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I have hinted at this for a few years, and lately have said it point blank, but now I need to be a little more emphatic about it because we're at the end of the road. WE ARE LIVING IN A SIMULATED REALITY. Yep, its all bytes and pixels—all Illusion. What we perceive with our unreliable senses is merely our installed software, a gift from the Reptilian Invasion eons ago to keep us in a state of misery long after their demise. (See my last article The Man Behind the Curtain.) We are experiencing it on Operating System Planet Earth, which is in an accelerating state of collapse. There are just too many things that have happened to me, especially since July 2014 that are unexplainable in any other terms than computer simulation. If you want to understand this, study code writing, which basically creates a faҫade that we view on our browsers as a web page, yet when you look at the page of code, the actual page, there is little resemblance. You can view code on a webpage by right-clicking on the text, then clicking "View Source" or "Page Source." It's all an illusion. And so is our present life.

As for me, my tipping point came when this higher-frequency energy field began crossing our simulated planet, July, 2014. (See my article Short and Sweet—And Very Urgent.) After that, I found I could no longer function as before, without suffering dire consequence. And now, the time is nearing, for me at least—a final battle, so to speak. There is no longer room here for the "essential me" (not the simulated me), and this horrible software program that has been running my life into hell. One of us will undergo total destruction. If it is the program, then I will be free. If it is me, then my soul will be destroyed and I will become transhuman. Think that can't happen? It already is. This planet is populated now with transhumans—people who have willingly sold their souls for money, power, sex, drugs. We see it all over, beginning with the government, military, bankers and CEOs, and much of the "entertainment" industry, and worst of all, the people who fly the planes that spray us with poisonous chemtrails, down to common people who, when you look into their eyes, you see not a mirror of their soul, but a deep and hollow chasm of darkness. I know more people who fit that description than are human, and most people are on the edge of the fence, and can go either way. The Reptilians had no souls, but they sure knew their technology and set us up in an unbelievable mess.

As I mentioned in my last article, it is our emotions that trigger this program and keep it functioning. I am finding that the most powerful way to disable it is by not reacting emotionally to anything. Is that easy? Oh, hell, no. We humans are emotional beings, which is why this particular element was set up to keep the program running. They knew it would be nearly impossible for us to avoid. But avoid we must, to shut off and escape from these chains. I am encouraged that I have recently become connected with other online people who totally understand what I am saying. Knowledge is Power and There is Strength in Numbers. The more of us who are actively participating in the shutdown of this malicious software, the more we will be able to access the "ALL"—every bit of information we need to create our own reality as we wish it, outside the illusion of the established institutions, or the current Operating System. I have often toyed with the idea that when we each, individually, shut down our own personal software, we will no longer exist in this reality, like waking up from a dream where the people and places we dreamt about disappear. I really don't know how this will all manifest, but what I do know is that we need to get the hell off this illusional planet because it is shutting down. Incidentally, I also think there is a pretty good chance that the earth herself is in the same predicament as we, and the conscious part of her is working to rid the program and manifest herself in genuine form. Perhaps those of us, if any of us, who survive, will abide there.

I have said this numerous times, but it must be said again. There are some people who have crossed realities free of the software. Jesus, of course, first comes to mind. The physical world wasn't an obstacle to him—he could freely create whatever he pleased, and mold and form the illusional world as he wished. He also made it clear that death was part of the illusion. (In fact, EVERYTHING physical will ALWAYS be an illusion, but the difference will be, of course, that, free of the software program, we will be able to mold and form our physical realty to our liking, like a piece of Play-Dough.) There will be no need for money, government, competition, military, or corporations. Everyone will behave with respect to all other living entities, because the consequences of not will be indescribably horrible—a sort of "what goes around comes around" amplified a million times. It will be a life of peace and harmony, which was our original plan when we set up this planet to inhabit in the first place. Many of us have memories of the original paradise. I certainly do. These are all musings, of course. Neither I nor anyone else knows what is beyond this, but what I do know is that staying in this reality is not an option.

