Selling Out

This isn't the next article I had planned to write in my little mini-series—that one will come along soon—but this one seems more urgent. They're all urgent, actually, because the old OS is collapsing so fast now, and that's a good thing. So why do the vast majority of people work so hard to keep it intact?

The media, both mainstream and alternative, which is mostly not much better than the mainstream, are both warning of financial collapse, like it's a bad thing. WELL, IT'S A GOOD THING!! Let the whole thing go all to hell—I cannot imagine a better way to shut down the Matrix. When the financial system collapses, one of their main means of controlling us will be severed. You want that, right?

Let me paint a totally different scenario than everyone else does, one that we are programmed to not dare imagine. Imagine, therefore, if everyone on the planet, suddenly threw out their TVs. It's not painful. I did it eight years ago and haven't suffered trauma. Then the cell phones, and all the useless technical doodads with which we surround ourselves. Turn off the radio, and learn to appreciate silence. My house is silent all the time except when my dogs get wound up. Gradually begin shutting down the old system. Do we need credit cards? The answer is No. Do we need to drive the latest vehicles? I drive an old beat-up Ford Ranger. Do we need to go out? I usually don't. I have certain obligations, and after those are fulfilled, I spend my time out of the way of people, chaos, insanity and distractions. Do we need to buy expensive food and especially do we need to eat at restaurants? The answer is No again. Do we need to buy all kinds of shit that will never be used and end up in a land fill? It is amazing how little a human being really needs to survive, but until we all begin to shut down to the survival level, the Matrix, and all its controls will continue to teeter on.

The problem is, that so few are able to make a real commitment to exiting the illusion. The people who walk the walk and talk the talk are extremely rare. I am one of them. There are others, but not many.

There is the old story about the man who went to the Buddhist Master seeking enlightenment. I will condense it and tell it in my own words. A man from the West went to see a Master. He banged at the door and demanded to be let in because he wanted to be enlightened. He was ignored. Yet, as he sat by and watched, numerous others knocked at the door and were admitted. After trying different approaches, he eventually arrived at one of more humility. But even that did not gain him audience with the Master. Still he waited, and finally the Master emerged from the house and began to walk. The man caught up with him and spoke, but could not get a response. As they walked by a stream, the Master suddenly grabbed the man and stuck his head underwater. The man struggled and eventually freed himself, angry that the Master had attempted to drown him. The Master simply replied, "when you want enlightenment as badly as you wanted to breathe, then you shall have it."

In the book Magic and Mystery in Tibet, Alexandra David-Neel tells of her time spent living among Lamas and disciples of Tibetan Buddhist Masters, many of whom were on the "Short Path," in other words, seeking to reach Nirvana in this lifetime to permanently escape the cycle of death and rebirth. These people were not messing around. They endured the most unspeakable conditions imaginable, such as living alone in a cave without light for years. But for those who met their goal, they developed non-human powers and mastery over much of the physical world. For those of us who escape the Matrix now, we will have all that and so much more. We need to totally shut down our minds to the limits we've placed on what we are and always have been capable of creating. We live like rats in a cage and think it's life, as long as we get fed and housed. We are not rats in a cage, we are cosmic beings with the universe at our fingertips. Knowing that should be enough to make one do whatever is necessary to escape, no matter what the present hardships. Comfort in this world is soon to disappear; Freedom outside the Matrix is eternal. WHICH SHOULD YOU CHOOSE? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out the right choice.

There is nothing I will not do to escape the Matrix. I am living under the worst conditions, I can assure you, but I am disconnecting more and more each day from the program. If you are unwilling to be uncomfortable, you haven't even begun your journey. Do you not see? How can people not understand? How can so much of humanity be so blind? Here in Northeast Ohio, we have Giant Eagle grocery stores that gouge people with exorbitantly high prices. I see people standing in line buying all this stuff that one could get at Marc's next door for a fraction of the price. Why? What would happen if people just gave up that expensive food, brand names, and especially pre-packaged meals? Giant Eagle would have no choice but to either lower their prices, and/or eventually collapse. What about banks? What if we just refused to buy anything with credit? Of course, we'd have to give up all those niceties most people are used to, but they're not real anyways. None of it's real. Start PULLING OUT AND SHUTTING DOWN. Send the corporate world to hell. Put the politicians out of a job. Are we having fun yet? We have the power to shut down the whole shebang and walk out the door to freedom. Refuse to cooperate with the system. Do you need to get your hair and nails done? Do you need to go to a gym? And sports, where the players are often the most despicable members of society and paid outrageous salaries for playing with their balls. Do we need to support that? Lord have mercy, we absolutely do not. MY GOD. We've gone on and on for decades about the evils of "the system" yet the majority of people aren't willing to give the system up. The problem is, there are just way too many people who are way too comfortable. That will end soon, I assure you.

Begin looking for free things. GIMP is a free photo manipulation program. Do you need to pay for outrageously expensive Photoshop? I love to read. Reading is an essential life-maintaining element for me. I have information about Project Gutenberg all over my website. Between them and their global affiliates, they have over 8 million free eBooks for anyone to download. The computer I am using was free. My neighbor made it from spare parts he had lying around. No matter what in the material world is important to you, there is probably a way you can enjoy it without participating in the system. And if not, then perhaps you need to give it up anyways. So just do it. Life's a bitch. Get over it and get serious about the end of this reality. It's all an illusion anyways.

And it's not just material comforts, it's societal comforts. Do we need to be "liked" and Twitter and jabber and post comments on blogs which are often some of the stupidest things I've ever read? Why is all this stuff important? It isn't.

Some of the worst and most ignorant modern New Age "gurus" are the ones who have the reputation of being so advanced, yet I see little advancement taking place in those corners of the internet. What I see is lots of egotism and armchair awakeners who want evolution in 5 easy steps, which they can read about in their spare time from a busy day that consists of nothing but working the system. We wear ourselves down and burn up our creative energy spending our lives at jobs we hate so we can get stuff that we think is so important. And then we wonder why we are still stuck on a planet that is evolving us into robots. We have such a misplaced and distorted sense of priorities. This is not a game. JESUS CHRIST, wake up.

Believe me, there is nothing pleasant about living outside the system, just barely surviving from day to day, but once you quit selling out to the Matrix, you will find yourself developing a strength of character you never dreamed of possessing. It is courage, fortitude and a perseverance that no force in the universe can extinguish. You have no idea, but I do, and it grows now each day, and it is better than any material comfort. And it is also a train ticket out of this mess. Then finally it dawns on us that we never needed all these "systems" to create what we want and need, because we ourselves are creative energy. And only at that point will we awaken from this controlled nightmare and find that all we need is at our fingertips, with no one to tax it or take it or break it or keep it from us because we don't make enough money to pay for it. What a convoluted system!! It was ours all along, created from the depths of our beings. We've totally forgotten who we are and what we were once capable of doing, stuck for eons on the crutches of a false operating system that has done nothing but disempower us and keep us dependent on what is killing us, like a drug addict is dependent on their poison.

We're in the process of returning to our original selves—going back in time, as it were, but time is but an illusion. We may find that, what seems like eons that have passed in this simulated dimension has been but a few seconds. And how did it all happen in the first place? Perhaps because we were just too trusting. Beings of purity cannot fathom such levels of evil; it doesn't exist in our ability to comprehend. But it did happen and it's ready to end. The extent to which you have prepared yourself for this event will determine where you end up. There are no free rides, and no places for the weak and lazy in the land where I am headed. It is a place of courage and strength, of self-mastery and authenticity. And it is just around the corner. Who will join me there?

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