Behind the Scenes, Part 4: Disclosure, Fear as a Weapon and Much More

This is the fourth and last installment of the "Behind the Scenes" series and will cover fear, and our ultimate goal, disclosure, and THAT is what all this is about. But there is a lot of other stuff I want to cover, too, since I do not plan to write another article for a while. So this will be a long but important one. Please read carefully, a couple times to give you a chance to comprehend what I am really saying. In one of my email conversations with Chautauqua, he pointed out that there is no standard terminology for the ground-breaking work we are doing. He says:

I've written several pieces over the years relating to timeline split, diverging realities; and after reading even more, and one thing I find is that all of us truth warriors could really benefit from standardized terminology when it comes to the most central issues and events, but as it is it's more like the tower of Babel: because we're often talking about the same thing, but don't realize it.

I totally agree, and I do not think it is by accident. Not too long ago, I wrote a Bible article called Forbidden Knowledge, in which I spoke of their means to keep us in a state of confusion. So I will try to clarify my thoughts even further here, but keep in mind we ALL comprehend the physical world through our own set of filters. By the way, please do re-check his latest blog, Endgame Lockdown, because he has added some new and very funny pictures.

Right as I was getting ready to publish Part 3, I was suddenly inundated with insanity. Everywhere I looked, there it was. And now, several days later, it has gotten much worse. First I received a crazed and frantic newsletter from Arthur Firstenberg about 5G and it causing or at least exacerbating the COVID-19 issue. He begins by stating this: "As I write this, the world—or a very large part of it—is effectively under martial law." WE ARE NOT UNDER MARTIAL LAW IN THE UNITED STATES. I know that living in the city is much different than here in the country, and I realize that humongous cities like LA and NYC DO have a military presence, but I haven't heard of people being rounded up and imprisoned, although by the behavior of some, they should be. No one has been stripped of their rights, like being jailed without cause, in fact prisoners are being released from jails to make them safer. He then tries to make the case that the Spanish Flu of 1918 was not caused by a virus, nor was it contagious, but was spread by radiation/electricity/EMFs. He wonders why we are not protesting the fact that "schools have been closed, airline flights scrapped, theaters and restaurants shut down, churches shuttered, curfews put in place, public gatherings prohibited, national borders closed, people told not to touch or go near each other, every surface, door knob and human hand smothered with toxic disinfectant, and the population ordered to "shelter in place" in their homes." Then he tries to sell his book. Then I lost interest.

Believe me, I DO KNOW that ALL THIS SHIT is making us sick, much sicker than the virus itself. Certainly all of us who work with Dane's community to awaken the public, know what is REALLY going on in the skies, which of course includes spraying us with pathogens, and that is ON RECORD from Ken Caldeira, who along with David Keith are the two most well-known developers and advocates of geoengineering as a means "intervention in the climate system," and the two of them have supposedly been doing development for the "possible" use of geoengineering to control the climate. OK, we all laugh. What they are, are paid liars for the government. Anyways, Dane has played the recording where Caldeira admits for the record, that the government can, has and is spraying us with pathogens. Climate engineering is biowarfare along with being weather warfare. Microwave towers, H.A.A.R.P., 5G and so on can be and are used to spread disease, surveil us, and kill us. As are GMOs, vaccines, fluoride, and the list goes on. WE KNOW THAT. But COVID-19 IS caused by a virus and it IS contagious and we SHOULD shut up and stay in our homes because it is the intelligent choice at this present moment. Here is a good article Chautauqua sent me, for anyone NOT familiar with the extremely dangerous practice of geoengineering and 5G (which includes cell phones, WiFi and all EMFs).
CORONAVIRUS SYNDROME: The Ultimate Genocidal Bioweapon System

And for those who are new to this site, please watch the four-hour documentary on the mind-control programs of the CIA, which includes "experimenting" with spraying substances on the population, and a whole lot more.
The Minds of Men

