Lab Rats

I don't know about you, but lately it is getting more and more difficult for me to accomplish anything. I feel like this energetic force which has been in control for so long is squeezing us into a smaller and smaller space, so that even the act of moving requires superhuman effort, along with clearing away the obstacle strewn in the path and one distraction after another. Their activity is intensifying by the minute as we come closer to breaking the ceiling that has kept us from ascending into our full potential.

But we are, in spite of it all. Something has changed, big time, not only globally but there is something about myself that is new and unfamiliar. One of the problems that has kept us so static and stagnant for so long is our inability to recognize that we are no longer the person we were. I make a point to keep tabs on my own progress, but this—I sense I have made a huge shift. And I believe it may have happened a while ago, but I am just now recognizing it. Because the majority of the population is totally unaware of this speed of light transition we are now enmeshed in, we have no feedback from others to reinforce our progress. This is not an accident. It is part of the program.

In any case, along with the massive mental effort I have been putting forth, just to move through the energetic brambles which must be constantly cleared away, I have been drained. There is not even a word to describe the level of fatigue I am experiencing. I pick up a book, and after two sentence, I am out cold. In addition, I keep breaking out in these rashes, which I am certain is part of the process of my body ridding itself of heavy metals, as I continue my detox work. These rashes look like burns all over my skin and they itch terrible, but after I rub them with coconut oil, they start to heal, then petroleum jelly makes the skin soft and normal again. I don't care what I have to go through, I need to get this toxic shit out of my body.

And to make matters even worse, I got roped into . . .no, I lie, I volunteered to create a document laying down rules of conduct for a group I am involved with. These are people who are my long to very long-term friends, and the atrocious behavior of a number of people is creating an intolerable situation for all of us. And I, being the writer . . . . Anyways, I have collected the data, and now am organizing it in a document. The person who has the leadership role that will be able to instigate the new program has asked me, if I possibly can, to have it complete in the next week and a half. I plan to finish it by tomorrow. Writing this article is my little vacation from that project. I just want to get it all done and finish reading my next book.

And add to that, I have these Amish men doing logging on my farm. They have two enormous draft horses here, but sometimes they go three days without showing up or feeding their animals. So after threatening to report them to the SPCA, which did no good whatsoever, I finally ended up taking care of them myself, which means I have to drag these heavy bails of hay across three acres, and cross over the river of knee-deep mud they created on my farm because they had no business starting this job while it is so fucking wet, seeing how we can barely go two days without it pouring or snowing or both. Then my friend, part of the group mentioned above, who trains race horses and has six of her own, brought me a brush and a baggie of horsie treats. They loved them, and she offered to bring more, but I said I would buy them myself. So now, my extremely limited budget for me food, cat food, dog food, and turtle food now includes horse treats. I will have more on the horse story when I create my 2018 farm series.

And last, I cannot drive my poor broken down Ford truck any more. I only paid $1000 for it eight years ago, (Craig's List), and it has served me well, but there is hardly anything left to it but rust. And that means I must find the means to buy another vehicle. Bear with me, there is a point to all this.

And the point is, what is the nature of our reality? I think more and more of us are becoming convinced that we are in a simulated reality being controlled by an off-planet race. Have you noticed all the UFO sightings are making it into the mainstream news lately? Here a recent one from CBS News:
2 airline pilots report seeing UFO while flying over Arizona.
Even people like David Icke and Bernhard Guenther, who really do know quite a bit about the subject, do not have an even remotely complete picture. I think we are getting closer to the truth, as the "unreality" collapses from all directions. Many believe in the "loosh farm" where we are the cattle being farmed for our emotions, upon which this alien race feeds. I have always wondered about that. It seems to me that these beings would be very low on the scale of advancement— mere feeders who require sustenance. I'm not saying that isn't true. It is quite possible there are many levels of parasites attached to us. But maybe the main players are not parasites at all.

Something very horrific came to me as I was reading Galápagos: World's End. I love the Galápagos Islands. Of all the places in the world that I can imagine, that is the one place I would like to visit. Of course now, they are populated and extremely regulated and all the flora and fauna are under strict protection. OK, so when I began this book, I was thinking in modern terms, excited to learn more about the iguanas and giant tortoises and blue-footed boobies. Imagine my horror when I realized this expedition in 1923 was to collect specimens. Yeah, I mean like in killing them to dissect their stomachs to see what they ate. I was appalled! William Beebe was actually known for only killing what was absolutely necessary, and they took back numerous animals to the New York Zoological Park, and many were just observed, photographed, or drawn by the artists who came along. Much of the book indeed was very good. But as I read, I had an "AHA" moment, and as I write this, I still get chills down my spine. Do you think using animals for experimentation is wrong? Evil? Most people do not but some of us strongly do. "Why would it be wrong?" Testing new drugs on animals benefits humans as if humans are better than animals, or more worthy. (We are not, and just the opposite, in my opinion.) But then a very creepy feeling began to settle in and a truly horrifying image made its way into my mind, and the clearer it emerged, the more questions, previously unanswered, made sense.

Unlike the parasites who may farm us for emotional food, anyone who has created a simulation, a software program, so to speak, in which the earth has been the setting for the program, would have to be extremely intelligent and technologically advanced. WAY beyond us, as most scientists think of themselves vs. the lab rats that are subjected to all kinds of abominable experiments and what amounts to imprisonment and torture. But, hell, it's just a rat, right? I COULD NEVER DO THAT TO AN ANIMAL. But most people could. That kind of work pays good many and it's for a good cause. OMG!!

