A number of weeks ago, I watched an online video—actually an hour-and-a-half documentary on the final battle between the Sirians and their allies to eradicate the Reptilian race. My first inclination was to post it, but there was too much in it that I felt would be misconstrued (or perhaps rightly construed) as goofy. Certainly if I had not the experiences I've had in the past two years or so, I would have brushed it off with a chuckle and not spent that time watching it. (I don't own a TV or go to movies, so I rarely waste time watching anything.) But something about this struck a very sensitive nerve in me, and though I disagree with the producer's conclusions (the video is in Romanian with subtitles, incidentally), it filled in even more of the missing data which has been revealed to me since I took that amazing Shamanic Journey to the beginning of my original life, So I will offer my own interpretations, some of which are the same as his.

The documentary was on a great battle being fought mostly by the Sirian race aboard their mothership, which destroyed the Reptilian power. They lost. It was a done deal. And according to the maker of the video, this fact would soon be revealed on earth starting with a blonde news anchor. (OK, that part's goofy.)

Well, here's where we differ. And though he admitted the fact that time really doesn't exist, he didn't take that point far enough. The fact is, I believe this battle had been fought eons ago. The Reptilian race has long, long, long been destroyed. I first wrote about this in my article Software Planet Earth. This documentary strangely confirmed what I had seemed to discover then.

And even more was confirmed. Again, as I keep referring my readers to the article Short and Sweet—And Very Urgent—this splitting off of the two frequencies of our planet is being observed by many more people than myself. It is that connection between the two frequencies that the maker of the documentary claimed the Reptilians were so desperate to control. That splitting off is the culmination of the process to free the earth of Reptilian rule. In my journey, two years ago, I saw it—going back in time—as us, the original race, migrating to a new dimension of much higher frequencies where the Reptilians were not able to access us. You must realize that they were a race extremely advanced technologically, but not having even begun any sort of spiritual evolution, making them the epitome of evil and danger.

Ok, so what does this all have to do with Valdemar? The great American master of horror, Edgar Allen Poe, wrote a short story called The Facts of the Case of M. Valdemar, in which a dying man agreed to allow a hypnotist to mesmerize him at the point of death to keep him in a state of suspended animation between life and death. In the end, Valdemar becomes so tortured that he begs to be released, and upon ending the mesmerism, he relapses into a pile of rotting mush and goo. Very Poe.

The Sirians are a race, not only extraordinarily advanced technologically, but spiritually as well, and the maker of the documentary says that their sense of ethics forbade them from killing the Reptilians—they only destroyed their means of power, then quarantined them. But it is my guess that, seeing their imminent destruction, they created a computer program for Planet Earth which would keep us in a state of stasis—unable to move forward or backward; a suspended animation which is keeping us here just prior to the point of the Reptilian's capture and destruction. They did this to buy time, hoping to escape their captors.

People think they are making progress when they graduate from college or get a higher paying job, get married, have a kid—it's all bullshit, though, part of the Reptilian's agenda to prevent us from making that migration to the higher frequency. Spiritual evolution, or evolution at the non-physical level is ALL that matters. The rest is merely an illusion.

And it has worked, for centuries upon centuries. Believe me, there is nothing anyone could say that could convince me at this point that the entire planet is NOT running on a rogue software program. We are. Period. And enough of us, many traveling through time (myself included), have assembled here on this planet, and like Mr. Valdemar, have called out for the mesmerism to cease.

All one has to do is open one's mind and eyes, and the signs all around us are blatant and obvious. Right before a computer system crashes, a corrupt program will begin to loop: it follows a repeating pattern in which it is unable to move forward, and the result is a shutdown of the system. In Windows, it is known as "Blue Screen." Or like an old vinyl record that gets stuck in a groove. But people are not vinyl records or software programs, and the effect this has had on humanity has been beyond devastating—for most a complete regression, devolution, and breakdown into impotence and dysfunction. When the final crash comes, those who have not been able to migrate to the higher frequency will be like Poe's rotting pile of mush and goo. We're suspended in this "non-reality" in a state of stagnation that has lasted (at least in this timeline), for eons.

And the thing is, the Reptilians did not get their way. They did NOT escape quarantine and are long gone, at least from the viewpoint where time exists. Therefore, this program has indeed become rogue, with no one running it. People (those who are in physical power at the moment) are historically interbred with the Reptilian race. They think they're in power, but in fact, are simply operating on obsolete software that has not been updated for eons (kinda like my Windows XP!). That can and does account for the in-your-face insanity which prevails throughout world governments, the banking system, and the military-industrial complex. Transhumanism. Machines have taken over more than anyone can even comprehend.

I read another article about the same time that I watched the documentary. The woman writing stated that everything can and will change in an instant, and that those who are saying this process of awakening will take hundreds of years are just wrong. I agree totally. We don't have hundreds of years to live like this on the planet. I am looking for this to happen any time now. Many more are saying that the second half of this year will be the changer. Any time now. In an instant. I keep myself in a state of readiness and vigilance, and am amazed at my ability to focus as I have never done before. Nothing else that happens is important. Freedom and escape is all that matters because the other option is just too ghastly to imagine.

One other point I have to make, and this most likely only refers to certain of us—ones who are quite aware of the fact that we are time-travelers who exist in many places at once. I have felt that I've had one foot in that other dimension for well over a decade. I am participating in the battle against the Reptilians. My whole physical existence appears like a battle zone, and this documentary also confirmed that. I am certain there are numerous of us in the same state. Remember, and I can assure I am correct in this, having worked with non-physical reality for 35 years: our physical existence (an illusion) is merely a reflection of what is going on at the non-physical level. That's why holistic healing is so effective—because it attacks the physical issue at its point of origin—in the non-physical realm.

And even if you don't notice it personally in your life (though most everyone is experiencing bizarre things now), you must notice it at the global level. THIS IS THE FINAL BATTLE. Look around and pay attention. But the good news is, those of us here in the future know that our battle was won in the past. Once the merging of the two timelines occurs, the memory of the past will be swept away.


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