Down to the Nitty-Gritty: Consent by Ignorance

One of my email correspondents and I have been discussing the strength of our intentions to break out of this simulated imprisonment. I commented that it was beyond intent at this point: it had become an irrevocable resolve where no other options exist.

As people head down this path toward freedom, it at first becomes a decision, usually because there are life issues that become unsolvable in what we originally believed to be our natural reality. As those issues worsen and pile up, the whole world becomes strange—surreal in fact, and soon nothing makes sense. So we begin earnestly seeking to find answers, and if we stick with it, there comes a point of no return. At least this is the way it happened in my life, and I suspect it holds true for most others who are advanced to this point.

But along the way there are many snares that can catch us and pull us off our path, and that is the software program which is operating the planet. At this point, decisions can weaken or change, and our minds can be brainwashed and lied to and perverted and cajoled in so many ways by this program whose job it is to keep us operating within the prison.

So we either move ahead or are shut down. People (lots and lots of people) turn to drugs and drinking, sex, power, and adoration of the god named Money. But some continue pursuing, correcting their path as they move along and realize their wrong turns while they once again steer the right way. And that's where many of us find ourselves, and some of us, such as myself, have found themselves on a path so diverted from the way of the masses that the road has been blocked off and cannot be re-trodden again. It is not a matter a revoking a decision, or changing one's mind. It is like attempting to wear a shoe size that is four times smaller than your foot. It just ain't gonna fit. Turning back to the old world is not an option, in fact there are no other options but to keep going and at last, escape. It becomes a resolve which is impenetrable and impervious to any attack from any front or any entity or any computer simulation that is running our present planet. At this level, any attempt by any of these sources is more annoying than hindering, so strong becomes our drive to reach the exit. It is the baby traveling down the birth canal that cannot be stuffed back into the womb.

I am there, and others are there or getting there, and this force is unstoppable, as the "controllers" are aware. It is a force beyond any of their technological advancement. And though they still have the power to do things to us in this illusory reality, this energy force has taken on a life of its own, and it is so powerful that a very tiny number of strong people can do serious damage to the agenda, and we are.

The person I was discussing this with made some very kind comments about me that I was brave and heroic. I replied that I don't think of myself as a hero, but I identified more with the Rosa Parks type, who refused to give up her seat on the bus because she was tired—tired of giving in. Once you reach that level of resolve, it no longer matters what happens to you physically, because something has just clicked within you that disallows you to operate in the same manner including accepting the current life situation in which you find yourself. The Civil Rights Movement was huge, of course, and essential to all humanity, but this that we are fighting now—well, it is so far beyond that—it is a dimension jump out of a simulated prison to a world whose inhabitants are free to create their lives according to their own imagination. Reaching that level of resolve is not even something that can be altered at the mental/decision-making level. It is a whole 'nother environment that is incompatible with the Matrix. And so while they keep trying to throw us off and wear us down, we calmly continue to place one foot in front of another as we walk away, brushing away their annoyances like gnats buzzing around our heads.

Which means, in plainer English, that every day I look deeper and deeper into the program that's running us as I move to shut it down. And this is what I am working on now, and it is really getting down to the nitty-gritty. My advice to everyone is to do what I am doing or do what is appropriate for you, but do something every day that widens the gap between you and the Matrix. I practice everything I preach and it is working for me.

The first and most important thing we can do is refuse to comply. That is the most powerful and peaceful way we can shut this thing down, so I wonder why everyone hasn't joined together in this one task. There are two reasons: one is cowardice, and the other is ignorance.

Now the ignorance part is interesting, because we are ALL ignorant to the exact details of what is going on. I mean there are lots of real obvious aspects of the Matrix that many of us have long broken away from, including the systems and institutions, and structures that hold the illusions together. That's the easy stuff for anyone who has any inkling of consciousness.

However, the levels at which we are expected to comply go deep. deep, deep—beyond what even I have delved into. But I am now, so I'm going to share my discoveries and updated activity.

We know they are mind/remote-controlling us, but how? The obvious ways, of course, are through the media, commercials, public education, chemtrails, government lies, and so on. But most of us at the high levels of advancement give no credence to any of these sources. Yet they continue to control us because we are still here. How?

Well, I have begun an intense—I mean really intense self-program in which I am making myself aware of every thought that goes through my conscious mind, and it is truly like a major traffic jam of the brain, once you start really paying attention. The goal here is to shut down all thoughts. Because we can watch, or listen to the chatter that goes through our conscious mind, and say, "yeah, I think that," or "gosh, no, where did that one come from, it is really destructive." OK, so that's good. But the problem is, we cannot see or hear all the shit that's running through our unconscious mind, and that's the stuff that is programming us, or keeping us running the program. My work here now is to stop every thought as it pops into my mind. Just be aware of it and turn it off. Run the mind on silence. It is quite peaceful during those moments when the streaming chatter stops.

"But," you say, "thoughts are creative and necessary." We think things through to create and to plan and to solve problems, etc. I am not saying that thoughts are bad, I'm saying we need to shut everything down in order to escape. When you have malware on your computer you have to shut down the programs and quarantine and remove the damaging element. Once that is complete, then we will be able to use the thought process once again, but to our own benefit, knowing that our thoughts come from ourselves and not from an alien or a computer program.