So what if, that's what WE are, the lab rats in an experiment being carried out by a race so far above us that we are expendable. And not only rats. We are Pavlov's dog, who salivates when the bell rings, and continues to salivate even when there is no reward. Like Trump keeps on salivating when he thinks he can make more money or have more power even though yet another woman has filed a lawsuit against him and no one wants to work with him in the White House. Experiment: successful.

And just as the animals being subjected to testing in a laboratory are not all being used for the same test, so do each of us individually or in groups have our particular role in their heinous experiments. And let me point out that, rather than being injected with drugs or poisons, or dissected to see what we ate, these are mind cages in which we are imprisoned. So, what about the chemtrails of GMOs, 5G and microwaves, HAARP, pesticides and all the other horrors we are currently enduring? But OH! How many people don't even see chemtrails or know a thing about any of the other evils listed above. Why don't they see what is being done to us? Maybe it's not being done to them.

Let me share a little more about my own hell, that has lasted about twenty years now. I knew these things were happening but I did not have a clue as to the nature of their horror. For years, I thought it was because I was not "spiritually evolved" enough. That was part of the experiment. If I were to title, at least the research data derived from me as the subject it might read, The human mind and it's creative ability: Adaptability and Endurance. At what point is the human being no longer able to find solutions to an increasingly collapsing situation? And so at first, everything I needed for survival began to fall away: job, money, food, support. Everything began to break, figuratively and physically. My furnace would break down and I'd fix it and that would trigger the next event, like my car would break down and a pet would get sick. Each thing that I fixed would trigger another loss, and I soon found all the money I had saved was gone and my life was getting worse. I eventually "got it," or at least a little of it, and I just let things break. The "events" slowed down as I refused to be a good rat and cooperate with the experiment. I believe that is why I am still alive today.

One of the scariest things that happened, over a period of probably fifteen years was that I would have these very frequent dreams of being flooded. I would see my house and my pets and everything I owned being washed away in the floods. Was it a prophesy or was I being "programmed?" I think the latter, as I am now suffering the results of those "dreams." That's why I tell people to not believe your dreams are trying to warn you of something. They are programming you to create what the programmers desire. I now know to mentally delete them when I awaken and they usually have little to no affect.

So, imagine you are one of those extremely advanced aliens. You think, OK, so we know that these humans were originally gifted to create with their minds. What happens when we keep interfering with their minds? How can we program them to think with our minds? Will they be able to create what we desire with their minds? What if we withdraw from them all the energies they use for creation? Will they be able to "physically" create what their minds previously created? Will they learn to compensate? Can we cut off the arms and legs of the rat and expect it to still find a way to get around? What if we subject it to rats that we have given just the opposite. We have endowed some rats with the best of everything. Will the rats who are missing their arms and legs still be able to fight to survive? All this is happening in one way or another.

Do you get it? OMG, I sure do, and as I type this I get it more and more. Review the first half of this article. More pieces have fallen into place, especially as I look back at the misery of these twenty years. A ceiling was placed above me so that I could rise no further. Just let me find myself just a tiny bit more prosperous than usual, and BOOM, I get hit with an expense that puts me lower than I was before. Every time I would think I had a chance to get ahead, the rug has been pulled out from me. I must have been a very choice rat.

But wait! It is happening to more and more and more rats. One after another the mad scientists throw one disaster after another to the prisoners of this laboratory called earth. How much can the humanoid endure? How will it find a way out in order to survive? Why do they want to know this? Because they cannot create as we do? Why do scientist experiment with rats? Because they teach them something about themselves. They benefit the experimenter.

But what happens when the rats get unruly? What happens when Pavlov's dog refuses to salivate no matter how many times the bell is rung? What happens when all the lab victims suddenly know they being used to benefit their torturer because they have been programmed to react in a certain way? What happens when they find a way to break out? They create chaos in the lab. Test tubes are broken and papers are destroyed. Computers are trashed and the rats begin attacking those who thought they had complete control. All the work they did to program the rat's mind has created super-rats, Frankensteins who are now out of control.

It seems the whole world has suddenly woke up and seen the cages. The #MeToo movement triggered it, and now we've got protests all over the place, against guns, for higher teacher's pay and more to come. Four women now are attacking Trump, but Trump is a rat just like us. We are all part of this nefarious experiment, all playing different roles, all pitted against each other. Granted many are "hybrid" rats, created to make the other rats miserable. Some may even be robotic rats. But the point is, the experiment is over. Something has changed. Maybe that why there have been all these UFO sightings. The "scientists" are returning to get the rats under control.

But remember, it is all, ultimately, a mind game. Once we see the cages and think outside them, there we shall be, free and never a specimen again. I have heard some people refer to this awakening movement as glacial, but I disagree. In fact, I think it is moving faster than the speed of light, and we can barely catch up with one day before the next one is here. There IS something monumental occurring on this planet, whatever this planet turns out to be, and the momentum will continue to accelerate. Just wait till the rabid throngs learn the truth about geoengineering. These are the worst of times and the best of times to (sort of) quote C.D. It may not be long from now that we will wake up and be glad we saw this through to the end.

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