I wanted to post my letter to Kellogg's, their (immediate) response, then my response to that. It is at the bottom of this article. We all need to talk, write, blog, text—however you communicate, do it NOW. Will it change the course of the planet? No, at this point I don't think so, that is, humanity won't suddenly awaken and we will all love each other and get along and take care of the Earth. There will be no "Great Awakening" as so many New-Agers thought. That isn't even the idea here. It is to expose, not even the government and military and all those people doing those evil things. Nor even the "Shadow Government." It will expose the root of the problem, the "Occult Hostile Forces," the parasitic aliens that have been running this planet for eons. And it will shut the Matrix down.That is the only feasible goal at this point. We cannot undo the damage. Trying to fix all the zillions of horrors going on now is like putting Band-Aids on the cracks in the dam. It is all collapsing, so very fast now. Let it go, because when the Matrix shuts down, we will be in a different world. Are you ready for that world? I have been preparing for 37 years, and now I feel like I am in this nightmare, stuck in a traffic jam, and every side street I turn onto is yet another traffic jam. I don't know if I AM ready for the shutting down of the Matrix. Will it be as I have envisioned all these years? I dunno, but I do know that I cannot under any circumstances remain here in this situation.

Many of us are still reeling from the effects of the eclipse on August 21. As I said before, I am not into astrology, and I think people that take it so seriously, and believe that every little movement of the cosmos does this or that are just plain silly. However, I do believe there are energy forces that affect us, and natural cycles (though perhaps that will not be so when we escape the Matrix). But it seems when we have these major "cosmic events" that shift a great deal of energy, we also have the potential to advance by leaps and bounds. I was ready for that eclipse, as were many others. But what also happens is, as we take that giant leap, it takes a while to settle down and integrate the changes, and it is during these periods that these evil forces can pull the mat out from under us. We are weakened in a sense, because we have temporarily lost our ground, and that period before we land again can be hell. This one certainly was, both personally and globally. We had Harvey, and now Irma, followed by Jose, and Katia in the Gulf. They are lashing out at us left and right, and it is not a sign of power, it is a sign of desperation. They are losing their food source, (us), and their operating system, (The Matrix). Personally, these past couple weeks have been a disaster for me. I have had one thing after another go wrong, break, or get blocked or sabotaged. I have been under a massive attack, and many of us are feeling drained. Not only have I been faced with all this shit happening to me, but I have been in this terrible funk, where it has been nearly impossible to do anything, almost a mental paralysis. And add to that, there is a full moon.

But as I said, wasting our time trying to fix anything anymore is futile. It's nothing but Band-Aids, masking the real problem. Nearly everything I own is broken. I have stopped fixing and replacing. I just live with it broken or do without. Anything I fix just breaks again, and new stuff breaks, too. It is partly because of the attacks and sabotage and obstacles and distractions, but it is also due to the shutting down of our operating system. When the Matrix goes, everything running on it will go to, including the money system and all the institutions associated with it. The more you have disconnected from it, the better off you will be. But of course, as I said in my last article, we, nobody really knows where this is all headed, so I am keeping my focus in the direction where I want to go.

They are messing with our minds, or trying to, with greater intensity, at least these past couple weeks. Beware of dreams, triggers and thoughts that are not your own. Work on discerning what is yours and what is theirs. They are trying every last trick in the book in order to break us at the last minute. Be also aware of associations and connections we mentally make that can distort the meaning of things. Yesterday, one of my house-snakes returned; (I spoke of that in my last farm news article from September 2). I took that as a good sign, because I like snakes and these are my friends. This morning I woke up and felt like some of the pressure had eased. When I took the dogs out, there was an owl on my porch. I liked that, too. Even better, the cicadas are FINALLY shutting up. I have never heard them so loud for so long. All summer—deafening. They even drowned out the birds. And I just realized that my keys are no longer sticking on my keyboard. The last article I wrote, I had to keep unsticking them. This all seems better, but maybe these things mean nothing or I am associating them with the wrong ideas. I think as the Matrix shuts down we will see clearly just how much we have been programmed and mentally manipulated. Work every day to discern. It will make it easier to transition. Those who cannot, I believe, will be totally lost. I also awoke feeling that Irma would settle down a bit and shift east, so as not to hit the U.S. as bad as Harvey. She already devastated St. Martin. Here is a picture of the horrors from BBC News. Over 90% of the buildings on Barbuda have been damaged. These are incomprehensible catastrophes, but many, many people are waking up because of them, in addition to all the other cataclysmic events happening simultaneously. We cannot stop them, remember, but our growing awareness will shut the Matrix down. The "Occult Hostile Forces" cannot operate once they are discovered. That's why they are "occult," meaning hidden. Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure. Complacency is complicity. Tell everyone who will listen what you know. Share my articles. Shine a light and shut the Matrix down. WE ARE SO CLOSE.