Anyways, this is another plea to all my readers to urge you to be extremely careful as to what energy you tap into. The story going around for so many years was that the "elite" would cause a global catastrophe, then go hide in their plush underground dwellings until the rest of us were dead. Granted, we have not even begun to deal with the BIG ISSUE, which is the out-of-control heating of the planet. And so, was the coronavirus a "distraction" to take our minds off the climate? Dane certainly predicted that. The thing is, if you have been following my writings, you will see that I clearly DO NOT believe that, if that's the case, things are going as planned. If it was financial gain for the elite, THAT certainly is not happening. And so, we have this massive economic stimulus bill that should have been going ONLY to help people that are out of work, NOT as a bailout to Boeing. But of course, these planes MUST keep flying because commercial airliners, along with the military planes MUST keep spraying their poisons on us and sending us climate disasters, as I sit here "enjoying" my 57th day of precipitation so far this year. This too shall pass because, one, THE MONEY IS GONNA RUN OUT FOR EVERYBODY. PERIOD.
Relief Package Includes Billions For Boeing And Airlines
Here is a quote from that article: "—The airlines must maintain service to all the destinations they served on March 1, 2020, through March 1, 2022, which could mean continuing to fly empty or near-empty planes." (Empty except for the tanks filled with aluminum, strontium and barium??)
And, can you make sense out of this article??
How will the U.S. pay for $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus package?
Um . . .????
Then, two we have the fact that the people flying the planes are getting sick and will continue to get sick so at some point the military will even be paralyzed. How can it be otherwise, since they are exposed, close-up to these extremely toxic substances they are spraying on us? These people in the military and commercial airlines that are spraying this toxic shit on us need to get sick—really REALLY sick. Then they need to start questioning what they are doing up there. THEN they need to get really REALLY angry and announce it publicly. DISCLOSURE WILL COME. And that goes for vaccines, 5G and the whole shebang. Hmmm. Perhaps that is what is going on here?
Rapid increase in coronavirus cases aboard US aircraft carrier
And last, the spraying is becoming less effective. It really is.

What I see are the people who were supposed to be in control, absolutely NOT in control of any of it. It has developed a mind of its own, which is why I believe, no matter HOW this virus originally began, that is now a moot point, and also why I believe that this IS the paradigm shift we have all awaited, the straw that broke the camel's back, the one last act of evil before retribution came, and it is coming now. And for those who are asking me, "What if I'm wrong," my answer is What if I AM wrong? If our goal is disclosure, of all the atrocities being committed on this planet which are KILLING ALL LIFE on earth—not just humans but the entire life-support system of the planet, ultimately leading to FULL DISCLOSURE about alien interference, then it makes no difference whether I am right or wrong, we should still be sticking to that goal, NO MATTER WHAT. But the bigger question is, "What if I'm RIGHT?" And people failed to take advantage of this shift we have been awaiting for thousands and thousands of years because they didn't recognize it? That would be a tragedy to miss our opportunity, which is why we must not succumb to fear and we must not believe what appears on the surface, but dig deep to the root of the situation, and make sure we end up on the timeline that leads us to freedom, and not get sucked into the hysteria. Energy follows thought, and our energy determines where we will end up. Period.

Now I want to take a closer look at the word "culling," which has become very popular these days. It is a farm term, such as people that raise livestock "cull" those that are not superior specimens to be used in breeding. I think the whole thing is ghastly. Any animal on my farm is a pet. But the modern use of the word refers to the "elite" culling the segment of the population that is not useful to them. That would include many seniors. That would be me. People living in poverty. Yep, me again. And those people that are not participating in the agenda. Gosh, there's me again. Then we have the bahble-totin' Christians who think Jeeezuz will swoop down and whisk them all off to paradise, while the rest of us heathens (me), will suffer eternal damnation. Hmm. That just might not be true. If you are new to this site be sure to read my latest Bible article, The Rapture.

