The Sim Theory

The Sim Theory: We May Actually be in the Matrix

There are rare moments when one stumbles across a bit of information that is so powerful that one's consciousness is bumped up, not one rung, but a whole ladder-full of rungs. That was my experience this morning as I watched the video linked above. I have been preaching the gospel of the Matrix for several years now—that I truly believe we are living in a computer-simulated reality. David Icke has been saying for years that our reality is nothing but a hologram. And now comes along this excellently produced documentary which gives compelling evidence that in fact, Simulation Theory is not only correct, but being seriously considered within the scientific community. As I've been writing for these past years, there is way too much in my own life that is utterly inexplicable outside of computer simulation. This video gives me confirmation of what I've experienced, from a documented, scientific viewpoint. WOW!! YES! If you are one who claims to be on the path to consciousness, it is not an option—you have an obligation to watch this documentary. And if you want to understand my article, which will be a short one, you are also required to watch it, because that is all I'm discussing here.

Actually, I'm not even discussing it, so much as pouring out the many questions that still need to be answered. For instance, if our universe is a computer simulation, is the rest of reality not a simulation? Are there a race of people who are running the computers that keep us imprisoned in a virtual reality? Or are we our own avatars, who have lost the memory that we exist somewhere else, perhaps through the Reptilian Invasion (a virus?).

Is the freedom we seek merely the end of this video game where we have been the players. All of these possibilities seem very probable to me. No matter what I am caught in, for the present, I believe that I, the real me, is not just a collection of pixels. I exist somewhere else as a soul, a spirit, cut off from returning. I've also believed that there is coming a point—and I look for this any day now, where individuals will wake up enough to break free, and when that happens, all traces of their existence will disappear from here. I've even said that to special friends, that if I just disappear someday, it is OK.

And I do believe that waking up will be on an individual basis, according to how much effort has been put forth into the process. It is why I keep sounding the warning. The old operating system is beginning to break down, and woe to those stuck in it without an exit. Please refer to my New Testament message Burning Up.

And in addition, the question must also be asked, if we are existing in another reality, controlling the computers which control us as avatars, are we being held hostage there? It seems unlikely that we would be doing this to ourselves. Did the real invasion and capture take place in a different dimension, then? Are our lives here merely a mirror to a horror beyond this planet? And are we finally freeing ourselves from that horror there? My goodness! What a thought!

The bulk of the documentary is about the sequence of scientific discoveries, beginning with Einstein, that has led to the realization that we can, in fact, create our reality with our minds, and continuing experiments do nothing but confirm and strengthen this theory.

And so I wonder, when we became avatars in this reality, did we know full well that we would be capable of creating whatever we wanted through our minds? Why else would we agree to come here, and I do believe we originally came here willingly. In fact, it makes complete sense to me that it was because our memories were blocked and our minds taken over that we lost our ability to create.

I cannot go on without mentioning Jesus, and his mission (please see my messages on The Metaphysical Jesus, especially Jesus and the Sim Theory). Somehow, he escaped corruption, and became an avatar himself in order to jog our memories. Mastery of the physical world was so easy for him, and he told us over and over that we could do it, too.

I have further believed that it is probable that we were originally a race that had the ability to create matter through thought, but not every alien race did have that ability, and I've written about this also numerous times in the past. What if our minds were hijacked into being creators of someone else's thoughts? (Again, a malware-type invasion.) That would certainly explain the whole mind control obsession which confronts us all, and which has, just in the past few years, reached desperation point on the part of those who wish to control us. Do they know it's all about to blow? I would say definitely, they do.

I had to chuckle a bit when toward the end of the film, there was the scene from The Wizard of Oz about the Man Behind the Curtain (see my article).

This video could not have appeared at a better time, because it is all coming to an end and breakthroughs are occurring fast as lightning. I notice a difference in myself nearly every day now. I'm finding I'm letting all matters just go away, except for those which I, at present, must deal with. I have never in my life had such intense focus, and I pity those who are clueless. Every moment of everyone's life should now be spent in preparation for the unveiling of the truth and the lies. For those who are prepared, it will be the most extraordinary event! For those not prepared, it will be shocking devastation.

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