The Pavlov Effect

In 1904, the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov won the Nobel laureate for his work on the physiology of digestion. His famous experiment with dogs and external stimuli, such as a buzzer that sounded when food was presented, eventually conditioned the dogs to automatically salivate when the buzzer sounded, whether or not there was food. The term "Pavlov's Dogs" has been coined to represent automatic responses to an external stimulus, whether warranted or not.

We are all Pavlov's dogs, and have been for a long, long time, trained to react by the Controllers without even noticing that our reactions don't match the stimulus at all. I have spoken about the ever increasing data received through my senses that I know isn't true. We are ALL experiencing this, but we've been conditioned to accept what we see, hear, touch, taste and smell as "real" and never question its validity. It's nothing but a program, and they've been doing one royal number on us.

The first thing you must do is accept the facts that "reality is nothing but an illusion." (Read about quantum physics.) And the second fact to accept is that your senses have been programmed to lie about the physical world. Once you accept that mentally, there will be all kinds of physical experience to back it up.

If you still have not read my article Short and Sweet—And Very Urgent, please do so now. According to the timeline outlined by this theory, we are in the final quarter of this mass of energy passing through our planet. As for my life, it has proven to be very accurate. Approximately every 30 days, I get a major bump-up in consciousness, and the bump-ups get way bigger each time. I look back at where my level of consciousness was, even four months ago, and can barely recognize myself. But remember, this is only one way of perceiving our current situation. We all understand our "reality" based on our own filters and mechanisms.

Here is an interesting article by Elva Thompson called The Greatest Scam on Earth. Her perception, equally valid, is that we are in the final throes of a massive reset on the planet, begun in December 2012 with the ending of the Mayan calendar, and will conclude in December 2016. I agree with nearly everything in this article, and it would put the conclusion of my timeline almost exactly a year-and-a-half earlier. But I also believe there will be a period following the passing of this energy field over the old earth, where what is remaining here will be purged. Yes, I mean removal of the people who have never gained consciousness. They would not be able to function in what is coming. This is not a judgment. Everyone has been given an opportunity to make a choice—to remain asleep and in denial of the fact that they are being mind-controlled and that nothing that appears to be real is actually real, or to wake up, face the horror and get free.

David Icke supports the hologram reality theory—that everything we think is physical is merely a projection that produces the illusion of physical form. Here is a video that helps it make sense called The Holographic Illusion of Reality. Again, it is just another way of perceiving the cosmic joke that has been played on us for eons.

These articles have become increasingly difficult to write because so much of the information I'm receiving is abstract—a knowing of the truth that cannot be put into words. But I do (at least for now) still experience things in the physical world, although less and less like 99.99% of the population is still experiencing it. I will try to relate that to you. But I also want to point out that if you haven't really begun working on yourself, it's pretty much time up, and despite what all the "love and light" phony gurus say, nobody can get through this hanging on to someone else's coat tails. And if you are one of those, like many I know who just hope they are the first to die when it all happens so they don't have to go through what's coming, let me point out that death is not an option. Death is simply another aspect of the illusion.

First of all, it is imperative that you train your brain to be aware of all the holes and glitches in what appears to be real. Once you grasp one, you will see more and more until you finally realize that it is just one big video game being played by a bunch of truly evil and sadistic aliens with us as the avatars. Even those who think they're in power are a joke to these beings. They're being used like the rest of us and will be disposed of when it's all over.

And by being aware that it's an illusion, I don't mean being in denial that really, really horrible things are happening on this planet. Denial is saying, "I know there's a monster under my bed, but if I just ignore it, it won't hurt me." It can and certainly will hurt you, I guarantee.

And please don't go the love and light route—"I know there's a monster under the bed, but if I just send it love, I can heal it." That's just fucking stupid—please don't even go there.

The correct response is, "I know there's a monster under the bed, and I know it is being created in a simulated reality by those whose goal is to gain complete and total mind control of every being on this planet."

And with that response, you will soon realize that, like any computer program, it requires response in order to make it function. That response must come from us, and the first and most important way to begin the process of freeing yourself is to respond as little as possible. Obviously if you are standing in the middle of the road and a semi truck is coming at you, you have to move. If you are driving and your vehicle breaks down, most likely you will have to deal with it. For the time being, we humans are still in a situation where we need food to eat, air to breathe, and clothes to put on our bodies. Lacking any of those is currently not an option unless you're a Tibetan lama living in a cave. However, while you may be forced to deal with physical problems at the physical level, DO NOT give any of this emotional energy. Do the minimum required to survive, then let it go. It is the emotional energy they are seeking. Deprive them. As soon as you "get" this, you will find an immediate shift in your own consciousness and energy level.

