This Money Thing: Stop Whining About It

Einstein said, "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." I will add to that by saying, "You can't solve a metaphysical problem by physical means." And our current money problems have been created at the metaphysical level, a software program in this Matrix that has spiraled out of control. An Agent Smith.
    And that may not be bad thing. Maybe, just maybe this is being orchestrated by the good guys. To believe what you read on the internet, the Controllers have planned this all out to take over the world. Unfortunately, the internet has become a "Tower of Babble." Everyone speaks their own opinions as if it were truth, then those less enlightened and more gullible, read it and pass it on. Suddenly the concept goes viral and does become "truth." Unfortunately, again, often those gaining the most publicity are those least qualified to give their opinion. The "New Age" pages are often worse than the worst sleazy tabloid, containing more lies than the MSM. All the while, the Controllers are laughing hysterically, because we're believing exactly those lies that will benefit them!
    Permit me to expound upon this. Temporarily suspend everything you believe to be true about the "imminent" financial collapse, the New World Order, and everything associated with these ideas that have become "truths." Get creative and allow some "what ifs". . .
    What if we don't need a financial system at all. What if we never did. I'm not talking about replacing it with gold, bitcoins, or any other form of currency. Let your imagination run wild and let me tell you a fairy tale:

Imagine a group of advanced beings wanted to play with physical creation. They decided on a planet and called it Earth, and the intention was to live in an uninhibited playground of joy, love, and beauty where they could hone their skills in bringing into form all that their hearts desired. Since these were advanced spiritual beings, the physical world, of course, was nothing but an illusion. There was no competition, no need for hierarchy or governance. . .the idea here was to play, to create, to enjoy manifestations of the physical realm. And of course, there was no need for any currency system—everyone simply created what they needed, without infringing on other beings. And again, since they were advanced beings, there was no question of harmony and balance. It came naturally—there could be no other way.
    Then imagine the day of horrors. Suddenly a demonic race became jealous and lusted after the gift of creativity. They invaded Earth, but of course their spiritual, vibrational frequencies were so low that the gift of manifesting in the physical realm would never be granted to them. So they took the beautiful, playful beings hostage—made them prisoners, and gained control of their minds so they could not remember how to create. The demons began to create through them. Their software became hijacked. The physical world became very slow and dense, and the beautiful beings were forced to labor now in order to create the things they needed to survive. The Demons became the rulers and interbred with the spiritual beings under their control. Currency became the ball and chain. Work became mandatory. The beautiful creators now had to pay just to live on what they had created.

And this continued for centuries, with most beings now, now called Humans, so interbred with the demonic race that they no longer held any memories that the physical world was meant to be a beautiful playground of creativity. It had become a living hell, a dog-eat-dog world where the purpose of life was to merely survive while those in control prospered from the labors of the Creators.

Then along came Jesus. He showed Humans what they were once able to do, and tried to convince them that they could do it again. He brought the dead to life and healed by touch. He instantly manifested fish and bread and wine into the physical world. He calmed the waters and told the people if they had faith the size of a mustard seed they could move mountains. He told his followers that everything he was doing, they could do, too. He purpose here was to free Humanity from slavery by helping them remember their gift of creative manifestation.
    But the Controllers knew what a threat this was. If people could instantly manifest all they needed, they could no longer be controlled by money and the system. So the Church was formed to corrupt the message of Jesus. It lured the people from the truth and convinced them that Jesus' message was about sin—what a sinful race Humans are and the only way they could save themselves from eternal damnation was to be weak and helpless, and worship the Church for its mercy. Not only had the Controllers won in preventing Humans from remembering their gift of instant manifestation, but they created a whole new institution with which to enslave them.

So that's the end of the fairy tale. Let us return to the present reality. I am not going to be like some of the egotists writing today who speak as if their opinion is the right one, and I certainly am not claiming that some funky spirit out there is channeling information to me. (If people would actually research all the crap that is being written today, and keep records of events, they would see that most of it is bullshit and very little has actually come true.)

I have been immersed in the metaphysical for 33 years. I have deprived myself of what most people consider life's necessities in order to reach my goal in this lifetime. In Tibetan Buddhism, it is known as the Short Path. I am a modern-day Shaman. My areas of expertise are exorcism and past-life explorations. So I can't speak for anyone else, but I do know what is true for me, because I have intensely observed the flow of events in my life, and come to an understanding of what is going on here that reveals itself to be the correct direction more and more every day, especially lately.
    And this is what I think is happening: Many of the original spiritual being have returned to the planet during this crucial period. Each of us have an area of expertise, and mine is creativity. I yearn to manifest beauty in every aspect of my life, and that drive has become so forceful that it is almost painful. Over the last twenty years, I have been slowly pulling out of The System. It has been rough—I am barely surviving, but I am following where my own truth leads me. It will pay off. I must break free.

