Behind the Scenes, Part 3: Beyond the Headlines

For those of you who regularly read my book reviews, you may recall that in many of the sci-fi, futuristic books I have reviewed, speech was replaced by silent telepathic messages. As we continue to break down the physical world of the Matrix and move into the new paradigm where our lives will be navigated energetically, we must begin to pull away from the perception of life through our five senses, which are deeply flawed and have been corrupted, and, in our stillness, of which we ALL should be taking advantage now, learn to perceive what is being broadcast to us from our own inner receptors that are not part of the physical five senses. When we finally are able to discern that we are being bombarded with mind-control messages, AND being given beneficial information from our allies, the world will start to look mighty different. In fact, we have ALWAYS operated subliminally, without having a clue. But THEY have always known and used it to their advantage. We need to eradicate their advantage, and that means looking WAY beyond the headlines and understanding the lies and propaganda that is being foisted upon us. Of course, we have known about fake news for years, but this goes a level or two deeper. If you are new to these articles and have not seen the movie, They Live, you can watch it free here. In the movie, everything that seemed real was actually nothing but subliminal messages being broadcast through signs, which no one could see UNTIL they put on the sunglasses. Then they saw an entirely different planet and could clearly see that about half of the population were not even people at all. The message in that movie is true. And so in Part 3 of this series, I will present alternative interpretations of what we are experiencing.

First of all, I want to remind everyone to NOT succumb to fear in this "crisis" we are experiencing. NOTHING is as it seems, and all of this is NOT about a virus, either, but that has been a good distraction for many. Keep on the path, because if you are reading this, especially if you are one of my faithful readers, YOU have been called to be a warrior in this FINAL battle for freedom. Here is one of Lisa Renee's latest blogs.
Maintaining Calm in the Storm

Here is the article by John Whitehead that originally prompted me to watch the movie.
They Live, We Sleep: Beware the Growing Evil in Our Midst
Please re-read it and pay special attention to the subliminal messages the aliens were broadcasting, such as MARRY AND REPRODUCE, CONSUME, NO INDEPENDENT THOUGHT, BUY, WATCH TV, NO IMAGINATION, and DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY. And especially the dollar bills labelled THIS IS YOUR GOD. This message indeed is what is being broadcast to us today, in fact, the "economy" has taken center stage over the illness itself.

I am quite weary of writing these articles. There will be one more in this series, then I plan to get on with my own work, which is ushering in the new paradigm. And for all of you reading this, that should be YOUR work, too. It is here, and you either understand that or you don't. No one ever said this would be a birthday party. A ray of sunshine beaming down upon us, then everyone would love each other and we would all be happy. Well, actually, most of the "New Age" people DID say that, the ones that thought we would all awaken and would be "one," which I always thought was a load of crap anyways. The truth is we have a hostile alien presence on this planet and our job is to get rid of them and regain our freedom and THAT is where all your thoughts should be focused. We have centuries of lies and deception, piles of stinking shit to clean up and a planet to purge so that we may create the life that was always meant to be here on Earth. So let go of the fear, NOW and stop thinking "they" are out to get us. WE are out to get them, and anyone who has read Bringers of the Dawn will understand that the Pleaidians TOLD us (and many of us already knew) the WE who are bringing the new LIGHT would dismantle the old paradigm. We cannot have our cake and eat it, too. We cannot remain in this old money system and all the other "systems" that are nothing but Reptilian control devices, operating within an absolutely unsustainable lifestyle. The faster you let go of the old system, the faster you will move into the new. But meanwhile, all are needed to break down the Matrix. That includes energetic and off-planet work, for those of us who engage in that activity, plus also working with the millions of others who are bringing to LIGHT the lies and corruption. That includes especially Dane, and his work to expose the climate engineering/weather warfare atrocity, plus Arthur Firstenberg and his work to stop 5G, Architects an Engineers for 9/11 Truth, and a host of others which I will list in my last article in this series. Now, we will take a look at all the "supposed" events of which people are living in fear.

First, there's Martial Law. Do you actually see that happening, anywhere? Here in Ohio I am relaxing at my farm and not a bit ill at ease. I spent much of today on my porch, coloring. If I need to run an errand I do, although I really don't want to go out there at all and anyone with half a brain cell will stay home and stop bitching. Granted, we don't know everything happening everywhere in the world, and China probably would be considered to be under martial law. But they're a Communist country anyways and the people should be used to the government running their lives. But martial law is NOT the same as military intervention to assist in an emergency! Here is Wikipedia's definition. In places such as Italy, where there is a military presence, they are there to enforce quarantines. Quarantines are there to stop the spread of the virus and people SHOULD be following them. But I certainly do NOT see evidence that the military is rounding people up and locking them in buildings or slaughtering them. Not yet, so let's just stick with the present and know that we can steer this all in the right direction with our minds. There have been cases of people being released from prisons, in fact, in the U.S. to keep people separated and not spread the virus in close quarters. People need to CALM DOWN.

