Creating Artificial Realities

HOLY SHIT!! One of Dane's regular community members just posted a video documentary, a very long one, 3:42:34. I have watched just Part 1 (to 40:14) this morning, and will continue to divide it into watching segments, because there is SOOOOO much material here. Actually, I had planned to write a Bible article today, which also would cover similar material, so instead, I will be doing a series of related articles and Bible articles on this extremely essential information.

And that being, the CIA/government mind control program, which I have gone on and on about for years. This is NOT "conspiracy theory," but information anyone may readily Google and read about on Wikipedia, and they're about as conservative as it gets. But first let me say this. Lately it has once again seemed a lot like "Groundhog Day," with a major exception. There is a mountain of news out there, it is just happening behind the scenes. Even worse, both the mainstream media AND alternative media will publish something, then POOF! It seems to disappear and we don't hear another word about it. What is happening with the Mueller investigation? What did Michael Cohen talk about at his second testimony with Congress? And on and on. But the most perplexing are the horrendous weather engineering events that have taken place this year so far. God, how many millions of people have lost their homes, lost everything? Where are those people? What has happened to them? How many people in this country are now homeless? How much farmland has been permanently destroyed? People's homes are literally falling off the mountainsides in California. One of Dane's community members said three slid down in back of one of his student's houses. IS THAT NOT NEWS? Everything we hear and read now is very carefully controlled. WE are being controlled, even those like myself, who are VERY aware of the mind control programs. In fact, people like myself, who are becoming more and more conscious, get bigger and bigger doses of the whole concoction of shit being used to keep us from fully awakening. And I will say this one more time—DO NOT trust your senses on ANYTHING. DO NOT believe anything unconditionally, but be ready to let go of it when it cannot be proven it is true. That is the ONLY way we can move forward to full disclosure, and by that, I mean, ultimately, disclosure of alien interference. At least that is what I believe to be true, and so far, everything I have uncovered has supported this belief. And in spite of it all, many of us ARE AWAKENING. A light is finally breaking through to this poor beleaguered planet, an energy we can tap into like plugging into electricity, and the more we tap into it, the stronger the connection becomes. And so, those who seek to control us are pulling out all the stops. I have tons of information to share, so much of this article will be links. Check them out at your leisure so they have a chance to sink in and allow your mind to connect all the dots.

The documentary is called The Minds of Men. It begins with questioning the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Well, duh. Do people still not understand that this was an inside job, just like 9/11? And we have to add to that all the other high-profile assassinations. What about John Lennon? He certainly was not popular with our government for all the work he and Yoko did to stop the war in Vietnam. What else did he know? According to the documentary, the MKUltra program was " reduced" shortly after Kennedy's death, and "supposedly" stopped completely in 1973, AND the documents related to it were destroyed. But not all of them. And anyone paying attention will know that the mind control programs were certainly not halted, but just became more sophisticated and protected with much more secrecy. Just look up in the sky. How many times have I said it? Geoengineering is a MIND CONTROL program. More on that in a bit, but let's continue with the movie, which by the way, mentions aerosols as a means of distributing the ingredients that allow us to be messed with. In fact, for anyone paying attention, it is obvious that all the horrible, toxic atrocities that have totally infiltrated the planet must certainly at least be suspect of mind control ingredients, like vaccinations, GMOs, fluoride, and the WORST being 5G. More on that, too.

But now, back to the movie. The Manchurian Candidate was also mentioned, which most will recognize as a movie, but was also a real aspect of the program. These doctors, hospitals were participating in a horrendous experiment with the human brain and psycological functions—psycological warfare, in fact.

My regular readers will remember a while back when I wrote an article entitled When the Right Brain Doesn't Know What the Left Brain is Doing, after reading Carl Sagan's The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence. In this book, written in 1977, Sagan spent quite a bit of time discussing Wilder Penfield's "experiments" to "help" epileptic patients. But, as it turns out, Penfield was far from innocent, and his work helped to provide valuable data for mind control purposes, including where all the "buttons of the brain" were located that could trigger specific bodily/sensory functions. I have been saying for years and years that they are able to program our thoughts and behavior through our dreams, without us even being aware. That is why I make a point to "delete" my dreams, or at least become aware of what someone has tried to use to program me.

