This is going to be a rather lengthy article, so if you find it too much to take in at once, read it in several sessions, because it contains very important information gleaned from my experiences since early summer. There are several reasons it's taken me so long to write: one is that I needed time to integrate and test what I had learned; plus I am reluctant, sometimes to share what I've discovered because I try to give it as little energy and confirmation as possible. It is more important to acknowledge, then let it go and move forward. And I have been extremely busy, not only working with this information, but with all the other stuff I do.

As I have mentioned before, it seems for the past year-and-a-half, I have been receiving new revelations about once a month, and since July, they have become more intense and vital to putting together the pieces of the puzzle as to how They are manipulating us. And I've become totally convinced that we really are living in a simulated reality. All you have to do is look for anomalies—things that make no sense in the way we are accustomed to perceive our physical world—and you will find one bizarre example after another. I was telling a friend of mine of certain things that happened recently and certain observations I had made—and this friend is quite open to all this, unlike 99% of the rest of the people I know—and she had experienced similar events, but didn't even think about them as being unusual. This, of course, is because they have been manipulating us for eons, and have gradually increased the distortions to keep us more and more confused. They are conditioning us to accept the unacceptable without even noticing it. The reason for this is that we are awakening, partly because there are a large number (but not a large percent!) of the population that has reached the end of this cycle and can no longer continue the faҫade, and also because there are universal forces beyond us and beyond our planet that are shifting to a higher frequency. It is unstoppable. What those who are manipulating us are doing to attempt to stop us is like giving us higher and higher doses of opium-induced stupor—every time we try to awaken, they dose us again. If you are not aware of this, you probably do not have a chance of escape. It's all a dream, and not only that, but a dream within a dream within a dream, and we are accelerating our awakening through all these layers. As we progress through each one, it becomes more and more difficult for Them to keep us asleep, like drug addicts who require bigger doses each time they get high. And it is we—those who are most awakened—that are getting the worst shit. They care most of all about stopping us—because we are opening the doors. And in case you haven't figured it out, CHEMTRAILS are the most effective way they have to distribute the dosage.

I am a firm believer that if we pay attention to what is happening in our (illusory) physical world, we will have an open portal to observe what is really going on behind the scenes. For me, this has been the year of malware issues, in my computer and on my website—or, as least that was how it appeared. Did I really have malware? Probably not. As for my computer, I have had one thing after another happen to slow me down or temporarily put me out of commission, yet nothing was particularly damaging or serious and much seemed to correct on its own. OK, yeah I AM still running XP and there are some corruption issues. And I finally contacted Malwarebytes and a very competent representative named Tom ran me through a series of scans to delete anything iffy that showed up. Incidentally, I cannot recommend them highly enough! They stand by their product and their technicians actually know what they're doing, as opposed to 90% of the other companies one deals with these days.

Then I found stuff on my web directory that I KNOW I didn't put there, I manually went through over 400 files to delete anything that wasn't supposed to be there, even though malware scans revealed nothing untoward on my site. Unfortunately, I cannot speak the same about the technicians at Hostgator (where my website lives), as I can about Malwarebytes. I have found them to be mostly useless. I even uninstalled FileZilla because I read that they did not use encrypted passwords. In place, I downloaded Core FTP LE. I like it so much better!! If you have need for an FTP client, I highly recommend it. (In case you don't know, an FTP client communicates with your web directory and enables you to upload large files, such as image folders, onto your website.)

In any case, after I recovered from all the setbacks caused by these issues, I was able to contemplate the real message here. And it is this, and I am going to use computer language here, BUT I AM NOT TALKING ABOUT COMPUTER OPERATING SYSTEMS. I am using this as an analogy of our present physical reality here on earth.

Let's say, our earth is "EarthXP-OS." It is an operating system that has become totally outdated and is not supported any more. As we continue to evolve, it becomes more obsolete—it starts to behave strangely and erratically, and becomes more and more corrupted. Those who are controlling it keep "patching"—trying to make it work, but the frequencies can no longer read the old files. Those of us who have, or are trying to move on to the new system, let's call it NewEarth-OS, are ready to move on, but we cannot function until the old OS has been uninstalled totally. Those in control are not letting this old system uninstall, even as it becomes more and more disabled. And the result is a breakdown of reality and increasing insanity. Everywhere I go, everything I experience points to a total breakdown of the functioning of the planet, and that includes governments, the money system, the corporate system, the medical, educational and judicial systems, the environment, and all sense of morals and integrity—everything is now in a state of total breakdown. But the good news—the very good news, in fact, is that the old system cannot be sustained. The bad news is, that unless we can fully integrate the NewEarth-OS, we will perish. Every ounce of my energy these days goes into my transition.

And one other point I have to make with this is that the new "OS" is based on metaphysical laws, not physical ones. We are leaving the physical world and entering a metaphysical world, where nothing will function as before. All these people that think social, banking, and political changes and leadership changes will make a difference are WRONG. It will still be the same outdated system, and no problems will be solved.

