The Power of Silence and the Illusion of the Ego

Way too many people are still in this "raise your vibration/thepower of attraction/the universe will provide" mode. I'm not saying those concepts are untrue, but they are untrue right now in this particular reality. I've said this before and it needs repeating over and over. We are currently imprisoned in a computer simulated reality and the only way out is mental/intellectual/technological. We need to think like a computer, then outsmart it. Our brains (well some of our brains) are more powerful than the most advanced technology and we need to cut the crap and all the useless drivel that goes across the internet and use our minds to get the hell out of here. NOW. Because this software program called Planet Earth is pulling and pulling us down into sub-human, non-human levels, and once we are firmly entrenched there, I suspect getting out will be difficult to impossible. That is not where I am going. Those without a mental game plan in serious practice will, and are finding themselves someplace they do not want to be. And they won't notice until the veils come off, and there will be the proverbial wailing and gnashing of teeth. Don't be one of them. If you have followed my articles over the past couple years, I have given you a very precise and concise program to follow. If you don't like mine, create your own, but don't count on god, the universe, aliens, angels, or whateverthehell to save you. You gotta do the work on your own mind and brain 'cause that's what they're attacking. All of us individually.

Occasionally, I will hit upon a revelation that shifts me so fast and massively that it creates a major opening of consciousness in my life. The last article, Down to the Nitty-Gritty: Consent by Ignorance was certainly a doozy. I have been working with the concepts and actions discussed in that article for the past several weeks and there have, again, been major revelations, which I am going to share. Let me say this again clearly. I spend the bulk of my time these days getting to the bottom of the methods of the control program being used to imprison us. Over the past several years, I have clearly laid out a game plan that works, and, unless you have your own successful plan in place (in which case you probably would not need to read my writings), then I strongly suggest that you seriously consider following my advice.

Silence and absence of thought are difficult tasks for our minds to accomplish, but here is what I've discovered. As in meditation, when thoughts appear, we let them float off, and that's a good idea. But I've been working on keeping a "blank" mind throughout the day. It is much more difficult to keep your mind free of thoughts when you are engaged in an activity, which would seem opposite of what it should be, but I find that when I'm working on something, especially something more physical, like tending to the farm or even coloring, that my mind tends to run rampant. When I'm driving or walking the dogs, I find it is easier to keep reminding myself "no thoughts." Obviously, there are some things we do that it is impossible to keep a blank mind, such as writing this article. I have to think as I'm doing it, and the point is it doesn't matter what you are thinking about. Thinking occupies your mind, while they slip in the back door and program their instructions. Have you ever had your mood change from peaceful and calm to suddenly anxious with seemingly no reason. There. They just did something nasty to you.

It is difficult no matter what, but you can't give up. I spend the day wandering, then correcting, wandering, correcting. Though this may seem futile, it in fact is "revelationary." Because now I am paying close attention to where my mind is going and I don't like what I am discovering. But in this way, I am shining a light on how I am being programmed, and that in itself has made an impact. And the practice is becoming a habit so I do it automatically, which leads me to notice things I would not have before, plus strengthening my skills at keeping silence. And when the mind is in silence mode, there is a release of the burdens, tumult and distractions it constantly copes with, which are not healthy or peaceful. And furthermore, the mind control agenda works with programming your thoughts. When you are in a state of "no thought" their agenda becomes ineffective. The longer you can remain without thoughts, the less control they have over you, opening your window of opportunities to escape.

We are being programmed constantly to fulfill their agenda. Thoughts are being programmed into our minds and when we don't filter them out, we project them into the physical world where they manifest. At least by paying extremely close attention to the direction of our thoughts, we can make a conscious decision on whether or not they are beneficial. At this point, I am mentally deleting all thoughts because the best scenario now is still a blank slate.

Additionally, when our minds are silent, we begin to access a higher frequency, and in the few weeks I've been working with this so diligently, I have begun to do just that. It is like switching from AM radio to FM. You cannot tune into the AM stations while you're switched to FM. However, when our minds are tuned into the higher frequencies, we suddenly begin to hear the subliminal messages being broadcast to us. AH! Now, we're making progress. Plus, we can also access other beneficial information we need.

It was about a week after I became diligent with this program that I began to hear: "Have you had enough yet?" over and over. Really? And they have been attacking me right and left. I was flooded out two weekends in a row. Last week was bad, but yesterday was catastrophic. The NWS criminal agency had predicted up to two inches of rain in certain areas and my farm was literally pinpointed, and by golly, my rain gauge said two inches on the nose. It rained so hard it actually snapped the blooms off my marigolds! And marigolds have really strong stems. I had just gotten my water levels down to somewhat normal, but after yesterday, my well came up probably five feet!! And my environment here is so fragile anyways. Well, actually, the environment anywhere on the planet at this point.

Does anything seem surreal here? Last week, I was hanging laundry. I had my wash basket on the porch, and every time I went toward the clothesline, I'd grab a few items and a handful of clothespins. So I picked up something, and suddenly found myself attacked by a swarm of tiny wasps or yellow jackets, (a type of wasp), but these were black and very small with thin light yellow striped. The stingers stuck in me all over, and they were the size of rose thorns. REALLY?? Does THAT sound surreal. Then I saw a nest, right behind my chair at my coloring table on the porch! When the hell did that get there? I sit on the chair every day. Though I hate poison, and use it as a last resort, since I am mildly to severely allergic to stings, I keep wasp spray handy. They did not live to tell their kids about this event. And THAT wasn't surreal. But I spent the entire week with a swollen arm and leg.

