Refusing to Cooperate (And Creating a Back-up Plan)

We are in the end of times. If anyone tells you they know how this will all turn out, they are simply arrogant, and need to be distanced. NO ONE knows how this game called Planet Earth will terminate, but I think I can state with some certainty that life as we know it is over. My hunch is that the forthcoming reality (or realities) will be different for everyone, depending upon their level of consciousness. Perhaps it will be another "Big Bang," where this time the mass consciousness of the planet will be scattered in all directions to form new worlds based on each one's level of evolution. Now is the time to pull out all the stops in creative thinking. Aim high because we're about to hit bottom.

Faced with the dire situation in which we find ourselves, my first and only choice is to reach for the highest level of consciousness possible, and to expand my mind beyond the confines of this dimension. There is a breaking point in mind expansion that will spill over into our physical aspect, and many of us are at the precipice of reaching that level of expansion. Once we are able to free our physical aspect from the confines of our present third-dimensional reality, freedom will ensue. My mind has been operating outside of this dimension for decades. It is time for my body to follow.

And the more you expand your mind, the more possibilities open up. I think those that limit themselves to seeking solutions purely in the physical realm will find themselves in the worst situation. We should absolutely continue to take physical action the best we can as long as we still have a physical world, but keep a back-up plan in the works at the metaphysical level. Be ready to leave if you need to.

I read an article recently that said the people that are expecting "divine intervention" were wrong. I agree with their comments that spaceships are not going to arrive to help us. I know I will probably make a lot of enemies, but I think the so-called "contact" that many people claim to have made with aliens in spaceships is just another government-sponsored mind game. I've never seen a UFO, and I have spent many a night under the stars in my 58 years on this planet. Having said that, however, I DO believe we experience divine intervention, actually on a regular basis. I have had one too many "LOOK OUT FOR THAT FALLING TREE!!" situations to doubt it, but it comes through our consciousness, not spaceships, and in most cases, it is probably our own selves at a much higher level of existence.

And it is our refusal to cooperate with the Controllers' agenda that keeps us from being bound to the third dimension and open to that divine intervention. When we give energy to the distractions and mind games being played, it only keeps us more stuck in the lower levels. But in order to refuse to cooperate, of course we need to understand how they are keeping us in that state of obey-without-question.

In a recent interview with Disclosure Radio, Dane Wigington, of GeoEngineering Watch commented that we really need to get the military on our side, as the impending global catastrophe continues to advance. Well, yeah, that should be a no-brainer. For most people it still is not. While more and more people don't trust the government, it boggles my mind that they still think the military has our best interest at heart. Government and military go hand-in-hand.

If the military is willing to slaughter its own innocent people just because they are ordered to, we may as well go around with dart boards painted on our backs. But the sad truth is that humans have a fascination with the power they mis-associate with glory. I have just completed a Medieval Era section on my website. We look back and find something romantic with the age of brave knights in armor. But what it was, was killing and brutality to satiate the ego. Mark Twain parodied it in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court. Nineteenth-century Russians had a predilection for dueling. Alexander Pushkin fought in 29, and the last one killed him at age 37. It is no different today. I know a young woman who was so excited about joining the military, and her excitement grew as she advanced. One day she announced that she "wanted to be a spy—that would be so much fun." I stared at her dumbly, thinking, c'mon, this isn't a flippin' James Bond movie. This is about real people, not to mention the horrendous suffering that the animals and plants are enduring because of our inability to face the atrocities of war.

The problem with the military is the same as the problem in Washington. Good people with good intentions join, but once there, most of them are struck with the leprosy of greed and power that is the disease of these institutions. I have a friend who told me that a friend of his in the military had to sign a paper agreeing to follow orders, even if those orders were immoral. Sadly, it is the free-thinkers who are not welcome in either the military or any other government institution. It takes a certain kind of person to blindly follow orders to massacre innocent people, whether they are our own Americans or those in other countries, and no matter how that person justifies what they are doing, deep down, they have an immense craving to play God.

However, it seems the free-thinkers are not welcome anywhere on this planet any more. The game-plan is to beat into submission those who do not follow the flock. And the flock is on its way to the slaughterhouse.

So just how are they coaxing us into cooperation? They are tricky bastards, and have snuck up on us in the name of making decisions for our own good. That illusion, fortunately, has been shattered by a growing number of conscious beings.

One of the ways, and it is very effective, that they are keeping a hold on such a vast majority of the population is by keeping people in a state of physical illness. If I was in the physical condition that most of the world population is in now, I would spend every waking moment to find a solution out of it, without doctors and drugs. In fact, I was there at one point.

About twenty years ago, I injured my shoulder/back area. I actually heard this muscle rip, and it caused a whole realm of other complications. So I went to a doctor. After a few minutes examination, he said he would make me an appointment for psychiatric evaluation, because there nothing physically wrong with me. I communicated to him by means of a barrage of four-letter words my opinion of his diagnosis, and never went back. I made the decision then and there to take responsibility for my own body.

Let me be very clear that I am not advocating that everyone should give up their doctor. In 2008, I broke my wrist, and after five days, I did go to have it set, but would not allow any drugs or surgery. By that time, however, I had holistically taken care of everything but the actual cast myself. If I had had access to an indigenous bonesetter, I never would have considered a physician.