But that is NOT what we are seeing. Not only has a British prince been sickened with the virus, we now have the Prime Minister of the UK also sickened.
Boris Johnson tests positive for coronavirus
We have doctors and people on the police force dying. We now have celebrities too numerous to even mention that are not only getting sick but dying. Madonna has said it perfectly:
Coronavirus is 'the great equalizer,' Madonna tells fans from her bathtub
And when the stock market crashes, we will all be even more equal. That is the silver lining. Anyways, this virus, as I said, now has a mind of its own, and we must not let fear drive us into sickness and finding ourselves stuck on the timeline that is leading to oblivion. As I have said hundreds of times, it is ALL about our minds. The less they can mind-control us, the more power we have. Wouldn't you rather believe that I AM right?

Call me lacking in compassion, but here are more silver linings.
35 more sailors test positive Thursday for Covid-19
Navy sailing into ‘choppy waters’ after virus strikes carrier, retired admiral warns
Our military is an organization of evil, and while many young people join up because they erroneously believe they are serving their country, they soon find it has all been a big lie, or else they shut down their discernment capabilities and become mindless order-followers. And that is what we have now with those who are spraying the skies. Of all the evil activities going on on this planet, THAT is by far the worst because they have literally destroyed the entire planet's life-support system and the earth's ability to regulate weather cycles. Believe me, this catastrophe will come right on the heels of the virus if climate engineering is not stopped right NOW, and even then, we are too late. Therefore, it is my opinion that EVERYONE involved in this covert weather warfare operation should be loaded onto a spacecraft and shipped off to a distant galaxy, preferably in a different dimension, to have their DNA disassembled so there is NEVER the possibility they will materialize ever again. Now THAT is culling. And as for the rest of the population? Do I believe that not that many will die. No, absolutely not. I believe that the majority of the population will be gone when this is said and done, which is necessary in order for everyone to end up in the reality that matches their vibration. THAT is another reason we must deal with FULL DISCLOSURE and exposing the lies. If we do not, any new civilization will be destined to repeat the same mistakes, and clearly this experiment was a failure. And the root of it all is alien interference, and if we do NOT rid humanity of this parasitic vermin, we do not have a chance of evolving beyond where we are now. EVER.

I want to speak a bit more on the weather, because no matter how you look at it, the planes are the root of the problem and stopping them will change everything. Do you ever wonder what is going on above those milky, pasty skies that are blocking us from seeing what is really going on above us? Think They Live (the movie) . . . . One way or another, these planes will STOP FLYING. If that requires a total crash in the financial system so there is NO money to fly them, so be it. It WILL happen. If it requires every person working in the airline industry to be shut down, THAT also will happen. But one way or another, these planes will stop. As I said, there is now a force beyond us working to right the wrongs. Let it do what it must do.
A flight attendant dies, and colleagues are 'very much on edge'
Should domestic air travel be grounded?
Hmmm, why ARE they still flying? Indeed, I'll bet I can guess. And I can guess why THIS happened.
'There Should Be Shame': Watch Ocasio-Cortez Excoriate GOP Over Massive Corporate Bailouts in Coronavirus Bill
$2 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill Presents A Reckoning For Libertarians
They are determined to keep those planes flying but GOD DAMMIT, THEY WILL BE STOPPED.

And on that outburst, I want to focus a bit on the weather, my usual subject, which has been playing second fiddle to the virus. Here, on March 30, we have had 57 days of precipitation so far, and this has been going on for ten years. I have seen everything I own, everything I love literally damaged, destoyed, under water, and it is NOT by accident. Weather warfare is one thing, but now they are attempting to cover their little mistakes, that being that the planet is SO WAY BEYOND TOO HOT. And so, they keep us here in the East inundated by toxic rain in their geoengineered cool-down program so that the STUPID still do not realize HOW HOT WE ARE. Last Monday, after days of pasty white skies, I made a quick trip to Alliance, south of me. On the way back, the skies began to clear, and I never in my life witnessed sky clearing happen SO FAST. And once it cleared it got HOT, in a flash! Of course, within a very short time, the planes were out there grinding away, but it takes MUCH MORE SPRAYING to keep us cool. Literally, they must spray us 24/7 to keep us from burning up, and people do not have a clue. Can you imagine just how much toxic metal is raining down on us? Is there no wonder that this virus attacks the respiratory system? Our lungs, hearts, brains are filled with everything from heavy metals to polymer fibers. Why would I care if all the people doing this to us were removed from this planet? I DON'T CARE. This is the most heinous thing ever done to the earth since the Reptilian invasion, the epitome of evil.

