too are being mind-controlled and basically fucked with. NOBODY has been behaving normally on this farm. And it is not just here. My close friend, who is also a strict vegetarian and animal rights advocate has been also having bizarre animal encounters, "animals everywhere," she said. Remember, they find your vulnerabilities and attack them. I cannot even tell you what they have done to my poor farm over the past twenty years, but it has been a living nightmare, and any attempt to correct the things that happen only leads to the next. Feedback loops, remember. The only reason I am even sharing this much is that it IS coming to an end, and THAT is what continues to give me strength and courage to continue. Usually after these REALLY bad bouts, when it ends, I find that I have jumped up a few rungs in power.

I will return to the animal incidents, but I want to also mention that I have strengthened my defiance lately, giving them another reason to attempt to attack me so fiercely. I have been sticking to my personal agenda, despite the distractions. One of the things that has always been difficult for me to do is that which brings me pleasure, which is important to me, though many do not consider it "work" and we on this planet, being slaves, are forced to "work." When in reality most of the "work" people do is the most useless, serving only to make money, and at that, less and less these days for most people. I was there once, but got out, and so I suffer with poverty, which is preferable to the slavery that society has been programmed to believe is the only way to live. But even so, as I have been saying, my life is still filled with stuff I gotta do, such as cleaning up cat puke. Force yourself to remember that it is ALL ABOUT distractions, defilement, and control.

Another way they achieve this is to constantly send people your way, if indeed they are really "people," whose job assignment is to further defile you, mentally, psychologically, and spiritually, to belittle and offend you in every way possible. These people are no longer human, but transhumans, and will have a very unpleasant end as the frequencies rise and the light becomes brighter, so, keep that in mind when THEY attack you. They are weak in mind and non-existent in spirit, and when you realize what they are being programmed to do, just knowing what they are makes it easier to bear. Just read Dane's community comments and see how this technique is being used. Distraction, defilement, and control. Gaslighting has become the modern term for this level of control. Educate yourself on this, and keep it as a reminder of what is REALLY going on. Here is another article on the subject, and it is particularly helpful. Know that this is being used both on and off planet. In fact, it is so prevelant, that our reality is being re-formed by these techniques. And also remember, when the final veils come down, we will see the truth of the illusion. But those who have gone insane will not. How many are past redemption?

11 Warning Signs of Gaslighting

In any case, I have made a point to sit and work on my coloring, and for some reason that has triggered extreme anger amongst those who seek control. I have not had a chance to color since winter because my entire spring and summer was taken up dealing with flooding disasters. Now that we are getting relatively hot and much dryer weather, I have decided to get caught up on coloring, yet every time I sit down, something causes a disturbance and little voices of old speak to me that I need to work. And so the disturbances have become stronger since I brought out my books and crayons. Interesting, huh?

Lisa Renee recently wrote a blog on our right to manifest what suits our interest, which greatly goes along with what I have been experiencing. She says:

Personal Autonomy is the capacity to make an informed, un-coerced decision for oneself and to pursue that course of action in one’s life, to be self-governing towards free expression as long as these actions do not infringe on others liberties and freedoms to exist as they are. Autonomy is the concept of protecting the right of each individual to develop one's own unique self, giving them freedom of expression as long as it does not generate harm towards others right to exist. Autonomy allows people to choose for themselves what is in alignment to their interests, and that social structures refrain from infringement of those rights unless they are incapacitated from making choices based on Informed Consent. When individuals have a concept of Personal Autonomy, they own their own actions and have the opportunity to live in their personal truth, which builds confidence, critical thinking and strength in their purpose in life and manifestations. However, as we make informed decisions for ourselves, in some cases we must consider unified cooperation or reasonable interactions that are required to achieve the balance in our decision making, that allows us to develop and exercise our right to live in autonomy while living in a world with many others.
Personal Autonomy in Manifestation

