Lately I have had to take a break. I have been doing my annual updates on my copyright dates at the bottom of my web pages, not all of them of course. That would take me weeks, but just the main pages, index pages and cross-reference pages all of which I also try to add something new to the page. Plus the World Wide Web Consortium made a very slight change in how one certain code is written, so I am updating that. None of this is important in the grand scheme of things, but, as it stands now, I am not sure any grand schemes will be fulfilled on this planet. For a while there, it seemed we were making progress. The #MeToo movement has certainly vindicated a great many women who have not only suffered in silence, but been made to look like the guilty ones. Please be aware, this is NOT about male vs. female, or even about sex, but about bullies, and people who can only empower themselves by disempowering others. At this point, I have lived with so many decades of ridicule, which has only worsened since I have begun speaking out about the criminal horrors caused by geoengineering. All I want is the truth. The truth will vindicate all of us who have fought so hard for so very long, and yes, it WILL set us free, and I am ready to go now. Many of us are. Everything is so difficult now. They have fucked with our minds and bodies, it is even hard to meditate and use our imaginations. The past month has been terrible. But there may be another reason why it is difficult to imagine. We may possibly be stepping into the world we have been imagining. I no longer go through the process of going up in space, as I wrote about in Across the Universe. Now I find that my reality just opens up like sliding doors and I take my place in the new reality. But perhaps it is not new. Perhaps that is where the real "me" has been all this time, and this "me" on earth is but a dream gone bad. With the new information I access nearly every day, the possibility of anything surviving on this planet for much longer is bleak indeed. And so, in this issue, I will talk about imagination, escape, and the imminent end of this reality.

I want to begin with some reader comments from GeoengineeringWatch. The first one is from frequent writer Gail in Yellowhead County, Alberta, and it was posted with this article: USA Watchdog Exposes Weather Warfare. Please note: I have corrected the typos 'cause they drive me crazy.

There used to be a Purpose in the Clouds. You would see a Cloud waft or scud past, some had interesting shapes that would remind you of an object, animals, a space craft.    They made you Wonder!  They would Roll in & gather somewhere to Rain, or Snow, in the Winter Months. It would then take an entire day to fill the sky. Many times releasing its moisture during the night, & come morning, you would awaken to a Clean, Fresh, Earthy Scent in the Air. All the dust washed away. A Cleansing took place. And the Sky, a Bright, Bold, Azure Blue would Greet You. And, you would not see another Cloud for days & even weeks depending on the Season.      Today we see Clouds, Clouds & more Clouds!   Never Pretty. And they Never leave you Dreaming as you lay on your back gazing up as they drift by, way up in the Sky. How does one Dream while you watch a Black or Grey Plague or a Hot Pink Toxic Horror fill the Sky.   You do not even have to look up.   Just look forward.   Its Right There!    It Encompasses Everything!       It Surrounds us on Every Front!    Now we have Lines, Streaks, Smears, Waves, Blotches, Fish Bones, Curly Cues, Ys, Xs, Zs, & Penises, Hanging in our Skies. And We need to Convince others, that this is Not a Conspiracy Nut Theory !!!!    They say that Pleasant Surroundings make you Happy, Calmer & Peaceful. Does anyone here feel that way when you look at the Sky.      I Know who needs to Wake Up!   What's your excuse.

WOW! Well put, Gail. When I used to teach piano in Hudson, I would compact all my 53 students into two-and-a-half days, so I had the rest of the week to farm. I would pack a lunch and go to their little community center, which had a pretty lake out back. I would lie there and watch the clouds, exactly as Gail says. I fact, I had spent many a year cloud watching and imagining them into animals and other object. I left teaching there around the year 2000, but even then, I would see nary a chemtrail. Oh, I know they were spraying back then, but NEVER EVER EVER like now. Most of the time, the sky was gorgeous and so were the clouds. And so for anyone who tries to say that it has always been like this has memory issues, or is too young to remember. Now, the number of days a year we actually see the sky we can count on one hand.

And she is also right about the clouds having a purpose. In "normal" times, clouds at night would keep the earth warmer, especially if the day was sunny. The best scenario in the fall, trying to avoid a frost would always be a clear day, with clouds at night, which would keep the temps from dipping into the freeze zone. But now!! Just the opposite. On nights when they don't spray and it is clear, it is SO much warmer. And the clouds are so full of toxic shit, ESPECIALLY this winter, with the tons of chemically nucleated ice/snow they have dropped on us. One of the ingredients in THAT is lead. No wonder it's so cold. When I go outside, my hands begin to ache, like I am holding a freezing steel bar. My poor dogs. Their little feet touch it, and even on a day when it isn't that cold, like yesterday, I had to end up carrying both dogs in (separate walks) because their feet froze after only a few minutes. And the stuff seems to be getting colder and colder. That snow we got yesterday was unbelievable. Remember when we built snowmen and made "snow angels?" Now, I don't even want to touch the shit. If they would stop spraying, this winter would have probably been up in the 60s. Really. It keeps trying to warm up, then they douse us. They will keep the north sky clear and spray the south, so the warm air cannot move up. Just look at a climate map, such as Climate Reanalyzer You can see the huge anomalies. Most of the rest of the globe is frying, while we freeze. Every time it tries to warm up, they douse us. Does it not seem strange to you that "cold fronts" start with a warm front? The only way they can cool us now is by bringing up tons of rain from the Gulf, then supercooling it. NONE OF THIS IS OK! Why are people not marching to Washington, or outside TV stations and newspaper publishers? How can people be OK with this?? I have come to dread seeing the sun because I know it will be soon followed by poison skies, then blizzard or deluge. THAT IS NOT OK. Here are two screenshots from the Interactive Weather Map at WFMJ TV taken during the last rain, which fortunately was NOT a deluge, at least at my house. The date was January 27 at 8:30 AM. The first is a satellite shot, "regular" clouds; and the second was the future view, which shows the spraying because that is how the models determine our weather, according to what they are doing to the sky. HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT GET THIS??? Normal clouds DO NOT form right angles!!

