Hidden in Plain View

This is going to be a severe message; powerful, extremely disturbing, yet liberating, more than anything I have written to this point. In fact, it does a bit of a turn from my previous messages. To say these past couple weeks have been intense is an understatement, but my discovery is proving to not only be correct, but to answer more questions, as opposed to creating them, which is what our current theories have all been doing. Endless questions, in fact, for which we have been creating answers that only in turn create more questions, thus tying the Gordian Knot even tighter.

After writing The Power of Silence and The Illusion of the Ego, and putting my preaching into practice, I found myself being led to answers in a roundabout way. It began when I was selecting the books I would read for my summer book reviews. Since I am so swamped with work on the farm, I wanted a break from the classics, which can be rather heavy. I decided to begin my "Complete Fiction of Dan Brown" project, something I had planned to do eventually. I have already read all six of his books but the last, but I read them way before I created this website. They are entertaining, exciting, and very appropriate for our current planetary situation. I figured they would be perfect summer reads. If you haven't read his books, I strongly urge you to do so. As of the writing of this article, I only just finished the second book, Angels & Demons. It was all I needed for this epiphany.

Brown writes about current conspiracy theories, and creates a few of his own. This one concerns CERN, antimatter, the Catholic Church, and the Illuminati.

One of the main characters, Vittoria is the adopted daughter of a Catholic priest, and they are both scientists at CERN. She is also a yoga master who embraces Buddhist philosophies. It was this paragraph that blew me away:

Remembrance was a Buddhist philosopher's trick. Rather than asking her mind to search for a solution to a potentially impossible challenge, Vittoria asked her mind simply to remember it. The presupposition that the mind once knew the answer created the mindset that the answer must exist . . . thus eliminating the crippling conception of hopelessness.

Well, that one set off bells and buzzers in my brain. Later in the story, as Robert Langdon explains how they must find the symbols that lead to the murders, he states that the Illuminati used a process of dissimilation to hide their activities; symbols hidden in plain view, but only recognized by the"Illuminated Ones." This process is actually found frequently for anyone seeking consciousness, enlightenment, Nirvana. It is also a key element in Gnosticism, and the Gnostic books of the Bible.

Thus, my next step was to behave as if I were retrieving forgotten information. You know how that works: You try and try to think of something, but it remains elusive. However, when you relax and let it go, the answer usually comes knocking at the doorstep of your memory pretty quick. What unfolded before me made me gasp in horror, but in the week or so that I've been working with it, it is putting me in a place I have wanted to be for decades, and that place is being in charge of my life. It is a painful process which has left me with restless days and even worse nights, but I think it will prove to be one of the greatest truths I've ever spoken.

So, what is the nature of the reality we are experiencing? What exactly is the Matrix? Is it really a computer simulation? And what the hell happened during the Reptilian Invasion? Suddenly it no longer matters whether we are in a simulated world. What does matter is that we are being held prisoner. But the prison exists in our own minds, and that's where all the battles are being fought, and that is also the "enemy." And as for the Reptilian Invasion, I am beginning to think there were two sides to this story. If we were these powerful, divine, and "perfect" gods and goddesses, who were able to manifest our reality, how could the Reptilians have invaded us in the first place? Perhaps we allowed it. Perhaps we, in a moment of "imperfection" were lured into agreement by something that sounded enticing, but really went against our better judgment. Thus, the true expulsion from Eden, all of our own doing, and we've been sweeping the truth under the rug for eons. It is so much easier to blame aliens and chemtrails and the government and all those bad-ass forces that have plagued our divine world. As I said, it will be disclosure that finally sets us free, and, in absolute horror I must say this, but I believe it is the truth about ourselves that must be revealed. Somehow, seeing our history in this light removes the contradictions we have chosen to ignore. WE caused our problems, so WE are paying for it. While terrible, it is also the most liberating notion that has ever shown its face to me.

And so the root of the issue is this: we must all not only claim responsibility for our creations, but embrace them as our own, warts and all. I am speaking of absolutely everything that is affecting our lives. We cannot worry about global issues, because we are each, individually that drop of water making up the whole ocean. As we clean up our own messes, so our Eden once again begins to emerge. While this may seem a daunting task, I suggest that creating a world of hell unconsciously took a much longer time than creating a world of beauty, consciously will take. I suspect that hidden within us all is a spark of divinity that was never corrupted, which perhaps was guiding us to create hell in order that we may remember heaven and understand.

