Another One Bites the Dust

Every time I turn around, I see another aspect of the Matrix crumbling away. Things are getting really REALLY ugly now and getting uglier by the minute. Hell, every time Trump opens his mouth, a new catastrophe is created. One would have to be totally braindead/brainwashed to believe anything is even remotely OK on this planet, or that we have a future in this present reality. WE DO NOT. 2018 will look nothing like 2017. What it will look like depends on the direction you are going. Now more than ever, we are opening into a new reality, what some refer to as a "timeline split," of which there will probably be numerous variations depending on where your inner vision is focused. Some are seeing the present events on the planet as the victories of the New World Order, and if that is so, then perhaps that is where THEY will end up. I do not see it that way at all. Whether you think of our current planetary operating system as a computer-simulated reality being operated by an off planet force, or, more probably, a series of mind-control programs that have completely disrupted our abilities to function as we had originally intended when we first arrived here on earth, they are all coming apart at the seams, in all aspects of our lives. This includes the global money/financial systems, governments, militaries, corporations, health care(less), educational, and especially religious beliefs. But as always, the most deadly device being used to keep the system under control is geoengineering and EMFs, and even those are in a massive state of collapse. While many, including myself, believe that these hurricanes are being manipulated, they are possibly NOT going as planned. and what about these earthquakes. Does anyone find it odd that Mexico received two major earthquakes, each coming during a major hurricane? The way I see it, there is another force kicking in, ignited by those of us who have worked so long and hard to bring about this transition. Perhaps it is Gaia herself awakening, but whatever it is, it may be beyond anyone's control, such as when you begin the process of shutting down your computer. There is nothing you can do at that point to stop it. Now, more than ever, we must hone our skills to use our minds to create the reality in which we wish to exist, while we continue to undermine the current Matrix. Incidentally, the new reality we are creating may also very well be a "Matrix," too. I have played with the idea that all physical reality may be a technological one, the difference being that WE control our own.

So where does "spiritual" evolution and consciousness come in? I have stated over and over that the evils which have overtaken this present reality stem from technology developing WAAAAY faster than our spiritual consciousness. In a technological reality governed by the highest "spiritual" principles—those based on impeccable morals and ethics, we would never use technology to hurt living beings or the planet, but to enhance and expand our creative possibilities to benefit us and the planet. While spiritually we may be "united," perhaps our physical experience may be highly individualized, in other words we can create a reality to our liking without interfering with others. At least that's where I'm aiming. Anyone wanna join me? Maybe it's because I am just SO sick and tired of outside forces fucking with my life. I have endured over twenty years of attacks, sabotage, interferences and obstacles aimed towards every little thing I have attempted to do. So now, as much as I am able, I keep brushing off everything, repeating that it is almost over and I will soon be free. Meanwhile, I am relentlessly searching the net for global signs of the collapse, while I continue to amp up, increase my own frequency force, to assist in its downfall.

I have a ton of links to share from my research that I've been saving, mostly from the mainstream media, because by the time it reaches THEM, it is no longer a "conspiracy theory." And I have also noticed a sincere and increasing panic concerning "climate change," which I will elaborate upon in a bit. I am not asking you to read every one of these links—I myself often scan them to gather the main points. But PLEASE, at least open them. They provide much fuel for our fire. Interestingly, many of these I see once, then, poof!, they're gone, which is why I save them when I see them. There are a number of others I wish I had saved.

Here are some for starters: First, one on the toxic affects of flouride, a chemical which does absolutely NOTHING for your teeth. Make your own toothpaste. Melt coconut oil with baking soda added to your desired consistency, then add flavoring. I get little bottles of peppermint oil for a buck at the Marc's pharmacy. Fluoride exposure in utero linked to lower IQ in kids, study says. This article obviously paints a tiny part of the picture and still falsely supports the use of flouride in water, but it is a start toward awakening people.

