Behind the Scenes, Part 1

My oh my oh my. Well, here we go then. WE knew this was coming and that it had to come, and you, my regular readers, are prepared for it. What I have been saying for the past numerous years is coming to pass. We are now observing two distinct realities, yes, here we go again, Between Two Worlds, or, as Lisa Renee calls it, the Bifurcation. One is shutting down—the Matrix—and the other is the long-awaited reality in which so many of us have poured our energy, both on-planet, and those of us who are also involved in off-planet work, which would include both myself and Lisa Renee. And so we have lots and lots and lots of opinions as to what is going on, and as usual, I will not be shy about stating mine. Nothing is as it appears to be. We must carefully look behind the scenes to see what is happening in the background, then form an opinion. As usual, I keep an open mind to all I observe, plus I am always the skeptic, and carefully weigh all information. If it coincides with the information I am receiving from energetic sources, then I go for it, and that has all proved to be the most accurate, as you, my regular readers will note from my past articles. And I am not afraid to adjust my opinions. Remember, we are NOT in a STATIC situation. It is a global war beyond Biblical proportions and well beyond this planet. And as in any war, it may at first appear one side is winning, but that can drastically change. And so we must all use our minds to project our new reality. And that does NOT mean a return to normal, and anyone who is dreaming of a return to the former paradigm will find themselves in a terrible place. That is gone and we will NEVER return to what we thought was "normal." It was a Reptilian false reality that could no longer be sustained. Though Dane is not into the whole "alien" thing, he has been saying for years that our reality is not sustainable because it is built on false beliefs—downright lies, of course, a Ponzi scheme, the term he always uses, and for anyone paying even remote attention to the darkening horizon, this is not a "recession," nor a "depression," but a complete collapse. The most important thing for us all to remember is to NOT allow fear to creep into our thoughts, because THAT is their main weapon at this point. All their other weapons will fail if we do not succumb to fear.

I have so much to say, and so much material to share, so I will be breaking it all down into two or even three articles, which I hope to get out quickly. I have been tied up for the last three days and nights dealing with MAJOR flooding—well over two inches, and I cannot even pump it out fast enough because there is no place for the water to go. And you, all my readers, have GOT to understand by now that it is the climate/weather warfare issue that is the crux of the matter now—yes, I mean the COVID-19 crisis. Dane has said for years and years that, when they finally realize they can no longer hide what they have been doing, they will create a massive global crisis, and it will be a DISTRACTION, and here it is. And so, as for myself, I am stocked up with enough food to last me, one dog, four cats and four turtles until at least the end of April, if I must, and plenty of toilet paper, as I always buy it when on sale at Marc's, as we all should have been doing. Honestly, the stupidity of people!!! And after that, we will not even recognize the landscape, so at this point, I am putting my energy and mind-power into making sure we go in the right direction. I ask all of you to work with me, because as the Matrix shuts down, our thoughtforms will increasingly become more powerful, and so we MUST NOT succumb to fear, because that will send it all in the wrong direction. I am going to inundate you with stuff I have been collecting, along with commentary. I urge you all to read carefully, re-read, and open the links. I mean, many of us don't have much else to do right at the moment. Use this downtime wisely and prudently. Their plan is backfiring. WE have nothing to lose and all to gain, at this point. Anyone that thinks we will be done with this virus and can get on with life is terribly confused. We are just getting started, because the next thing to hit us will be the reality of the climate situation, as Dane and I and the rest of his community have been saying for years. I personally am willing to endure whatever I need to in order to stop this atrocity going on above me. TEN YEARS of nearly non-stop rain, and over seventy years of poisons raining down on us, killing the plants, the soil, the animals and US. And if what it takes is a COMPLETE AND TOTAL COLLAPSE OF THE GLOBAL MONEY SYSTEM, then I say, GO FOR IT. And that is what it will take and that is what is happening. And THAT was not planned. Things are not going as planned. Do you see? In fact, we are in the process of puking up all the lies that have been foisted upon us since the Reptilian Invasion, which will end with complete disclosure about Alien Interference and THAT is GOOD!!! In fact, ALL of this is good, and what we have been waiting for, so if you do not "get it," please rethink your attitude. Be extremely discerning as to what energy you tap into.

