In a well-known story about the great psychic/healer Edgar Cayce, he stands before an elevator, ready to enter. But he stops himself when he realizes that he is unable to see an aura around any of the other people in the elevator. Seconds later, the elevator cable breaks plunging the elevator to the death of all its occupants.

I do not see auras but I read them, and chakras, too, by feel or sense. I am noticing so many whose auras are fading, and even more I am becoming uncomfortably aware that few people's energy match their behavior. Especially during the "holiday" season, when people are attempting to be "merry," laughing and singing and talking about all the wonderful plans they have, yet they are surrounded by a creeping deadness and darkness. There are several reasons to account for why this is happening, and all are deadly at this stage of the game. And for all those people who think "Jesus" is going to swoop down and save them from what is coming, I wouldn't count on that happening. especially to those that have turned their heads to all the horrors being perpetrated on the planet right now.

Certainly one of the most rampant psychological diseases spreading at epidemic proportions now is fear. Cognitive Dissonance. Forcing oneself to behave as if all is fine when your entire being is screaming out that something is terrible wrong. When I try to explain to someone why we all need to take action against the insanity spreading across the earth, much of it by PEOPLE who can be stopped through activism and awareness, and that person just looks at me and whines "Oh, but there's nothing we can do about it," I just want to grab them by the hair and scream into their face "WAKE THE FUCK UP AND DISLODGE THE COBWEBS FROM YOUR BRAIN." If someone banged on your door, yelling that your house was on fire, would you go back into the house, saying, "Well, what can I do about it?" That is happening now, and in many places, such as California, it is LITERALLY happening, and it is being done deliberately by those who are spraying the skies. And that applies to floods and drought and blizzards, electromagnetic warfare and microwave towers, along with GMOs, fluoride, vaccines, pesticides. fracking, and nuclear power plants, ALL of which are killing us, and ALL of which are being done by HUMANS who can be stopped.

Fear has been implanted in us since the Reptilian Invasion, when people began worshipping this monster and called him "GOD." Most people, especially Christians, have this blind attitude that they are "not allowed" to seek the truth or "GOD" will punish them. What loving parent would punish a child for seeking the truth? RELIGION has kept humanity in the dark for all these eons. People who claim to love animals, but still worship a "god" who demanded the sacrifice of burning animals are suffering from extreme incongruity. If humans were not such a pathetic, cowardly, and ignorant race, people like Hitler would never have been able to wreak such horror. But there have been people who HAVE spoken out, and I will say this yet one more time: The Harvey Weinstein phenomenon is the beginning of the end of the lies on this planet, and that is the tip of the iceberg. The daily revelations on government knowledge of alien spacecraft visiting our planet is the next big, covert operation to be busted, and that will lead to—well, gosh, I think some mighty big doors will open. The darkness IS being overcome by light, and that trend is accelerating. Just watch.

But there are other reasons for the soul-deadness sweeping the planet. One is that killing our brains has been a major goal with those who wish to keep us under control. And I'll betcha they are, at their root home base, NOT from Planet Earth. Here is an article of interest:

Cellphones driving modern humans to the brink of insanity? New science reveals young brains DERANGED by cellphone radiation exposure

I do NOT own a cellphone, WiFi, a TV, or anything "smart," and I still struggle to keep my brain functioning, with all the toxins being rained down upon us daily. I cannot imagine how much worse it is wih people who aren't even making an effort to stay sane because they do not have a clue that they are INSANE. And add to that, all the people who drink, do drugs, even, and especially prescription drugs, like Prozac. Just as our bodies have become weakened by all the antibiotics people take, so therefore they cannot fight off disease. (I don't take any of that stuff either—not a drop of any of it.) The minute someone has something happen that is a bit upsetting, rather than facing it all head on, which develops mental, emotional, and spiritual strength, not to mention courage and character, they run to a doctor and get filled up with pills. OMG! the idea just bewilders me. THESE are the people who are soon to go stark raving mad, because what is coming will not be able to be covered up with drugs.

I keep trying to explain to people, when they whine, "But what can we DO?" that it is a mental war we are fighting. I want to know my enemy and look him straight in the eye. That makes me much less appetizing fodder to those who prefer to feed off the mental and emotional washouts. Many writers refer to this as the "loosh farm,"—alien life forms that have been "farming" humans, as humans farm animals, for their nutritional benefits. Please refer to the quote by Lisa Renee in my last article, At War With An Alien Race. Also Elva Thompson at HEARTSTAR and Bernhard Guenther's Piercing the Veil of Reality Guenther is one of the most down-to-earth, and knowledgeable people on the subject of alien interference. An excellent article, Organic Portals—Soulless Humans, ties into what I have said here. I highly recommend reading it.