Having said that, I guess I need to specifically define my perception of the term "awakening." We are awakening at numerous levels at this point. Those of us who have been working on it for decades are WAY past the physical level, and into the non-physical, spiritual, off-planet arena. However, we ALL got started, because something awakened us in our physical existence that told us we needed to be aware that there was more to the picture. In these final days of the Matrix, at least those who understand that there is falseness in what we have believed to be true, will not end up at the bottom of the pit as the timelines (though I hate that term because they are not linear at all), proceed in disconnecting. (They are already splitting, but I believe an actual disconnection is soon forthcoming.) Here is Berhnard Guenther's perception of what is/may happen to those who don't escape, and it is an hell to the highest degree: Transhumanism—The Consciousness Trap. This is just plain scary—terrifying shit, and what is worse, we are there already. The entities involved in geoengineering, HAARP and other facilities, Shadow Governments and the like are NOT human. We cannot stick around to see the end game of this one, because dying will not be an option. It really isn't now, because it is merely a trip back to the recycing bin, but this is even worse. We have an opportunity now to escape. We must not screw up.

Here's another health-realted one I saw just this morning. Thirty-nine vaccines!!!! OMG! I had no idea. When I was a baby, it was just polio, diphtheria, small pox, and whooping cough, I believe but I could be wrong. I know it wasn't more than four at the most, and these really are pretty bad diseases. Vaccine Skeptic Message Gets Stronger, Bolder.

And here is another one about the "acoustic attacks" on people at the American Embassy in Cuba. Cuba Embassy 'Attacks' Baffle U.S., Frustrate Victim. The thing is, numerous people af all ages are complaining about their ears. Mine are never silent any more, and my close friend who lives in Akron, (she's only 31), is ALWAYS complaining of her ears, and she is aware of much of what's going on. We discuss it all the time. I have even begun to wonder about these "cicadas" I have been plagued with ALL FUCKING SUMMER. They are quieter over night now, but during the day, OMG, they drown out the sounds of the birds singing. IT IS SO LOUD. Seeing that I only have seen TWO actual cicadas all season, one dead stuck down in my windshield, and another that Molly caught, because she thought she was going to eat it, then reconsidered, but by that time it was dead, so I gave it to my turtles, who devoured it. Now, with all this noise, I should be seeing them by the millions. The thought has crossed my mind numerous times that maybe what I am hearing is NOT cicadas, but something electronically generated. There is always so much noise now, even out here back in the woods. Sirens, sirens, all the time. What are they doing? what are they hiding? Because of all the electrical shit going on, I have begun throwing the main breaker to my house when I leave it, cutting all the power. I hardly have any electricity to begin with. My refrigerator keeps stuff cold for the usually few hours I'm gone. My only concern is the turtle heat lamps, but it has been so frickin hot here, they have been fine. But what was strange was, I came home yesterday and with all the power to my house cut off, before I went down the basement to turn it on, I distinctly heard something humming. That is just fucking scary. NOTHING was running because the power was off.

And that brings us to the most serious physical issue on the planet now, which is global warming, an outdated phrase, for which has now been substituted "Climate Change." And I am seeing genuine panic being expressed in the media. Apparently the History Channel did a series on "Two Degrees," the raising of the earth's temperature by that much, Celsius, which would mean game over. WE ARE ALREADY THERE. Game IS over. Today we are to reach 90 degrees. Does anyone else think that is just a bit toasty for Northeast Ohio at the end of September? They have been spraying and spraying and spraying— thick black clouds that bring no rain, and it STILL keeps getting hotter. The problem is, NOBODY even mentions geoengineering as a factor, when it is the MAIN factor in Global Warming. Here are some articles from CNN, that had their own "Two Degrees" series, which disappeared all of a sudden, incidentally. Yes, climate change made Harvey and Irma worse.

And here is an even better one: Sachs: Big Oil will have to pay up, like Big Tobacco.

I don't believe oil is even remotely as devastating to the climate as geoengineering, but it is deadly to the environment, in the form of drilling, fracking, ocean spills, and the endless wars being waged for greed. And this is the biggest chunk of the Matrix that I believe will bite the dust REAL soon. The U.S. petrodollar is collapsing, and countries like China are drastically changing their fossil fuel policies: China is planning to implement a ban on fossil fuel cars.

