The systems are about to crash.There are increasing signs each day that this rogue software program that has been running the planet has become too corrupt, too weakened, too outdated to debug. They know it and it scares the hell out of them, and right now, their goal is to take as many down with them as they possibly can. The timelines have merged: the false program and the original program. I see it in my mind as a slow moving eclipse; an emerging reality crossing the old one, and, I’m guessing the whole passage will take about a year because, at least for me, that has been the time period in which it takes my metaphysical experiences to manifest into the physical. The trick is to hitch onto the new reality as it crosses, kind of like stepping onto an escalator. Once you’ve got your foothold, they will find it extremely difficult to pull you off. And after the passage is done, the divergence will occur. Those that have hooked on will be free.

This is an extremely profound and massive energy shift and it will intensely affect the way we function as physical beings. Many of us are aware this has happened and have expressed it in various ways. Please understand that all of us who are energy-sensitive perceive these shifts through our own filters, and express them differently. I will do my best to explain what has occurred from my perspective.

The physical world is an illusion, and that isn’t necessarily bad. Perhaps we are simply avatars—physical aspects of a non-physical self that wished to create a playground in which to experience the joys and pleasures of physical being. I don’t have a problem at all with that theory. We are multidimensional beings with our roots in the non-physical world, with different requirements for different realities. For those of us who easily navigate between the physical and non-physical realms, this makes perfect sense, but it is so abstract and non-linear, it’s difficult to put into words.

It was when I began writing web code, that much of the confusion became crystal clear, because I could relate the relationship between code and how browsers interpreted it to life in this physical dimension. The truth is, it’s all a façade. Code is nothing but words, letters, numbers and symbols, yet when we view a webpage, it is organized and coherent. Our physical lives are nothing but a three-dimensional interpretation of a code. The problem is, of course, that the software program running it was hijacked eons ago. And that’s the program that’s about to crash. We have two choices: we can go down with the hijackers, or we can hitch a ride back on our original program.

Our original purpose for incarnating in physical form on this planet was to express ourselves as physical creation. We came here to play! But instead we have been running on this destructive and corrupt program since the invasion. The program was designed to loop: we are born, we are mind-controlled through life, we appear to die, but only because our bodies have become burned out by the distorted nature of the software, so back to the recycling bin we go, to don a new body and begin the loop again. It is the myth of Sisyphus: our lives are little more than rolling the boulder up the hill, only to have it roll down again over and over and over. No escape. Eternal prison. No threat to those controlling the program. Until now.

This has been a long, long journey. A handful of us have been true spiritual warriors, undeterred through the most horrendous challenges and intense battles, all taking place behind the scenes at the energetic level. We are all filled with the most hideous of battle scars. But we set the stage for transition in the physical world. Then there are the activists—those whose battles have taken place for all to see, bringing to light the corruption, evil, lies and falsehood—the ones that tell the world that we in fact should pay attention to the man behind the curtain. Many of us have played roles in both the physical world and the non-physical, and our tasks are nearly complete. We need to trust that we have done our work thus far and have the courage to step away.

For anyone paying even minimal attention, it should be obvious that life on earth is falling apart by the minute. The dominoes have begun to roll and they are unstoppable. Reality has become surreal—a software program filled with so many glitches it can no longer be debugged. I cannot stress enough that we need to get out of its way.

One of the things I notice is numbers—strange number combinations show up and catch my eye. These are everywhere. For instance, when I record my high and low temps from my min-max thermometer, I get very odd numbers like 75.7 degrees/ 64.6 degrees. Or 71.8/ 54.9. (7+1=8; 5+4=9). The strange number thing has been going on for about two weeks. Bizarre number combinations always alert me to rumblings in the metaphysical world.

Things are breaking down everywhere, people’s lives are breaking down, many of us are under all-out attack. The planet is under attack. Fewer and fewer people are able to move forward. And the blocks stopping them get more bizarre by the minute. Y’know how it is when your computer freezes up? Just like that. And the only remedy usually, is just shutting the whole damn thing down and rebooting. That’s where we are.

Attempting to live your life with the same expectations of cause/effect will only result in more blocks. The more force you apply in the physical dimension now will only increase the looping effect, thus requiring more force for less and less result. ANGER AND NEGATIVE ENERGY AT THIS POINT ARE DEADLY. If you are there, stop and reboot.

About seventeen years ago, my physical world began to crumble, so I have gotten a head start. After struggling and struggling, it finally occurred to me to go in a different direction, away from physical action and toward using the power of my mind to create. I was led on and pushed forward into deeper and deeper frontier, whether I wanted to go or not. (And I didn’t want to!) For years I assumed that my increasing inability to function at the physical level was caused by those who wished to destroy me. But lately I have perceived this differently. Perhaps it has been a crash-course to speed up my evolution—what the Tibetan Buddhists call the Short Path. Kind of like throwing someone into the water to teach them to swim. It has been about a year since I’ve finally understood this and I have gratitude toward whatever force pushed me into this accelerated advance. When I saw the merging of these two timelines (this happened about July 1), I quickly shifted my consciousness to the new one, and every day I’m feeling more cut off from the old world. For anyone familiar with the multiverse theory, or parallel universes, just imagine that another reality has collided with ours. It is our train ride out of this mess. I would advise hopping on.

So many people—wise and spiritual people are still caught up in the illusion that we can save or fix or help this dying planet, but we cannot. It is heading toward total collapse and that is inevitable. People still think we can fix the money problems or environmental problems if we just do this or that. And the New World Order—well, to me that has always been just another of the false realities, the façade created by the rogue software program. Recently I have heard that a great number of countries are banding together against the NWO and the U.S. But of course, it is all just another facet of the false program, and thinking this act will change anything is as silly as expecting the election of a new president to change anything.

There are people anxiously awaiting the day when the corrupt bankers and politicians and CEOs will be exposed and jailed for their evils and crimes against humanity. We all have one or two of these heinous monsters we loathe above all the rest. Mine is Jamie Dimon and I have a few choice fantasies on what I would like his punishment to be. None of this will ever happen, of course, and most of humanity doesn’t care. It’s all just a game, another part of the false program to keep humanity in a state of anger and disgust, because that is the fuel that powers the machine, and above all the machine must keep running. A personal vendetta against these lowlifes will only drag you into the quagmire with them. Let it go and move on.

The energy now is acting as a magnifying glass, and will determine where we end up. It doesn’t matter if you are a good person with good intentions, continuing to struggle with the situation in the present reality will only send you deeper into the abyss. The hard part to face is that we cannot change a world that doesn’t want to change. We cannot be a savior to a dying world. We cannot heal that which wants to remain sick. Being a martyr will only send us back to the recycling bin, and it may be centuries before we have another chance to escape. The opportunity is now. Give up any attachment to the outcome of this whole miserable mess, and then you will be able to see the beautiful reality emerging. Expand your peripheral vision and focus intently. To do otherwise will keep you locked in the loop. The only choice possible for those who really want to escape is to be aware that we now have an option which we didn’t have before, and it is now passing over this planet like a three-dimensional eclipse—not passing in front but passing through. Merge with it! This is a positive, long, long awaited opportunity. And it will change everything.

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