Yep, Just What I've Been Saying

As most of you know, I try to stay away from the news, both mainstream and alternative. There is just so much bullshit out there. However, occasionally I happen upon an article that makes sense, and those I share with you. Rarely, if ever, do I come upon something that makes me stare and say, "Wow, that looks like a summary of my articles." Because, really, not too many are saying the things I've been saying.

When I saw this one, I first read the written bulletin points, then knew I had to watch the video. It is 3 hours and 17 minutes. Let me tell you how much I hate sitting watching anything. I haven't owned a TV since 2008. I can't remember what year it was when I last saw a movie, or what movie I saw. I didn't even have a set of working speakers for my computer. I went to Wal-Mart and found a set for ten bucks, and sat and watched this video all the way through, with only one short break to take the dogs for a tinkle. That should tell you how important it is to watch. It is called Hyper-Dimensional Interference and the Keys to Discernment, and is a panel discussion about all the ways in which we are being mind-controlled, and ways to fight it, and what will happen if we allow it to continue.

One of the things that makes me avoid listening to the millions of interviews with the "experts" online is that a half hour is wasted on boring introductory material so if anyone out there who is totally clueless happens to listen, they might "get it." This one is for people who already know, and gets right down to business. If you are a regular reader of my articles, you will understand this discussion. And there are links to all the websites of the people who participated, so you can learn more about what they do, and these people are smack-on target. I won't say I agree with everything they said, but pretty darn close. Everyone who reads my stuff needs to watch or listen to this.

I'm not going to go into what they talked about, but I will just make a few comments. They provide new ideas for fighting this plan to take over our minds and keep us in a frequency lock-down. One of the very important points they repeatedly made was that these Reptilians are not as powerful as most believe, but they are crafty, and as long as we believe they have power over us, they do. The panel doesn't advocate healing at the hands of someone else, and neither do I. We all have to be responsible for our own escape.

If you do not believe you are being mind-controlled, then I certainly can assure you, I promise you, that you are. Everyone is, or else we would not be here, and that is my opinion. It is only when you start waking up to the fact that thoughts you thought were your own are not, and that's where the discernment comes in. The more you realize how you are being manipulated, the more you will understand just how much control they have over all of humanity. Then you put yourself in a position to stop it. Most people are so easily fooled into thinking that the way we are presently living is just "life" that they never question, and that is pulling humanity deeper and deeper into the trap.

They go into this in depth, with examples of people whom they know that have sunk to the depths without ever realizing what is being done to them. But like Dracula or any other parasite or vampire, we give them permission, knowingly or not, to enter. And that is something I had not thought about in quite the way they presented it, but it is absolutely true, and looking back on my life, I can see ways in which I was innocently drawn in to situations, that opened me to parasitic invasion. I have since gotten rid of everyone in my life, and that is the way it will stay. One of the points they made is that people will "befriend" you, when really they are a host being programmed to draw you in. I am now quite able to tell very quickly the energy-sincerity of those around me. There are even people who email me who energetically want something from me, and those I avoid too. And now, it is getting very difficult to find anyone who is not being used as a host. Learn to discern and tread very carefully. It is bad news out there. And more importantly, if you have not been discerning, then assume you are being used as a host to drawn others in. You need to wake up and stop now.

Here are some ideas I have been working with, and believe me, I am not a novice in this, but I still work, every day, every minute, awake or in my sleep to set myself free.

Ask yourself, how have I given them permission to control me?
Where have they gotten hold of me? (The panel made a big point about not reacting emotionally, and I have made that point frequently also. The parasites feed off of our emotions.)
How am I feeding them?
What am I giving them that they need?
What triggers an emotional reaction? Triggers are sure signs they have gotten to you. Take this very seriously.

One of the points the panel made, and it became almost humorous was to "just say NO." Set boundaries and take action to back it up. We are the powerful ones; we are the creators. The invaders know that, but we do not, and it is that knowledge that has been kept hidden from us.

But many are waking up and they know it. Why do you think we are being bombarded with chemtrails, GMOs, EMFs, fluoride, vaccines, porn, lies, deceit—THIS IS NOT NORMAL. But we are being conditioned to believe it is.

I cannot tell you how critical the times are now. All our mental energy must be focused on starving them of their food supply, which is us and our emotions. Those who do not rid themselves of these parasitic mind-control entities, or software programs, however you wish to perceive it, are in for an unfathomable trip to hell.

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