Below, as mentioned, is my correspondence with Kellogg's. I urge everyone, in these final days, to make their voice heard. Let them know WE KNOW what they're doing. They and their evil deeds are no longer hidden.

Now that the GMO labeling laws have taken effect, it is easy to see who has kowtowed to the Corporate Creeps/Criminals at Monsanto/Bayer. It is painfully evident that Kellogg's has joined the ranks to poison their consumers. I just want you to know how thoroughly disgusted I am, and that Kellogg's products are no longer put into my shopping cart. I have been eating Kellogg's products for over 60 years. The Kellogg's label always meant healthy food. Now it means toxic food, like the bulk of what is now on the shelves.
For 30 years, I have been speaking out locally on environmental issues, then added GMOs, geoengineering, vaccines and pharmaceuticals in general, and the daily worsening planetary life support the ignorant public is subjected to by our governments, military, and corporate powers. The only voice recognized by lucrative entities as yourself is that of Wall Street. But slowly and surely the ignorant masses are awakening. More and more videos/documentaries are becoming available to anyone with eyes, ears and a brain. A new 9-part series was just released about GMOs. The movie VAXXED has shed a light to millions on the toxicity of vaccines. And millions and millions of people are now fighting the criminal acts of geoengineering and the poisoning of our air, water, and soil. A recent video, based on scientific facts that the atrocity in Houston was geoengineered, received over 100,000 hits in four days. It is all connected. Why do you think Monsanto has developed GMO seeds that can grow in high levels of aluminum, the most abundant ingredients in the aerosols being sprayed on us by the weather manipulators? AND THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE USING IN YOUR FOOD PRODUCTS! All these poisons and acts of poisoning come from a root source of Power. People are "getting it," finally.
So, do I believe this letter will make a difference? Not a snowball's chance in hell. But I also believe complacency is complicity. And I believe even more that an imminent global collapse is underway that accelerates every day. So, take a good look at all your assets, because they may not be around much longer. Shame on you, the whole lot of you. When the system goes down, you'll go down with it.

And here is their reply. In other words, they've been using GMO ingredients for 20 years. Yeah, but until the labeling laws passed, we had no way to know or prove it. They actually passed in 2016, but it has been recently that I've begun to notice them on packaging.

I understand you are concerned that we use GMO ingredients in our products and I’m glad that you let us know. This type of feedback is very helpful to us.
We purchase our ingredients on the open market and we do NOT purchase ingredients or seeds directly from Monsanto. We support the right of farmers to manage their own farms and it is their decision to purchase seeds from the company of their choice. To clarify, Monsanto does not own Kellogg and Kellogg does not own Monsanto.
GM ingredients have been around for the past 20 years and are represented in the vast majority of the foods on grocery shelves. Our food hasn't changed. We are not changing our products, but have changed our labeling to comply with Vermont labeling law that took effect July 1, 2016.
Farmers choose to use biotechnology and grow genetically modified crops to ensure consistent crop quality and reduce their food losses from pests and diseases that would otherwise threaten their crops. GMOs play an important role in the future of food. Because of increased yields and consistent crop quality, genetically engineered seeds help keep food costs down on store shelves and are one way that we can all help feed a growing population around the world.
We do not plan to change our recipes based on labeling requirements. We make a variety of products to meet many different consumer tastes and preferences. This includes offering organic and non-GMO options (such as Kashi, Bear Naked and Pure), as well as foods made with genetically modified ingredients.
Thanks for taking the time to contact us about our products.

And here is my reply to that:

I am an organic farmer who, like so many others, are seeing our ability to grow food reduced each year, due to GMO corruption and poisoning of the environment. I am perfectly aware that Monsanto doesn't "own" Kellogg's, but in reality, they own the whole planet because their toxic seeds and chemicals are wiping out the ability of anyone else to survive. And their toxic chemicals are now showing up in organic foods. GMOs are NOT the way of the future. On our present path, WE HAVE NO FUTURE!
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And I have not received a reply to that one.

We have a window of opportunity to escape right now, but it may close at any second. Don't believe the doom and gloom you hear from some. They do not understand that there is an off-planet force responsible for all this dirty-work. I often think even those here who are doing these evil acts don't even realize what they are doing because they are running on a program, or more likely, not even human, but "agents." The fact that they cannot see that they're destroying their own home, food, air, water tells me they are not even fully aware. They are bullies and what they hope for is our fear. Don't give them satisfaction.

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