Nothing is as it Seems

I am at feverish pitch in trying to break the code to this program to help us all get the hell out of here. Therefore, I'm going to throw out random thoughts and stuff I've experienced to try to make it all yield a viable solution. Remaining in this situation is NOT an option, and there are lots of us out there who are ready to take the leap. There is a way. We will find it. Here are my discoveries that seem to be proving true over the past few months. If just one statement in this article triggers a solution for you, then I have been successful. We are at the point where the tiniest piece could complete the puzzle.

If it seems real, it's not; if it doesn't seem real, it is. I am finding that what we interpret through our senses is all false info, because our sense have been corrupted. Therefore, if it is OUTSIDE of us, IT IS A PROJECTION. I am also finding that if it is inside of us, it's real. Thoughtforms are energy—they are real. The projection into the physical, visible world is not. Consequently, I've discovered that I am having more power over this rogue software, NOT by trying to control any outside circumstances (that only seems to create bigger messes), but by focusing my mental energy within my body to shut down the ROOT CAUSE of the mess, which is the internal software.

I believe that there is a possibility—I'm experimenting with this and I've hadsome positive results—that we can use our thoughtforms as a sort of Malwarebytes that can quarantine and shut down these programs. Ok, you say, but our bodies aren't real—they're physical. That's true, but we have a program implanted inside us and it exists SOMEWHERE in the cosmos, wherever we actually exist, so when we go internally, we are actually accessing ourselves in an etheric realm.

This is what I've been doing—first, notice any place where there is discomfort in your body—do your bones ache or do you have a headache or stomachache, is your vision blurry or your ears ringing or your heart pounding? Start there and focus streams of energy to those areas. Not only should whatever is hurting stop hurting, but whatever the physical result is should stop, too. The demons were spraying heavy over my farm yesterday—what was supposed to be partly sunny was nothing but thick gray toxic clouds. But by using this method all day, they did not have the mental effect on me that they usually do, which is a horrible foggy-brained, distracted, anxious feeling—the "walking in circles but getting nowhere" thing. BUT, when I forgot, and started projecting my thoughts outward, it all started up again. Very interesting huh? If it's outside of us, it's not real—if it's inside of us, it is real. What is REAL we can control—what is going on inside of us. That, in turn, will have an effect on our outer world.

By working internally in this way, I think we will discover a way to totally disable these programs, and when THAT happens, the chemtrails will no longer be able to effect us. The two work hand in hand. That is also why I don't think we will ever be able to stop the spraying by physical means. We must stop it internally. Get it? Our internal programs are reacting to—most likely—encoded electromagnetic messages being sent out from HAARP and traveling along the aluminum particles. We know for a fact, scientifically, that HAARP and chemtrails work together. If we cannot stop the spraying, we can disable our own software. When one is disabled, the other will cease to function.

I have also been working with body-scanning—get very comfortable, as for meditation or yoga, then begin scanning your body for any foreign implanted objects. I find that if I do progressive muscle relaxation, I can get rid of a lot of junk. It's like files on a computer and these are probably in our bodies, multiplied over by all our reincarnations, and also in our auras. When I took the course on Energy Interference Patterning back in 2004, which enabled me to delete and repair corrupted and distorted DNA (it really worked), I learned that not only was I accessing physical DNA, but auric DNA also. The same goes for these implants. They exist somewhere, but we experience them in our physical, illusional body.

And as I keep saying—be on the lookout for anomalies—glitches in the Matrix which helps us at the mental and psychological level to keep reaffirming that our physical existence is an illusion. I've talked about some of this stuff in other articles, particularly objects seeming to vanish in mid air. It happens to everyone, but most people are so distracted that they think they just set something down and forgot where, then lost it. In addition, constantly do things to stimulate your mind. I write code, and you have to be alert for that. I also read several books a week, in addition to meditation and the metaphysical exercises I do every day. The stronger you keep your mind, the more you will maintain your sanity in an increasingly insane world.

Your software program also finds every possible way to keep you in a state of distraction and distress. What is distressing to you might not be to me, which is why these are all wired to our own personal systems. Remember the ultimate goal is to kill us or turn us into transhumans. If you haven't read my last article: Choose Your Insanity (Custom Made Just for You) please do so. If it can't kill us or transhumanize us, then at least it aims to drive us insane, to break down all our resistance. I am seeing so many people, even people who are devoted to awakening, go to the edge, then fall over, rather than jumping the chasm to the other side, and many of these people are, or were in the public eye. It is an extremely precarious position we are in. We need to know the ways they are trying to drive us insane, then understand that we are NOT insane when these things happen to us. Once we wrap our minds around that, the action will stop—not that there won't be more, but remember, each time we conquer WE GROW STRONGER.

