Truth as a Weapon

At this point all the projects I had been working on have, at least temporarily gone by the wayside. In fact, they may all be irrelevant very soon, because as I said in the last article, The Calm Before the Global Storm I believe we are so very close to the edge now, everything we, the devoted ones, have worked for, for SO LONG, will be here in a twinkle. And while I will always re-confirm that I strongly believe we do not have to choose to be victims, and we DO control our own reality and we are creating it in our own minds, we have projected a very distorted reality collectively for a very long time, most likely due to whatever happened during the Reptilian Invasion. And it is that collective reality that we, each as individuals, have struggled to escape, and it has been an extremely difficult journey. But that's all coming to an end, and the result will, once again, take us to whatever we have created in our own minds, only this time, it will not be collective, and we will each be free to pursue our paths of freedom and creativity.

OMG! Doesn't that sound absolutely luxurious? I CAN'T WAIT.

And so, if we approach it as the last hurdle we must jump, how exactly do we define that hurdle? LIES. And how do we clear them? WITH THE TRUTH.

As I said in my last article, I don't want to dwell on the whole sordid Don Ferguson/Zen Gardner issue, but the impact this has made on the spiritual community has been rather immense. And all because one person demanded the truth. The little snowball became an avalanche, and rightly shut him down. I do not believe he will ever be a phoenix rising from the ashes, nor should he be, but the lesson is this: Once people learned the truth, he totally lost his power over them. It's about power and control, you see.

Now, let's switch gears to Dane. He has labored for years to get people to understand the truth about geoengineering and the toxic chemicals being sprayed across the planet day in and day out, for 70 years. I, and many others are doing what we can to get the word out. I will talk about it to anyone I run into, and stop people in the parking lot, for instance at Marc's in Ravenna, where there always seems to be a good dousing going on in the sky. I will make them look up and tell them what is being done to us. I have educated myself well on this over the years, and share what I know with anyone who will listen.

However, it was when I read the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering, which I linked in The Calm Before the Global Storm, that a whole new facet opened to me, making an even greater, and more dire impact. There they are—all the defendants listed, who are in some way contributing to this global atrocity. I promptly went to the library and made a copy of all 33 pages, put it in a manila envelope, and carry it with me, ready to thrust into the face of anyone I can lure away from their cell phone for just a little while. This document contains the fuel for all the fires we want to start, including test results for heavy metals found in the water, like aluminum, barium, lead—all the toxins that are now also in our air, soil, food, blood, lungs, EVERYWHERE. It's all in black and white in a legal document with legal evidence soon to be on its way to court. And though it is based on tests in Northern California, what is happening there is no different from anywhere else in the country and most of the world. Please, all of you make copies of this document and use it to spread the word.

But the whole Don Ferguson/Zen Gardner thing keeps tugging on my mind. Just look how easy it was to bring down lies once people could see the truth. If every single person out there would follow the steps I have followed, then urge (cajole, blackmail, just kidding), just one other person to do the same, we could knock down the Matrix in a couple weeks. Most people have given up fighting government lies because they believe they don't stand a chance to make a difference, but now I am convinced that is a total error, especially when I saw the list of defendants. Once the public knows the truth about the role these agencies have played in the spraying of toxic chemicals on this planet, either directly or indirectly due to hiding the truth, the dominoes would fall very quickly, and all the other lies would come to the light soon after. The TRUTH shut Zen Gardner down in a flash, and it can also shut down the rest of the liars. Once Toto pulled away the curtain the Great and Powerful Oz lost all his control. We are now ripe for the final shove. It is a plan, and it's doable. But we need to act quickly because the liars are amping up their efforts for the final battle. It does not have to be a battle! It can be won peacefully, calmly, and permanently, using TRUTH as the weapon.

I strongly believe that the criminal activity going on in the sky is THE KEY ISSUE that will shut down the Matrix. There is no greater audacity on this planet than for a group of people to believe they have the right to keep our sunshine from us—to block the sun from shining on our planet. That is the epitome of a deranged mind!! Shutting this down will shut the rest down with it, and it is at our fingertips. All we need is to put forth concerted effort at the physical level.

Here are some other happenings I want to share, all which lead me to believe we are nearing the end:

The level of distraction and zombie-ism has probably doubled just in the past week. I went to Wal-Mart yesterday because I'm stocking up on cat food, turtle food, and bought an extra bag of dog food today. My farm pretty much can supply me with food for a while yet. I believe there's coming a huge financial crash, and that would be a GOOD thing, because a total shut down of money would ground the planes from spraying, and what a difference it would make, even for a week. Do you notice how difficult it is to concentrate on days when there is heavy spraying, especially ones like we had yesterday, which was one of the worst sprayings I have ever seen here? The liars at the National Weather Service called it "Sunny" yet you couldn't see a spot of sun anywhere. Anyways, I probably could have counted on my ten fingers the number of people who were not absorbed in their cell phones, shopping, driving, walking—totally oblivious to their surroundings. I have never seen it that bad. I find that frightening.

And back to the financial situation—of course, it is probably the second biggest lie on the planet, next to the climate issue. The only reason the global money system has not collapsed yet is that it is being kept alive by skillful liars. Like Zen Gardner, they will fall like a set of dominoes. I am extremely well-educated in the art of living in dire poverty, a talent that will come in handy. But once the lie is all wiped away, we, those of us who have done our spiritual work, will revert back to the creative beings of our origin. To hell with money. We won't need it!!

And once again returning to the climate issue—Dane recently published a story about a wildfire burning at Yellowstone National Park, at the same time it was also snowing there!! How can it snow when the surrounding temperatures are in the 80s? Because it was being sprayed with chemically nucleated ice in one more desperate effort to attempt to cool down a planet heating out of control. I do not normally read comments posted on blogs because they are often so stupid or inane. However, Dane has a following of very well-educated readers who can express ideas intelligently in writing. For that reason I often read many of the commentaries. This one in particular had a number of people who were my age—in their early 60s, who were talking about the changes in the weather from when they were children—the difference in the storms, especially, and how everything would be so refreshed after a rain. I could not agree more. I don't even recognize the sound of thunder here any more. The dogs will bark and I have to listen very closely: was it a train, a helicopter, someone shooting or setting off illegal fireworks (all the time), or was it thunder? I have seen it rain under no clouds, and the pervasive darkness, even on "sunny" days is beyond distressing. And do you want to know just how wet and rotted everything is here in northeast Ohio, at least in my neck of the woods. On Tuesday a serviceman put a ladder on a power-line pole to do maintenance, and it snapped! Just broke in two, sending him and the pole and the lines across the road. They rushed him to the hospital, and our power was out for six hours. It was very near my house, so I walked down to see what was going on. On the way, I noticed how people's mailbox posts were sagging over. It's hard to stand straight in the mud. We've had over 13 inches of rain since the middle of July! In Ohio! Absolutely outrageous.

But all things must end at some point, and the end of this planetary horror is on the cusp. If everyone would PLEASE follow the advice I have given, we, YES, WE can bring it all to an end, quickly, easily, and finally.

The Truth is a Powerful Weapon. Let us use it with courage and expedience.

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