Here are some articles on Stupid People that really DO need to be locked up because they are willfully endangering others.
Man licked deodorant in a Walmart for coronavirus prank video, authorities say
Men accused of coughing on people, then claiming they have coronavirus
And this one is absolutely the worst. OMG, all that fresh organic produce. I don't know whether I want to cry or scream or puke, (none of which I normally do).
A grocery store threw out $35,000 in food that a woman intentionally coughed on, sparking coronavirus fears, police said
Kentucky Has 39 New Cases; 1 Person Attended A 'Coronavirus Party'
Crowds packed California beaches despite shelter in place order
Remote islands swamped by people trying to escape virus
There are lots more, of course, and you have to ask, what the fuck is WRONG with these people? Ignorance, apathy self-absorption and mental derangement.

Then there is the issue of "culling" which seems to be everyone's biggest fear. As I said before, in order to "cull" the population, really, then BILLIONS of people would have to die. THEY are not going to kill us off because WE are their food source. It would be like someone going into their vegetable garden and destroying all the vegetables. In my opinion, this whole "culling" thing stems from our own subconscious fear that we KNOW the planet is WAY, WAY overpopulated, and it is inevitable that a massive number of people must leave. Period. We are drowning in our own garbage, we've killed off the plant and animal population, we've poisoned every life-supporting aspect of this Earth, and we think of nothing but money, greed, and self-absorption. Well, most people do. Why would we not be culled? The problem is, all these people who mistakenly believe that "god" created every person and that when a woman gets pregnant, it is because "god" is sending a baby to Earth. People need to let go of that myth. Babies come from sex and in most cases, irresponsible use of their reproductive organs. And so, people do NOT want to admit this, nor take responsibility, NOR face the guilt of what the human race has done to this once pristine place called Earth, so it is much easier to blame it on the "enemy" that wants to kill us off. SO will there be a culling? ABSOLUTELY, and a necessary one. But as Lisa Renee points out in the above article, there is no such thing as death. I've been saying that for years. As the gap widens between those still living in the Matrix and those creating the new paradigm, everyone must go where their energy is compatible. It could be us. WE might move to a different planet. Or it could be the others that are not ready to make the transition. Plus, the Aliens, Alien Hybrids and Transhumans who just need to get the hell gone, and I don't care where they go I just want to be rid of them. That alone will "cull" the population immensely.

And there is also the rumor that the virus is not hitting the elite, but that is not true either. People in our government are testing positive, lots of people in the entertainment industry and what about THIS one, huh?
Prince Charles tests positive for novel coronavirus
So we need to let go of all our erroneous perceptions, listen to our inner voice, and resume the work at hand.

From what I am seeing, the greatest impact the crisis is having, is on the economy. And though past economic disasters often served to benefit the elite, and many were orchestrated by them in order to get free taxpayer relief for their own irresponsible business activity, I think this one got out of hand, if, in fact, that was the agenda. And so we see this totally impotent government scrambling to look good as the financial Titanic continues to sink. In fact, it seems that the ECONOMY is all these people REALLY care about because the ECONOMY keeps them in power. Money and religion have been used for eons to control the populations and are much more effective than guns and weapons, which merely kill. Religion is less effective nowadays, but money is even more so. And so we have this massive "coronavirus stimulus bill" coming from our government, which is too little too late and in the long run will not save the economy because people are going to keep getting sick for a long time and how can businesses keep going as humanity shuts down? I believe this scenario is their GREATEST FEAR. For those of you who are long time readers, you will note that the very first article I wrote when I created this present site was on money. I really have a great disdain for the money system, and it has been in the forefront of my writings through all these years. To any new readers, you can check out my Bible articles to further understand my position on all this. And there is more, too, which I will share soon. Here is the latest, and do you not wonder just where the hell the government is going to get ALL THAT MONEY. Talk about irresponsible debt!!!! I can't even wrap my mind around a number like that. I remember when "billion" seemed like an incomprehensible number. It has all gotten WAY out of hand, in addition to the fact that NONE of it is real. The Fed simply prints more money when we need it, and it is based on nothing of value. But the chickens will come home to roost, as they say, and the whole shebang will collapse and that will be GOOD. We must TRUST our ability to create all we need. I have been there, done that, and every time I thought I would starve or be homeless, something came through for me. WE are the Bringers of Light and WE need to be here right now.
What's in the $2 trillion coronavirus stimulus bill

Now let's take a look at who stands to benefit from the misery of others. Business, money, power. Those have always been put ahead of the welfare of people and it is no exception now. HOWEVER, pay close attention. Are things going as planned?? I don't think so. Here are stories I've collected—examples of how some business is getting a boost, or wants a boost through the suffering of others. First, let's begin with those looking for bailouts or an easy way out of a mess THEY created through risky and irresponsible actions. If you look back in history, you will find that orchestrated crashes were just for that reason. In the case of this first one, if corporations and banks were not so greedy and more cautious about debt, the economy would support the public, not just the wealthy.
Here's what could really sink the global economy: $19 trillion in risky corporate debt
And in this next one, a lot of these stores would have closed anyways, and many are.
Retailers were struggling. Then came the coronavirus
Companies that binged on buybacks now seek bailouts from taxpayers
Of course we, the taxpayers should NOT have to bail out these irresponsible companies. Will we? Or will it all collapse? It should. All this greed and corruption NEEDS to be brought to public attention. How many times do people need to witness the government bailing out corporations while people suffer before they finally wake up and SPEAK OUT? Is that what this is about? Will the paradigm shift FORCE people to see all this greed and corruption and call out the perpetrators of all this evil?

