The Man Behind the Curtain

It has been a good many years now that I've sought him, and I believe I have finally seen him. And he is . . . ME. And You. And You. And You. I've been toying with this idea for years and have hinted at it in these articles, but now, after my intense observations over numerous months, as the operating system Planet Earth accelerates in its imminent collapse, he is showing up as a corrupt and outdated piece of software, fraught with glitches that increase by the minute, (kinda like my XP). We each have our own personalized version, triggered by our own personal genetic makeup and emotional system. I am 99.99% convinced this is true for numerous reason that I can't even begin to discuss at the moment. So, you can choose to react to this material, either ostrich-style, with your head in the sand, refusing to face the true state of the world at this point, or you can react in fear and terror, or, hopefully, you will react in a positive manner, understanding that knowledge is power, and everything we know about what was done to us and how it operates is a means to get free from it. And the time is up, folks to sit on the fence with this. The end is here now, and more writers are confirming that we are at the culmination of this long and horrendous journey.

This program was installed in us eons ago, during the Reptilian Invasion, to insure that the cycle of illusional death and recycling would always take place—to keep us trapped in a world of illusion that doesn't actually exist. What is happening now is that we have finally been able to evolve to a point of consciousness that we can operate beyond the physical self, which is also an illusion. There have been people on the planet who could do that. Jesus was one, and there have been Eastern yogis, and of course, Buddha himself, and those who have reached Nirvana—a separation between what is real and what our screaming senses and physical body tries to convince us is real. And add to that, the fact that the planet herself in rising in vibrational frequency, so the old software program is simple ceasing to operate. I say simply, but of course it is extremely complex. Those who have devotedly done their inner work—and there aren't many—might, just might be able to jump this thing and begin operation on the new program as the old one crashes. Those who don't have their new program ready will be at the mercy of the forces.

I have thought for quite a while that, in fact, the Reptilian race had been destroyed a long time ago. But everything I experienced, and I see going on, makes it appear that they are alive and well, and watching every move we make. They might have been extremely low on the spiritual evolution chart, but for technological advancement, they were superb, and they made damn sure that their memory would linger on for centuries after they were gone. And it is that feeling of being watched, the whole surveillance issue that is so much in the front of the news now, at least the alternative news, that keeps us believing that we have a foe who is alive and well. We do, of course, because the people in the government and military and many others in power are running on their own versions of the program, which accounts for the insanity we now experience, between the wars, GMOs, geoengineering, brutal slaughtering of people—it sure seems real enough, but it is just a software program. Not only did the Reptilians plan for each of us individually, they interlocked it all to function as a whole. And none of it is real. And they programmed certain evil people with a version of the program to keep the rest of us in check, lest someone might figure out how to get free.

What has been my final breaking away from the belief that it is simply a program, and there is no real threat of aliens mind-controlling us from off planet (but we ARE being mind-controlled), is that there have been way, way too many things happen to me that were too personal, too custom-made for only myself; things that happened to me that only I would know were important or upsetting. For a long time, again, it seemed that someone was reading my mind and hitting me in my most vulnerable places, but after a while, I started to think, you know, it really is a bit stupid to believe that there is someone watching every single move I make, reading every single thought . . .and the feeling of this constant surveillance is always there. Why, why would someone target me like that? It made less and less sense. Kind of like people thinking there is a god always watching over them. I'm sorry—no intent to insult people's religious beliefs, but that is also just as silly. Then when things go wrong, people say it was god's will. Rubbish! Any god who would allow such atrocities on the planet, not only for all the good and innocent people, but worse, for the poor animals and plants, is not someone to whom I would give much credence or respect. It's like the god in James Branch Caball's Jurgen, an illusion that exists because people's beliefs brought him into existence.

So, just because this thing is only a software program, does that make it any less dangerous. Hell, no! Is it scary. Hell yes it's scary. It was programmed to destroy its host and it has been successful for all these centuries. From the moment you are born, you begin the struggle with this thing, and eventually it wins. Game over. That is called death. Then you are recycled and reincarnated, and the game begins again. Every single person on this planet—well, the real people at least and I think there are lots of phantom people here, too—but most everyone arrived here by the same means, and many, many of us have done it over and over and over. I know I have. One of the big points of this whole ascension/consciousness movement is to escape the cycle of birth and death. Attaining Buddhahood. Nirvana.

One of the most important means for this program to remain in operation within us has been through our emotions, like a virus or malware attaches itself to certain files. It can read all our thoughts, and when we attempt to free ourselves from it, it creates a new path. We have been living for centuries with this Gordian Knot that defies our every attempt to untie it. It has been extremely persistent. I have found that one way to temporarily disable it, and permanently disempower it is by not allowing emotional reactions to anything that happens, no matter what. It takes practice and I have been training myself to do this for a couple years. The other weapon we have is to constantly focus on the incoming higher frequencies that are permeating the planet. If you utilize them, they can create a buffer against the attempted destructive effects of the program, and will eventually shut it down all together. And that is happening. I see it all the time now.

Pay attention to what is being projected to happen and what is really happening. Take my favorite subject, for instance, the manipulation of the weather by geoengineering. Have you noticed how less and less effective that program is becoming? My goodness!. This is Ohio and we have temperatures set to hit near 70 degrees this weekend. Right now, the global average temperatures are so high that for the past two years, heat records have been broken everywhere but in the eastern half of the United States! For the past two years, they have pulled these cold temperatures down from the Arctic, and gathered moisture from the Gulf and dumped it on us. We should NEVER have had those sub-zero temperatures and blizzards the last two winters. If the chemtrails would stop, I guarantee, we would not even have winter here in Northeast Ohio. And I'm not sure we will, anyways, because there isn't that much moisture anywhere to be pulled up or down, and the Arctic is heating up out of control. Way back in October, we dropped down, for only one night, to 18 degrees, just enough to kill every thriving tomato plant in my field. The next night, it only went down to 50 degrees, under CLEAR skies. There is nothing normal about that!. The stuff in my (unheated) greenhouse is all still alive—my eggplants, peppers, a few stray tomatoes, my tomatillos, even my basil—all still alive and growing. IN DECEMBER!!! My snapdragons are blooming outside in their little pots at my summer flower display.

And furthermore, not only are the chemtrailers struggling to keep us wet and cold, but at least several times a week, some part of California gets some rain, so they are unable to keep California totally dry, like last year. (I realize California needs a great deal of rain to even begin to reverse the damage they have suffered.)

But my point is, these programs that have been running us are breaking down, and those people running a program to cause total planetary destruction are being less and less successful with their agendas. The most important thing anyone can do to make themselves aware—to see the man behind the curtain—is to become extremely observant of anomalies. Once you begin to notice them, you'll see them everywhere. Anything that makes no sense, or behaves in an abnormal way is a sign of the shutting down of our software programs. We notice when our computers do strange things, so use that same awareness and apply it to life. One example is when objects seem to go missing, then show up again in a strange way or place. Or when something happens to you that defies all logic. Or when you see someone say or do something that is outside the normal range. These anomalies are EVERYWHERE now—I notice them every day. They are an important sign!

Anyone who wishes to survive this must approach everything with a cool head, keep from reacting emotionally, and be aware that none of this is real. Now is the time. We have reached the end of the rope. The man behind the curtain—the smoke and mirrors that have kept us trapped in the world of illusion—is being stripped of his veils for all to see. It is a time of magnificence and a time of horror, and certainly something that has never happened in the entire history of the planet.

The Wizard of Oz

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