Anyways, when CNN had those "Two Degrees" articles, they also invited the public to give their opinion at I gave mine. Of course I got no response, but I am going to send out this letter with variations to more and more people. Remember, the quicker we collapse the Matrix, the faster will appear our opening for escape. Weaken the force!! That should be our game plan now, and no excuses for not participating. Remember the alternative. (See link above by Bernhard Guenther.) Here is my letter:

   Why can everyone point a finger at climate change causes, and be absolutely blind to the most obvious one, being geoengineering, and the willful manipulation of clouds, precipitation, weather and ultimately serious damage to the climate, biosphere, and the earth's entire life support system. Before you cry “"Conspiracy Theory" and delete this message, at least read what I have to say, because I have been an environmental activist for over thirty years, and have kept weather data records on my farm since 1994. There are volumes of scientific documents and evidence to back up the claims of the now millions of people worldwide who are working to stop this atrocity in the skies, and if anyone from the mainstream media would just give it honest and open-minded attention, we would at last be on the road to gaining widespread public attention.
   First, the State of Rhode Island must possess the wisest legislators in the country, because they are in the process of passing a law banning geoengineering in their state. You may read that legislation here. Of course, other states must follow suit, and at this point, time is NOT on our side. Any help from the media would be precious.
   There are many documentaries also on this subject, but two stand out as excellent. One was just released this year, and is 80 minutes of historical documents, presidential speeches, media clips and geoengineered events over the 70 years in which this has been put to use as a climate/weather modifier, begun back in the 1940s around the same time that the military began spraying toxic pesticides. (See Rachel Carson's book Silent Spring.) It is called FrankenSkies and you may watch it free online.
   The other was released a number of year ago, and it is called Why in the World are They Spraying? and may also be viewed online for free.
   Perhaps the most valid and legitimate researcher on geoengineering in this country is Dane Wigington, at who has been collecting viable data for around fifteen years and has a worldwide community of probably thousands of activists. His site contains only scientifically sound data, including his own soil and water tests and research, government patents, photos and graphics from institutions such as NWS, NOAA, and NASA.
   I have been observing the devastation being done on my own farm, leaving it nearly in ruins and unable to grow much of anything. When I found Dane's site, he was able to back up everything I already personally witnessed. Here in Northeast Ohio, the thickly coated skies have blocked out necessary sunshine, yet the temperatures continue to rise. I grew up here on this land, and never in my life have I seen such darkness, nearly every day, all through the summer, thick black clouds everywhere. And when the sun does peep through, it is burning hot and painful to the eyes. In addition, the nearly non-stop torrential rains over the past few years have destroyed all my labors of decades to build my organic soil. Now, for the first time in five years, we are finally having a break in the precipitation.
   In addition to the devastation of the climate, the sprays being rained down on us contain toxic heavy metals, including strontium, barium and especially nanoparticles of aluminum, which is the main contributor to the epidemic of dementia, even in young people. It is killing off the trees, bees and wildlife in general, and causing respiratory illness and allergy-like symptoms in most people now. And even worse, the constant barrage of unnatural substances being sprayed into the environment has shredded the ozone to an extremely dangerous level. In Northern California, where Dane lives, there is measurable, lethal UVC rays now hitting the earth, which should never happen.
   Furthermore, the ingredients used in these sprays are desiccants and incendiaries, which is most likely contributing to the violence of fires in the west and southwest, along with the extremely hot, dry and windy conditions. Even here in my area in Ohio, we have had some strange fires lately.
   And this is just a smattering of the consequences of this deplorable activity. People try to believe that what they are seeing in the skies is just "normal" exhaust from planes, but anyone observing over a period of time would see that this is obviously not true. I watch little private planes owned by local people fly over my house all the time, and NEVER has any one emitted any sort of exhaust. I also see passenger jets occasionally, and they also do not emit exhaust. The planes I see mostly are those fitted with nozzles specifically for spraying. Does no one else think it is odd that NO planes will be seen in an area, then all of a sudden, four or five show up, flying back and forth, and the sky is suddenly coated with white muck, first in trails, then expanding over the whole sky to appear as "cloud cover?" I have timed photos of this on my site in an article entitled The Killing of Cosmic Dream Farm.
   Incidentally, Dane put out a video using radar and satellite images, showing how Hurricane Harvey was manipulated, and in four days, 110,000 people had viewed it. People are waking up, even if the media is not. No hurricane parks itself over a land area as Harvey did. Hurricanes move, and they move fast. Why did everyone not see that three or four days of torrential rain over Houston was abnormal behavior for a hurricane?
   I realize that people who could go public with this information have been threatened. In October, 2015, Obama placed a gag order on NWS and NOAA. But we are seriously running out of time to be playing games with this climate issue, now totally out of control. We are at desperation point, so even skeptics need to put aside their prejudice and check out this information with an honest and open-minded attitude, especially journalists. I am certain Dane would more than welcome an interview with CNN. We cannot play political games any more. We are way past the point where refusing to acknowledge this truth is an option.
   Thank you, and may YOU be the journalist to break the silence.

