Timelines, Trajectories, and Jumping Off the Hamster Wheel

Well. here goes. This is one of the projects I've been working on, and I seem to have enough confirmation, especially considering current events, both globally and personally.

First of all, it is important that you, at least temporarily, wipe out everything you believe about the way the laws of the universe operate, and be open to the possibility that the laws of "nature" by which we have lived for eons are false, and only apply to our imprisonment situation here in the Matrix. Just as someone who is in jail cannot come and go as they please, cannot get up and get a snack, take the dog for a walk, or look up something online, we, too, are being deprived of moving around at the spiritual level. If you can imagine yourself born in the confines of a prison, never knowing what it's like to move around as you please, you can compare that to our imprisonment here in the false 3-D duality-infested illusion most people have mistaken for reality. How could we possibly know a different set of universal laws when these are the only ones we've experienced?

But many of us reading this do know something's not right, and it's because we are remembering life before the Reptilian Invasion, and our expulsion from Paradise. I have been searching for answers to what happened way back in time for many years now, and a couple months ago I got an answer that seems to be important.

I'm going to refer to numerous past articles here, so rather than linking them, just get on my Articles index and you can access them all, especially if you are a new reader.

Things really came to a head when I wrote The Power of Silence. That enabled me to shut down the software under which we have been operating, and literally re-boot. By the time I wrote Hidden in Plain View, something had drastically changed. Please note: I, for the most part, do not believe in guides or channelling or all that baloney. Nothing in any of that has ever proven true for me, and I've been doing this stuff for almost four decades. However, all of us have a sort of cosmic data base, both our own, which includes our past-life experiences, and a universal data base which contains the entirety of what has been and what will be. (Remember, in actuality it is all happening at once because the present is all there is.)

Now, something rather astonishing happened at this point. I was able to manifest something, (and that's our goal, right?). Not a physical object, but an event that happened with great speed. Hmmm. So anyways, I got this"message" which I believe now was from my own memory bank. It said that I now possessed the gifts I had been striving for, and would soon receive instructions on how to use them. My elation faded quickly, when I realized we were talking about a software program. OMG! I ran from that one fast. AND THEN. I found myself catapulted to where I am now—free, I believe, from the simulation program on which we have been operating.

After allowing this to sink in, I realized I had been experiencing the Reptilian Invasion again. I have often wondered why we, back in time as our original beings who could, in fact, manifest instantly (like Jesus), could possibly have been so vulnerable to the Reptilians. I've struggled with this for years. From what I've learned from this episode, apparently they were able to repress or block our memories, which they still are, making this whole scenario that much more believable. We "forgot" that we already had the gifts of creation and manifestation, at least long enough for them to persuade us to recieve this software program which would enable us to be creators. But of course, as we sadly know now, all it was was a means for them to take control of us and manfest their agenda through our creative bodies and minds. OMG! So, here we are now. But it's changing, so listen up and unless you have a better plan, PLEASE follow mine, 'cause I think I know a way out.

What happened to me, I believe, was a second opportunity to "just say no." I didn't fail this time around because I was conscious enough—had worked hard enough in this lifetime to recover enough of my memory to make the right decision. I know for a fact that one can go back in time and change outcomes because of my years of work with auric DNA altering and past life regressions. I have done countless processes on myself to the point where I no longer resemble the person I was two decades ago. So, I have escaped the software simulation implant, but old habits die hard, especially when we have followed what we believed to be universal laws. I suspect, that, just like someone released from a lifetime of imprisonment, we will find that the universal laws outside the Matrix operate totally different than they do here.

Now, that brings me to timelines and trajectories, information I received after the above episode, or rather recovered it from my own data base. (Bear with me that I keep using computer terms, even though we are moving away from the simulated reality—they are the best way for me to descibe what is presently happening.) The word timeline is used quite a bit lately, referring mostly to the split that's happening now on the planet between those who are rapidly awakening (remembering, recovering our data), and those still in deep slumber. But the term itself contains two false perceptions: time, which does not actually exist; and line which implies or describes a trajectory in which we are being hurled through the cosmos, in time, which doesn't exist. So, if time doesn't exist, then there's a good possibility the trajectory does not either, and that's good news for us. Because we are on a path, trajectory, to certain destruction on this planet, OR, to somewhere else unknown, but may not be where we want to go either. Here is my suggestion: suppose the world outside the Matrix is a universe of possibilities, where everything exists at random. The way Jesus was able to instantly manifest physical objects, events, healing, etc., was that he knew how to access whatever random data he needed. He could jump on or off any trajectory at will in order to instantly change directions. If all was as it should be, WE would be able to access this vast cosmos of data, but nothing is as it should be, and we are hurling on this trajectory to hell, one way or another, whether we're awakened or not, I just don't think we're on the path to where we need to be.

The AHA moment for me was when I was working with intense silence, and was able to shut down the machinery just long enough to get what I needed. NOW, here is the next step, and I've been giving you instructions in the past three articles, SO PLEASE TAKE HEED. Imagine you're on a freeway out in the middle of nowhere. Your exit is coming up and you miss it. It may be hundreds of miles ahead before are able to get off, turn around, and go back. There is a gully between the east-bound lanes and west-bound lanes, so you can't even do an illegal turn around. You're almost out of gas and are up shit creek without a paddle.