OK, so let us return to Bringers of the Dawn. I wrote three articles on that book, and the first includes a link for you to download it for free as a PDF file. It can be read on your desktop or laptop, or with a Kindle app. that can be downloaded for free for any device. I strongly urge you to put down your cell phones and keep them out of your house, because they are toxic. You do not need Wifi to download free eBooks. Get rid of this stuff because it is harmful and people need to learn to live without it because it will be gone. I have a tiny little cable called "On the Go" which has a USB port on one end, and the other end fits into my tablet where the charger goes. I load files from my computer onto a flash drive, and with ES file Manager, free from Google Play, I can transfer and organize files on a wireless device. I use my tablet as a reader only, so I do not NEED Wifi, although I had to go to the library to download the two apps.

Anyways, I am going to recap the three articles I wrote, and I have to say, just reading them again sends me somewhere far from this planet, into what I KNOW is real. There is a power in so much of their words that is beyond anything earthly, which is why I place such importance on them. The quotes I included in the first article,
Bringers of the Dawn, from October 8, 2018
have to do with the fact that many of us HERE NOW on the planet are NOT HUMAN but members of the Family of Light that have returned to set things right. That would include me, and I take my job seriously. WE are the creators of this planet, and that is perhaps why so many of us are determined to get rid of these invaders that have destroyed our Original Work.

They also make a point about electromagnetic frequencies and the Reptilian's alteration of them in order to control us. 5G is simply the next stronger step in that direction, but I'm really thinking that ain't gonna happen because when this financial collapse happens NO MONEY will be available and even Elon Musk will shut down his lethal operations. AND MONSANTO. (How good can it get???) And that is why I firmly believe that the astrocity going on in the skies will be stopped because, there will be no money to keep it going. And all the talk about the military taking over—well, perhaps at first, but when these military mercenaries realize the paycheck is gone, and even if there is money there will be nothing to spend it on—well, perhaps they may turn on the perpetrators of all this evil, which of course includes themselves. It won't be pretty, but could be entertaining. Adjust your attitude. THEY will not win.

Gosh, as I re-read this article as I write, I find so many quotes I want to re-quote, but will limit myself, Suffice it to say that they are what keeps me believing that it is WE who have created this crisis NOT THEM. DO NOT give your power over to these bastards. I am sick of people speaking of the elite's plan to cull the populatioon. I do not believe that, nor ever have. If this virus was meant to cull the population then it would have to kill a lot more than it has. A million. How about one-hundred-million? Even that would be a drop in the bucket because the Earth's population now has almost reached EIGHT BILLION. So it would take billions of deaths in order for a successful culling to happen. All that is REALLY happening now is the collapse of the global financial system, and if THEY really wanted to hurt us, they would have killed us right off and left the money intact. But now they are up shit creek, because it is the money that is being taken away from them. Pay attention to what is happening behind the scenes. WE are paralyzing them, not vice-versa. DO NOT be afraid and use your mind to keep up the momentum of what is happening. They have spent the last, couple decades creating fear, panic and distractions, such as 9/11. What they DO NOT want is for us to be quiet and still, because it is THAT situation that allows people to slow down their minds and listen to voices of wisdom. That is CERTAINLY NOT what they want, but as the current projection confirms, that is where we are going. Wipe out previous attitudes and perceive this whole thing in a different light. Here are a few quotes from the above article, beginning with this: They also say, "We would like to see you become qualified to form worlds consciously." Well, I've been speaking about that for years, because I know we can and we DID. I have been speaking about that for years, especially in my Bible articles and the fact that Jesus had complete control of the physical world, the part of his mission that "Christians" most often overlook. And how about this?

   The current owners' food source of fear, anxiety, chaos, hunger, and despondency must be removed. Guess who is removing this food source? You are! As members of the Family of Light, you are renegades. You are systems busters, here to conquer your own fears and show the rest of the planet that there is no reason to fear anything. You love to go in and cause trouble.

And this.

   Now, activity is beginning to bubble and boil again from the skies, and you will be faced with inserting a vast amount of new knowledge into your paradigms and your belief systems. This planet is in for a culture shock—a big surprise.

And this! Do you see things a bit differently now, as for the current "crisis?"

   As the frequency of fear begins to diminish upon this planet, many activities will be promulgated to bring about an increase in fear because those who live off the fearful frequency will be losing their nourishment, their food.

But this is what I most long for:

   The truth is going to come forward, a truth that will completely change the way you view the world. Woe to those who are unwilling to look. The shock reverberations are going to move around the world.