As most of you have noticed, I do not endorse Dane's site any more in my articles, and that is not going to change. I have some real issues with him. It is not my intention to bad mouth him, but I will give one example: He is unable or unwilling to see the world beyond the physical. Everything with him has to be scientifically proven. That is in some ways a good point, because when dealing with the media and other institutions, his professionalism makes him extremely credible. When I am speaking with someone that needs to see proven data, I always give out his site, because his evidence is irrefutable. However, I never listen to his videos because his politics are all based on the physical illusion of reality. He knows about the Shadow Government, but cannot imagine an alien hostile force controlling our reality. Therefore, his material is EXTREMELY negative, and fatalistic, based on changing the situation here on earth, which cannot be changed. Remember, the goal is to shut down the Matrix, and stopping geoengineering would be the biggest thing to bite the dust on our favor.

The Rhode Island legislation is making good progress, by the way. Be sure to check out that link for updates.

And here is one more related to weather. First, I really hate the Weather Channel. they are noted for propaganda, and certainly dramatize the weather. Of course I don't have a TV, and I cannot even view their videos online, but I DO like their photo series and have a number of them linked on my Links page. Here is one of their latest, but this one was truly creepy. Just look at the skies in these. Does any of this look normal? Stunning Images from the 2017 It's Amazing Out There Photo Contest.

That's the end of the links, but here are just a few more comments. Has anyone noticed the distortions in time. I will look at the clock and it is 2:30, and I think, I should be starting lunch, but I need to finish just one thing. Then I look at the clock again and a hour has passed. Part of it is because of the Matrix shutting down, I would imagine, but it is also because accomplishing anything in this dense physical reality is getting more and more difficult. Just look around. NOTHING is accomplished in government or in tackling any major issues. It is also partly from the energetic interference we are getting from the negative forces, and also from the fact that the planet is WAY too overpopulated. I know there is much written about population control these days, and of course I think it is heinous that our government and military and the sickeningly wealthy think they have the right to kill us off to control the population. But the fact remains, we have not controlled it on our own, and that is also a factor in the collapse. Just look at the pictures, for instance, in Mexico when the earthquake struck. The streets were packed with people like a can of sardines. Or when people fled the hurricanes, cars backed up for mile. NOTHING could move, and in the same way, no energy can move here either.

I wonder why people have such a problem facing this. People who are living in countries where they are starving to death, STILL bringing babies into the world. That is just incomprehensible to me. People think just because they have the equipment they have a right to use it. Unfortunately, religion teaches them that babies come from "god," so therefore, if a woman gets pregnant, "god" wanted it. OH, hogwash. Babies come from sex. When people awaken and finally understand that ALL religion is only a myth, attitudes will change. I cannot imagine that in a spiritually conscious society, overpopulation would occur.

And here is another thing. Have you noticed how terrible the air smells? It is glyphosate, you know—Roundup. It smells like a cross between a corpse and electrical burning. It could be electrical, with all the electrical manipulation going on, but Roundup is showing up in even organic foods, so I would not be surprised that it is added to the toxic sprays that are raining down on us. My friend in Akron said the same thing, and she said that there are old people living near her, and even they are noticing it.

And last of all, years ago, I bought a number of different beneficial insects, including praying mantis. I was blessed to be there right at the moment they emerged from the egg cases, and I grabbed them up and distributed them all over, because they will eat each other if they are too crowded. It was magical, seeing these tiny babies doing their little dance up my arms. So, whenever I see adults now, I am like a proud parent.

Well, I was working in my tomato field the other day, and saw one. I went to pet it, and was shocked to see its poor wings. They looked like a piece of plastic that had touched a stove burner. OMG! What was it? Burned from the UVC rays? radiation? I have heard that the fall out from Fukushima is reaching Ohio. Or was it just the toxins from what we are being doused with every day. Is that what the inside of our bodies look like. Do you think we can fix anything in this present reality? This is scary shit.

I know this was a long article with lots of links. I put a great deal of energy into collecting all this, so please use it. Use my letter, too, if it is helpful. Not taking action at this point is NOT an option. We are awakening despite their effort to stop us, or perhaps because of their efforts, which are bringing to light the evils of the ages. Shutting down the Matrix is the goal, and we are getting faster than you may imagine.

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