Wake Up Or Plan Your Funeral

The way I see it, there are four possible scenarios for this planet, coming up real soon:

1) Total Annihilation. We are closer than you think. Do you think at all? How did we get into this mess? Do you even begin to grasp the mess we are in? I have been closely following Dane Wigington on his website GeoEngineeringWatch. I totally agree with everything he says. This is stuff I have known and observed for years, but he offers the scientific data to back it up. Shit Creek has become Niagara Falls, and I doubt if a paddle will help.

2) The mass population will suddenly wake up and stop these demonic psychopaths that have been playing games with the planet and all who abide here for years. But how can you wake up a population who doesn't even realize they are asleep? People plan their lives as if they have a future. People plan on families, an upwardly progressing income, happiness, and a peaceful retirement. I see official projections of various data into the future for 50-100 years from now. Uh-uh. Ain't gonna happen.

3) Divine Intervention. I don't believe in God, but I do believe in non-physical energies/entities that are beyond the comprehension of our five senses, many of which operate at an extremely high level of wisdom and what we perceive as "divinity." How would we understand love if it were not present somewhere in the Universe? Do we understand love at this point? I wonder. I don't see much of it. No one who loves could stand by and watch our precious planet (and her beautiful animals and plants) being abused, raped and plundered, let alone what has been done to humanity. What is humanity? I wonder about that, too. I fear the Controllers have succeeded in genetically modifying what used to be humanity into some semi-robotic human-ish life form. Just give 'em a cell phone with a couple free fingers for texting, and life is good. I am to the point that I don't think anything can be done at the physical level, to undo the massive damage that is engulfing us. However, I have been doing metaphysical work long enough—well over 30 years—to know that what cannot be accomplished at physical levels can be accomplished at metaphysical levels. I also believe that there are benevolent beings/energies out there that have the metaphysical knowledge or perhaps it is just extremely advanced technology that seems like magic because it is so far advanced beyond our comprehension—and this includes solutions to very quickly heal the planet. But the root of the problem must be solved first, and that is a total clearing out and loss of power of those sub-human creatures that have taken control of the planet. It also includes their offspring/creations which I think amounts to a high percentage of the present population. People who are brain-dead and operating by the remote controls of those in power will have no software that will allow them to even function once their power source (the Controllers) is gone.

4) Splitting off into a Parallel Reality. While this may seem the most far-fetched to some, it is actually the one in which I have been preparing for the longest time. I believe there are infinite possibilities in which to experience "reality" whether it be physical or non-physical, and I think that many beings existing off this planet can travel to other realities. The reality you experience is created by your consciousness. Consciousness creates reality, and at this point in time, there is a great number of us on Planet Earth who are raising our consciousness beyond the confines of the third dimension, and certainly outside what the Controller's rules allow us. I have been saying for over ten years, and many other writers also say that there is going to be a dimensional split between the people on this planet who have raised their consciousness to a very advanced level, and the ones who are still fast asleep. Energy follows thought. Consciousness creates reality.

About a year ago, I had a very strange experience with this in a series of shamanic journeys, and much of what happened to me then at the metaphysical level is actually happening now at the physical level. You may read about these in my Articles from fall 2013.

Sadly, the vast majority of the population still doesn't realize the immensity of the problem. I see people going through horrendous suffering, and take it in stride as if it were part of normal life. NORMAL LIFE WAS NEVER MEANT TO BE A LIVING HELL. Back eons ago, when we, as our divine spiritual selves made the decision to manifest into a body, it was to play with the elements of creation and enjoy our physical world. We were love-filled and joy-filled and we knew nothing of suffering and struggle. Challenges were enjoyable, not painful. But then came the Reptilian Invasion, and we lost our connection to our source, and our source was merely ourselves in a non-physical form. We became slaves. They took control. They reprogrammed us. We forgot.