Of course, when that happens, they realize they are on the road to losing control of you. And like someone administering electric shocks, they will up the voltage on the nightmare that will become their agenda for dealing with those who refuse to cooperate. I cannot, and dare not ever share the things that they've done to me, and this last year has been nothing short of hell on earth. But I will say that they have taken everything that is dear to me and defiled and corrupted it—made it filthy and disgusting. That refers to me personally and to the entire planet, which they have virtually trashed, from chemtrails to Fukushima, to GMOs, fluoride, vaccines, incessant war, and everything else that has taken our beautiful planet and made it into a disgusting and dysfunctional garbage pit.

This is a dire warning—if you are not experiencing hell on earth, then I can assure you, you are fully engulfed in the simulated reality. The vast majority of people are so easily controlled without even noticing. All you have to do is stand anywhere in a public place and watch all the people texting and talking on cell phones as they wander like zombies. Distractions have become the most effective way of diverting the population's attention to what is going on behind their backs. If you are one of those people, woe to you. You have no idea what's coming.

It is usually when you begin to awaken that the Controllers feel threatened, and begin to hammer you with bizarre and nightmarish occurrences. Those they cannot distract, they wear down and attempt to break in any and every way possible. That's why it is so imperative to keep emotionally detached with what is happening in and to the physical world. You can't affect change in something while you are stuck in it. The world has become a terrifying and terrorizing place. They want to keep us terrorized. When one is terrorized, they are a powerless victim. The more attached you are to the physical world, the more real it becomes and the more power they have over you. When you step back and see the illusion of what appears to be real, you gain control of your own thoughts. Constant vigilance is necessary, because when you take back your own mind, you become a target for every means possible to lose it again. It is a battle 24/7. I personally am just SO weary of it all.

Here is another excellent article, called Interdimensional Intervention on Earth: A Synthetic System of Control. It goes along this same line, but an interesting point is made—that for every increase in the attempt to keep humanity under control, there is a counter force working to break us free. The counter force is a higher vibrating energy—it is the passing energy system I outline in Short and Sweet (see link above). It is something outside of our physical selves—a benevolent higher power or force that is us at a different level.

Another point made in this article is about geoengineering, of which I totally agree. Though it is having a catastrophic affect on the weather and health of everything on the face of the planet, weather control is NOT the agenda. Mind control is, which is why, despite the best effort of all those seeking to stop this horrific practice, it will not stop until the whole thing is over. But that's not far away.

Once you are able to see the result of not giving energy to the horrors being thrown at you, it creates a new path in your unconscious brain. Pavlov's dogs have rebelled, and now, rather than responding to the buzzer as they have been conditioned to do, they now respond in the opposite direction. After a month or so of working on creating a new response and making it an automatic habit, I have once again reached a new level. In fact, I get up in the morning and think, OK, what hallucination are they going to create for me today. It has all become an unreality to me, no matter how physical it seems. Little by little their power is diminishing, at least with me, and I believe I am finally on the right path. All last month, I kept getting the message that there was nothing more I needed to do but believe, with evey fiber of my being and at every level of my mind, without a doubt, that it is all an illusion.

Once they can no longer manipulate our sensory organs and emotions, they have lost. But that's not to say it is remotely easy, and there isn't a day goes by that I don't slip up and get involved. But I can recover much more quickly now and not dwell on the nightmare. I long for the day when I suddenly wake up and know that I am completely free and that there is nothing fucking with my mind. I can even tell when they have been "programming" me during my sleep. I wake up with this feeling of having been invaded. It's all so horrible. I really don't know how I've endured it.

But there is ample reward coming, and that will be the ability for us to fully realize our capabilities. I remember—and this is really embarrassing—that I could have been so ignorant, but remember, I grew up with electric typewriters. It was in about 2000 when a friend gave me a word processor. I had never had anything other than a typewriter, so this was a big deal. I soon found there was so much I could do on it, like saving documents on a floppy. That was really cool. Well, a few years after that, someone gave me my first computer—an old MAC. I remember taking it reluctantly, not knowing what the hell to do with it (I was 48 at the time!!), and sheepishly asking the person, "Can it do everything my word processor does?" Every time I think about that I have to laugh. Here I am, almost 60, writing code and doing things I had no idea were possible on a computer.

And that is where we are as beings. We have lived in this very limited prison for so, so many eons, that we've forgotten who we are and all we are capable of doing. I long for a return of my creative powers—instant manifestation, just like Jesus and Tibetan lamas were able to do. Once our shackles are off, we will evolve so quickly that we'll quickly forget our lives of slavery.

Every step we take to refuse to cooperate not only empowers us personally, but puts another obstacle in their planetary agenda. They know this and are desperately fighting tooth and nail. But it's like a baby in the womb—eventually it has to come out or it will explode its host. We have been stuffed in the womb of ignorance for eons, prevented from becoming the beings we were destined to be. We are on the cusp of the cosmic event awaited by the all the universe. It simply cannot fail.

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