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I have recently corresponded with one of my readers who asked me to clarify my views on escaping the Matrix. Now, I have people write to me with such questions, but usually they are what I call "armchair awakeners" who think the whole Matrix thing is cool and want to be in the trend, but haven't done a bit of personal work. They are so painfully tied to the system that I really won't waste much of my time with them. There are no free rides. I will not help enable those who are unwilling to enable themselves.

This one, however, was different, obviously someone who has put a great deal of personal effort and energy into escape, and I took these enquiries very seriously, which forced me to analyze my process—a great step, because it allowed me to step back and see what I've been doing in a way that I could now verbalize it. And even more, it added to the power of the process, enabling me to see just how doable it all is. It is not something out in woo-woo land. It is a meticulous plan of action. Wow!

The Power of "NO"

It was about eighteen years ago when I became aware of a force that was hell-bent on my destruction. I didn't know what it was or where it came from, but I knew it was not benevolent and it was not of this world. And I couldn't imagine why it wanted to destroy me, particularly the specific things it was doing. Now I know the answers to all those questions. The force, of course, is The Matrix, and you can think of it as the software that's running the planet, or those that are running the software, IF they still exist. I have had a sneaky feeling that they might actually be destroyed and we are left imprisoned in this rogue and corrupt computer program that is crashing, unattended, at an accelerating rate. No matter. And as for the particular reason they, or IT had chosen to attack me in the way they did, that's a story I may tell in the future but at this point it would be wiser for me to not share it yet. If you are new to my articles, go back and read my earlier ones to get caught up on where I'm at.

In any case, it took a long, long time to quit fighting it, but I finally "got it." You can't fight it. That is written into the program to keep it running. It's an interactive video game, you see. The only way to get free from it is to refuse to cooperate with it. As the panelists in the discussion video I shared with you in my article, Yep, Just What I've Been Saying, you have to just say "NO!"

So much New Age jargon has proven to be nothing but total baloney. Remember that movie/book called The Secret? I hope none of you wasted your money on it. I didn't, but by the time it came out I was already wise enough to know better. But there is one New Age saying that most definitely IS true, and that is ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT.

So, one day came the dawn, and I said, "Nope, no more. You can't get me to do this. I won't be part of this. I am so done with this." I began to eliminate one thing after another from my life—things that I knew were part of the Matrix institutions—TV, the media, the money system (as much as possible, and more as I went along), politics, Corporate America—again, as much as I could. And so on. When you begin that, a system error report kicks in, and the program sends all sorts of things to get you "back on track." For years I felt like I was taking two steps forward and one step back, and often even the reverse of that. But looking back now on that long road, I see that I began the journey, and it has moved me to a totally different location. I had no idea how far I had traveled until I looked at the road behind me. And I will continue to move until I get where I want to be. What I want to do in this article is put into words the process I used to reach the point where I now am. And where I am is in a place where so much of what is normal to most people isn't even part of my reality. And that is a very good place to be, because "they" or "it" cannot manipulate you. If something no longer exists in your reality, IT CANNOT BE USED AS A FORCE AGAINST YOU.

In my correspondence, this person asked me about visualizing a new reality.
Years and years ago, when I first became truly obsessed with this whole idea of using our minds to create, I was a big fan of Shakti Gawain, because she wrote so many books on using the power of your mind and visualizations and affirmations to get what you want. The problem was, it didn't work, none of it. Because even in the examples she and other authors wrote about concerning the "success" of friends and clients, they always seemed to come up short, in my mind, because they were never what the person had originally wanted. Of course, the answer to that was that the "universe" knew best and sent you what you needed, which of course, knowing all we do now, should strike anyone as total bullshit. The "universe" sends us nothing. Not here, at least. Furthermore, how can we visualize and expect to create anything when we are living in a computer simulated reality, which I believe we are? So, the only thing any of us need to be concerned with is ESCAPE. Do not waste energy trying to create in this reality.