As mentioned, chemtrails are one of the main means for keeping us in a stupor, along with all the lies spewed out by the media and politicians. But, I believe, it is worse than just these distractions. As I said, we are in a simulated reality, and I have experienced evidence that they can and DO regulate what we perceive with our senses. I will share some of my evidence, and I am not alone in this. One particular case that became rather public, at least among us, was the horrendous car crash that nearly killed Jeff Rense. He believes he was made unconscious through manipulation. I have no reason to doubt he is correct.

Here are some of my examples, though these, thankfully, were not life threatening. Several weeks ago, I was tidying up my greenhouse. I have all my plastic jugs that I string up and tie to the top beams for storage. My greenhouse is 16 feet high, and I don’t like wasted space. Last year, I used bailer twine, and in the spring, most of it had rotted, so all my jugs kept falling all over. So, I bought some heavier string, and spent weeks tying them all up. I throw the ball of string over a beam, hoist up the jugs, and tie the end to my shelf brackets. So I tied one particular bundle of jugs up and fastened it to a bracket, then walked about ten steps to the next bundle, knotted it, threw the ball of string over, went to cut it—and my scissors that I just had in my hand disappeared. I retraced my steps, looked on the ground—they are bright blue, so they would show up even if they fell in the lemon balm—and it was as if they had vanished in thin air. This has begun happening so frequently that when it happens, I KNOW someone is fucking with my brain, and I know it is best to just walk away and not give it energy. So I got another pair of scissors off the porch and continued my work.

Last week, having finished my jug project, I decided to fill trash bags with light supplies, like the curtains I use to cover plants, and also string them up onto the beams. I keep a stack of bags on my hanging shelves, which I can reach if I stretch, but I can't see over unless I use a chair to stand on. So, I stretched and felt for a bag, pulled one down, and noticed there was something inside it. I opened it, and there, at the bottom of the bag was my missing scissors. Really? HOW THE FUCK DID THEY GET THERE??? An anomaly that goes outside physical normalcy.

A few days later I was coloring on my porch. I needed a particular shade of brown made by CrazyArt, one of the three brands of crayons in which I keep well supplied. I keep my crayons meticulously organized so I can lay my hand on any color as I need it. I knew where it was, and when I couldn’t find it, I TOOK EVERY CRAYON OUT OF THE BOX. I lined them up and the brown was not there. Again, I knew someone was fucking with my brain. The next time I opened the box, it was laying on top, diagonally across the others so I couldn't miss it! Can you explain that in physical terms?

I believe They are able to make us hallucinate, and certainly see what they want us to see, blinding us to the rest. There is no other explanation as to why the United States military/industrial complex can get away with dousing us day in and day out with toxic chemtrails and the majority of people don't even notice. You can point them out, and people STILL do not see them. Normal? Regular? I think not.

Another thing that is behaving in an increasingly bizarre manner is time. Time, you know, is certainly an illusion, part of the false simulated reality in which we are held hostage. It was created as a means to keep us in the slave mode, and I never understood this until I began reading the Pellucidar Series, seven books by Edgar Rice Burroughs. American David Innes and his elderly friend Abner Perry journey to the center of the earth, where they find a Stone Age civilization and an inner sun that shines perpetually at high noon. The inhabitants have no sense of time because there are no days or nights. Everything happens in the present and no one seems to age. It makes more and more sense to me now. Time itself is beginning to break down. Every clock in my house is different, and some have quit working. My computer clock was off by 9 minutes the other day, then by 11, then by 10. (There is a website called which gives the correct time to the second for anywhere in the world.) So I reset my clock to the internet, but had to do it twice to get it right, and even then, I am off a little ahead or behind every day. This is supposed to be regulated by satellite! And not only clocks—even nature. My morning glories have bloomed all summer in the afternoon and evening, and my four o'clocks are open at dawn, then close for the rest of the day.

But perhaps the most manipulated aspect of our lives right now is the weather. As Dane has been saying, NO WEATHER IS NATURAL ANY MORE. I absolutely agree. Remember, I have been keeping weather data since 1994—I have a whole drawer full of notebooks on it, so I can assure you, I have been observing for a long, long time.

One of the ways you can see how much They are attempting to manipulate the weather is by observing rad/sat patterns, at least on Bing interactive maps. I say attempting, because it is becoming less and less effective. I have observed, this summer, that when the air is dry, the trails quickly dissipate. It is only when there is moisture in the air that They can do their dirty-work. Dane has made a similar observation. That's why we had a nice hot, dry summer here in Ohio this year, instead of the dark, cold, wet one we had last year. There just wasn't enough moisture close enough to pull it into Ohio.

