Reading the Minds of the "Controllers"

And again, I put that word in quotes because I don't think they are very much in control any more. In fact, I don't think anyone is in control at this point and we are in a freefall to hell. That's why it is essential that we each as individuals take control of our own minds and reality or we will go down with the system. Knowing the way their minds work and how they are attempting to manipulate us is the best way to get out from under their influence. They are really not powerful, wise, or even dangerous. They are crafty and cunning liars with a great deal of technological knowledge, but they are also fearful cowards. They need to keep us uninformed of their underhanded deeds, because once we are on to them, their cover is blown and they are quite disabled. They count on our ignorance and apathy. Without that, there is little they can do. They have hijacked our minds, and are mind controlling us to create their agenda, because it is WE who are the ones gifted with creative power. Once we understand how they lie and work our minds, they've lost. And I am talking of those on the planet but mostly the off-planet levels. The on-planet controllers are simply agents of this invisible force. Whether it is actual entities or just the software makes no difference. We have to break it and get free, and NOW. I sense there is a window that is ready to close very soon, and in order to escape the oncoming catastrophic events, we have to fly through it while we can. They know this too, and I also believe they realize their defeat in some sectors of the population. We are on the diving board just ready to spring into a new timeline. I'm ready to jump. 'Bout had enough of this bullshit.

So here in this article, I'm going to review ways in which they are controlling us with some updates. Knowledge is power! Once Dorothy saw that the Great and Powerful Oz was nothing but smoke and mirrors, he was no longer a threat. I promise you, once we see through the mind control techniques being executed upon us, then we understand that they have absolutely ZERO power on this planet other than controlling our minds to create THEIR agenda. PLEASE THINK ABOUT THIS VERY CAREFULLY. It is extremely important that you understand how they work us. We can and DO create in the physical world, but we have been creating their agenda. Like a computer virus, they are by-passing our original programs and downloading their own. This is becoming more and more apparent to me as I see clearly the background programs that are running the planet.

Other than the fact that chemtrails have absolutely decimated the biosphere of the entire planet to the point of complete breakdown of a supporting environment, there is another reason we must all make everyone with whom we come in contact aware of this atrocity. Chemtrails are one of the main smokescreens being used on us for mind control. In fact the weather/climate issue is one of the biggest lies being perpetrated on the planet. I have learned so much from studying the Bing interactive weather map at out of Youngstown, Ohio. Incidentally, that is the only local station that is not run by a corporation—it is owned by Betty Brown Jagnow, who also owns The Vindicator, for which I used to be a reporter, so they are not slaves to corporate directives. The website is also well maintained, unlike WKBN's, which is a mess.

I strongly suggest you follow my directions here, then use the information to apply it to your favorite weather maps. I am amazed at how many people have no idea how to use this resource. Weather is a big thing with me. I have kept weather data records since 1994, and have a drawer full of notebooks with the info. It has given me great insight into hidden agendas.

When you get on the site, click on weather, interactive map. It is nice and big, so you can see the whole country. There is a little white star in the middle, and that is to mark your residence. Zoom in by clicking the + in the upper left, and use your mouse to move the map so that the star is over your residence. The unfortunate thing is, the map refreshes every ten minutes, so you have to keep resetting it. I have not discovered a way to avoid this. The opening page is set on radar, which is rainfall. There is a color-code in the upper left. If this doesn't show, click the key. This map is very accurate, but there is a five minute delay, and the radar refreshes every five minutes, on the 3s and 8s. (9:03, 9:08, etc.). Click the arrow to make it loop. It goes back to two hours previous. You can click the smaller arrows to move it at five minute intervals, forward or backward.

Where you can really get a grip on the weather "controller's" agenda is by clicking "future." If you notice the time displayed by the arrow, it should be exactly the same as the current map ends. However, the future is a model projection for 24 hours ahead. Often it is quite accurate, and it updates every so often. Lately, though, it has been WAAY off. What this is, I figure, is what the "controllers" are attempting to do to us, weather-wise. By studying this alone, it gives one a great deal of info into their diabolical plans. It is interesting that the NWS/NOAA forecasts more closely match the future models than what is actually happening outside, which is more evidence that the weather is scheduled, not forecast, as Dane says. Please don't fool yourself into believing that the devastating weather across the country is even remotely natural. If a tornado hits your town, it was put there on purpose. Fortunately, Mother is fighting back and the manipulators are having less and less success, judging by the inaccuracy of the models. What is interesting is the mind control built into this. We know that chemtrails are chock-full of aluminum, which has serious effects on our ability to think. The more it rains down upon us, the more confused we become. but not all of us. Plus, we are wired with a primal fear of the weather. Back in the days when it possibly really was "natural," our primitive ancestors feared the storms, and with good reason. Getting hit by a hurricane or tornado, or serious floods or drought is nothing to laugh at. They who control the weather control the world. Supposedly. We shall see. In any case, study this stuff and you will discover insights into evil minds. One of the things I've noticed lately is that when you click the future view, there is usually about twice as much rain displayed than actually exists, and remember, the end of the current map should be pretty much exactly the same as the beginning of the future map. This is a way of seeing just how ineffective they are becoming in creating the weather, and also how determined they are o keep us flooded in the east. Why? I can't imagine. It is seriously out of control.

