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Lately I have found my mind wandering into other dimensions. The "visions" I've been having aren't ones I've thought up, but seem to flow into my consciousness, perhaps in preparation for the future. Near future, I hope. VERY near. I sense my time is about done here. I've sensed that for a while, but the yearning—the downright NEED to get the hell out of here is overwhelming. Do I, do WE have one last task that must be carried out? I also sense that may be very true, and the task seems to me to set the dominoes up to fall. And the falling will be full disclosure of our world of lies and cover-ups. More on that in a bit. First I want to tell you about my visions.

A while back, I wrote about journeying into deep space to separate myself from the insanity of this planet. I wrote that I found a little planet on which I wished to dwell. It seems that part of me stayed there and developed it into my own, and I have made some delightful discoveries. To get there, I seem to shoot out into space, where I turn back to look at the Earth in its orbit. Funny, but this time, I don't miss it as I leave. I then shoot out again, and this time, I look back and the Milky Way is just a massive spiral way in the distance. I then look ahead, and there is a black hole that I shoot through, and in the near distance is MY planet. It is MINE and I am the only "human" there, if that is what I really am, but I think not. The rest of the inhabitant are precious animals, especially the ones abused by the inhabitants of Earth, who also call themselves human, but I doubt that also. There, the beautiful dogs and cats who were forced to freeze to death in this falsely nucleated winter. The dog left out on a chain, and the one in a bare doghouse. And especially the beautiful Pomeranian mix who some fucking . . .(I don't even have a word bad enough to decribe him), left in a crate outide the only no-kill animal shelter in Detroit. Of course, it was frozen to death by the time it was found. Was this inhuman drunk or on drugs, just plain stupid, insane, or hideously cruel? My mind cannot conceive such treatment of animals. Dogs, beautiful sweet dogs. I feel like I am mentally short-circuiting with the level of ignorance, evil, and insanity which has engulfed most of the present planet. Part of me has left, and now abides on this peaceful, beautiful planet, all my own, where the little Pomeranian is safe and loved. And that includes all the beautiful elephants slaughtered for their tusks, the whales and fur seal beaten to death for money, the sweet chickens, cows, and pigs sent off in miserable conditions to be slaughtered so that people can take a few bites of food and throw the rest away. DO YOU THINK THESE ANIMALS DON'T KNOW? They know much more than we think, and more than most people know. They certainly know way alot more than an idiot president who claims to be a "very stable genius." Gag me with a spoon. Anyways, here is one of the most sickening, heartbreaking and atrocious acts of animal cruelty imaginable. Why would anyone do that, except for evil?

Vandals destroy 50 beehives in Iowa, killing at least 500,000 bees

But, in any case, all these animals are now safe on my planet. There are SO many, I'll bet others have also created a safe haven for them, too, so the ones not living on MY planet are on someone else's, that guarantees them love, peace, and safety, for as long as they wish to remain. On MY planet NO ANIMAL IS EVER HURT. The lion shall lie down with the lamb, and with all my dogs and cats, past and present, and turtles, and my porch 'possum and the milk snakes that visit me in my house, and the chipmunk I saved from drowning, and the little white-throated sparrow that raised her babies on my greenhouse shelf. They are all there, safe and sound. I have believed for many a decade that what we imagine is manifested, somewhere, and the only way I am able to cope with the cruelty I see on this planet now is to know that somewhere all these animals are safe and free from pain. My goal, of course, is to hook up with that place at the physical and conscious level. More on that later.

On MY planet, NO ONE can spray me with poison ever. NO ONE can terrorize me with the weather. And we ARE being terrorized, though even now, when the truth is in our faces, few "get it." I look at these photos from the east coast, and New England after this last storm and all these cars and people stranded, and I think, "WHY THE FUCK WERE THESE PEOPLE EVEN OUT IN THAT WEATHER?" The only people that should be out are people whose job it is to help others: firefighters, police, hospital workers, utility workers, and such, not people whose job it is to MAKE MONEY, endangering others who have to rescue them when they get stuck. Insanity! It all makes me sick. The greed, selfishness and total focus on personal gratification that disables the ability of most people to see that we are being poisoned, frozen, burned and drowned by our own alien-controlled governments and military, whose goal it is to sytematically kill off the bulk of the population. Anyone who even considers having a baby at this point is completely selfish and delusional. Why would anyone in their right mind bring a child into a world like this? One who refuses to face the truth about our present reality.

