Behind the Scenes, Part 2: Multiple Scenarios and Hidden Agendas

Once again, I find myself inundated with material to share, although I am finding myself less and less interested in what is going on in the news. Remember what I spoke of in Part 1 of this series, that Between Two Worlds thing again, or you may call it the Bifurcation or Splitting of Timelines, both terms used frequently by Lisa Renee.

I am perfectly OK with "social distancing," in fact, I distance myself from society as much as I can and only go out into it when I must. I am attuned to silence and solitude. Being quiet allows us to get a totally different perception of what is really going on, and we must now be EXTREMELY careful as to which world we are tapping into: the physical world of the Matrix, or the world of energy which was always meant to be our residence. I am slipping away, more and more from the Matrix, and for a while there, having very strange glitches and surreal experiences. But it is settling in now and that is good. In fact, I am moving away at blinding speed, and heading into the place where I have always wanted to be. When I think to myself that I need to buy something at the grocery store, an over-riding thought says, "No, create it yourself and it will be much better." I'm not consciously trying to gear my mind in that direction, it just IS. After forty years of practice it's about time. Because we all must face the fact that only those who can control their physical world with their minds will survive. We have been moving toward this for a long time. Do I think I am ready? Only time will tell, but I do know that for those of us who have taken this creation thing seriously, as the Matrix shuts down, the force that has imprisoned us will lessen. But for right now, I am finding it extremely difficult to concentrate. EVERYTHING is taking me SO long to accomplish, and I will be thinking of something, then POOF! it's gone. I know there are lots of things messing with our minds, but this is the feeling of coming apart and breaking away. And that is good.

I will give some other examples of what is going on. The other day, a long-time friend called me. She said another friend, whom I've know for over thirteen years was also concerned about me. When she said the person's name, I was like, "who?" OMG. But that is how much I'm slipping away from this reality. I have dreamed of this "shut-down" for so long because it is ABSOLUTELY what the world needs. Slow down and be quiet, because we have one last chance to listen to our inner voice and not be fooled by the false reality which has had us in its control for thousands or millions of years.

For those who are new to my writings, I putter with old computers. Never bought one in my life, I just take all the old ones that other people are throwing away and make them work. The one I have been running for the past several years is perfect for everything I need. Of course, I STILL run XP, and have known for a while that my Firefox would stop supporting YouTube. I have not been able to watch, for instance, news videos for a long time, but I didn't really care. Anyways, I went to listen to Dane's latest broadcast this morning and found that this was the day that I could no longer do that. I had done a bit of previous research, as there are so many browsers now, but none that I had considered would work. Then I watched a very professional YouTube from last month on the best browsers for XP, and came up with MyPal, and YES, it updates for XP, is free, and plays everything. I will put that download link on my Links page, and it can be used with any Windows OS. It is a very nice browser. Anyways, I began listening to Dane, and after a few minutes, I knew I did not want to continue. I am in no way saying you should do that, but in this latest, at least for what I listened to, he struck me as only seeing the negative side of our present situation, and I most definitely do not. I am not disagreeing with what he says, because every bit of it can be backed up with scientific data. What I AM saying, though, is that our reality is ALWAYS based on our perceptions, and our perceptions are based on where our energy is focused. That is the driving force now that is splitting off the timelines. Dane has done such a tremendous amount of good for us, and has worked so hard and remained so determined, that I truly do see him as the hero of so many causes, the main one being the criminal climate engineering/weather warfare atrocity going on in the skies, and of that, I have no objections. But the main point of separation between he and I is that he does not perceive what is going on in the energetic background, or at least he has never appeared to. Nor would he ever allow himself to admit alien interference, and I have no idea what his personal opinion of that is. But that is THE MAIN factor in the equation, the whole root of ALL WE ARE SUFFERING THROUGH on this planet, and in that respect, THEY are NOT winning. No matter how it appears in the physical world the Matrix IS shutting down, and has been for quite a while. We are just now seeing the results in the physical world. Lisa Renee has published some good material, which I will share in the next edition of this series.