The movie also covered the psycologically dangerous effects of sensory deprivation, and although it is being used today as a holistic method of healing, I would be more than extremely cautious, and everyone must be fully aware that it can have disastrous consequences. Isolation from outside sensory stimuli was/is another means to totally break a person and as a means of torture, and to reprogram a person's mind. Even, as with someone like myself, who is completely aware of the horrors going on which are invisible to most, this movie made me gasp. As I watch more, I will continue to share, and I urge everyone to watch it.

And now to current events, which, of course, all tie in to the mind control program currently in superdrive. As usual, the catastrophic weather of late plays an enormous role. The point was brought up in the movie that those who are being controlled are not aware of it, OR of their actions, and that answers a whole slew of questions, does it not? How any human being can still not notice the atrocity going on above us is beyond me, although there have been tremendous breakthroughs lately, both with people I know and people, for instance, who are friends of Dane's community members. My heart goes out to all the people caught in Winter Storm Ulmer. (Just the fact that we now name winter storms should be a red flag.) HOW can people from the NWS, The Weather Channel, and paid, educated meteorologists all over the country and world, continue with their senseless babble when they should be screaming from the mountaintops that NONE of this is normal or natural. But the thing is, the people who are doing it are also suffering from it. Another military base has been badly damaged.
The other one the Tyndall Air Force Base in Florida after Hurricane Michael. And of course, the Norfolk Naval Station in Virginia will be underwater at some point, as sea levels rise. So WHY, are these miltary operations going on that are literally destroying THEM along with the rest of us? It is the point that so many use, to argue that our military has nothing to do with it. Is the CIA controlling the military? I think the better question is, WHO is controlling the CIA, and you all know my answer to that, being, that it is coming from an off-planet alien race. All of this slew of materials strengthens my belief, and makes sense out of a situation that most are unable to fathom.

Here in Northeast Ohio, we were battling our own problems. A tornado warning was posted right along the tip of my residence, but it covered the areas where I have friends. They say a tornado sounds like a train coming, and I hear trains all the time, but NEVER like this. Well, along with keeping my interactive weather map open on my computer, I kept checking outside, by that time in darkness. I always keep a bag packed by the door now. It contains my tablet, in its case which includes a pocket for my flash drives holding a copy of my website, my ebooks, Word docs., pictures and current projects. Also my purse, house and car keys, flashlight and both dog leashes. My cats have a place behind the stove that holds all five of them and is well-protected, and my turtles can withstand quite a bit by pulling into their shells. I unhooked the barricade for my dogs and told them to come right away when mommy called them. The bags and my boots were ready at the basement door. But the strangest thing happened—all of a sudden, this huge bright yellow echo of high winds I had been watching come at me just disappeared. Poof! I ended up getting no wind at all, and not even that much rain, although even a drop is too much now. Some scary shit. But anyways, a tornado DID touch down in Paducah, Kentucky, just missing the NWS station !! WHY would these people who supposedly KNOW these storms are being deliberately created, NOT speak out? No paycheck or pension is worth that much. But maybe they are programmed to literally not be able to speak out.

NWS says EF-2 tornado touched down near Paducah as surveys continue

Here are more stories on the weather atrocity from last week.