And so, whenever the temperature even hints at warming up, we get deluged with these fake "cold fronts." Do you ever wonder why every cold front is preceeded by abnormally hot temperatures? And H.A.A.R.P. induced dangerous winds which ALSO spawn tornadoes. Then it gets "anomalously cold," from 73 degrees to 47!! I have wasted half my life for the past ten years dealing with weather catastrophes, and I am not alone. It was NEVER like this when I was growing up, EVER. But remember THEY are forever keeping us distracted with events that keep us tied to the physical world—the Matrix, which is their goal, another reason why it is so important to jump on every opportunity we can find to escape it, and another reason why it is better to believe this IS the paradigm shift. Also keep in mind that they create illusions, particularly for those of us that stubbornly refuse to follow the agenda. Both I and Lisa Renee speak of the surreal situations we encounter. It is happening all the time now to me, such as having something in my hand disappear and show up somewhere else or not show up at all.

Here is that thing that moved through Saturday night into Sunday. OMG!!! It also was responsible for the extremely damaging tornado that hit Arkansas that night and also flooded the Cuyahoga River in Cleveland here in Northeast Ohio.
Damage Reported in Northeastern Arkansas as EF3 Tornado Strikes Jonesboro; Flash Flooding Swamps Cleveland
Below is a screenshot of radar taken at 1:05 a.m. on Sunday, March 29, then a screenshot of the NWS 7-Day Forecast for me, from the same time period, which has changed drastically as of today, with hardly any rain "scheduled". It is my belief that the military is no longer able to cover the spraying routine alone now, because it is required, 24/7 across the WHOLE COUNTRY. That's why it is so important to keep commercial airplanes in the sky. That's my opinion. Next are two pictures of the woodland area on the east side of my driveway that I took Sunday. That will never dry up until late summer if it dries up at all, UNLESS the spraying stops. THEN we will get hot and dry. But Ohio summers were ALWAYS hot and dry when I was growing up. Maybe one or two days of rain a month, not five-seven days a week.

Screenshot of radar taken at 1:05 a.m. on Sunday, March 29

Screenshot of 7-Day Forecast on Sunday, March 29

Flooded Woodland, March 29

Flooded Woodland, March 29

When I got up on Sunday morning, the porch temperature was 66.6 degrees. Hmm. A message, no doubt. And indeed, when these skies get so dark, especially after such a violent event and even worse today, there is the feeling of something very evil in the air. And so, with that statement, let us go on to fear and disclosure. I have been discussing disclosure and have more on that, but first let's deal with fear. Certainly everyone notices that the media ALWAYS makes everything sound as bad as it can possibly be, which keeps the majority of people in fear and panic, distracted from the real catastrophic situations that have been accelerating for the past decade, mainly the weather warfare program, but also Fukushima and the proliferation of deadly electromagnetic towers and satellites. There are some silver linings here, too. I cannot imagine why Tokyo was chosen for the Olympics, exposing ALL THOSE PEOPLE to Fukushima. Why would anyone want to go to Japan? I am thinking that this postponement will end up being a cancellation because, if anyone is still around by then, the apocalyptic scenario will be much worse. And I have a feeling, and this is just a hunch, that this virus is going to keep recycling, becoming more deadly each time around. I hope all of my readers know to NOT get vaccinated, if a vaccine comes out. What we are experiencing now is the tip of the iceberg.
Tokyo Olympics postponed until 2021 because of coronavirus pandemic
China's premier warns local officials not to hide new coronavirus infections
Mystery In Wuhan: Recovered Coronavirus Patients Test Negative . . . Then Positive
And it's not just the virus, it's everything. The paid liars at the National Weather Service and The Weather Channel ALWAYS exaggerate the weather situation. Granted, many DO turn out to be catastrophic, but one almost gets the idea the ENJOY terrorizing the public. The government certainly does, and the alien controllers COUNT on fear to keep in control. Have you ever wondered how different the landscape might be if everyone just stayed calm and behaved prudently? We would not have stupid shit like the "toilet paper panic," and even worse the food panic, which will deplete already depleted supplies even more because people are selfish and wasteful. NOBODY SHOULD BE WASTING FOOD. Eat your fucking leftovers, for Christ's sake. And don't hoard food that others really need. I would hope that all of you, my regular readers, are doing just fine, because we began preparing for this months ago.