And so, what I am going to do here is present different points of view with my opinions. First, I want to return to Dane, and his soon to be released documentary, The Dimming. It should have been released last year, but his producer died suddenly under questionable circumstances, and some of Dane's materials went missing. He had copies, of course, and has a new producer, so hopefully it will be released soon, and it will be FREE to view on his site. Here is the four-minute trailer, and I cannot WAIT for the whole film to come out.
The Dimming, Film Preview
Now, Dane has been saying for the past several years that when the climate situation finally reaches the point where its gravity can no longer remain hidden from the public, and along with that, the population waking up to the heinous crime that has been taking place in the skies for over seventy years, the Controllers (or not), would create a massive distraction and lots of death. OK, so I have zero doubt that COVID-19 was bio-engineered, HERE in this country and released in China first to make them look like the bad guys, and they ARE, just like us and the rest of the world governments. All nothing but mafia, as Dane says. Yes, agreed. However, I DO NOT believe that all is going as planned. People are NOT dying, as, for instance they did during the plagues in the Dark Ages. It would take several BILLION deaths to qualify as culling, and we are not even remotely there. BUT, keep in mind, Bringers of the Dawn ALSO predicted an event of massive death, and so have I and so has Lisa Renee, and it would NOT be a negative. As Lisa said at the end of last year, 2020 would be the year many people who needed to leave the planet, would, indeed. Remember, it is how we perceive the situation. In Bringers of the Dawn, the Pleiadians also presented it as a needed event. Their number, I believe, was 20 million, and we aren't even close to that yet. But THEY said it would be the trigger we needed to finally jolt the awakening. And so, I sit back here and focus my mind beyond all this, which keeps leading to FULL DISCLOSURE about alien inteference, and without that AND disclosure about the MASSIVE lies we have been told about EVERYTHING, we CANNOT move on in our spiritual evolution. Period. This MUST happen, so take care of yourselves, and think beyond.

And one more point about Dane's The Dimming. I find it interesting that its release has coincided with the release of this virus. It contains DAMNING facts. And the other thing he has been speaking about—well, we all have for years, is a release of the truth about the 9/11 tragedy, which we all KNOW was a lie and cover-up for the nefarious behavior of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and all the other war-mongers and elite who have so greatly benefitted from the U.S. militay involvement in the Middle East, as in slaughtering INNOCENT PEOPLE who have done NOTHING to us.
Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth
has been working for over a decade to get the result of their research to the public, AND to re-open an investigation. They are heading closer and closer, and that will drop like a bomb on most of the totally clueless population who STILL cannot believe that OUR government could do something so evil. OH, NO!! Just GET on their site, and the first thing you will see is a video clip of that building coming down and you would have to be missing all your brain cells to STILL believe it was a plane that did that. Here is their latest:
Peer-Reviewed Journal Publishes Article on Academic Resistance to 9/11 Truth. Outright Hostility Ensues.
Please follow the links and educate yourselves on what is going on here, because the truth WILL come out and it will be an explosion. These lies CANNOT be kept hidden any longer. And so, this would certainly qualify as another aspect of the hidden agenda concerning the release of the bio-engineered COVID-19. But I still say, THEY WILL NOT WIN.

Dane has also spoken of Pat Tillman, and I have to admit, I was unfamiliar with that event. Here is some interesting reading, which ties into the ILLEGAL aspect of the U.S. in the Middle East.
Ten Years Later: Questions Still Surround Pat Tillman’s Death
And this one is eved more damning.
New book describes Pat Tillman as increasingly disillusioned with Iraq war

And here is yet one more piece of evidence that the climate issue is literally coming apart at the seams, and probably all of us in Dane's community believe THAT is the crux of the matter. From the strictly physical aspect, when the populations realize the governments have been the cause of all these floods and droughts, fires, tornadoes—NO weather is natural any more, the guns will come out. Dane has made the point of saying that the U.S. has the most heavily armed civilian population in the world.
Guns, ammunition flying off shelves of local shops
Gun sales surge as coronavirus pandemic spreads
People keep talking about Martial Law, but I don't see any sign of that. Although that just might change if people go to the White House and start shooting. Otherwise, Trump doesn't seem to really notice anything except his popularity waning. Or maybe he doesn't even notice that, but he certainly does notice that he's lost a lot of money. Therefore, he wants everyone to get back to work.
Trump itching to scale back social distancing after 15 day-period, aides say
OMG . . .

