A Brief Update

First, I want to thank all my faithful readers who visit my site. I hope you will continue to return, and continue to find materials that interests you. I certainly put a great deal of effort into my work.

For those who read my articles, I want to inform you that I am working on a project, and will not publish any of it until I understand better what is going on. It may be nothing at all, or I may have something that will be extraordinary news for all of us. I really can't tell at this point, so, as usual, I don't want to publish anything without first exploring and experiencing it thoroughly. And given the nature of what I'm working with, it may take a while, so please bear with me.

If you have not read The Power of Silence and Hidden in Plain View, please do, because the material found there, and my commitment to practicing what I preach has literally plunged me into someplace else, and I'm not sure where, but I seem to be going through rapid phase shifts or "timeline leaps" almost faster than I can process them.

Here's my belief about timelines. If "every possibility" of every scenario already exists in the universe, we can navigate to where we want to be by "timeline leaps." I think we do that without being aware of it, but by becoming aware of it we can consciously manifest our ideal reality by specifically moving to where we want to be. As we move farther away from the "norms" of this society, the less of it we will experience it. It's kind of like using GIMP or any other creative software. The creative possibilities are infinite, it is just a matter of choosing them correctly.

Meanwhile, in order to keep grounded, I'm still doing my usual stuff—some heavy literary projects, and the endless work on the farm, plus taking time to do some serious coloring while I still have light and warmth on my porch.

The warmth may be here a while, and what is happening to the climate keeps me in a state of urgency to get out of this timeline. This July was the hottest in recorded history. While we cannot allow ourselves to be a victim to what the government is doing, we also cannot turn a blind eye. Dane and his team of environmental attorneys have filed the lawsuit against the government, and he is already getting some bizarre reactions from the media and government officials. Will he actually be able to stop the spraying? That is doubtful, but he hopes to certainly get the attention of the public at large. When people become fully aware that none of the weather we are having is even remotely normal, therewill be a public outrage. GeoEngineering Watch.Org.

Here in Northeast Ohio, a beautiful summer that was turning out to be pleasantly dry did an abrupt change in mid-July. In an attempt to cool us off, the chemtrail sprayers keep dragging down colder Canadian air. It cools for a couple days, then we're right back up near 90 degrees again. But even worse is that it results in torrential downpours, flood damage, and deaths. We never, ever have just plain old pleasant rain any more. The horrendous situation in Louisiana, the hurricanes moving up the east coast, the flooding in West Virginina, Texas, the Mid-West, the drought in California, and now these double hurricanes heading to Hawaii—none of this is natural weather. And Canada! OMG. Southern Canada is under severe storm watches every day! Unbelievable. And NWS/NOAA keeps talking about a drought here in Ohio. Really???? I've had ten-and-a-half inches of rain since mid July. That is SURELY not a drought. I also daily read the "Forecast Discussion" out of the Cleveland station. These people seem to be absolutely clueless any more of what is happening in the skies, even short-term predictions. When people finally realize that all this weather misery being inflicted upon us is purely man-made, there is going to be something akin to the French Revolution, and that was a terrible event in history.

But as I said, we cannot be victims of this madness. we have to take responsibility for our own lives, and realize that our own energy contributes to the horror. We can't change others, but we can change ourselves. And that is what I am working on now, and if it proves to be true, it could be our biggest change ever.

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