Satellite map, January 27, 2018

Satellite map, Future view, January 27, 2018

But I have wandered from my imaginings.

Quite a few of Dane's writers understand the consciousness movement, aliens and all, although he frowns upon anything that isn't "scientifically" based, one of the big issues I have with him. But occassionally they slip into his comment section. Here is a post by Ron Marr, which reflects much of what I say. It is from Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, January 6, 2018, #126.

This is a major understanding humans must deal with. Things were somewhat even until THEY got the bomb. Now a gun is held to our heads as THEY plunder at will. Kill humans at will. Their prototypes pretend to be football owners, businessmen, bankers, mayors, presidents and military leaders. Just recently the mayor of Chicago was calling for UN troops to quell the violence in the streets, which he has created. And of course the UN troops are the long arm of the Vatican. They that hide behind the Vatican demand 'UNconditional Surrender'. (excuse me while I belly laugh!) With their wars, vaccines, GMOs, geoengineering and nuclear weapons to guard their fake reality, one may wonder why THEY fear us so much. Why THEY want our minds and pineal glands destroyed. Well, maybe, if we are left alone with ourselves, to go within and traverse the real universe and understand our power of imagination and our illusion of life, THEY understand and fear our consciousness and abilities to see them. We must remember that we are genius, with imagination and immortality. Together we form the human spirit the most powerful force on earth. Our experience here is the only proof of our existence. This we must celebrate with love. On an individual basis we must go within and listen and discover what action one can take. Any action is good on an individual basis if one feels, truly, that it promotes the common good. That's what keeps you sane. I was surprised when Dane mentioned my High school, of course, I was a 'rose bud' then.

Here is another article that expresses the same longing I am feeling:
Homesick Seekers.
I do not, however, agree that we came as a soul group. I think many of us did, most likely from different planets or even dimensions, but I also believe that the human race is so corrupted now that many are not even human, and yes, that does include Trump. Human/robot hybrids DO NOT belong where we are going. I am also not into the Kali Yuga thing, but I am not saying it is wrong. All I am saying is that contrary to those who believe the earth will always be here, I think those who are ready and able need to get the hell off. The planet will be long destroyed before everyone is ready to go. Humans CAN and ARE destroying the whole earth. Even spiritual people, but those who spend their time in a building and have no idea what it means to live off the earth—those people do not have a clue as to the dismal shape we are in now. I mean, seriously, Cape Town, South Africa is about to run out of water. They have even set a date, (April, 2018). Sure, there will be survivors, but why would anyone want to live here if they can escape. I just want to be someplace where everyone leaves me the fuck alone.

And so, I return to my travels. The scenery is becoming familiar to me. Every day, I go to the "meeting planet" I spoke about in Across the Universe. There is a room where there are lots of computers, and many of us are working on solving the earth situation. There are always speakers, too, to keep us up to date on the progress, but that seems to be going in the direction of helping the beings that are on earth now for the purpose of awakening, to escape instead. Things look bleak for earth even there. As I said, I have had a difficult time in my universal travels lately, and a difficult time understanding what we are doing. But I will say this: the more I go to this other reality, the more "real" it feels to me. Perhaps when my consciousness becomes firmly rooted in the other dimension, I will cease to exist in this one. That's the game plan. Anyone got a better one?

If not, let me share a bit more of the reason why I am trying once again to pull away from the horror of this physical world, and plant my consciousness somewhere much more suited to my energy. The efforts of Them to distract, confuse, dumb down, and control the population is exploding into high gear. After slowing down on my Borax dosages until the heavy metal detoxing process came into balance, I am now back to my 1/8 tsp a day. Two things have greatly improved. One is my physical balance. For the past few years, I have literally worried about falling over and breaking something because I haven't felt like my feet were firmly planted on the ground, and a strong wind could push me over. That is scary for someone who has done so much yoga, but I also knew it has been one of the reactions of the metals in my body. The other is that my memory and cognitive processes are slowly returning to normal, and unless you are doing some kind of detox, I guarantee, there are things in your brain that ain't working right. If you don't want to take Borax, then take another chelator, but be careful. The reason I like Borax is that it comes in a box as it comes out of the ground, as a natural mineral. I don't trust "natural health products" any more than I trust chemical medicine. If it is processed and put in a bottle, it is making someone money, and labels lie. Ideally, we should get all we need for healthy bodies from natural organic fruits, vegetables, grains, etc., but everything grown in toxic soil, toxic water, and toxic air has a slim chance of being anything but toxic, and I don't care if it is organic.

