Mind-Controlled and Remote-Controlled

As I mentioned in my article, Yep, Just What I've Been Saying, the panel discussion upon which I based that article was the first time I have ever heard people speak about the same experiences I have had. I don't read much of anything online any more concerning our present situation because so much of it is bullshit that has been outdated for a decade. However, these people were right on target.

I just came across a short article by one of the panelists, Tom Montalk, called Recognizing Real vs. Artificial Synchronicities, and I agree with most of this article also. People get so excited over what they believe to be synchronicities, but when one is fully aware of the mind-control program, it is easy to see that these so-called wonderful coincidence are nothing but another way to lead us down the path of distractions. There is a certain feeling I get in my body that tells me when something is truly real and beneficial and is leading me in the right directions, but those instances aren't too common. And that goes double for dreams. Be extremely careful. The most trustworthy method I have learned to keep me on a path toward progression is built on sudden insights that I incorporate into my never-ending work towards breaking free of the simulated program in which we are operating. At first I really struggled with this, but once I reached a point where it became part of my life as much as breathing, the input of beneficial information began to flow like a stream through my mind. Anything forced is discarded. The true and useful material builds upon my foundation in a logical way, even ideas that seem off-the-wall have a sense of continuity about them. This has proved be the most efficient method of accelerating my growth in consciousness. Anyone can do it, but it takes total life devotion and constant practice until it becomes a natural way of being. This is related to the information I communicated in Just Walk Away.

But that isn't what this article is about. In one sentence, Montalk mentions "humanoids who are completely remote-controllable" and that phrase literally jumped out at me. I've known for a long time that they can do that, although I have never verbalized it, or perhaps never differentiated it from mind-control. But I have certainly experienced too many little "accidents" that came out of the blue and could have been serious or fatal if I was someone who was less aware. If you are a fan of Jeff Rense, you will remember that, I believe it was in 2015, he was in a serious accident with his SUV, and it is amazing that he lived. He remembers nothing except that he went unconscious, and he believes it happened through being remote-controlled. So it is not just alien agents that they can control that way. And mind-control/remote-control is not a rare instance. It happens every day to every one. In fact, it is so integrated into our lives that generations upon generations for eons have not even noticed. But WE notice now, those of us who are leaving the system, and the more we observe, the more astonished we become over how we have allowed this manipulation for SO MANY CENTURIES. The fact that we can now clearly see it is more strong evidence that they are losing their power over us.

There is quite a bit of other material by Montalk on that page I linked above, and much of it I agree with, however, what I don't agree with is that this alien agenda is proceeding quickly, for the reasons just mentioned above. I think, in fact, that it is collapsing rapidly, along with this simulated reality. More and more people are reading up on chemtrails, and all the other lies we've bought into. The documentary Vaxxed, exposing the fraud of the CDC and the toxic effects of vaccines has been showing in California. Dane has written quite a bit about it, and also mentioned that the state is now taking steps to repeal its mandatory vaccination law. Brexit may be the beginning of the breakup of the EU, which could trigger the collapse of the concept of a one-world government. However you look at it, the real power on this planet are those of us who are completely aware of the behind-the-scenes manipulation, both on and off the planet, and have chosen to refuse to cooperate. That is what will trigger the collapse of this entire operating system, but it must be complete, because no remnant of this atrocity and those behind it can remain when it is done. There can be no possibility whatsoever that this tragedy will ever infest another planet or race. This is the end and truth and freedom will triumph.

As for me, my great turning point was July, 2014, which I discussed in my article, Short and Sweet—and Very Urgent. The changes that took place for me in the year from July 2014 to July 2015 were astounding. I suddenly was able to understand and totally recognize the underground evil that's been running this planet, and more importantly, to emotionally detach from it, but my physical situation didn't allow me to break away as I had foreseen it would. However, I am beginning to wonder if I just condensed two year's evolution into one, because now, as we have passed the two-year mark, I am noticing more and more things happening on my farm that are confirming changes I had begun to notice earlier in the year and thought would happen when I wrote that article. I am discussiing those in my Notes from the Farm articles. To give just a couple examples, I have been eating cucumbers since the end of June, and my healthy plants are laden with fruits. It has been a long, long time since that was the case. The maple tree in front of my house that was dying, in fact half of it, the side facing away from my house, IS dead, but the rest has thicker leaf growth than I've seen in years, and ditto for my weeping willow by the greenhouse.