Most people just go on with their merry lives, as if, as long as they have their physical comforts, all is just fine in the world. That has made them susceptible to stupidity and unwise choices. For instance, even those who are not cruel to animals, open the door and let their pets out to do their business. UH-UH, not me. The cats are strictly indoor pets, and when the dogs gotta go, they're on the end of a leash that I am holding. Poor Rex, who is short-haired, can only take about 30 seconds out when it is like Sunday morning, ten-below. We did a tinkle trip, and a poo trip, with Molly going in between. Even she, who is long-haired gets cold, but is too interested in finding poop-sicles that she loses track of her feet freezing. I often scoop Rex up in my arms and carry him in and he's not light. NEVER send your pets out alone when it is this cold. There are so many ways we can use common sense to assist our survival, if we are only aware that the elements can kill us, especially now that the elements are purposely being manipulated TO kill us. WE NEED TO FACE THAT AND ACT ACCORDINGLY. And the other think is that, as I've said numerous times, most people have lost all connection to nature. They do not hold it in awe any more, hence they do not fear and respect its power. It is just another aspect of life to be manipulated to their benefit.

Along with the weather warfare being waged upon us is a now constant barrage of distractions, another reason NEVER to let your pets out alone in this frigid weather, because the phone rings or something else happens and two minutes becomes a half hour, which could freeze a dog to death. Paul Levy in his Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil makes the recurring point that our physical reality, the epidemic insanity we are experiencing, also contains the antidote. Our physical world is nothing but a mirror of what is going on in the real reality, the energetic world that most are unable to perceive. And so the purpose of all the distractions and chaos now is twofold, one negative and one positive. From the negative viewpoint, those who are losing control of a rapidly awakening population, are going to greater extremes to distract through absurdities. The events now are SO absurd that either people tune them out as nonsense, which they should not do because they are leading to cataclysm (nuclear war, the spraying atrocity, etc.), or people normalize them. But those of us truly awakening, though a small percentage, are becoming VERY awake. Size doesn't matter here. A handful of totally awakened beings could overthrow the evil on this planet. I think that is our task. (Then we can leave.) But the positive aspect is, as mentioned above, the more absurd the situation is here, the more some of us can see through the "unreality" of it all. The simulated reality, and I still have a pretty strong feeling that we may be living in a computer-controlled world. Did you ever notice how, in a dream, often when things become most surreal is when you wake up? So the insanity we are experiencing can act as a light beam to jar us out of our acceptance that this world is "normal."

And what people accept as "normal" has become downright scary. Some manufacturer is now making child sex robots. It was on one of the mainstream media sites, but I couldn't even open the article to read because the idea is so perverted. The fact that Trump is still president when he is so obviously mentally deranged. And he holds the fate of nuclear war. His button is bigger than Kim's you know. Like a fucking three-year-old. Why is the American public not demanding his removal? Because the stock market has soared?

OK, so, now more on MY planet. MY planet is a mini-version of earth. It has tropics and the arctic, mountains, deserts, plains and forests, but on a smaller scale. That way there is a safe and comfortable habitat for all creatures. That poor starving polar bear is now safe in a climate perfect for him. And even though I live on this planet with no other people, there are other planets around, where people can live alone or in groups, like some prefer rural areas and some like cities. There are planets where all the world's great works of art have been saved—museum planets, and library planets. But the planet I have been visiting most often, other than my own, is the "meeting planet." Here, other beings from earth, and not from earth have been gathering, trying to find ways to shut down the system on earth. They liked my idea of "Ground All Air Traffic." Have you noticed lately just how much air traffic has been grounded? Eventually those spraying us with poisons will be next, and when, all of a sudden these frigid temperatures shoot up to seventy degrees and clear skies, another huge group will finally see the light. In any case, I have a sense that I am there working with others even when I am not conscious that I am.

And there is another project, too, and that is to infiltrate the computer program that is running the planet and overtake it. I am seeing some really interesting things happening there that I cannot speak of yet. But the point is, our imagination is POWERFUL, and we should not underestimate its power. Would any of you like to join me on this? I would be interested in hearing of your experiences. Incidentally, if you email me and I don't reply, I probably did not receive your mail. I have a real email problem here, and cannot figure it out.

About a month after the "vision" I have described made its way into my head, another came along. This one always happened within a crowd of people that I really did not want to be around. In it, suddenly the view, MY view split open as a curtain being pulled apart, and I found myself walking through it, at the same time exclaiming, "I remember!" As I walked through, it was my physical presence entering the planet spoken of above. This one is not as developed as the other one, but it relates to what I said earlier about discovering the computer program that has been manipulating the earth, and gaining control of it.