And now, back to the climate. Not only the weather disasters, but the fact that these barely human creatures have literally destroyed the Earth's ability to support life might piss a few people off when they realize the immensity of the disaster. SO MUCH DAMAGE has been done, not to mention all the other stuff, like Fukushima, GMOs, EMFs and on and on. Well, here's the latest from Arctic News. You know that 3 degrees C. rise in temperture that was our limit before we literally started to bake? Well, it appears we have used up 2 already.
2°C crossed
They're still saying we have until 2026, but from where I'm standing, my opinion is that this is going to follow on the heels of this virus. THIS is the new normal and we're not going back. Another reason we MUST get out of our dependence on the physical world and use our minds to shift the future.

When Dane speaks of climate engineering, he always says we cannot discuss that without discussing geoengineered cool-downs. THAT is the reason we in the East have had nearly non-stop precipitation for at least the last six years, but closer to ten for me. I am on my 49th day of precipitation so far this year. Are you all keeping up with the QPF Page at NWS. Here is today's 7-day precipitation outlook. Think we're not getting deluged?? It looks like that EVERY FUCKING WEEK.

7-day precipitation outlook

But something is happening, and this is GOOD for us and bad for them. With all the airlines shut down, it seems that the military planes, even though they are literally spraying us 24/7, it doesn't seem to be enough to keep the temperatures down OR to even create the rain dump. I've been noticing this more and more. Last night we were "scheduled" to get rain all night and all morning today. We got less than a tenth of an inch last night, then it stopped fairly early, EVEN THOUGH both The Weather Channel AND NWS had us down for 80 percent chance of rain, EVEN after there was NOTHING on radar. I went outside and could see the stars—a rare occurence these days, and no, it did not rain any more until this morning, and then just a bit more. But when Molly and I went to the mailbox, we got hit with this icy mist, and yet not a drop of rain appeared on radar. So I shudder to think of what was really coming down on us. But the point here is, they are losing control. Commercial planes have been fitted with nozzles for some years now, because is takes THAT MUCH poison raining down on us just to keep us from frying and finding out what they are up to. With the commercial planes out of commission, I am thinking that all the rain in the picture above ain't gonna happen. In fact, the number of days in a row of rain was ten, according to The Weather Channel. Now it is half that. I suspect it will be even less. And another thing—I keep seeing these articles on other countries whose air is clearing since the COVID-19 outbreak, which has shut down traffic, of course and other "polluting activities," but I cannot help but wonder if they are just not able to spray enough shit on us to be effective any more. That was coming anyways, but the virus has helped it along, which is GOOD.
Italy Sees Drop in Air Pollution Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Just look at the blue sky in this one. Granted, there is white towards the ocean, indicating spraying, but at least it's not filled with trails.
Coronavirus Having Unexpected Side Effect on Venice Canals
Coronavirus: Venice canals clearer after lockdown
And look at the sky in this one.
Coronavirus: Panama Tribal Gathering festival locked down
So, how much is ground-based pollution, which is now dissipating, and how much is toxic shit they are spraying on us? We shall see. No wonder Trump wants us to get back to work!
Since Coronavirus Outbreak, Airborne Nitrogen Dioxide Pollution Has Plummeted Over China
All we see here is this thick, pasty, white, day after day after day. I LIVE for the day I NEVER have to look at this shit again.
'This is a crisis.' Airlines face $113 billion hit from the coronavirus
Well, good, and I saw today Boeing was shutting down at least one of its factories. And though Musk tried to keep Tesla open, I believe I read he was forced to shut that down, too. He can shut down EVERYTHING he's doing and it won't break my heart, especially all those 5G satellites he's sending up. This too shall pass.

In any case, I do not believe it will be too long now that the whole climate engineering/weather warfare thing will come to a head, and at this point, Trump is so totally befuddled, he has totally lost even the illusion of being in command. And so I urge all of you to not listen to fear tactics and supposed threats. Remember, it is the Government that should fear the People, and not vice versa. Right now they are all behaving like a bunch of pussies, clueless as to what to do next. How can they take control of us when they have no control of themselves. Be strong and
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

Yes, I still have tons more on this subject, and so this Behind the Scenes series will have two more parts, I believe, and I will try to get those out as soon as possible because the more information we have, AND the better prepared we are to discern the truth, the better chance we have to escape this physical world and the Matrix. As always, I am grateful to all those who are my faithful readers.

And don't forget to check out Chautauqua's site. He is keeping up with new articles and information on his site along with helping me pass along what I have to share.
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