I think that we, the spiritual beings who have returned, and higher aspects of ourselves residing in higher dimensions, along with other benevolent beings that are assisting us are the ones who are orchestrating this financial collapse. We are, not Them. It must happen. Don't people understand that? It is the only way to paralyze the Controllers. Those who believe the Controllers are working to collapse it, I believe are very wrong. I think the Controllers are trying like hell to keep it afloat. Remember, they cannot manifest, but we still can, and they know this even if we do not. But they can control our minds, so by feeding us fear of the financial collapse, what does it do? How do most people react? They react by putting more mental energy into preventing the system from collapsing; we worry, we fear, and we play their game. Instead we should say "Fine, good riddance to currency. . .let us move on to freedom," and then let go. But most people see it as another depression, recession, austerity, starvation, lack, loss. . .And who has fed those fears into us? The Controllers. We are doing their work and allowing them to keep us enslaved.

It is my theory, and this theory gets stronger every day because I find myself more and more repulsed by anything having to do with the monetary system—It is my theory, that when the system collapses, this time it will be like the Berlin Wall—gone for good, finally. It will not be a stock market crash or anything like that, it will be THE END. And when that happens the Controllers will lose control, even if just for a moment, but that moment will be long enough to open a window of memory, and those of us who have been paying attention and spent years seeking consciousness will suddenly find that missing piece that They have stolen from our minds, and that will be the gift of manifestation. I am intently watching and waiting for that window to open—just a crack and I will be through it. I have prepared for decades
    People find this whole instant manifestation concept so off the wall, but think of it this way: manufacturing is nothing but combining molecules of different substances to create a physical object. Instant manifestation is just like that, but without the manufacturing step. We mentally combine the molecules to create the object in our minds. And keep in mind that the physical world is nothing but an illusion anyways. It is all just particles bouncing around. It is our mind that combines the particles to create an object. Can we create an object with our minds? Of course we can. We do, but we don't realize it. Physical reality only exists because our senses perceive it.
    Or think about this: Where did the pyramids and other unexplained earthy wonders come from? Were they built by slaves? Don't be daffy, that's absurd. Somebody manifested them. What we have lost is the ability to be consciousthat we are manifesting, so that we can direct our energy to manifest what we want, not what the Controllers want. It is not that far-fetched of an idea. In fact, there are people alive today (or recently alive) that have witnessed such feats. Not kooky people, but well-educated professional people. Dr. Alberto Villoldo comes first to mind. His book, Shaman, Healer, Sage changed my life, and I have also worked with some of his trained Shamans. You may also read my review of Alexandra David-Neel's mystical experiences living among Tibetan Buddhists in her book Magic and Mystery in Tibet.
    Of course, when that happens, the Controllers will lose control, For good. We will be free again. Why would we need to participate in any systems when we can create our own reality without them? This has been my dream for over 20 years, and it has never waned, even through the extreme punishment They have put me through. It has truly been living hell. When you refuse to participate, they really beat the crap out of you. But I am finding now that I feel like I'm slipping out of the density world. Doing things the old physical way just gets more and more difficult every day. I know I am moving on. I can feel it in my body and soul. I hope others are, too.
    But, of course, most will not. There are no free rides. If you haven't done your homework, you don't pass the class, and the vast majority of people on this planet are failing. I learned the hard way that you can't heal someone when they want to stay sick. You let go and move on. In order to regain the gift of manifestation, you first have to embrace gentleness and love for the Earth and all her creatures, and let go of all ideas of exploiting her and other people for personal gain. Personal empowerment has nothing to do with manipulation or greed, or who can have all the trendy gadgets and junk that we don't need and are becoming more and more dehumanizing. It is about beauty and joy, balance and harmony. Surrounding yourself with what makes your heart and soul soar and not infringing on the rights of others to do the same.
    So what is the best way to bring all this about? Stop participating in the "systems." Rather than whine about the state of financial affairs (or actually believing they can be fixed), just refuse to participate any more, in money, government, the un-health care system, religion, and all the other false institutions that have enslaved humanity for eons. Just walk away.
    I personally have prepared the best I can, and does not mean hoarding or stockpiling. It is about trusting and knowing that I am ready to move to this vastly new level. Bring it on! It is long overdue.

June 1, 2013

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