I really won't go into Trump, and his soaring approval from the public, but sooner or later the public is going to realize it's all lies and fairy tales. I don't live in New York, but it seems to me that Governor Cuomo should be in the White House because HE is actually taking responsibility.
Fact check: Trump utters series of false and misleading claims at coronavirus briefing
That one is from several days ago, but he's still lying . . . .

Here is an article from Bernhard Guenther on fear and how it affects our physical world, and in this case, specifically the virus. I would take heed on what he says. Remember, it is ALL in the mind, which is why they have gone through so much trouble to weaken our minds and distract us.
Corona Fear Virus and the Forces of Illness
Lisa Renee says that "what we fear, controls us" and I absolutely agree! How can we hope to gain our freedom when we are imprisoned by our own fears? Fear keeps us stuck in a low vibration, where we DO NOT want to be right now. Not that we are not being terrorized from all sides. But the more we realize just how much the physical world is an illusion, then we will find the strength to dispel fear. I consider myself a pretty courageous person, but there are times when I feel surrounded by terror, and not by accident. I have learned to face it head on and let it pass through, but, GEEZ, I have been REALLY challenged lately. THEY are feeling threatened and are pulling out all the stops. No one said this would be easy.

And now, let's move on to a bit more about disclosure. I have been going on about this for years, as has Lisa Renee, so I have one of her Newsletters to share. If you find her extreme technical explanations annoying, which I do, just move through it, because the root of her message is important. We all express ourselves differently. I'm sure people often find me offensive and think I use the word "fuck" too much, but that's me.
Pestilence Program
Like me, she goes back to WWII, which was the time when things really ramped up and the government and military began their programs to poison and mind-control the population. Keep in mind that this all comes from off-planet entities and those on earth involved in it are either Reptilians disguised as humans, or their puppets. Here are two quotes:

A Full Disclosure Event is referring to the highest level of extraterrestrial disclosure to earthlings that reveal the most detailed scenarios of our true hidden extraterrestrial human Galactic History and not the manipulated NAA version of Archontic Deception Strategy used to control the mainstream historical records that have enslaved the human population since the Sumerian-Egypt Invasion. Humans would be briefed beyond just knowing about the existence of the extraterrestrial races, crafts and cooperative agreements made with earthly world governments, additionally, humans would be reeducated to know about NAA groups, Secret Space Programs, Human Trafficking, Mind Control, Transhumanism and AI agendas, DNA and genetic manipulation breeding programs on planet and off planet. How earth, human resources and technology are used as bartering tools for trade in a variety of off planet civilizations and extraterrestrial species. A Full Disclosure Event includes revealing 'who is who' in the Power Elite Globalist groups and the Negative Alien groups that have abused their power on the earth, and are required to restore energetic balance with the crimes they have made against humanity by being accountable and making amends in Natural Law. At this time, the Black Suns have upped their game and refuse to cooperate with agreements for disclosure, thus for many of us on the ground which have the spiritual mission that supports full disclosure, it is really all up to us acting as independent journalists and ascension-disclosure guides to pull it down together.
DNA vaccines in combination with 5G or electromagnetic waves are the next stage of breakthrough for carrying out the transhumanism agenda. The objective of the transhumanist agenda is to fuse man with the machine and in doing so, eliminate what fundamentally makes us human, so that we can be controlled and possessed by the NAA forces. It is all about changing humanity at the fundamental genetic level, preventing bio-spiritual ascension and attacking human sovereignty. DNA vaccines are being used with 5G electromagnetic waves to attempt to forcibly insert foreign DNA in order to change human genetics.

