The Screen

This is the sequel to Back to Reality. If you have not already read that, please do so before proceeding.

Albert Einstein said "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one." Einstein was a pretty smart guy, and I totally agree. And we have come to the point in history where the illusion will no longer be a mystery or an option, but will be understood for what it is.

Again, I urge you to read my last three articles, beginning with Short and Sweet—and Very Urgent, because with the passing of this high frequency energy field, the old illusions are crumbling, and for those who are monitoring this, the "aha!" moments are coming a mile a minute. So, therefore, this is my latest "aha."

As I've spoken of in nearly all my articles, this planet had an original population before the Reptilian Alien invasion came and really fucked up our minds. WE were the spirit-creators, and we came here to play and experiment with physical reality.

When the Reptilians arrived, they hijacked our senses, so that what we experienced on the "screen" became real, and we learned fear, because these guys were really able to hurt us. And they did, and they have been ever since. Enough is enough, and now is the time for it to stop.

And it's all a screen you know. An interactive video game and we are unwittingly the avatars, participating for all these eons in what we believe is real. Or perhaps it has all only been a few minutes, all these years we have perceived as centuries. (Time is an illusion, too, of course.) It is not real, though, and the more you see through the illusion, the more things will rapidly change.

The hard part is, you can mentally believe that, yes, this is an illusion, but still experience it. David Icke and others call it a hologram, another way of perceiving it, but it is all the same concept—something that is being projected to take on physical reality that is understood by our five senses, yet our senses are programmed. They lie to us because that's what the invaders manipulated them to do. Buddhist philosophy also teaches that the material world is an illusion, and theoretically it may make sense, but until you can get your senses to see, hear, touch, taste, and smell what we know is false, the illusion will persist in the unconscious mind.

What is happening now, however, is that, with the crossing of this energy field over the planet, the falseness is becoming so blatant that we must quit trusting what appears to be real to our senses.

I mentioned several of my experiences in Back to Reality where I saw, heard or felt something that I knew for a fact was not true. That really helped me to prove the folly of trusting my senses. Another big one, which is not personal, but more the "group hallucination" I mentioned in that same article is this situation with chemtrails and the whole climate issues. It is called the "Elephant in the Room" because it is SOOO big that those of us who see it find it so obvious that we cannot conceive how the rest of the planet can be so unaware. But maybe they're just on a different screen. I suspect they are. It is also why, not only this issue, but so many other personal and global issues just don't seem to ever be solved. No matter how close solutions may seem, they always fizzle out. In my opinion, the stock market should have collapsed long ago, and all those miserable bastard brokers thrown in prison for life. Yet nothing changes. It's always on the edge of change, the carrot dangling before us, but we never get there.

Climate, of course, has become THE issue they are using for mass manipulation and fear. In an article Dane recently posted, called Massive Spraying Appears Like Rain on Radar, he pointed out how it appeared on radar that Northern California was receiving rain, yet there was none. I remember last summer seeing huge masses of rain in Northern California on the radar I was using, and emailing Dane, telling him I hoped he was getting some of it. He wrote back and said "Not a drop." Hmmm. Yet, the opposite happens here in Northeast Ohio. Unless it is sunny, there is almost always something falling from the sky, even when the radar is completely clear. And I'm not referring to the metal flakes that rain down on us after they've sprayed heavily; (you can see them on a clear night with a high-powered white-light flashlight). I'm talking actual wet precipitation.

And back to Northern California—that last "front" that moved through, called the Pineapple Express, I believe (WTF??) was supposed to bring them ten inches of rain for five days. According to my data, it appeared California got maybe one, two days at the most of rain, but how heavy—I don't know. I would guess, by what I saw, that many areas were lucky if they got over an inch, because that is what my data appeared to show. I have not asked Dane how much rain he actually got, but most of California is still in the severest levels of drought, according to the NOAA map, so I'm guessing it wasn't significant.