But most people blindly submit to an onslaught of drugs and often misdiagnosis, and this is the trap where they want you. I have been saying for years that people do not have an illness until a doctor diagnoses it. It is part of the mind-control program because the Controllers know just how powerful the human mind is. Since most people trust their doctor's opinion more than their own healing abilities, they also assume that a medical diagnosis as a result of clinical tests must therefore be accurate. But evidence for misdiagnoses is building, and also for botched, useless, and harmful treatments.

Of course, even for those of us who refuse to cooperate, we also must endure a daily onslaught of toxic chemicals dropped on us through geoengineering, what we call chemtrails. Be aware of what is making your body sick—the root cause. Do research, for instance, on ways to detox from these poisons. Eating fruits with lots of pectin helps—apples, lemons, bananas. I have a friend who has been taking detox baths with Epsom Salt and baking soda. Explore whatever holistic approaches appeal to you. There is a wealth of non-drug healing available. My specialties are shamanism and DNA clearing, but I have also studied Reiki, Chilel Qigong, yoga, and Silva Mind Control. The point is, don't accept your illness. Determine to be free and you will be.

With the impending collapse of civilization approaching at breakneck speed, the Controllers are losing their grip, and working desperately to capture as many gullible minds as possible. The financial collapse is another means of steering the herd to the slaughterhouse. Get as many people to rely on welfare as possible, then pull the rug out from under them. What will happen to all these people when the checks stop? And they will. What is the solution? Refuse to cooperate. LEARN TO LIVE WITHOUT. I made that decision over a decade ago. Has it been easy? No, it's been hell, but I have developed incredible survival skills, and am not bound to the system.

But even more pathetic are the people who have money and have become slaves to it. They don't stand a chance because the only means of survival they recognize is putting in more overtime. I know someone who already has his suicide planned if (when) the financial system collapses. Many people think the population is finally waking up, but I have always said that if you fill their pockets with money, they will readily go back to sleep. Even though government climate manipulation and the increasing inability for our planet to support life should be the first order of priority for every living being, the main anxiety most people have is about money.

Here's an example: I have been giving out fliers with a passion because I believe the information on that site is vital to humanity. Today I had to run an errand, and decided to stop at a business that I knew was family-owned, thinking that this would be helpful and appreciated information. I had never met the owner, but I went in and politely introduced myself, showed him the flier, and proceeded to explain how we were in a situation facing life and death. I said the facts and data on this website were crucial for all of us to understand so we could band together to stop the assault from the skies. He listened to me with a smirk on his face. After I finished and asked if he would like to take some fliers to give out, he responded, "You shop here, right?" (He knew I did not.) I said "no" and his reply was that why should he help me if I don't help him? After all, he is a business-man.

After I picked my jaw up off the floor where it had fallen with a thud, I turned around and walked away. It is a waste of energy to argue with such a well-developed case of ass-hole-ism. I mumbled something about reconsidering the benefits of culling. I have been saying for years that the best thing that could happen on this planet is a total collapse of the global financial system, (and that means all of it, including the Controllers), then maybe we could all sit down and discuss our survival like adults. It would be like joining a nudist camp—everything out in the open and no pretenses. We're all made of the same stuff.

Mark my word, the veils are about to be lifted. It has been a "Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" world for too long, and the Controllers have pushed it too far. This latest flooding atrocity in the Balkans should wake up even the deepest sleepers. And when the world finally does see past the illusion, when the global shit hits the fan, oh. . .I don't even want to imagine what will happen, but it is gonna be horrendous. That is why I stress to everyone to have a back-up plan. Set your consciousness toward a new reality and be ready to leave at a moment's notice. It has always been my opinion that when the veils finally come down, the chains will come off, and we will realize we have powers never imagined. Be ready to use them.

Here are some ways to prepare, and I would advise urgency:

1) Scrutinize every area of your life and honestly determine if it is there to serve you, or keep you in slavery, then get rid of the latter, or begin the process of disconnecting from it. And that goes for jobs, relationships, useless stuff that distracts us, including and especially cell phones and televisions. (I threw mine out years ago and it felt good!)

2) Question every challenge that comes into your life. Is it a means to tie you into the mind control illusion? (The answer is yes.) Take responsibility to find alternative solutions. They may not seem like solutions at the time, but anything that turns you into the opposite direction of where they are trying to pull you is a solution.

3) Get away from the status quo, all of it. Dare to be a free-thinker, then let your imagination soar and begin to create in your own powerful mind the life you desire, devoid of money and all the other established institutions on this planet. Find the crowd, then run from it. Break free.

4) Learn metaphysical/mind-body techniques to break the bonds with the illusion of our collapsing physical reality. Understand that we are experiencing life through an extremely narrow and false lens, trapped for eons in this dimension. There's a whole, huge universe out there beyond the comprehension of our five senses. Metaphysical techniques allow us to access it. Then make your plans to go there—it will be our new home.

Laughing Crow is a modern-day Shaman
who has been immersed in the study of
metaphysics for over 30 years. She is an
organic farmer, environmentalist, animal
rights activist, artist, and holistic healer,
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