And this is where you begin your walk. Start to walk away from one thing after another. Firmly decide what you want to be part of your life. Place strict boundaries on what you will allow into your reality—what you will include and exclude. The thing is, I have been doing this for years, without realizing it. Because I knew I was being mind-controlled and manipulated (we all are, and if you think you aren't then you SURELY are), I began to go in the opposite direction of whatever I could feel was being forced on me. And I am talking about mental attitudes, perceptions, belief systems. And again, the more you begin to reprogram your own mind, the harder the program or entities work to keep you under control. This is not easy, and it has taken the bulk of my energy for probably the past 5-6 years to deprogram myself. I would just get my thoughts all straight, and something would happen to plunge me back into the old reality. Or so I thought, but that wasn't really true. It's like those electrical connections in your brain that get stronger every time you repeat a certain action—while you think you aren't progressing, you really are, it just isn't apparent at first. The same can be said about learning a skill, such as playing the piano. When I went to CCM (at the University of Cincinnati) for my Master's, I studied with Richard Morris, the head of the piano department at the time. I had never had anyone work with pure technique as he did, and I remember as I would practice, I would suddenly know I had the movement just right, only to lose it. But It would come back, and every time it would be stronger. I always think of that when I am reprogramming my mind with a new concept.

And so, what gradually happens, is you literally walk away from the reality you previously knew and begin forming new electrical connections in your brain for the reality that it more suited to you. And if you are wise, you will update that every day. As you exclude more and more from your life, without intending to "create" you will unconsciously replace what you have excluded with something of your own choice. This obviously puts you in a very precarious position, because one day you wake up and look around and the entire world literally makes you sick. There is absolutely no chance of turning back and "conforming." Most of the old world doesn't even exist for you any more. You begin to wonder how you will survive and what will become of you.

Of this I want to make two points: the first is that if you no longer exist in the old reality, you are free of the Matrix. None of us are quite there yet, because we're still here, but I think I am getting pretty damn close. Of course, when you are totally free of the Matrix, then you will be able to create with your mind. It's like jumping off a diving board—you have to trust yourself enough to take the leap knowing that there will be a period of time when you will lose contact with the solid physical world.

And a little more about creativity—the fact is, we actually DO have the ability to create with our minds. It is our gift and heritage, and the reason our minds have been hijacked. The controllers cannot create, so they have jammed our own brainwaves to use our creative abilities to do their dirty work. I have written about this before, but never felt that I was getting my point across. I was glad that it was touched upon in the panel discussion video mentioned above. And it is precisely the reason we have been such failures at manifesting our wishes in this simulated reality. However, certain people have found it easy, but they are doing the work of the Matrix. I am referring to those who have created great wealth and power and fame for reasons of selfishness and greed.

And what is even worse, things that are happening on this planet, such as the shutting down of the Matrix, the collapse of all the systems, and the dying off of humanity is unfortunately the only way to completely rid the cosmos of this plague so that it will never spring to life again. I firmly believe that it is WE who are causing much of the destruction to this end. However, of course, most of the New Age writers blame those in power for all the terrible cataclysmic events which are accelerating.

Now what effect does this have on our lives? Well, it keeps us playing the blame game, which is a state of powerlessness and victimization. We are giving power to the controllers, when in fact, they have totally lost control. They have learned to take information that to the general population seems negative, and "allow" especially the alternative media, to berate the government, military, corporate millionaires, etc. for all the terrible things they are doing (thus giving them power), when perhaps maybe they aren't doing it at all. This is something I have been putting a great deal of thought into lately. Remember, like the Great and Powerful Oz, they are nothing but smoke and mirrors, relying on us to keep their power alive. Walk away from it all and they will die off from energetic starvation.

But even more common, is that certain people who have a reputation are making public remarks against the government, which seem to be true, but perhaps they are just agents, being paid to keep the population in a frenzy. There are certain ex-military and ex-government officials who are speaking out against these institutions, and what they say may or may not be true. I think we have to be discerning in what we believe, even if it seems they are on "our side." Be especially wary if the people appear to be "leaking" information. With all the security in place, I really doubt that anyone could publicly leak information. If someone appears to be leaking information, they are probably being paid by the government to do it.

I know of a couple "New Age" writers who are certainly agents, filling the internet up with bullshit to keep us in a state of fear, panic, and anger. Be very discerning about what you believe, but better yet, just walk away from all of it. Do you need that in your reality? That's why I very seldom read anything on the internet any more. Most of what I do online concerns my website, book reviews, and other such research. I am so done with it all. I really don't even want to hear about any of it.