I can see that this is getting way longer than planned, and the meterial I have to share will probably take up two more articles, so I will just mention a few more points. One is that I barely read the news any more because there is little sanity to be found. We the know the government is gaslighting us, but THEY are being gaslighted, too. Remember in my last issue of Between Two Worlds, from September 10, the whole scandal about Wilbur Ross and Trump lying about Hurricane Dorian? Did you notice that that just disappeared—poof!! I have Googled it and there was no update, when he AND the person from NOAA who put his job security ahead of the safety of the nation should have BOTH been fired. Of course, maybe the entire story was a lie, and where Trump is concerned . . . . But probably not, because the TRUE stories get hushed and squelched. Like all the latest on the 9/11 investigations. The news is filled up with lies and nonsence to distract people from what is REALLY going on, and I believe that even the most informed of us have NO CLUE of all that is happening behind the scenes. And I believe it is desperation on their part, and like sticking your finger in the hole to stop up the dam, they are running out of fingers for the number of holes. So the stuff that is really important is what is being silenced. Certainly that includes climate engineering. I just think there is massive chaos going on behind the scenes, and if most people really knew that, they would see the world and a very different light. And see THEM as less of a threat. Smoke and mirrors, I believe. The men (and women) behind the curtain.

And speaking of news, do you notice how many people are just dropping dead, especially the rich and famous? I really don't bother to even read that stuff but I do see the headlines. Lots and lots of athletes, too, very young people. And the number of animal abuse stories, which I DEFINITELY don't read. But sometimes I think those are hallucinations and lies to cause an emotional reaction to the growing number of people who are broken-hearted with the abuse of nature those in power have caused. And that would certainly include the majority of Dane's large readership.

I want to mention just a couple animal things that have happened here, some very upsetting, but again, are they hallucinations just to trigger the emotional response the Controllers want? This season, I have found more dead animals floating in my trash cans that collect rain water from the downspouts inside the greenhouse. Those cans have been there for years, and maybe every year I will find one dead mouse or chipmunk, but this year it has proabably been at least ten, including birds, which of course does upset me a great deal. And here's another bizarro. For a period of three or four weeks, every time I took Molly for a walk, there were little baby snakes, all over the place. Now, I really love snakes, so that did not upset me, but it was very strange. This, however, DID upset me. I do not drink the water that is piped into my house. Instead I bail my drinking water with a bucket from the little sandstone well in front of my house which is delicious water, and that is what my dogs and cats drink, too and what the turtles have in their tubs. It is covered with a heavy piece of aluminum or stainless steel. I pay very close attention when I open it that no little critter is there that could get crushed when I put the lid back down. I kneel when I bail, so I am right at ground level. If there is a little snake of salamander or frog around, I carefully move it to safety. Well, a couple weeks ago, I opened the lid and there was a crushed baby snake. I am absolutely certain that it was not there when I bailed, because it was right where my hand would have been when I lifed the lid and I always look for animals. So how could I have crushed it and no one else opens that lid but me. Another halluncination sent to upset me? Probably. I'll bet all of you can find strange things happening now that trigger an emotional upset, according to what is most important in your life. Consider that it isn't real and has been sent for the purpose of distraction and reaction.

I will continue with more animal stuff in Between Two Worlds, including photos of the farm, plus a continuation of what I've been discussing here. I have a sense that whatever has been going on so intensely is beginning to wane finally.

In summary, we have a massive force working against us. Even without our attackers, just the fact that our whole reality is collapsing is difficult enough. Everything we thought was real will prove to be an illusion. This has been going on for some time now, but in smaller increments. I know I would go through these very unsettling times where I seemed to be in a surreal world and things took on a behavior of their own. Like picking up something and dropping it, only to find it has disappeared, like a Black Hole swallowed it up. That has been happening a lot, too. But now, the acceleration of the rising frequencies is off the charts, and we are experiencing a crash course in evolution. But I find that the more uncomfortable these transition periods are, like this one where we seem to exist no where and it does no good to take action on anything—after these is where, when I emerge, I find my powers have shifted immensely, so this one should be a doozy. And add to that the fact that we have a group of aliens that are doing all they can to keep us from passing the course, that we are being strewn with obstacles for each tiny step we try to take. This is not a game for wimps and few will pass and the rest will leave the planet. Arm yourself with knowledge, seek wisdom, and build strength and power. Take care, I believe we are ready to break through.

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