Here are ways to recognize the way you are being worked over:

Brain Looping
This is annoying once you are aware of it and I'll bet everyone does it without giving it a second thought. It is when something happens that is either very upsetting, very funny, or in some way triggers a strong emotion. Your mind keep replaying the scene over and over and over. If it was something that happened when another person did something to you, we can find anger building, or wishing we had done this or that differently, or responded to the person—whatever, but be aware that this is a destructive process which serves absolutely nothing beneficial to you. STOP IMMEDIATELY and if you find it repeating, continue to shut it down. When you have control over it, pat yourself on the back and know that you have resisted an important means for them to mind/remote control you and keep you out of the present moment. Keep constantly on guard.

Obsessive Behavior
This can range from really scary or dangerous to seemingly insignificant patterns that are repeated, for instance in reaction to a specific trigger. One may think that this is normal, usual or harmless, but it is not. They have trained us like Pavlov's dog learned to salivate at the sound of a bell, and therefore can pretty much predict our behavior for every situation. For me, one situation that I have completely changed is getting frustrated when something goes missing, because I tend not to lose things. They know that, and I have experienced something that was just in my hand that appears to vanish in thin air. When this happens now, rather than wasting time looking for it (it's not there, remember, none of this is real), I just walk away. When I return, almost invariably, the object will be right there. This also holds true for anything that you have habitually done the same way over a period of time. Break the mold and go in a different direction. Every time you do that, you take control of your life, and they lose their grip.

Feeling Compelled to Do Something
Have you ever been in the middle of something, and suddenly, for no reason, had this strong urge to go do something else, even though it is not what you want to do at the moment. And this voice seems to shout inside, "no, it's important that you do this now." This is often accompanied by a sense of urgency, anxiety, or danger. I don't mean, like if you're sitting at your computer and suddenly realize you forgot to turn something off, like the oven. Well, there, of course, you need to tend to that. And I'm not talking about, say you are sitting at your computer and realize a walk and a stretch would do you good. I'm talking about changing projects or your agenda mid-stream for no reason. Learn to sense when you are being worked against your own will. You will be astounded. Here's an example that happened to me last week. I wanted to get outside and transplant some tomatoes early in the morning before the heat set in. I always have my coffee at my computer when I get up, and look through a few regular sites, like my email, the weather map, my web stats, then eat my breakfast outside as I read, then go out to the fields. Well, that morning, I thought I would do a small task on my computer which I didn't anticipate would take long, but it was a project I shouldn't have started, since I wanted to be out in the field. Well. One thing after another went wrong, and I realized I had wasted a couple hours. It wasn't a big deal, because I got planted what I needed to, but it also made me realize I was being manipulated.

And be aware that when you are tired, controlling you is much easier for them because you have less resistance. I don't like to waste any more time sleeping than I need to because I am always so busy, but if you need to take a nap, do so. And drink lots of water (not soda or any of that other shit). I don't know whether it is the chemtrail poisons, but it seems I, and all the people I know are having trouble keeping hydrated, and not just in the summer. Sometimes I feel that all the water I drink is just getting immediately absorbed into my body, or else evaporating. A friend said to me she felt she was sloshing inside she drank so much water. This has only been over the last several years that it's gotten like this, so I'm thinking the constant spraying of chemtrails is the issue. It is so important to keep hydrated because your organs begin to shut down if you don't. And that means your brain, too.

These are just a few examples—you get the idea. The important point about this is not allowing your life to be controlled in any way. In this way, you will erode, then totally disconnect any means they have to use your mind (and body) for their purposes.

But there is something else, too. As you begin to shine this light on the core, the base, the root of the Matrix and how it is keeping us prisoner, they will no longer be able to perform their sleight-of-hand. The magic will be gone. You will be completely aware of what they are doing and how they're doing it, and it will have no more power over you ever again. Just in the few weeks I've been doing this new technique, I have had an explosion of awareness.

I want to know exactly how my mind works when it is completely silent, when I am in complete control of its contents and can delete the distracting chatter. I am wondering, beginning to think rather strongly, that our minds, in their pristine form may actually operate much different than they do now. We have no idea, because we have been bombarded with chatter and distractions and destructive thoughts, fears, worries, and a projection of negative elements into our physical reality for eons and eons.

We can only truly cease to comply with the program when we are absolutely aware of exactly how that program is running. I sense this is a final step, because it gets to the heart of the mind control issue, the nitty-gritty. Once they are unable to mind control us, they will lose all power on this planet. Even with all their technological advancements, I suspect they have little to no control over this physical reality unless they can project it through our minds. The more you think about this, the more it just plain makes sense.

So, that is where I'm going now, and the more people who join me, the stronger the force becomes. If you are playing a computer game, and suddenly lose control of your avatars, or if all computer avatars suddenly took on a life of their own, we would no longer be in control of the technology, it would break away and be in control of itself. If we, in fact, are being used as avatars in this computer simulated reality, it won't take many to shut the game down.

Think about it, and never stop thinking about it. Find all the ways in which they work us and refuse to cooperate. If you don't like or agree with what I'm saying, then find a better way (and let the rest of us know about it). We are way past the point where anyone is allowed to sit back and let life float by. 2016 is the year, I believe, and I look for this whole thing to collapse any time, any day. The more you've separated yourself from it, the better chance you have to survive and move on to create a world to your own liking.

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