About a month ago when that big storm moved up the east coast, it snowed here in Northeast Ohio for fourteen hours straight. I ended up with TWO INCHES. No shit. I measured it with a yardstick. That was a good thing, of course, because we're so flippin' wet here, I don't think we'll ever dry out. But how could it snow for fourteen hours and yield just two inches? BECAUSE IT'S NOT REAL.

And yesterday's "storm. . ." That's an important buzzword these days, you know—STORM. It invokes fear. You would not believe the stories I heard about what was supposed to happen to us. Everyone had a different perception. But in fact, I ran some errands in the afternoon, and all the main roads were not only clean, but the wind had blown Route 14 bone-dry. I didn't experience any problems after those initial short-lived white-outs occurred. But, and here's the thing, I also programmed my mind to move to a "different screen." I am doing that all the time now, and it is beginning to have an effect on my physical experience.

See, it's all an illusion. Even when we, as original beings, came to inhabit (create) this planet, we knew it was all an illusion. Always has been and always will be, this physical, material world. But the difference was, it was our illusion, and we could create it, both personally and globally as we wished, and I guarantee, we wished for only love, joy, beauty, peace, and lots of fun! Death and illness didn't exist, and it still doesn't. We haven't moved anywhere. We've always been where we always were, we haven't changed, we are our original selves, but the "screen" was programmed to give us the illusion of death, going somewhere beyond "earth," then reincarnating into a new body. It's all been a video game, you know. A load of horseshit that our senses have bought into.

Imagine there's no heaven
It's easy if you try
No hell below us
Above us only sky. . .

John Lennon was right about so many things.

Let me take you down, cos I'm going to Strawberry Fields
Nothing is real and nothing to get hung about
Strawberry Fields forever

Living is easy with eyes closed
Misunderstanding all you see
It's getting hard to be someone but it all works out
It doesn't matter much to me

I don't think we had a clue in the sixties what a great prophet we had walking among us.

For so many years, the early spiritual gurus that were super popular in the seventies and eighties, like Shakti Gawain, talked about the "law of attraction." And remember that ultra-stupid book and video called The Secret? Someone made a huge bundle on that, but of course, it also falls into the horseshit category. It's all part of the video game, the screen to which you happen to be interacting with. How can you attract something that was never real to begin with? You don't want to navigate the same program, you want to escape it.

It is only when we reach the point where we know it's not real that we can start to create—to substitute our own screen—for the one that is being projected upon us. It is the beginning of fully awakening again. We create the physical world we wish to interact with knowing full well that it is not real. As you awaken to the illusion, you become threatened less and less. How can something hurt you when it's only an illusion? It cannot, and thus those who have controlled us for eons (or minutes) are losing all their power.

There is no spoon. . .
And the more you look for anomalies, the more proof you will gather.

And before I end this, there is one more point I want to mention, for which I have several thoughts. It concerns "us" as original inhabitants. If we have not really gone anywhere, but are only experiencing the illusion of death and reincarnation, then how the HELL did we end up with nearly 8 BILLION people on this planet?

I can say with complete certainty that no advanced race would ever overpopulate a planet with such blatant irresponsibility as we have. (Well, not me—I chose zero-population growth in my own life and that includes all my cats and dogs that are spayed and neutered.) So where have all these people come from? And how many of us were here originally? The number 144,000 is one that frequently comes up by various writers, but I don't have an opinion there. Perhaps it is only we who have split off into fragments and are experiencing ourselves in different guises. But I think it is likely that the majority of the population is not really human. "Transhumanism" is a term that seems to be getting more popular, and certainly the horrific things that "people" do cannot be performed by a spiritual-human being. Never, ever. But even more likely, they are "Agent Smiths"—computer-generated beings that appear to be human-ish in order to fully keep the game alive. And they are needed now more than ever, as we begin to awaken. As in all this, there is much food for thought and meditation, which leads one to the next higher level of knowing.

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