Nebraska battles ongoing floods: 'Everyone needs to be prepared,' governor says
Before-and-After Images Show Ongoing Flood Disaster in Nebraska and Iowa
Historic Flooding in Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Kills 3, Cuts Off Entire Towns, Ruins 500 Homes in One County Alone
'Bomb cyclone' blasts Colorado and leaves hundreds stranded in cars

There is even a nuclear power plant along the Missouri River that is on alert to flooding. But the thing is, what about the people? All these displaced people, yet we hear no word of them. There are no follow ups, just a strange silence shortly after each event. We get a smidgen of what has happened, then, POOF! It disappears. A dehumanizing attempt? Certainly. An attempt, a program to create an artificial reality? Most definitely. Stories, events pop in and out of our perceptions, easily confusing the great majority of the population as to what's real, like a stream of consciousness experience. As quickly as one event passes, we're on to another, and soon few care about any of it. It's back to the cell phone zombies. Incidentally, before I forget, here is Dane's very short video on what REALLY happened during Winter Storm Ulmer. WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO!!

Manufacturing Winter Weather, Engineering A “Bombogenesis” Cyclone

And then there's all those Boeing 737s that have been grounded. Do you wonder if there isn't something else going on in the background. I certainly do, and so does Dane, as he mentioned in his paragraph for this week's Global Alert News. But for some reason, my computer refuses to play that video, which is very strange. We have all been wanting to see ALL air traffic grounded— the only thing that will guarantee a halt to the geoengineering nightmare. But here again, I sense that we only have a peek at reality, as the controllers urge us on to the next step of their agenda.

Here are five more articles, examples of deliberate actions to infiltrate our bodies, our environments, our lives with deadly toxins, and yet, they just keep multiplying, followed by a deafening silence from the vast majority of the population. Why? Do the Reptilians plan to kill us all off so that they can completely inhabit the planet? It seems that way, does it not. Or do they want us here, alive in body, but with minds completely at their mercy? More and more sites are now banning any negative comments about vaccines. OMG!! Why would any parent consent to having mercury and formaldehyde injected into their children? I am reading that some schools plan to forbid children from attending that have not been vaccinated, and I even read somewhere that there are those fearing that Children's Services will take children away from their homes that are not vaccinated!!!! Kids NEED to get childhood diseases. I had measles and survived just fine, along with millions of others my age. That's the only way people build up their own immunity. Kids have no immunity any more. Children are being diagnosed with cancer. Do you think this is an accident? "Weaken the human race, then farm it like cattle to serve our needs," I suspect is the planned goal. And it really does not matter WHO is doing it, it is heading us to certain death and destruction. Does anyone really believe 5G is for our good? I have a friend who is a super-conservative Christian who would never speak out against the government or military, but even SHE gets this.

FDA Admits Most Sunscreens are Probably Unsafe
Parents Blame Elementary School’s Cell Tower After Four Students Get Cancer
California Mayor Admits Local Government Has “Lost Control” of 5G Rollout
A Comprehensive List of Vaccine-Associated Toxic Reactions
Johnson & Johnson Exposed as ‘Kingpin’ Supplier, Seller, Lobbyist of Opioid Epidemic

As I said, I have more articles coming soon on related themes, the next being a Bible article. I want to leave you with one more link, and that is to a recent book review on Dan Brown's Origin. I am a huge fan of his, and I usually find points to which I agree and disagree. I agree that we have no need for religion any more, but, unlike Edmond, I am NOT an atheist, not in the least. I don't believe in "god" but most certainly believe there is a divine energy of the universe which we can tap into, and that energy is becoming stronger and stronger on planet earth That is why we are under such an attack. The book is about science vs. religion, but I see it more as technology vs. consciousness, and let us continue to strive to make sure consciousness wins. Brown points out all the great benefits technology can bring to the human race, but it is a very weak argument. All I see is destruction, because this technology is being used to kill us off. Everywhere you look, more and more people are dropping dead of cancer and other diseases. The entire planet is toxic now, and NO TECHNOLOGY can fix it. Energy—call it spiritual energy or energy from the non-physical realm is the only thing that can fix us now. Consciousness, awakening, disclosure will lead us away from the artificial world which we believe is real. I urge you to read my review and follow my links. I also urge you to read the book.

Though the media is strangely silent, there is an immense amount of activity going on behind the scenes, and in the non-physical realm. In spite of all the disasters, there is a tiny speck of light making its way through that I had not observed before. Get informed. Knowledge is Power.

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