I am finding that the petroleum jelly I am using as a lotion also is protecting my skin. And I only need to use it a couple times a wekk. Dollar General sells a big jar cheap, and it also contains aloe and has a mild floral scent.

A couple more things here about brain function. While I am feeling much more mentally alert than I have for the past year, (2017 was a really bad year), I also have moments when my brain just seems to stop, and I know those moments are being caused by something, and I would guess they might be related to all the electromagnetic shit going on, in addition to the chemicals and metals. The other day I sat in the bathtub, and my brain just went blank. I felt like I could not get my mental processes working. Those moments are infrequent. What does still worry me is my ability to react. I have always had good reflexes and a natural ability to react correctly, like, going into a skid while I'm driving. But I have noticed there are times when I freeze instead of reacting, and that scares me. Last Thursday evening, I was heading up the little hill in Ravenna where there is a stoplight, with Marc's on the left and Auto Zone on the right. I pushed my brake pedal down and it went to the floor. ALDI was just a little ways on, which is where I was heading. I pulled in and hit the curb, and that's how I stopped. So I called AAA, and when the flatbed arrived, the driver wasn't able to get the truck lined up with my tires because I was on an angle, so I had to steer my truck up this flatbed. (My truck was turned off, and we were pulling it in neutral.) Now, a couple things. I drive an old beat up Ford truck which is more rust than truck. So, as I am negotiating this steep ascent up this flatbed, the thought occurred to me that I didn't know where he had hooked the chain. This caused me sudden panic, as my frame is so rusted, and if something broke loose I would go flying down that flatbed into the GetGo station across the (busy) street. You cannot imagine my relief when he began tilting the bed back into the level position. After I came home, I was still shaken, until all of a sudden, I was like, duh, you put it in first and pull out the clutch, LC. It would have stopped in its tracks. But the point is, I don't know if I would have thought fast enough to do that. I have driven stick-shifts for 45 years, for the simple reason that they are so much safer in emergencies, and yet, it took me until I got home to realize the solution. I was shook up, of course, because my brakes went out at a stoplight on top of a hill, but I also worry about my reactions. And it is not just me. I wonder how many of these plane and train and bus wrecks and other disasters of late were caused because people are losing their ability to react, which is NOT the same function as our thinking process. How can we possibly survive and function normally when the amount of poisons being sprayed on us increases daily. It is NOT OK.

We are not behaving normally because our brains are not functioning properly. Did you see the article about the jars of Nutella going on sale in France? OMG! People were pushing and shoving, breaking things . . . that is NOT NORMAL.
'This Is Not Normal': Nutella Riots Hit France After Stores Slash Prices.
And speaking of not normal, supposedly Trump passed his cognitive test. You can check it out, too. Now, if this test sets the standards, then we have a problem indeed. Here is the story, but it seems, at least at the moment, the link to the entire test is no longer working. But the point is, if the president had been unable to do this test . . .OMG. I expected it to be like those brain fitness books that I have. I guess what I'm saying is that this test doesn't give me any additionsl confidence that Trump is fit to run a country.
Why President Trump's cognitive test is a reminder for us all.

And here is even less confidence that Trump is fit to run a country:
Doomsday Clock: Nearing the stroke of madness.
I have a personal story to go with this one. A couple weeks ago I was in line at Giant Eagle. There was a woman behind me, and she seemed friendly. I always talk to strangers in line unless they seem creepy. Anyways, we got to talking about Trump, and the spraying, and the usual stuff I write about, and she told me her son was a welder of nuclear weapons, in fact very high up where he works. She said there was only one person higher than him there. She said he told her, "Mom, I could work overtime here for the next fifteen years, and still not fill all the orders for weapons that Trump has placed."

OMG. I think we all need to plan our escape from this planet. What is wrong with these people? Do they think anyone or anything that was part of this once beautiful earth will survive? Do they actually think THEY will survive? Arrogant bastards, all of them. And people just sit back and act like tomorrow will always arrive and life will go on as usual. For such a long time, I had hoped that a major collapse would happen to shock the masses into awakening. Especially a financial collapse. Hit the people in their wallets 'cause that's the only place they feel pain any more. Look at all the terrible weather disasters that happened this past year. Where are those people who survived? You never hear a word about them on the news. Look at the poor people in Puerto Rice, STILL without power. And FEMA wanted to stop their food supplies. OMG! What a cruel and heartless bunch of miserable creatures inhabit this planet. Perhaps a nuclear holocaust is the only solution.

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