I hope I have tantalized you to re-read these three articles and get a grip on our current situation. As each person lets go a fear and perceives the world in a different light, WE GAIN POWER. We are on a roll and must not stop. Here is the second article.
Who Your Gods Are: Bringers of the Dawn Revisited, from June 30, 2019.
This one is an article, plus a reprint of an entire chapter. Here is the third article. I will not quote from these at the moment, but I have them handy and I may refer to them later.
More on Bringers of the Dawn, from July 9, 2019.

And as for culling, of course, the planet is WAY TOO overpopulated. I have read that the "ideal" population is 500 million and that sounds good to me. Then all the other inhabitants, the plants and animals will not be suffocated by human encroachment. I have thought for a long time that when all the Human/Reptilians and transhuman hybrids are removed from the planet, the number of beings remaining will actually be quite small. Can't wait.

Just a couple more things, then I will end this, but please keep checking back as I plan on posting something new on my site every day. I am working on a number of book reviews, and will keep the articles coming, too. Here is an excellent blog from Augureye Express. It is his "Featured Post" originally from February, 2013, and is perhaps even more relevant now. He speaks of being entranced by the star cluster Pleiades as a child, which fits right in with Bringers of the Dawn. PLEASE read this blog!! It fits right in with my present article. He speaks of his personal experience with UFOs, and the fact that, of course, the government knows about them AND is working with them. Well, WE knew that, didn't we?
The Face of Pernicious Evil

By the way, he speaks of stone monuments around the world that we cannot duplicate even with modern technology. Did anyone happen to see this article?
Easter Island moai statue destroyed by truck
This asshole has no doubt incited the rage of some god/goddess . . .

I have volumes of articles to share, in case you missed them, but I want to deal with just one more thing, and that is the pathetic thing in the White House masquerading as President. Incompetent, totally impotent, absolutely unable to even remotely grasp the situation at hand. For one split second, it seemed like there was just the tiniest possibility that he realized he may have made a few little errors and was in need of an attitude change. A hint of normal brain function. Just look at this photo. That is the face of one sick puppy. But don't get me wrong. He is not suddenly worried about the welfare of US, he is concerned only about his own sorry ass and the asses of those he regularly licks in order to keep his illusion of power. Which is based on money. Which is going down the drain. Another reason to cheer the collapse of the stock market.
Trump's coronavirus conversion
And keep in mind, he is, basically, nothing but an actor—a reality TV star, so why would anyone believe a word that comes out of his mouth, although at first it appeared that his massive failure might have hit him. But it didn't last long, as we saw during the week.
Trump, finally, takes the coronavirus emergency seriously
Washington Post: US intelligence warned Trump in January and February as he dismissed coronavirus threat
And the lies become a glaring neon sign in plain view to all, and that is the good that will come out of this. ALL THESE LIES and cover-ups will NO LONGER be able to remain hidden, ultimately leading to FULL DISCLOSURE about the alien agenda, and I will cover that in my next article.
Americans are going to demand to know why US wasn't prepared for this pandemic
New polls show effect of right-wing media's dismissive and conspiratorial coronavirus coverage
Trump's new strategy on coronavirus is already being undermined by his own actions

And I want to share just one more bit of info which Chautauqua sent me in case anyone needs food or help with bills or rent, UNITED WAY has a COVID-19 Community Economic Relief Fund. The number to call is 1-866-211-9966.

My advice, however, is to urge everyone to use this time to work on your manifestation skills. Create what you want or need in your mind, then make it appear. There will come a point where Darwin's "Survival of the Fittest" will mean the difference between life and death, because not only will money be totally gone, but so will food. Those who survive will be the ones that have been working on honing these ancient skill which have been lost. As the Matrix breaks down, there will be more of a shift in energy towards remembering who and what we are and what we are capable of doing. Though it may not seem like you are successful, keep at it. I have been visualizing the collapse of the stock market for decades. I'll bet there are lots of us, and well, it is on its way. We must not let up. We can look at history and see events that people worked towards for decades or much longer that finally came to pass. We are on the path to accelerating our manifestation skills, so do not waste this relatively quiet time with useless activity or spend it worrying about how you will get what you need. Determine what you want or need, then make it appear.

To close this article, I want to share an amazing photo Chautauqua sent me. Did you ever wonder what the coronavirus looks like, very close-up?

Coronavirus Close-up

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