Unless you are like me and Lisa Renee, and participate in off-planet work, you may feel powerless to act in this situation. But remember, everything we do ON PLANET to expose the lies, breaks down off-planet control and weakens them. The best place to start is with Dane Wigington and his huge global activist group. Be careful with whom you associate yourself. Most of these "environmental groups" are non-profit organizations through the Federal Government and must follow the government's rules in order to stay that way, making them most of the time, useless liars. If that was not so, the covert weather warfare programs would have been exposed ages ago. You can also help Arthur Firstenberg, who is going it alone to stop 5G, and is seeking assistance in the form of those that can make phone calls, etc. And of course, you can help Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, as they work to dispel the myth surrounding that horrific event. Work with these people, get their materials and spread the truth far and wide. We are all in an isolated situation now, more or less, so get on your computers and send materials to anyone you think needs to hear it. Here are some websites which you should all be familiar with by now.

GeoengineeringWatch (Dane Wigington)
Cell Phone Task Force (Arthur Firstenberg)
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

I have actually used up most of my saved links, and I am trying to avoid saving more. I am going to spend a few days reading and getting caught up on half-finished web projects, and coloring out on my porch, if it warms up. Let me end this with a segment of an email I sent to a friend that sums up much of how I am perceiving our present situation.

The physical world has always been an illusion—a projection of our thoughts, and let's face it, the most prevalent thoughts on the planet now are GREED, FEAR, HATE and total SELF-ABSORPTION. We are all waking up now, and for those who have been fast asleep, the reality THEY face (the projection of their own degenerate minds and souls) is indeed ugly. And this is providing a banquet for those who feed off our fears.

But a timeline split implies that there is another reality (and remember, physical reality is ALWAYS an illusion, a projection of our inmost thoughts). So many of us have been training for this for decades and lifetimes, to be able to face these fears and horrors as WE project the new world. And as I said, there absolutely WILL be a culling, but not as most imagine. Because of the energy differences, each person will find themselves in a physical reality to match their vibration. I have been speaking of THIS for four decades.

Fear accomplishes nothing. It only feeds those that live off our emotions and I have no intention of giving them a free lunch. Knowledge and courage give us power. That power has risen exponentially over the past several years, in fact since 2012. None of us know how this will turn out, but sitting around worrying about what THEY will do to us is a guarantee to failure. We MUST be getting to them because THEY have reached desperation point. Right now fear is their greatest weapon against us, and it is spreading like wildfire, consuming those who have not looked beyond the world that is not part of their own self interest. Do not tap into that world.

I have literally sacrificed my whole life for this moment. I have lived dirt poor and suffering the abuse of an alien race that has been determined to shut me up. I am not alone, in fact there are millions of us, on and off planet. You wrote to me recently that the ones we have been waiting for, to show up and help us, are not going to after all. But that is false. WE ARE HERE.

Facing the facts is one thing, but how one reacts to the "facts" is another. And one more time—our emotional processing of what we believe we are experiencing will determine our vibration and the outcome of our reality, which is why we are all experiencing such different realities at this point. No one knows how this will turn out, but if I must leave my body, I intend to avoid the recycling bin. I have NO INTENTIONS of returning yet one more time to this hell-hole and that alone has given me immense inspiration!

But perhaps they really ARE out there, waiting to help us, and the right time has not yet arrived?

Fighting Over Toilet Paper

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