There are several important points I must make on this. One, is that, the worse our hell has become, the more inspired we have been to escape it, so the intensifying horror of late serves as a catalyst to hurry us up. We had to devolve to the lowest level before we could truly wake up and remember. If you'll notice, the people whose lives seem to be a bed of roses aren't much concerned with evolving. Most of them are content to say that "God is having his will in my life," so they unquestioningly accept the good and bad. Yeah, whatever. They are not my concern, and have a right to remain unconscious, but that is certainly not how I see it.

Here, I want to insert another extremely important point: We cannot change the world, we can only change our own minds. Do I believe all that stuff out there that is harming us in not real? Of course it's "real" if anything is actually real. I am speaking of training our own minds to filter from our physical reality what we do not choose to experience. If we experience it, we participated in its creation. We only allow in what we desire. It is a portal of sorts, a window to a different reality of our own making, and in that respect, it is certainly a continuation of what I've been saying all along. The difference is that by embracing our entire experience, rather than blaming an outside force, we are continuing the path of Just Walk Away in the extreme, claiming what we perceive as our reality as our own, so that we may carefully discern what parts we want to keep and what must be discarded.

And also by seeing what we have created and claiming responsibility, we are shown point blank our terrible awesome abilities to manifest the physical world. And that's what we all want, right? To create our reality as we want it to be. So therefore, once we get over the shock of seeing what we have done, we can become believers in our own power, and there's the liberating aspect. If we could create hell unconsciously, then, by golly, we can create heaven consciously. The more you embrace this perception, the more it takes hold as truth. But I have to warn you, when you first receive the shock of this truth, ugliness suddenly surrounds you like a brick wall. Have courage, face up and slowly the monsters begin to drop dead at your feet.

And the last point is that, at least I, personally, refuse to be a victim any longer of aliens, the government, chemtrails, a software program or any of the other bugaboos that we have created in our minds and manifested into the physical world. One by one, as we refuse to give these imagined forces power, they will drop out of our reality. This has actually been happening for quite a while as so many of us have stopped participating in the Matrix, our own false mind program. This is the final leap. If it no longer exists in the mind, it is impossible for it to exist in our physical world. I also suggest that a great portion of the population will disappear as this happens—those transhumans, aliens, hosts and portals that have become our sworn enemies. It is so much easier to blame an outer force for the horrors we've experienced. I myself, and I know many others with whom I've corresponded, have felt that so many things have happened to them pinpointing deeply personal issues that no one else would have known about, that it has been easy to blame a rogue software program within us for creating hell with our inner data. That certainly seems logical, and may very well be perceived as true. What I'm saying now is to shift our own mindsets to put us in charge of the destiny of our lives. It's all in the mind.

It is contradiction to believe that we are capable of manifesting what we desire without recognizing that we have manifested all of this that we do not desire. Just because we haven't been able to face that contradiction doesn't mean that we didn't know it full well at a higher, deeper level. Of course we have known it all along. It is what has prevented us from creating heaven. We had to see hell first and claim it as our own. As we embrace all, duality and ego disappear, and we proceed along a single path of conscious and careful creation. Once we embrace it, we no longer fear it. We can look upon the ills of our lives and say, "yes, I created that, but this is a better choice." Fear and terror are paralyzing. Awareness is liberating. Becoming aware of the source of our misery—ourselves—solves a great portion of the problem. How can you find a solution when you don't really know what it the problem? Suddenly we see that all the fighting we've done against an enemy that did not really exist has been wasted energy. We can stop being warriors. There's nothing to fight. We've embraced all and become a unified whole. There's no longer anything outside of ourselves. The macro has become the micro, reduced to a level where we can be in charge of it.

It is also important that we recognize that we who are reading and comprehending this message are not "bad" because we have created a world of hell. In fact, we are the extremely good, courageous, and enlightened heroes that have come so far in our evolvement that the truth can no longer remain hidden. But only for those who are ready can grasp it. So we must not blame ourselves either, We must approach this with reverence and respect for the divine and awesome beings that we really are.

And here's another quote from Angels & Demons:

Each of us is a God, Buddha had said. Each of us knows all. We need only open our minds to hear our own wisdom.

Playing the blame game is an infinite hamster wheel from which we can never escape. We just keep spinning out more and more increasingly bizarre nightmares. Taking full responsibility for everything we are experiencing in our own lives is empowering and liberating. We once again become masters of creation, a gift we once possessed. Paradise Lost. Paradise Found. Hidden in Plain View.

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