The worst one for me, that I am finally getting under control, mostly stopping, is sounds going through my head. Most people live in a world of noise and confusion and don't realize that this is a planned distraction. People seem to think they must have a TV or radio on—they need the noise, is their excuse. Well, yeah, because it keeps them from having to face their thoughts, which of course would lead them to the fact that things are not right and they need to deal with it. Consequently, many people have "songs going through their head" all the time, and think nothing of it, because it was something they heard on the radio. I have a friend—I love her dearly but she never fucking shuts up—she has to sing all the time, because stuff is going through her head.

I keep my house in silence, so the radio thing doesn't work with me.To substitute, the stuff going through my head is just "sounds"—sometimes just a couple odd notes, and other time, what I can only describe as a "washing machine"—"you know those old agitator/wringer washers that you grew up with if you're my age. It had kind of a rhythm to it. Up until about 6-8 months ago, I literally thought this would drive me mad but by practicing what I outlined above, I have cleared it out. Not that there won't be other stuff to attempt to drive me mad, but I am not mad, so let me clearly say again, each time we conquer, WE GROW STRONGER. Even the worst and most virulent malware has its limits. I am moving fearlessly to that tipping point. I think many of us really are quite there, ready to move totally up and out.

Be extremely aware of dreams. They are another means being used to program us, again, probably through HAARP. I make a point to mentally delete what I dream when I awaken and I'm going back and deleting old dreams because I can see that they are manifesting. Even if it seems like an innocent dream, you never know at the unconscious level what may be implied. Keep yourself sharp and aware of all the ways the system is fucking with our minds.

And back to electromagnetic stuff, I do not own a cell phone, especially a smart phone. In fact, I am thinking more and more that if it has the word "smart" before it, it's probably a dumb idea and you might want to stay away from it.

Here is a recent article I found:

An Electronic Silent Spring

The more of this stuff we can escape from, the wider our exit door will appear.

I've had a few creepy things happen, too, lately, the most recent being this past Friday night, when it was 60 degrees at midnight after we had that eight inches of snow a few days earlier. I was out in the moonlight hanging laundry—there was such a nice breeze I didn't want to waste it. The moon was really bright, and I had this weird feeling that I was being followed. I am outdoors on my farm at all hours, usually with a dog, but I'm never bothered. This made me jump, and I spun around, and there was my shadow behind me, but it was almost black on the remaining patch of snow, and because of the angle of the moon, and the fact that I was wearing a hoodie, it looked like this hunched over troll following me. My heart actually skipped a beat. I do believe there are parasitic aliens here with us—not particularly powerful, but certainly draining off our energy. I have had wild animals behave very strangely here, too, which makes me wonder if they are not aliens shape-shifted into animal forms, or phantoms perhaps. As this whole operating system collapses, I think there will be and is, a lot of psychic debris coming to the surface to be flushed away.

People have asked me, "if we are not here, then where are we?" I cannot answer that. I'm not sure the physical world has ever been real. It only became real when we became imprisoned. It is my belief, through my own past-life work (and remember, we all perceive through our own set of filters)—but it seems to me we created a physical existence to play and create in the physical world. It doesn't have to be real. We can become immersed in a video game. It's not real but we can still play it. I'm not sure we ever had a true physical existence, but were able to project a physical existence for our pleasure and amusement. After the Reptilian invasion, or whateverthehell invaded us, we became stuck in what was meant to be our own fantasy. I've had this perception for years now. It's like, we are enjoying a program on our computer, then it becomes invaded by malware, and everything freezes up. That's where we are here.

Remember, in addition, after being in a static state for so many eons, the programs and operating system running us are obsolete, like my XP, so I know first hand what it's like to work with a senile operating system. But the original purpose of all this corrupted software was very simple—it was to keep us from remembering one particular bit of information, that being, that we are capable of creating our reality with our minds, that WE are in charge of our physical reality—which, had we not had the memory of that one simple fact removed from us, they never would have been able to imprison us in the first place. Had we retained our knowledge of who and what we were, they never could have made slaves of us. That is why this program is so thorough and so stubbornly attached to us, even though I believe our original captors have been destroyed for ages. That was the goal of this invasive malware. But they're gone and we are waking up. THERE IS A WAY OUT.

My next goal is to begin seeking clues in the Bible, since Jesus was master of the physical world. He WAS able to create form out of energy, he was immune to the malware—Malwarebytes fully protected. Quantum physics is proving that what Jesus knew about turning energy into form, also understood by Hindu and Buddhist masters, Shamans, and other enlightened beings who retained their original abilities, is what we were (are) all capable of knowing and practicing. Quantum Physics is the link between metaphysics and physical science, and will and IS proving that what we know at the metaphysical levels has a scientific basis. These Biblical articles will NOT be under my Articles Index, but will be accessed through the Book Reviews link above, and found on the "Religious, Spiritual, and Philosophical Books Index." That link is also on the left column on my Home Page. I will give you more info as these articles arrive.

Here is an interesting read on reality and time, pertaining to what I just said:

Physicists Examine the Structure of Time: Reality Could be an Illusion and "Time" Might Not Exist

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