But I must make one more comment on a subject that keeps cropping up, and it leaves me perplexed because no one has the balls to speak the truth because the truth in this case is extremely unpopular. And that concerns overpopulation and depopulation. Why is it that people think they have the right to produce as many children as they want, despite the fact that this planet has become wall-to-wall people? No matter where you go, you run into people. And it is not a quality but quantity issue. I believe that the majority of the population are agents, hosts to alien agendas, or transhumans. Why would we want to preserve these people? The majority of the population thinks of nothing but their own selfish needs. Dane admits that global warming is caused by human activity, although he claims that geoengineering (spraying of chemtrails) is the main cause. I agree that chemtrails are a heinous assault upon the planet. But people—my god, look at what they've done. We have mountains of trash in landfills all over the globe because of humanity's wastefulness. (I do not have trash pickup at my farm because the little trash I generate can be burned or recycled. We've torn up beautiful land to build ugly buildings and parking lots and houses, houses, and more houses to house the growing population. STOP! We need to stop. And don't even get me started on the way we have abused the beautiful creatures of our planet, both wild and domestic. The meat industry is one of the most odious institutions on this planet. Twenty years ago, when I began doing public speaking on the environment, I would always say that we must voluntarily change the way we behave, or we would be forced to change involuntarily. Well now, it seems that lots of people are dying. Mother will have her way.

But the most purely insane reasoning comes from those who believe we can awaken the whole planet. We cannot and never will. They will die before they wake up. Meanwhile, those types mentioned above, the agents, alien hosts, etc. are creating such a tremendous drag on the whole planet that it seems to me like a hard drive that has too many programs installed. Everything freezes up and won't move. I struggle with everything in the physical world now. Even the easiest things take me forever to do, and I am a fast mover. There seems to be an obstacle in my path for even the smallest goals. It has worsened just in the past year. I used to be able to read more books, complete coloring books, do things on the farm so much faster. I love to cook, but find I am making the same old things because to make more complicated dishes just takes up too much time. I know a lot has to do with the fact that I am living in a world in which I barely exist, but it is also about too much competition for energy. You cannot cram infinite bodies onto a finite space.

And as I mentioned in my last article, I am more and more seeing signs that Mother is awakening and escaping her computer simulated faҫade. I am also noticing more and more things that remind me of an earlier time when at least she was at peace with herself. But I am also noticing even more anomalies, of which I have written quite a bit in the past.

For instance, for the past several years, my squash seeds have had trouble germinating because they turn upside down, and the root comes upwards and the leaves attempt to grown downwards, making it difficult for them to break through the seed shell. I attribute this to the shifting of the earth's magnetics, something that has been blamed, again, on the government and their experiments, but perhaps that is not true. And seed germination is also much lower than it ever was. My favorite seed company, Willhite Seeds in Texas, has always had the longest lived seeds in the world. I could buy a large pack and save it from year to year, sometimes even ten years. And most seeds would germinate. That isn't the case now, and I know they haven't changed their practice because they are a family-run business. I have wondered if chemtrails are to blame, or the inevitable mixing of pollens with GMO seeds, or perhaps the climate havoc in which Texans have been victim. Or maybe it is none of the above.

And of course, I always notice strange weather phenomena. Like yesterday when I was in the greenhouse and it seemed so dark outside (in early afternoon.) I looked to see if it was clouding up, but it was clear. I noticed that this morning, too. People have written on Dane's site about seeing it rain when there are no clouds. I've noticed that, too, on occasion. Is it tricks courtesy of the weather manipulators or glitches in the Matrix?>

I always use the Bing interactive weather map on wfmj.com in Youngstown, locally owned by the people who also own the Youngstown Vindicator, where I was formally a reporter. I get a lot of information out of that map, using all the resources it offers. I always click on the storm tracks to ascertain what direction a storm is moving. Lately, there will be a storm track in a place which is totally free of rain, then all of a sudden, a huge mass of red echoes will appear out of nowhere. So is it a glitch, or am I hovering between two realities? And the storms that hit us today were beyond anything I've ever seen—a huge comma cloud in Michigan and Canada that had been spinning like a pinwheel for days, then began descending upon Ohio. The rain was going in all directions, like someone holding a garden hose while twirling. Of course there was heavy chemtrail spraying, and no doubt, the geoengineers had created this monster. Or not. Truly, I am questioning everything these days. But more importantly, much of it just doesn't matter to me any more. It is becoming not part of my reality.

So, my suggestion, if you really want to get-the-hell-out of this prison, just walk away. Walk away from it all—do not allow it to be part of your reality. Gradually, another reality will appear before you—one that has perhaps always been there, but the Matrix had kept hidden. When it comes into full vision and becomes physical reality, then you know you are free.

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