The satellite map is even more revealing. At the bottom right, click on layers, which opens up a menu of ways to manipulate the map. Satellite shows cloud cover, and here is where you can see the chemtrails being sprayed. The current satellite map is usually more "real" clouds (if they exist anymore). Often when my farm is covered with thick trails, hardly no clouds will show up on satellite. However, the eye-opener is when you click on the future view, which should be the same or similar. Lately, it hasn't been even remotely so, but if you watch the spraying going on, then look at the future map, you can see that it is projecting the chemtrail agenda. Very interesting. And another important point to make that gives further evidence they are losing control of the whole shebang, is that the cloud formations have seriously changed. They used to be able to achieve heavy rainfall and serious storms by producing long fronts that stretched the whole eastern third of the country, south to north. Now they are producing these small, very bright white clouds packed with violence that can drop an inch of rain in a half hour. Interesting, again.

In the overlays section, you can click on the storm tracks, which I use all the time. They give you the direction a storm cell is moving and its approximate duration, by the length of the projection. Green is regular rain, yellow and blue, more severe, and red, funnel clouds. Those also reveal interesting info the more you study them. You can also see lightning, warnings and a host of other useful information.

However, lately the most unnerving of all the views is the temperature in the layers section at the top. Think it's not getting real hot? For over a week now, certain places in the southwest have registered 110 degrees or more, sometimes even through the night. OMG!

What kind of a fucked up planet are we living on? Why should we even have to be discussing this? Honestly, not much longer, one way or another.

I am not the only one using these weather maps for extended data. Dane certainly does, too. Here is one of his most recent articles:
Climate Engineering Desperation, Decimation, and Destruction, What Will it Take to Wake the Masses?

There is also a meteorologist in California who puts out a mostly daily video, explaining the weather according to what the sprayers are doing. He goes by 1PacificRedwood. If you live in the Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania area, you will remember the horrendous storms we had this past Wednesday night. Here in Northeast Ohio, we missed the brunt of it, but most others got hit pretty bad. Please watch his video dated 6-22-2016, about the Supercell over Indiana.

There's nothing they can actually do to us except feed fears into our mind-programs. Seriously. If we accept those as real, we will begin to manifest our fears. That, of course, is happening rampantly on the planet right now. One of the most subtle ways we are being programmed, especially those of us who are wise enough not to believe the blatant lies most people think are real, is through dream-programming. Be extremely careful with dreams. I have found that the ones I have that are actually from my own mind, and are giving me beneficial information are very few and far between. Most are coming from this malicious source. I am getting good at knowing when they've been attempting to program me, and I "deprogram" myself upon waking, by being conscious that what I just dreamed was not real, then going the opposite direction with my thoughts.

In fact, throughout the day, I am becoming very aware at how they, or the software, is attempting to steer my thoughts into something worrisome, negative or destruction. JUST WALK AWAY! Say NO, then go the opposite direction. The more you can re-steer your mind and refocus, in a split second, the less they've got you in their grip. If they can't get you to cooperate with their agenda, they are powerless against you. That's the big secret they are trying to hide. They cannot do anything to hurt you except program your mind to make you believe they can, and you create the rest. It is so important that we all get this. WE ARE THE CREATORS!

There are innumerable ways in which we are subtly being tuned in to the program all day, and these are just a few. Be conscious and aware at every moment and head them off at the pass before they can infiltrate your mind, because then it is than much more difficult to get rid of a thought and its damage. WE CAN OUTSMART THEM, because they really aren't that smart they are just technologically advanced. Do not let your guard down for a minute. We are so close to making the leap, those of who are ready. Be prepared to escape in a flash!

I realize that what I write is aimed toward those who are already in pretty high gear about what is going on. But there are those who are still writing the basics in a more easy to understand language. Here is an example. She is quite succinct in presenting a vision of what the future will be for those who do not escape: The Matrix of Control.


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