So why, all of a sudden, have I chosen to switch gears and focus on the imagination and more of the non-physical aspect of our lives than I have been of late? Because perhaps the time is ripe—we shall reap what we have sown. As the darkness has increased, so has the light. Our consciousness is expanding at both extremes. Paul Levy speaks quite a bit of this, making the point that we need the darkness to recognize the light. I do not believe that is a "universal" truth, but I do believe it is a truth in our particular situation here on earth. Those of us that have worked for so many decades opening the doors to the light have also opened the doors to darkness. In this particular situation we have to be able to see the full spectrum of our reality in order to awaken from the falseness in which we have operated for so long. We still must continue to work in the physical plane to expose the covert activities. The most beneficial path to that is to expose the geoengineering atrocity. I believe, and the readers at GeoengineeringWatch certainly believe that, because that program contains so many of the elements with which we are being attacked, from poisons, violent weather, electromagnetic frequencies, and ultimately, I am certain, the mind-control program. If anyone is going to stop this weather nightmare it will be through an idea spread by that community, which is where I go for up-to-date information. They are doing some really creative stuff, and we ALL need to support it.

But we also need to add to our focus, the creation of our new reality, else where shall we go when this world is destroyed? Enough of the alien agenda and low vibrational frequencies are being overcome so that we can effectively use our creative powers now, and it will become more evident as we move along. We cannot dilly-dally with this. Urgency is important. I am finding that my efforts now are reaping significant results.

As you all know, I really don't believe in "god" and I certainly don't believe in a "divine miracle of creation." I believe it is we who imagined the universe into being, and will continue to do so, and it is not a miracle at all but one of our natural abilities. And certainly we are divine. Always have been, we just forgot, and it is that aspect of our amnesia that the alien agenda has fought so hard to maintain. I am reading a book about the history of mythology, which will show up as a review soon, and the author makes a point that the early "gods" were not much different than people. Even primitive peoples merged their lives with those of the gods. It was only as a means to keep us separated from our true selves that these distant "gods" were "created." They kept humanity small and helpless and needy. We are none of the above!

To close, as usual, I want to share some quotes from Paul Levy's Dispelling Wetiko, linked above. It is my intention to do a follow-up on this article, as I still have quite a bit more to say. I may even do a series, or make it my theme for our remaining time here, which I do not think is very long because I think it is all about ready to blow open. We shall see.

The daemonic is a quantum phenomenon, in that it contains both the light and dark aspects of our being encoded within it in a superimposed state, which is to say that hidden within the daemonic are the creative seeds of its own positive transformation and transfiguration. Both constructive and destructive forces are present in the daemonic simultaneously, and either energy can potentially gain the upper hand and manifest, depending upon how an observing consciousness interacts with it. . . . Unrealized creativity is one of the most destructive things in the human psyche. The creative artist is able to express, mediate, alchemically transmute, and humanize the daemononic into a communicable form that is beneficial for others, thus performing an invaluable and necessary service for human society.

Levy quotes Buckminster Fuller as saying, "If we are not full of imagination, we are "not very sane." Hey, yo, Trump "the genius." You have no imagination whatsoever. Your recent "biographer," Michael Wolff stated something similar in his hot new book. In this interview with BBC News (on CBS News):
Wolff says understanding the "emperor has no clothes" will end Trump's presidency

Wolff says: ""He doesn't read, he doesn't listen, he's profoundly uncurious. He's just interested in what he's interested in and isn't interested in the larger problems of the world, almost any of them," Wolff told the BBC." And also, he says: "Sometimes it's an 11-year-old. Sometimes it's a six-year-old. Sometimes it's a two-year-old," Wolff said. "All about his need for immediate gratification. I want what I want, when I want."

But isn't that also the case for the majority of the population now? People have no sense of vision, which is why, when I try to explain to people that we are only experiencing a tiny window of who we are, they write me off as wacko. To them, reality is getting married and having babies, making lots of money at a job you usually hate, retiring, then getting some terminal disease and dying. To them, that is the way life is supposed to be. "In God's hands," they say. I am forever bewildered by this inability of people to see beyond their own nose. As Lister once said to Rimmer (on BBC's Red Dwarf): "You have no magnificence." That's why people need jobs and babies and drugs and money and chaos in their lives. Because it reminds them they are alive, as their souls are dying. And that's why so many have succumbed to the alien transhuman agenda. I fear most of those, once snagged, are hopeless. Here's one more quote from Levy as he explains that Wetiko can make us imagine we have no imagination:

. . . it is as if we are imagining that we don't have an imagination. Our imagination of not having an imagination is itself the most far-out (in the sense of being far off the mark) imagination of our divine imagination. Imagining we don't have much of an imagination, just like within a dream, we will draw all the evidence to ourselves to confirm the seemingly objective truth of our viewpoint, which only further entrenches us in our conviction of not having a good imagination. Our lack of imagination reveals the potency of our imagination, however, for it is secretly revealing how we literally create our experience of ourselves through our imagination. If we lack imagination, our creative imagination, instead of serving our fulfillment, is then perversely being used against us in crippling ways that dramatically reduce our human potential.

Whew. That was one of the numerous paragraphs in Levy's book that about drove me nuts, but, weeding through it, it makes absolute sense. And on that comment, I will end, but expect a follow up soon.

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