Then we have the ones that are downright swamped and looking to hire.
Walmart, Dollar Tree and 7-Eleven want to hire nearly 200,000 workers as the coronavirus pandemic continues
Here are 700,000 open jobs that need to be filled immediately
There it is—money again. The fun has just begun, eh? But for all these businesses that are now booming because people are in a panic, two things will happen. First, all these sick people that are forced to work will eventually spread the virus to Walmart, Amazon, UPS, etc. Second, what is going to happen when supplies, especially FOOD runs out? My advice is not to give these people business. Grocery stores are still open. Be prudent, plan ahead, buy what you really need and stop being greedy. Jeff Bezos does NOT need to make more money, nor do these sick employees need to be at work just because people are so fucking afraid of running out of toilet paper. I went to the Ravenna Marc's and ALDI on Tuesday mid-morning. Most everything was stocked, lots of fruits and vegetables were on sale, everything was calm and I now have a fully stuffed refrigerator with my meals planned ahead and nothing will go to waste.
'Terrified' Package Delivery Employees Are Going to Work Sick
Amazon Prime Pantry delivery service temporarily shut due to excessive demand
Amazon warehouses are getting hit with coronavirus cases
So the point here is all about GREED. The media makes it seem like these companies are doing so well and want to hire people and in the short run that seems "good," at least in the minds of some people. But in the long run, it is going to exacerbate the spread of the virus even more. Plus it will put a strain on the food supply, which we have known for a long time is in trouble because of the climate issue. People that are hoarding all this food will no doubt waste half of it, which as far as I'm concerned is criminal and certainly unethical. People are just SO FUCKING STUPID. I really like just being away from them. Anyways, I have this hunch, and this is just a feeling, that this virus is going to keep cycling around again and again because people are being foolish. And if financial gain was the plan by those who bioengineered this thing, it will backfire. But I don't think THAT was the plan . . . The most important thing we must do to keep from further getting pulled back into the Matrix is to look at the big picture and ask yourself if ANY of this behavior is sustainable. Or rational. Or sane. Or is it just another distraction? Meant to create fear? Yes, on the last two.

Then we have those in the government who illegally SOLD stock before the COVID-19 crash.
Richard Burr and other senators sold lots of stock as virus fears started
Coronavirus: US Senators face calls to resign over 'insider trading'
This is illegal, of course. Will they be punished? They certainly should resign from their jobs. As this crisis worsens, and it will, it seems that more and more of the corruption will bubble to the surface. All the secret activity of these people needs to be broadcast in plain view. If this present crisis goes on long enough, it must, and if not, there will be another crisis on its heels. Because remember, the BIG issue is the looming climate disaster. And if the government and economy becomes so weakened by the virus, they will have less power to control the next crisis. Full disclosure, remember, must be our topmost goal. And how about this?
Secret Service incurred more than $950,000 in expenses for Trump stay at his Scotland resort

And last of all, we see Trump and other money grubbers wanting to get the economy rolling again, and if that happens, I suspect it will be an even worse health disaster. And ultimately economic. And below is the image from this story, another priceless "face" and definitely NOT a happy camper. Look at those bags under his eyes.
Trump's hope for an Easter reopening clashes with coronavirus reality
Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: 'I'm all in' on risking my health to lift social distancing guidelines for economic boost
Just because HE'S willing to risk his health doesn't give him the right to risk others'.

NOT a happy camper

And so I leave you with these thoughts. As we process through our splitting off from the Matrix, bifurcation, or splitting of timelines, it is EXTREMELY important where you allow your thoughts to go. If we are to survive and accomplish our goal, as stated in Bringers of the Dawn, we must realize that all this is the collapse of the old paradigm which is not sustainable and has enslaved us for millennia, and that is what we want. So we must not fear, but continue to move ahead, using the power of our minds to guide us with perfect integrity as we bring about the new world. We have dreamed of this for thousands of lifetimes, and it is HERE NOW. I will publish one more article on this subject, concerning Fear and Disclosure. After that, I am not sure what I will do but I am truly getting sick of my computer. I really rather be out on my porch coloring, and I have lots of interesting book reviews coming up. Anyways, I have worked extremely hard to gather and organize all this material for all to use in helping us with our perceptions, and I hope that you, my readers, have found it helpful and enlightening. Hint—it would really be nice if someone would actually let me know. Working in a vacuum can be draining . . .

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