I access my local Bing maps (which are a Microsoft product, incidentally), at or, both local Youngstown stations. If you are unfamiliar with these maps, there is really a lot of information to be gained. Normally, they open with the radar view, but by clicking "Layers" at the bottom, you can access everything else. Radar shows what precipitation is currently falling, with a five minute delay. However, if you click "Future" at the bottom, you will see the "model" which local stations and NWS use to "predict" the weather. (It's all a joke, you know, so I have to put it in quotes.) I have been watching this stuff for a long time, and the "Future" used to be fairly accurate. When you click it, it should show the precipitation nearly exactly as the "Past" because it begins in the present. When you click the arrow, it moves forward in one-hour increments showing where the precipitation is projected to fall. However, lately, though it matches what the NWS is predicting, it is WAY far off from what actually happens. What it does predict accurately is the goals of the chemtrailers— where they are trying to make it rain, or NOT rain if you live in California. Study this for a while—it is fascinating. It gives you great access into the minds of these psychopaths. The satellite view is even more revealing. Where the "past" view shows actual cloud clouds, as in real clouds, the "Future" shows chemtrail-produced clouds. Dane made the comment not long ago that most people have no idea the difference between chemtrails and real clouds, and he is absolutely correct. I have looked outside to see a thick, impenetrable layer over my farm, yet when I get on the satellite map, "Past" view, it shows clear skies. I also think it is no surprise that these maps are owned by Microsoft. We know that they and Monsanto are two of the corporations making up the military/industrial complex backing the spraying of these poisons. People just DO NOT pay attention to this stuff. I will have people argue with me that what I am telling them is baloney, yet these people have NEVER researched any of this material, and worse yet, have never personally observed it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist. Just fucking look up in the sky and you can WATCH them do this. Albert Einstein said "Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance." And he was a pretty smart guy. How many floods and droughts and hurricanes and tornadoes does it take to wake people up? We had a hard freeze last night here in Palmyra, Ohio. We don't have frost any more, we go from 65 degrees to freeze. The last two years have been the hottest on record everywhere but in the eastern half of the U.S. We should not have a freeze AT ALL. WAKE UP AND PAY ATTENTION.

There is one last thing I want to discuss here, and it concerns living in the present. Last week, I re-read a book published in 2001, which I had first read in 2002. It is called The Zen Commandments: Ten Suggestions for a Life of Inner Peace. When I first began this journey toward enlightenment, I inhaled every book I could find. My favorites at the time were by Shakti Gawain and Deepak Chopra, explaining the whole aspect of creating our reality with our minds and using the mind to heal the body. Though I spent decades trying to create my reality with my thoughts, everything I manifested was opposite of what I wanted. For years, I kept thinking I had some major spiritual defect because, according to experts, like Ms. Gawain, the method worked. Well, it worked for her because she made bundles by selling her books. But the method DOES NOT work, and gosh it has taken me so long to figure this out, but here is why. And the second reading of The Zen Commandments finally brought the truth of the matter to light.

When we use our thoughts to create our reality, we are projecting into the future. But the future doesn't ever exist. We live in the eternal now. The Reptilian agenda created this thing called "time," and when you live in the illusion of time, there is such as thing as future, but it is a false reality. They have nurtured this illusion of the future for eons—in fact, they keep us living there on purpose. Everything is geared toward the future—buy insurance, save for retirement, plan ahead, buy stock for the future. Think about it. And here is why they are doing it: because as we keep our minds geared toward what will happen, they can manipulate our thoughts. Remember, this is malware on the brain. They keep their agenda constantly projecting into the direction to which they aim, which is total control of a population either mentally numb or living in perpetual fear. And the past is the same—keep memories of tragedy at the forefront. But in reality, neither the past nor the future exist. Think about that. Can you touch an object in the future? You touch it in the present. Is tomorrow the future? No, when tomorrow actually arrives, it is the present. ALWAYS.

For some years, I've found that I am just naturally living in the present. I do very little to plan for the future, and avoid dwelling in the past. I buy only what I immediately need, and that's all. After I re-read the above book, it made even more sense, and I took another leap to avoid any kind of illusory projection which we call thinking ahead. I have found it's made an immense difference in my life, just over the past couple weeks. In this respect, we are open to our path changing directions at each moment, rather than getting stuck on a trajectory that leads us where we do not want to go, (but where They want us to go). When we constantly live in the present, the brain malware has little to no power over us, because we can always be open to making a different choice. I cannot begin to tell you how important this is, and it may just be the key to escape. Do I believe we create our reality with our thoughts? Absolutely, but not for the future, for the present. When Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, did he command him to rise at noon the next day? No, he commanded him to rise NOW. Did he calm the storm in an hour, after it blew around? Did he change the water into wine after the guests had left? Jesus, though I don't believe he was god because I don't believe in god, was an extremely enlightened person who was not subjected to malware on the brain. He manifested what he intended instantly because he lived in the present. When we live in the present, there is no fear of the future, nor doubt. It is empowering. It is liberation. Malwarebytes for the brain.

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