Along with the emotional aspect of this program, there is a physical one, too. The people who know me know I am very healthy. I have done yoga and mind-body healing for decades, and do not take so much as even aspirin and certainly no other drugs. I don't drink or smoke, but of course, it is impossible at this point to keep free of toxins. Nonetheless, most people think I am in my forties, rather than 60. I am petite and slender, yet have strong muscles, so it has perplexed me that for the last quite a few months, I have had trouble with, at times almost debilitating lower back pain. A few weeks ago, it struck me that the pain was exactly at the location of my root chakra, which then radiated into my left hip. I began doing mental "opening" and relaxation work in that area, and soon the pain went away. And not only that, but I was quickly able to access even more helpful information. Remember, these programs ARE stored in your body as implants. Get rid of them however you can.

In addition to not allowing yourself to react emotionally, here are a few more tips. I don't own a TV or cell phone, and I live at the bare minimum level, truly, I live just on the edge of survival. Separate yourself from money and all the established institutions. While it may be painful now, it cuts off a huge area by which you can be manipulated. Mentally delete all dreams from your system upon awakening—remember, that is another way you are being "programmed." Stay away from "alternative news." Lately, there are so many new age "experts" who go on and on about the media, and how more people are getting their information from alternative news. But anyone who has a brain will quickly see that the "alternative news" is more bullshit than anything else on the internet. The people who write this baloney are part of the program, and they get lots of support from gullible people who feel they are part of the "awakening consciousness" because they have rebelled against the established media. What a pathetic farce. People believe stuff just because it is opposite of what the news programs are saying, yet they cannot see how stupid and ludicrous the alternative news is. Most of the "established experts" in the "awakening" don't know their ass from a hole in the ground, and say what they are saying just to be popular and make money, yet their words are taken as gospel truth, and leading their followers farther away from consciousness. (Of course, there are exceptions, and many people who are sincere and filled with wisdom.) But for the rest, it's pathetic. Stay away from these people and what they write. Fo goodness sake, use your brains and think for yourself and only believe something if you have given it time to integrate and find it has proven to be true. And that includes what I say also.

This is another "short and sweet" article focused on just the one element I discussed, because it is so important, but I want to make just one more point. Those of you who know me, or are familiar with the rest of my site, know I have been blessed with a bountiful sense of humor, which is not an emotion, but a quality. In my article Back to Reality, I talked a little about the hysterically funny and quite naughty British comedy Red Dwarf. Anyone who wants to understand what is going on should watch this series, which continued for ten years, and I believe is once again in production, or was supposed to be. It is a sci-fi comedy about four beings lost in space for millions of years. Writers Rob Grant and Doug Naylor really knew their metaphysics, plus modeled it as a spoof on Star Trek, Star Wars, and other serious space adventures. There isn't a week goes by that I am not reminded of a humorous depiction of the horrendous tragedy encompassing us all. Sometimes ya gotta laugh about it. There are two episodes that come to mind pertaining to this article. One is called "Justice" in which the crew land on a derelict prison ship where the inmates receive immediate retribution for their actions. If someone hits you in the head, you will feel nothing, but they will be knocked out. It's the instant "what goes around comes around" I mentioned above. (Episode 21, Series IV number 3.) The other is even more pertinent, called "Polymorph," where the crew is attacked by a genetically engineered mutant that feeds on negative emotions. (Episode 15, Series III number 3.) Even though the first two series are kinda stupid, they get better each year, until they become downright deep. I can't tell you how much long-lasting knowledge and understanding I gained by watching them, numerous times. They can be found online now. Here is more info from Wikipedia. I strongly recommend watching this series. It will give you a great laugh and a triple dose of wisdom. Incidentally, I had the delightful experience of meeting Chloë Annett (below) when she came to Northeast Ohio years ago.

The Cast of Red Dwarf

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