Of course, in these times of AI, transhumanism, and mind-control, it is getting increasingly more difficult to fight the onslaught of forces attempting to turn us into human robots, completely under the control of an outside force. We must work harder than ever and never give up. I am surprised we made it through the end of 2017, although the year isn't over yet. But I do "predict" that the trend toward disclosure will release those who are ready and . . . well, I don't know how it will all end for the planet as a whole, but I do know that we will reap what we have sown.

Incidentally, in case you don't know what automatons are, they are mechanical devices which date way WAY back to ancient civilizations, that were designed to do a special function, so they were not like modern technological "bots." They often were built to look very much like a human. One of the more "modern" ones, very famous, in fact was known as "The Turk," and he played chess and always won. Edgar Allen Poe, in one of his non-fictional essays, called Maelzel's Chess Player, was one of the first to debunk this particular one, which actually housed a real human chess champion. Most, however, were not that controversial, such as cuckoo clocks or other such mechanisms. But the point is, people are living their lives going through automatic motions, with less and less consciousness supporting their actions. One of the worst examples of this are people who, when you tell them something of great profound importance, and they look away with a half-smile and say, "That's crazy." Honestly, if one more person says that to me, I would like to . . . never mind . . . . But you can tell they did not hear a word you said, much less registered anything of importance. That phrase has come to be a convenient response for those who are too ignorant or lazy or brain-fogged to process important information.

Another reason for this dead-soul behavior now is the serious spiritual crisis we are experiencing. As stated above, many "God-Fearing Christians" are just that. They think if they fear god and don't rock the boat, all will be well. But the majority of those people do not have an ounce of spiritual knowledge or energy. Indigenous peoples blended the physical and non-physical world into a seamless fabric. Both were viable realities that worked together to form the whole of life. Those were the people the Europeans slaughtered because they didn't have Jesus, remember, and look where we are now. Fortunately, there are many of us who live in the physical and non-physical world as one, and WE are the ones trying to spread what we see beyond the veil to those willing to listen and open their minds. TAKE HEED!

I want to end by posting more revealing articles concerning the government's knowledge of alien visitors to earth. They are found at Energy news, both recent articles and even one dating back to 1952. Check them out, and watch for more "secret" information that will suddenly be made public.

Energy News

And finally, here's more quotes from Paul Levy's Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil:

We are currently in the midst of the greatest epidemic sickness known to humanity. Like a fish in water who doesn't recognize water because it is everywhere, both outside and within the fish itself, many of us don't realize the collective insanity in our midst, as our madness is so pervasive that it has become normalized. We have become conditioned to accept as normal the fact that we are in an endless war and innumerable of our brothers and sisters all over the planet are impoverished and dying of starvation every day. It is important to realize that in a psychic epidemic, the majority of people can appear entirely "normal."
What clearer dign do we need of a psychic epidemic than when our mental health system itself, whose job it is to study, monitor, and deal with such phenomen, not only doesn't recognize that there is a collective psychosis running rampant in our society, but is itself infected with it.
Our collective psychosis is invisible to us, as it manifests itself both in the very way we are looking and in the unspoken ways we have been conditioned to not percieve. Due to its cloak of invisibility, we don't see our madness, a psychic blindness which renders us complicit in the creation of our own madness. This complicity is potentially empowering news, however, since it also signals that we are indeed co-creators of our own reality, and not helpless victims.
People who are channeling the vibratory frequency of wetiko align with each other through psychic resonance to reinforce their unspoken shared agreement so as to uphold their deranged view of reality. . . . A psychic epidemic is a closed system, which is to say that it is insular and not open to any new information or informing influences from the outside world which contradict its fixed, limited, and limiting perspective. . . . Anyone challenging this shared reality is seen as a threat and demonized. An impenetrable field, like a protective bubble is collectively conjured up around their shared psychosis that literally resists consciousness and perpetuates the spell-like trance of those in its thrall. There is no talking rationally, using logic or facts, with someone under the spell of the psychic epidemic, as their ability to reason and use discernment has been disabled and distorted in service to the psychic pathogen which they carry.

I totally agree with that. Which is exactly why the government and military has gotten away with poisoning everything on the planet through the atrocity going on in the skies.

And on those thoughts, I will end. Please grab a copy of Paul Levy's book. There is a lot that I did not agree with, and much I found disturbing, but there is also a GREAT amount of useful and profound material that I have been integrating into my thought process for months.

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