Get it? That's where we are now. But Dane has provided us with an exit, so please go back and re-read all the information in these past articles, especially concerning this lawsuit. The 60-day notice is up, and he says they are legally bound to follow that time frame, which means the lawsuit must have been filed this week. WE ALL NEED TO HELP HIM, through a public outcry, so that this situation will not go unnoticed by the public at large, and will not, under any circumstances, be able to be swept under the rug by those being sued. The link to the Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering is found on my article The Calm Before the Global Storm. Please spread it around however you can. Re-read Truth as a Weapon and More on Brutal Truth, and spread that information around as well. All of these agencies and organizations need to go down and fall hard. I have said this before and will say it again: STOPPING THE ATROCITY GOING ON IN THE SKIES IS THE KEY TO OUR LIBERATION. Geoengineering is the root of all the evil going on now— worse than the fake wars, the fake financial situation, Fukushima (which is pretty bad), Monsanto/Bayer, and Hillary and Trump. And here is why:
1. First, we have the indisputable scientific data found on Dane's site, including water test results that show extremely high levels of extremely toxic chemicals which reflect the known (through Dane's data base of government patents) ingredients used in geoengineering, or chemtrails.
2. We know these chemicals are linked to numerous serious health issues, for people, plants, and animals.
3. We know high levels of aluminum (the main ingredient in chemtrails) is linked to cognitive/memory/mental function issues and diseases, such as Alzheimer's Disease.
4. And of course, we KNOW that our global climate and natural balance has been TOTALLY FUCKED UP AND DAMN NEAR DESTROYED by these criminals who, without public permission, spray poisons on us day in and day out, clearly breaking all environmental laws.
5. We KNOW they are resposible for the devastating floods, droughts, and dimming of the sun, which is making it increasingly impossible to grow food on this planet (and my farm is an example that has been nearly ruined by these bastards), in addition to rapidly thrusting us into a world that will VERY SOON no longer be able to sustain life at all.
6. The government is also using their "ability" to manipulate the weather for "weather warfare." The government has admitted their goal of "owning the weather."

Dane's site is full of proven data. Please spread it around.

But there's even more to this—stuff that isn't scientific data, so Dane will not include it on his site because it would weaken his fight, but we all know it's happening, although we may not know all the facts. Like exactly what they are doing with HAARP, which is a big part of the geoengineering program. I believe it is also a main element of the mind-control program.

OK, so we definitely DO NOT want to continue on this trajectory, or any trajectory, really. We want to jump off the hamster wheel all together. As I mentioned in More on Brutal Truth, I feel I have reached the point where I've done all I can do at the metaphysical level, so I must return to the physical level to finish it off, and that's what I am fervently inviting all you out there to join me in doing. We cannot operate Mac and Windows on the same computer. We cannot live in a world of duality and one of non-duality at the same time. We cannot access cosmic intelligence and information while we are speeding down a linear runway. By shutting down this atrocity in the skies, a void will be created which will quickly swell with the life-giving energies we have worked so hard to access. The blocking of the sun by the US government and Air Force is not just about weather, or maybe even not about weather at all. The sun is a source of energy for all life on the planet. With the 14 inches of rain I've gotten here in Northeast Ohio from midsummer to fall (OUTRAGEOUS!!!), I have watched my beautiful annual flower dispay, my usual pride and joy, sit there and rot. I've watched fruits rot without ripening and blossoms rot without fruiting. But worse than that, I also believe the sun is a source of inner energy for us, a metaphysical battery that keeps us recharged and allows us to access this cosmic information that we seek. It is no wonder that the elite have blocked it from us. By shutting down these criminal activities, the sun will return. If they would stop spraying, we here in the eastern third of the US would be enjoying sunny skies and warm temperatures, and with as hot as the planet is now, probably no winter at all. But here we are, today, waiting for some big fucking front to come through to drop another ton of rain on us, and THE NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE DOESN'T EVEN KNOW WHERE IT IS! I explained how to access the "forecast discussion" in my last article. Even if you live somewhere else, you can read it. Click on the northeast area of Ohio. The NWS apparently has to wait for the Air Force to TELL them where the front will be. As Dane says, the weather is no longer forecast, it is scheduled.

I know this is a long article, but I hope it clarified some issues, and makes everyone realize WE ALL MUST GET TO WORK TO SHUT THIS BABY DOWN. NOW!!! Dane has given us a huge door. We need to get it open and make our escape.

And one other point I need to make: at the same time we're shutting down the system with TRUTH, we also need to be aware that we are operating on habits, very long-term, ingrained habits. We cannot allow ourselves to operate like Pavlov's dog with trained responses that keep us moving in the same direction. Jolt yourself, turn around, and behave differently when confronted with triggers. Anything to break the pattern. And last but not least, we need to reunite with the soul of our precious Mother Earth, who is also going through the hell of awakening after a long sorcerer's spell. She can cast these miserable bastards off her body once she fully recovers.

It's all an exit off the freeway, a jump off the hamster wheel of endless repetitions of useless patterns on the way to hell. It's the leap into a random world of freedom, choice, and endless possibilities. JUST DO IT!

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