There are other advantages even more important to tuning in to this higher frequency. People talk about the power of staying in the present, and that is true. As mentioned above, when we are in this silent state, blank and in the present, they cannot program us. The more time we spend there, the more we become inaccessible to them. Once we are free, we will be able to use our minds to create our reality, but we cannot here, because as long as we are in the simulation, we create their agenda. So for now, we must avoid ALL agendas, theirs and our, and develop the habit of "no thought." Try it and you will be amazed what it will reveal.

Now, about the ego—I never bought into the whole theory of the ego thing, that it is running us but we have to gain control of it or subdue it; the whole duality thing that is part of human nature and blah blah jabber jabber. . . It never rang true to me. And it isn't.

"Duality" is neither human, nor nature and in fact the EGO is the simulation program on which we are running. EGO really stands for ELECTRONICALLY GENERATED OPPRESSION, that computer chip that was installed in us during the Reptilian Invasion. Of course there is duality here because we, our uncorrupted selves, are one thing, but HERE, we are avatars, running in a computer simulation, a totally different thing. Get free of the program, and there will be no duality. And the unfortunate part is, we really ARE avatars, and operating as such, which is why it is so dang blasted difficult to get free. Flushing the toilet while we're swimming in the bowl. So as much as we theoretically realize that there is another aspect to us that is real, human, and NOT imprisoned here, it is not who we are now. We are avatars now. That's a tough pill to swallow. We aren't actually real. Keeping the silence and accessing higher frequencies is forming the connection from what we are now to who we really are; movement towards complete transformation or metamorphosis.

And furthermore, all the wars and struggles we're experiencing are INTERNAL, being projected outward by our built-in creative mechanism that's been hijacked to create the alien agenda. NOTHING, and I mean that literally, is happening "out there.' It is all going on in the mind, which is another reason so many people are experiencing vastly different realities now. Shifting your mind's frequencies is the way out. So anybody out there that's looking for this global portal through which they can escape is not going to make it. Windows are opening, but they're all internal. People will escape one at a time, and most will not. If you are one who is content to go on with your external life fully engaged in the Matrix—good paying job, toxic relationships, and connected to the global institutions, like politics, the health care and educational systems, the media, and the worst—cell phones, you will never silence your mind and filter out the distractions to recognize the window when it opens. And even if you have broken away from all this, you still have to fight the effects of chemtrails, EMFs and other toxic elements to which we are being exposed against our will. It all works against us. Escape requires Herculean fortitude. No pain, no gain.

I've said this over and again, but distractions are their greatest weapon against us. They have counted on subliminal programming for eons to subtly make us do their bidding. Their tool has been to keep their agenda from our conscious minds while programming the unconscious. As we become more silent, we begin to see all, hear all the stuff they've kept hidden. Once the secret is out, they have no more power over us. When we realize the Great and Powerful Oz is all smoke and mirrors, the control over us is finished. Practicing silence reveals the hidden agenda. We see and hear things that weren't accessible before, and begin to understand the method of their madness. We cannot fight what we don't understand. The plague ran rampant until people realized it was caused by a bacteria. We need to see the root cause of the problems before we can solve them. And the root cause of all the misery here in this prison is mind control and the way it is accomplished.

Silence slows down the subliminal film like watching an old movie one frame at a time. Most of the time we are running at fast forward, making it easy for them to slip in their instructions. Even when we are being diligent, until we get really good at it (I'm not there yet), they find ways to slip in their instructions. Here are a couple examples.

Last week I had to go to the Alliance WalMart to get a new mouse and pick up one other item, so I thought I'd take a load to Alliance Recycling. I had some scrap metal junk in the back of my truck, plus two trash bags of aluminum cat food cans in the basement. So, as I was taking the dogs out to the pen, I was grabbing stuff to put in the truck. I had one bag left on the porch which I planned to pick up as I left. It was practically across my path, yet when I got to the recycling center, it wasn't in my truck. My jaw dropped. I never picked it up.

And here's another one. On my way to Alliance, there is a rather large reservoir, part of a series of a huge local water system here that runs across several counties. I made a mental note to notice if the water levels were low. Somehow I found myself on the other side of it, not even remembering crossing it. Things like that really bother me, because I am someone who could never be considered "spacey." But it was like there was a consciousness gap where a segment of time was missing. What could be more computer-like than to jump from one event to another out of sequence? What usually happens is that they will throw something at you to get you off guard, and if you don't quickly recover, a whole series of undesirable events can happen. I can usually feel when they are "clicking" something on in me, and it isn't a pleasant feeling. Slowing down the film to individual frames makes those events more clearly noticeable.

Even worse are things that I remember doing, and find they aren't done. When I go to bring the dogs in from their outdoor pen, I always pull the barricade across the living room so they can't get to the cat food bowls and litter pans, the contents of both which Molly will eat. I distinctly remember doing so the other day, as I went to get Molly. I let her through the door without looking in, then went to get Rex. As we neared the house, a voice said in my head, "the barricade isn't closed." I thought, that's strange, I remember closing it, but when we reached the house, it in fact was not. Fortunately there wasn't much food in the bowls and apparently nothing interesting in the litter pans, so Molly didn't get what she was looking for. But those kinds of things really bother me. I remember pulling that barricade.

The thing is, when I have these strange "gaps" any more, it seems they get wider each time, like the distance between two realities, and that's a good thing, I suppose, because it shows how far away I've moved. Snapping back into the Matrix is a jolt.

So, basically, the two most important things to remember about all this is that this war is being waged in our minds and being projected out into a physical manifestation. We cannot look for something outside ourselves to free us. Period. So we need to get them the hell away from access to our minds. And the other thing is that we cannot fight against something we don't understand. We need to know exactly how they are working us, and only then will we be able to take effective action to freedom. Those, I believe, are the two most important keys to escaping this imprisonment.

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