But what I really want to emphasize here is my growing expertise to be aware at the most subtle levels of when I am being mind-controlled/remote-controlled. That is what will be their final destruction, because though they are technologically advanced, they are using our minds to create their reality. One by one, as we each know exactly how they are working us, we can stop them. Without our consent and cooperation they are rendered impotent on this planet. I cannot stress this enough. Everyone who is on this path toward freedom needs to scrutinize every single thought and action within themselves, and other things that happen seemingly from the outside. Do not believe that anything happens by chance. Root out the source, ask yourself how they are working you, question every personal "failure" as being a potential success that was purposely thwarted. Tear apart every single aspect of your life and assume that you are being 100 percent controlled. Then, one by one, when you feel you are being drawn to something and you really don't know why, just turn and walk in the opposite direction, and watch what happens.

And then you begin to fight it, and that pisses them off, but remember, unless they can have control of your mind and thoughts, they are powerless against you. To reach that point takes an unimaginable amount of sheer determination and will power, but it does pay off, and I am beginning to see a light on the horizon. Does that mean it's easier? I battle them every day, every hour, every minute, but the difference is that now I know what I am battling and can anticipate their movements.

Let me give you an example of how I observe this control in others. I have a dear friend that I've known for over nine years. She is one of the only people I know that has the possibility of "getting it." She believes in the chemtrail atrocities, alien intervention, government lies and fraud, and many other aspects of growing consciousness. I remember about a year ago we were in the presence of a woman who is beyond evil, in fact I am certain she is an agent and certainly an alien host. My friend came and whispered to me that she thought this lady was an alien—"you can see it in her eyes," she said. My jaw dropped and I said, "Wow! That is awesome that you can recognize it." And she comes to me all the time to ask me questions, but when I start to give her honest answers, all of a sudden I can see something "click off." She will suddenly change the subject, then walk away, and the next conversation I have with her is like our previous conversation never happened. That, is mind-control and remote-control. Begin to observe this as you speak to people, and you will see it all the time. Then, begin to observe it in yourselves. Awareness is our most powerful weapon. They have counted on our ignorance and submission for ages and ages, but with many of us, it is no more. Practice, practice, practice until you become a pro at recognizing when and how they work you. Head them off at the pass, stop and refuse to continue what you're doing, and move in the opposite direction. Don't give in, don't give an inch. Scream at them to get the hell away. I tell them to get away from me, get off my farm, leave my animals alone, and get out of my house. When they know you know of their presence, they become powerless cowards. They rely on sneakiness.

And if you want to perceive it as a computer software program (I fluctuate between the two), assume your personal software is protected with Malwarebytes, and know that you do not have to cooperate with the program, just as a protected computer does not get infected by a virus or other destructive agent. Practice until you have the upper hand, then never, ever allow this parasitic control to disturb your life. You will find the chains getting lighter and lighter as you move out of this simulated reality into a physical realm of your own creation.

And speaking of animals in the previous paragraph, the controllers can and do effect and infest animals to do their bidding. For three years there was a 'coon here that terrorized me and this farm, and did indescribable damage. After a short while, I realized this was no ordinary animal, because it was reading my mind and honing in on everything that was particularly important, and destroying it. I have never experienced anything like this in my life. And it evaded my every attempt to be rid of it. But within this month, and keep in mind what I just said about Short and Sweet, and the two-year mark, something changed. It is my perception that this 'coon was a real animal who had become possessed, but finally reached a point where it wanted out. One night it came to me on the porch and threw bags of plastic and cans packed up for the recycling bins into my hosta bed. I walked outside and shined the light, and it stared at me, only a few feet away. The next night, as I was holding my gun, it literally walked into it, so all I had to do was fire. There were no other options as this point—this thing needed to be gone, but it seems that at death it reverted back to a plain old regular, and very handsome 'coon. It broke my heart as I carried away the body. Killing animals goes outside my code of ethics, but in this case. . .

About a week later, another 'coon took its place, but this one was different—it was pure evil—a backlash on the killing of the first one. It snuck around corners and kept me under observation. It went the way of the first one, but here I was hiding in the dark and got it by surprise. The next day when I went to remove the body, I was repelled. There was an ugly snarl on its face, and I really didn't want to get near it. I half expected it to convert to some alien body when I touched it. And even more strange, the body decomposed almost immediately. With these two events, I have felt a major clearing on this farm. This is just way too creepy. I cannot begin to tell you how badly I want the whole thing to be over and to get the hell out of this nightmare. That is certainly where I'm heading.


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