But now, after all this time, many are remembering and becoming reconnected. I think that's why the Controllers are losing control, and also getting sloppy and taking careless risks. They have become Agent Smiths—programs gone rogue—a virus that will destroy its host as well as its prey.

You have heard the saying "Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything." If you have not taken a stand, I guarantee, YOU WILL FALL. If you have taken a stand, you may have a fighting chance. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

This planet has become like a domino game, and all it will take is one little push, and the dominoes will fall faster than we can imagine. There are so many issues existing right on the edge of collapse, when one comes down, they will all come down. Between the West sticking their noses into other countries' business that has nothing to do with us, fracking, Fukushima, GMOs, the financial collapse, the evil and corruption of our world leaders, but most of all, most of all, the issue of chemtrails. I agree with Dane that THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE OF OUR TIME. Everything, everything, is tied to what they have done/are doing with the skies. It is not just about weather manipulation and the toxins with which they are permeating the entire planet—our food, water, air—everything. (Growing organic is a big joke.) It is about the more hidden agendas that go along with this program. Weather warfare, as Dane calls it. Please listen to his internet radio interview with Veritas Radio. He covers it all, and HE IS SPOT ON CORRECT in his assessment of the situation.

The most important thing we can do now is to be completely aware that they are using these chemtrails to mind-control us. Once we know that, then we begin our fight to disallow it from happening to us. Find things to do that stimulate your mind. One of the reasons I am so fervent about writing web code is that it keeps my mind clear and challenged. You can't write sloppy code. One missing semi-colon can wipe out a whole page. Writing code keeps me thinking and focused. And the other thing I do, as you know if you are a fan of my website is that I read, read, read. I read a variety of books. Not only do they expand my knowledge, but since I also write a review on every book I read, it forces me to focus, focus, focus my brain and keep it stimulated. Mental yoga. (Physical yoga is recommended, too!) I challenged myself last June to read 100 books within the year. I have two more to go. There are other ways to keep control of your mind. Find the way that works. The important thing is to not get sucked in to what they are attempting to do to your mind.

I read a commentary by another reader on Dane's website that pointed out how difficult it is for people to even hold a conversation any more, and this reader associated it with the chemicals being sprayed on us. I agree, and it is deliberate. I have also experienced this. I am not a boring person. I am extremely well-educated and intelligent, and can converse on a huge variety of subjects with authority. But with most of the people I work with, I find I am able to hold their attention for approximately 20 seconds, then they start to zone out and their mind wanders. I know other people that have made the same remark. I find this beyond disturbing, and a sure indication of the success of the mind control program.

I, like Dane and the other people who understand the atrocities being committed, am dumbfounded as to how people can even argue that this is happening when it is right in their faces. Or worse, how they don't notice. People have their noses in their cell phones and spend the day in a building—they don't even look up at the sky.

Here in Ohio, it is beyond horrendous. I have had five inches of rain in two weeks. My farm is ankle deep in water. All one has to do is get on an interactive weather map and observe these fronts moving through. They are like demonic works of art. I have been keeping weather data on my farm since 1994, and never have I seen anything like this. These rains begin in Texas or the deep south, and extend all the way to Canada. Do you think that is normal???? OMG. When rain covers a third of the country at once on a regular basis there is something unnatural going on.

It was very strange. Yesterday, I experienced a totally gorgeous Ohio day. I cannot remember the last time I saw this, but the skies were a beautiful blue, and big, puffy, real, natural cumulus clouds were gently floating by. There was a calm and cooling breeze and it reminded me of my childhood days when I couldn't wait to go outside and play. But it didn't last, of course. By evening, I could see the trails connecting the dots between the clouds, and today we have another day of threatening weather.

But sooner or later, evil and corruption self-destruct. You can see it throughout history. Look at the Roman Empire, or the reign of the evil and savage Medieval conqueror named Tamerlane, whose notoriety was set to stage by Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe in Tamburlaine. The question now is not whether they will fall. They will. The question is, will they take the entire planet with them?

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